Medal of Honor: The Civil War - MOHAA MOD

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Total Conversion
Medal of Honor: The Civil War

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Автор Carl Johnson ( назад)
Weapons need a fix

Автор andrew werling ( назад)
Right it didn't take a ramrod to reload the shotgun it would normally break
in half to reload it correct

Автор Justin Royek ( назад)
How do you make models like that? I am wanting to make a mod for MOHAA that
removes the German troops and adds in Vichy French troops (who were REALLY
at Arzew) instead of the incorrect German soldiers. I am looking to figure
out how to model Vichy French troops and find any French dialogue for the
game. Where do I find French dialogue? The Panzerschreck is inaccurate for
1942 and anachronistic because it wasn't introduced until 1943. I want to
remove that as well. How do I make models for it?

Автор MegaZsolti ( назад)
the colt and remington pistols are the other way around

Автор TheAmericanPatriott ( назад)
Try Blunderbuss for shot guns. Not a musket muzzle loader.

Автор sgtkar98 ( назад)
How do you install and run this mod?

Автор ChromeGhost0219 ( назад)
@boomatte yes, scopes were actually invented during the civil war

Автор jeuse lookmen ( назад)
they had scopes?

Автор Jackson T ( назад)
@joc69uk Indeed, mostly the Rebs. They used a lot of French revolvers too.

Автор ncemt ( назад)
I can't get it to work. I click on the MOH CW icon and it loads MOHAA. How
can I fix the problem?

Автор MajBlood ( назад)
@joc69uk They did.

Автор Dave G ( назад)
@E2theSamps This is the only intelligent comment Ive read on this video.

Автор TheJailProductions ( назад)
are there bad guys?

Автор xXxInFaMYxXx ( назад)
@xXxInFaMYxXx How do I know this because I am a freakin civil war reenactor
and American Civil War is my favorite part of history hence why I am a
Civil War Reenactor

Автор xXxInFaMYxXx ( назад)
Ok why is the sniper and double barrel shotgun muzzle loaders? first off
they are breach loading weapons Second off yes muzzle loaders where used in
the civil war those who say other wise are obviously history retarded and a
double barrel shotgun was indeed invented however it was not used in either
army offically and would have only saw action in the western theater of the
war not with the Army of the Potmac or Virgina its something a Calverymen
might have carried in the Western theater only

Автор MRoesterreicher1 ( назад)
where can i dwonload the game?

Автор MegaZsolti ( назад)
i had this

Автор MatKoReN ( назад)
@HooseBinPharteen I think just because of this video.

Автор HooseBinPharteen ( назад)
@MatKoReN I've never played it. No idea if it's any good or not.

Автор MatKoReN ( назад)
@HooseBinPharteen okey. I think this Mod is crap.

Автор HooseBinPharteen ( назад)
@MatKoReN I have both Colts and Remingtons and studied a lot about them.
Colts of the time period had no top strap - first dead giveaway. The rest
of the lines of the gun are clearly Remington. I noticed the next one they
showed, the "Remington 1858 Navy" is wrong too. It's an 1860 Colt Army
judging by the lines and the reinforced cylnder. I'm starting to think they
just got the captions switched between the two guns. If they were reversed
they'd probably be accurate.

Автор MatKoReN ( назад)
they reloading too slow all weappns reloading too slow. Like that colt,
after ever shot too slow until stretch. And Untill reload that Springfield
M1861 Oh God. Look how slow he drawing that pipe. Its like he is not in
war. most slow reload.

Автор MatKoReN ( назад)
@HooseBinPharteen how do u know that is that your Remington?

Автор zacher456 ( назад)
They didn't use a muzzle loading double barreled shotgun in the American
Civil War...i don't think they used it ever...

Автор HooseBinPharteen ( назад)
It's got my interest, except that their "1860 Colt" isn't a colt at all,
it's an 1858 Remington New Army. Not sure how someone went through all the
trouble of making a mod and messed up on simple research.

Автор what4563 ( назад)

Автор LARKHAM ( назад)
French can fuck off.. never been to the US , and i no that hahah

Автор reav3rtm ( назад)
Ah, a game about French Civil War - finally :)

Автор MajBlood ( назад)
@MegaReptiles LOL! Are you some kind of idiot. I said the French Civil War,
NOT the French Revolution. But I am sure you were too dumb to know there
was a difference. You tried to act smart and you ended up looking dumb.
Also, my first comment implied full well that I knew this was the American
Civil War, but I was sarcastically criticizing the video poster for
assuming the American Civil War is the only Civil War in history. Finally,
lots of people care about the French Civil War you American.

Автор MegaReptiles ( назад)
@MajBlood No one cares about the French civil War! And maybe if you payed
any attention in History class you would know that French Civil war was
right after the American Revolution because Marquis De Lafayette was a
major role in both the American Revolution and French Civil War. And look
at the Battle names and the dates of the weapons.... Stupid French..

Автор MajBlood ( назад)
Woah the civil war? It looks like the American Civil War but because the
stupid egocentric American pig is too lazy to specify I will assume this is
the French Civil War.

Автор TheGoodboy101 ( назад)
i hate u the mod dont work!!!!

Автор fishyjo2 ( назад)
9/10 great mod besides the shotgun but i can see why there are limits

Автор Xaiango ( назад)
this looks like it could be a lot of fun, i really like the reload
animations. It's just, it sucks when there's a good full mod like this and
the creator gives no server ip where you can play.

Автор MiracleKD18 ( назад)
Is it avilbe for SinglePlayer?

Автор gooogooogooogooogooo (594 года назад)
about the shotgun it depends wat year it was because firstly when the
shotgun was made u hade to put the powder in then the wad then the pellets
then fire

Автор jack yung ( назад)
It's pretty good, except for a few flaws... The ramrod action needs a
little work. It's going out of the rifles O_O And the double barreled
shotgun didn't reallyl require a ramrod, just break open the barrel open,
load, snap the barrel back into place, and fire. Over all, 8/10 Pretty good!

Автор Mr.Bane ( назад)
at 4:28 what is the name of the song? btw cool mod ;))

Автор LimaVictor ( назад)
where can i download this mod? it looks so very interesting + cool!

Автор MoHNewOrder ( назад)
This is MoHAA ? Good Job 5*5

Автор Alex Johnson ( назад)
is dis real?

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