CES 2017: Faraday Future shows 'Tesla beating' car - BBC News

A start-up has unveiled a self-driving electric car that it says can accelerate at a faster pace than Tesla's top model. Faraday Future's FF91 also features facial recognition technology allowing it to adjust its settings depending on who is behind the wheel. But some attendees at the launch had doubts it would go on sale as planned, as Dave Lee reports.

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Автор adfadfewfrewafawefaw ( назад)
BBC just so you know most of FF presentation went really well. Its not
accurate making a 2 minute video and putting so much focus on just the one
thing that went wrong. People want to see us move forward and if you
highlight those things in your videos then maybe people would be in joy not
in fear when watching your broadcasts

Автор Mr Clarkson ( назад)
Much to do about nothing,electric cars are coal powered cars..

How is electricity ,produced???? :) Coal and other fossil fuels......

Not thats bad,but I thought the point was to no use fossil fuel..

A normal gasoline/Diesel car is greener,and the public can actually afford

Автор Old YouTubeVideos ( назад)
I can't believe they allow these things on the streets. Tesla Motors
crashed 2 cars last year with their "autopilot", one of them died. AI isn't
ready for real life as of yet. Lots more testing to do.

Автор TacoSeniour ( назад)
Idk, Tesla seems to be a bit more stable and Tesla cars are a tried and
tested brand.

Автор baba bindash ( назад)
yea sure it moved at second time when they dim the lights and someone sneak
into it.

Автор placerdemaio ( назад)
give them a chanse, we need it !

Автор Pj Singh ( назад)
i can already tell this car will be nowhere affordable to the average
persons budget.

Автор DeepDownDerp - Quality Entertainment! ( назад)
Until a battery from a tesla can be put in a small city car, these are not
the future.

Автор Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers ! ( назад)
The only advantage this has over Tesla is looks and speed!

Автор Constantinus Augustus ( назад)
is it a car or an app? why not concentrate on the driving side?

Автор MyNameIsQuarter ( назад)
The car they tested for the 0-60 race had no seats or leather upholstery
inside, so that's not at all fair

Автор Matthias weiß ( назад)
i dont get why they base all theire marketing efforts on telling you why
this car is better than a Tesla car. if it really would be that good, there
would be no need to brag about stuff like acceleration and how this car is
.5 seconds faster.

Автор SRAW R ( назад)

Автор John Smith ( назад)
Lol it costs more tho.

Автор james vinluan ( назад)
I am a big Tesla fan and think that a Teslas is still better looking and
will have affordable cars but I guess we should be happy that the car
industry is moving towards electric cars.

Автор slinky sack ( назад)
I'm impressed,, can petrol powered cars be modified to switch to this
technology ??? Its great to see technology progressing & looking to the

Автор Phil Dobson ( назад)
Where is the *Affordable* multi-purpose electric car? Leave EU highly
restrictive market sooner and we will be free to subsidised production of
such cars

Автор richystar2001 ( назад)

Автор Mad Monk ( назад)
700km on a single charge * (terms & conditions apply)

Автор anton lovell ( назад)
the vast majority of us will never in a million years be able to afford
one. This is just consumer want, greed and envy. Do yourself a favour and
hit Back.

Автор Todd Morrow ( назад)
Ford didn't give a shit about customer experience until Tesla came along
and disgraced them.
Don't give this company your money. Give it to who deserves it because they
actually care - Tesla!

Автор Graphedia Design ( назад)
release it now and I will buy 2 of them :)

Автор Kalum George Tocher ( назад)
I'm not sure if like the look of that car...

Автор Flouride Free Cyanide kool-aid ( назад)
Why did they put a steering wheel into a driverless car asking me , it
making no nonsense to me :(

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