Timberwolves mascot "Crunch" sleds down the aisle at Target Center

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Автор President Trump ( назад)
where is the part where it shows the Nigga getting hurt?

Автор Victoria Lewis ( назад)
Timberwolves about to get sued over this. Poor KAT Sr

Автор raj patel ( назад)
guess we wont be seeing him do this anymore....karl Anthony towns daddy now suing the mascot lol

Автор Patriots Nation ( назад)
I would never do some crazy shit like this

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)
Yep, professional sports have gone down hill.

Автор John Bradley ( назад)
such a progressive time we live in !!! a furry in a sports event!!

Автор TheRealFolkBlues ( назад)
More like a possum.

Автор SEJ 101 ( назад)

Автор Lets Read! ( назад)
That dog's got ballz

Автор KAMGotKicks ( назад)
Bruh the Jazz bear has been doing this as long as I've been alive..

Автор GamerDaSkater ( назад)
I swear the stupidest shit trend now days -_- or all you see is stupid drama with protesting and politics. who gives a shit

Автор Rubin Saffy ( назад)
If I ever get courtside seats that's how I'm getting to them :-)

Автор Azrael ( назад)
Why is this trending? He didn't even get hurt.

Автор Azrael ( назад)
Just another example of how liberalism is a mental disorder.

Автор Buckwild77 Gaming ( назад)

Автор The California Garage ( назад)
I think the timberwolves got a furry to slide down some stairs on a sled

Автор Underyourbedeyes ( назад)
this is symbolic for america rn?

Автор Keeponguessingyadada ( назад)
And we should care because???

Автор NAPPI THE DOUCHE ( назад)
Just stupid

Автор Daniel He ( назад)
that guy just has to be black

Автор Joshua Negrete ( назад)
I didn't know sport people like furries this much.

Автор grace elliot ( назад)
this is the most fun you can have in minnesota

Автор Gabby Pahinui ( назад)
fuggin furries

Автор SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder ( назад)
His pants ripped! Hahaha!

Автор cheeseburgerkid ( назад)
Damn Furries...

Автор Epic Gaming ( назад)
501 dislike

Автор Warm Slippers ( назад)
Fucking furries

Автор Anna L ( назад)
Dude this used to be a tradition in Minnesota but with the University of Minnesota's mascot!

Автор GENERAL HADES ( назад)
It's not a wolf it's a possum 😁

Автор Bryson Frank ( назад)
GO TWOLVES!!! But why is this trending?

Автор George Schuler ( назад)
That would be a cool job.

Автор Brandon Lucia ( назад)

Автор IlIHybridIlI ( назад)
Fucking Furries

Автор RedStorm ( назад)

Автор RedStorm ( назад)
Distract the idiots 🐑

Автор RandomManSam ( назад)
Jazz bear does this all the time but face first smh

Автор william a ( назад)
Why is there a furry in my trending

Автор Laborer in the field ( назад)
Do not sled down into the mouth of hell with your sins people!!!

Автор Tyler Brooks ( назад)
I would die for that job lol

Автор Ladiesman217 ( назад)
Now put that sled on 1000 degrees and do it all over again.

Автор Msafootball Nike ( назад)
You guys copied the Utah Jazz just cuz ur jealous that they beat u

Автор iRaw ( назад)
Most Valuable Mascot of The Year!

Автор Trust Corps ( назад)
Title should read 'Furry goes down Slide'

Автор greenlager ( назад)
Furrues were created by the right, risking the lives of all those people just for money and fame he even looks like trump

Автор W Lee ( назад)
Kind of representative of their season so far. Slide and crash.

Автор Zac Denning ( назад)
He's not as cool as bango from the bucks.

Автор Louie Granados ( назад)
fuckin furry

Автор Sleepy SecurityGuard ( назад)
I jacked off to this furry

Автор Combo ( назад)
Да я так каждый день делаю пока в школу иду. И что? Почему я не в трендах ютуба?

Автор Ice Bear ( назад)
what an interesting job

Автор splash god ( назад)
no matter what happens benny is still the best mascot

Автор MegaVidManiac ( назад)
The Utah Jazz bear did it better, and hes been doing it for like 20 years now.

Автор Isaiah ( назад)
how much does this pay

Автор Green Cunt ( назад)

Автор James Matthews ( назад)
Methinks Crunch was exceptionally drunk, or tipping on mushrooms when he/she rode that sled down the aisle.

Автор David Griffin ( назад)

Автор Dr. CuckedYourSnitch ( назад)
Some furries just masturbated to this shit for sure.

Автор AKman ( назад)
I just wish my T-Wolves were as entertaining as this

Автор Danger Zone ( назад)
Below average.

Автор Andy Yam ( назад)
The same Savage that took a ps4 away from a Kings fan 😂

Автор Noah S ( назад)
Crunch did the trinity

Автор Viet Do ( назад)
i did this shit back when i was in high school lol. Vid on my channel

Автор General Dix ( назад)
He just risked serious injury to pull off a pretty lame stunt.

Автор TheWaxLobster ( назад)
Proud that Minnesota is in the trending on youtube but our basketball team is not good at winning

Автор Captain FuzzyPants ( назад)
This is Trump's America- the idiot masses being entertained by sledding furries. Fuck you America. You were worried about emails so much that you elected a fascist clown. Stupid millemials.

Автор Scott Lowman. ( назад)
I think crunch needs some new pants.

Автор PrimeGamer _ ( назад)
Fucking furry

Автор Brandon Thompson ( назад)
I only liked it because there was a Bruce Springsteen song playing...

Автор im suffering ( назад)
imma nut

Автор Go habs ( назад)
Fucking furries

Автор Spencer Loudog ( назад)
Rumble would kick his ass

Автор RazorbackMan ( назад)
Why is this trending

Автор Hi Hater ( назад)
could have atleast don a flip

Автор Doodledude2002 ( назад)
Damn furries

Автор Steel Nation ( назад)
That's it?

Автор fluty films ( назад)
please sub to me it would mean alot to me

Автор Marcos Amparo ( назад)
Entertainment at its finest

Автор Nadia Lynch ( назад)
I love sledding when I was a cute kid, my parents always told me

Автор chora mora ( назад)
You deserve a presidential medal for that you CUNT.

Автор Chabert Garmin ( назад)
crunch is catholic?

Автор Joshua Lamb ( назад)
What are those crazy furries going to do next?

Автор Dean H ( назад)
He's been doing this for years, why is it trending?

Автор Brannon Huron ( назад)
Fuk crunch
All about the Coyote

Автор bballjulien ( назад)
whats the song?

I bet he's dead inside

Автор Latest News ( назад)
why this trending? 37s video

Автор Ma Jo ( назад)
uh someone call PETA

Автор JasonTM _ ( назад)
This better not become a meme

Автор ADOLF HITLER ( назад)
Well that was gay

Автор Minny Paul ( назад)
Yeah, Let's Go Wolves!

Автор Minny Paul ( назад)
Who gives a crap that the "Jazz have been doing this for 20 years!" or "why is this trending?". I'm just here to see a funny awesome video!

Автор Tick Parasite ( назад)
Slide in yo DMs like...

Автор Jeyonce ( назад)
Probably my proudest fap

Автор Daily Foodie ( назад)
For a second I thought the mascot was going to wipe out somewhere in the middle

Автор Connor Settel ( назад)
700th Like

Автор Nadia wifi ( назад)
i was there

Автор 652Silverstream ( назад)
mmm dat ass

Автор Connor Lucht ( назад)

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