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Cessna airplane in a beautiful sunrise with REX 2.0 installed. Flight Simulator X 2012! (FSX)

This is Flight Simulator X 2012
Flight Simulator X - Gold Edition:

Orbx - FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Northwest:

Orbx - FTX: AU Blue Temperate South:

Orbx - FTX: AU Gold Subtropical East:

Orbx - FTX: AU Green Tropical North:

Orbx - FTX: AU Red Central Outback:

Real Environment Extreme - REX 2.0:

My Traffic 2010:

Buy this add ons, don't download for free at torrent sites pleas.

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Автор Karlo Domic ( назад)
Is this yust driving plane ??

Автор Aslan Bas ( назад)
yes everybody wants this game on xbox

Автор Rafellino Ronnie ( назад)
Is this game just like grand theft auto? Ive never played this game before

Автор SgtPuppet ( назад)
Where do i download add on planes and how do I install them on the 2012
version? I can find how to anywhere.

Автор Joseph K ( назад)
thumbs up if you want to be a pilot when you grow up

Автор wayneweek ( назад)
@robbonline Such a calming engine sound dont you think?

Автор mikkel436 ( назад)
if i buy this game, do i need some kind of joystick too?

Автор awesome ( назад)
I'm flying.. flying.. flying.. oh fuck when the hell i will fucking arrive?
*Drops the keyboard* and plays Black Ops on the xbox 360

Автор Valique .Graham ( назад)
@robbonline does this game work with a microphone to communicate with the

Автор ehhhhhhhhhh ( назад)
Wow, the clouds look very realistic.

Автор James Fields ( назад)
dam good graphics

Автор Jacob Agatston ( назад)
whats REX 2.0

Автор Harold Bayot ( назад)
it look like a combination of improved fsx and fs2004 format

Автор Holly Suthard ( назад)
OMG! How do you get the cessna to take off straight?!?!? i can nevar do

Автор FEFO806 ( назад)
does it the same gold and 2010 i dont think so! cuz ppl said it was in 2007

Автор Miguel Sáez ( назад)
@liam811 whats the shader for?

Автор Jon L ( назад)
Does this work on Windows XP someone? please reply thanks

Автор Physicspilot ( назад)
Hello Robboline,i'm planning to purchase FSX 2010.Is it any different from
its predecessor? Thanks in advance.

Автор Maddie Allison ( назад)
i cant see

Автор Jose Abarca ( назад)
only if they made a "free" plane simulator thats amazing like this
:/.anyone agree with that?theres not "one" plane simulator game where you
can play and join games simply without paying anything,thats the thing that
disapoints me.

Автор Jose Abarca ( назад)
@zgabiz95 this is the neweist type of plane simulator and the best graphics
one.trust me the the older flight simulators looked like crap.espically the
atomsphere and clouds.and the 2010 one is like an actual flight cuz its so
realistic,but what im trying to say is that it almost has everything in it
that it actually makes you feal your driving an actual plane.

Автор Saagster ( назад)
what is that game requirements ???

Автор Adrian Karstensen ( назад)
Super video =)

Автор Pye 266 ( назад)
How do you get the diffrent camera angles.

Автор zgabiz95 ( назад)
i dont want to sound like a Troll but the graphics is supremly lame, i
actually wanted to download this game

Автор Mgirl107 ( назад)

Автор GermFreeEagle ( назад)
what controller do you use like a joystick and if so what type of model?

Автор Maxwellmoop101 ( назад)
@robbonline what is it so 2010 i got a gold edition from 2007 or something

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@aznfilipinoboi yes it is :)

Автор Neil PSM ( назад)
I'm confuse, When i searched "Flight Simulator X Gold Edition gameplay" on
YouTube it keeps showing "Flight Simulator X 2010" .. So, Is this the Gold

Автор AttentionWh0re ( назад)
@robbonline u mean , Not Changes, but much more things in it like Addons ,
planes , citys ,etc?

Автор Chase Randall ( назад)
Ok Im lost, Is there a real FS 2010?

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@fsturtur thanks!

Автор fsturtur ( назад)
great video!

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@oubeyy thanks! ...flight simulator x 2010 is the defult fsx + all the
addons in the info to this video ;) check it out...

Автор Oliver Philip Guhl ( назад)
nice onemate! thumbs up ;)

Автор Zexeonyo ( назад)
Hey robbonline! Love your videos, I always enjoy watching them, even the
one with bad company 2 (we should play MP one day). Anywayz, I noticed a
lot of your videos are recorded probably around FPS 20, which gives it a
slight tick tick sensation to the video itself. Have you tried recording on
a lower resolution so that you could record around FPS 30? It shouldn't
really affect the youtube compression quality. Let me know what you think.

Автор SrbProGamer ( назад)
very nice video

Автор airbusandmustang ( назад)
Nice. I just got a rather amazing graphics card and I can now run FSX. I am
getting REX for it.

Автор JustinnnnChannel ( назад)
You don't edit you're video's to much, actually i can't see it and it's
still amazing

Автор Jeffrey Crane ( назад)
very nice impressions

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@Winglets68 Thanks! I will do the landing some times! Promise you that! =D

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@AAirbusA380 Thanks!

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@4839855cool Thanks!

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@ditoxeandre Thanks!

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@flightsim7883 Thanks!

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@ateh1 Thaks man!

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@MrSolid95 thanks!

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@Jazza159 thanks!

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@Marrrkkk10 add on to fsx...google "REX 2.0" ;)

Автор Jazza159 ( назад)
Gotta live rex man, best sunrises, Nice vid

Автор Marrrkkk10 ( назад)
5 stars dude great vid. but whats REX 2.0?

Автор Giovanni Chiossone ( назад)
very nice!

Автор ateh1 ( назад)
pretty cool intro, man.

Автор flightsim7883 ( назад)
wonderful video! Thanks!!! + + + + +

Автор ditoxeandre ( назад)
nice video!

Автор AAirbusA380 ( назад)
You are a true master of making fsx videos. Thanks for posting robbonline!

Автор 4839855cool ( назад)
Great video! Thumbs up!

Автор Winglets68 ( назад)
That was a really good video but for constructive criticism, you should
have shown the landing of the plane although it wasnt the piont of the
video! Great job overall though

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@Beech165 Thanks! =D

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@bkingair350 i'm glad you like it! =D

Автор Ignacio D ( назад)
i like this!!!!.....

Автор robbonline ( назад)
@TheBoeing144 Thanks! See the video when it's HD 720p ;)

Автор TheBoeing144 ( назад)

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