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The two pieces of music used in the clip come from the "Celtic Guitar" CD/LP/tape recording released by BONTON label (then Czechoslovakia) in 1990. Later it was licensed by a Canadian HOLBORN label and attained a Golden status there. The pieces are Michal Hromek's arrangements of tunes ascribed to an Irish harper Turlogh O'Carolan (1670-1738), the first one being an untitled tune #172 in the Donal O'Sullivan collection while the second one being called Planxty Burke. They are titled "Second Two O'Carolan's Pieces" (and subtitled "A piece without Title & Planxty Burke") on the album. The instruments are: capoed retuned nylon string guitar flute viola percussion. You can listen to the extracts of the pieces and/or buy the tunes at http://michal.hromek.net/?album=keltska-kytara&lang=en

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Автор Kobe's Korner ( назад)
So I can use this for a project?

Автор tomoole ( назад)

Автор [MG]- Spartan ( назад)
Medieval 2 tw

Автор JohnDoyleMusic ( назад)
Very calming. Great. Thanks!

Автор RS Youtube best ( назад)

Автор Ethan Goepper ( назад)
Makes me want to play Stronghold

Автор Kandy Crowe ( назад)
Very happy music. Reminds me of my time in Ireland. Thank you so much!

Автор julie0eugenie ( назад)
thanks <3

Автор Roger Elliott ( назад)
up the Irish!

Автор Nicolas Chalier ( назад)
Thank you for this beautiful music.
May I kindly ask about the references of this music.
As for the painting visible during performance of music is absolutely
beautiful, may I , as well, have the references of it? (painter's name,
title, where it can be seen).
Many thanks
Nicolas Chalier

Автор Moisés de Jesus ( назад)
Tem mais br aki do que imaginei

Автор frida maggi ( назад)

Автор Mylena Cibelle ( назад)
Cadê o resto?? 😢😢❤❤

Автор Liesl Coli ( назад)
Wow! I love this song, so soft and still lively!!
Saved it for sure

Автор Rogerio Bastos ( назад)
Linda música e lindas imagens!! Adorei

Автор amadan dubh ( назад)
Im failing to see any celtic connection or hear any irish music.

Автор Dae Dalus ( назад)
Ireland For Ever.

Автор Martha Gerdes ( назад)
God, this song takes me back.

Автор orlanswf ( назад)
Thank you sooooo much for sharing all that information on the description.
Using that information, I managed to find Michal Hromek's FULL ALBUM!
Here's the link for the album: youtube.com / watch ? v =_ R 8 j a 0 Q u c b
s (REMOVE SPACES). It includes this song and 8 others. OMG I'M SO HAPPY

Автор sweetmetalchic ( назад)

Автор Crim Sonkin ( назад)
Paint by Karl Friedrich Schinkel - "Mittelalterliche Stadt am Wasser" qui
signifie "Ville médiévale/moyenâgeuse au bord/près de l'eau", par contre le
lieu j'en sais rien et j'trouve pas (surtout que j'pète pas dix mots
d'germain). I don't know where this cathedral belongs to, if you know it..
be kind, tell us :)
vive la vinasse et les tepu!

Автор Taqifsha Nanen ( назад)
Where is the church?

Автор José Gerardo Hidalgo ( назад)
Excelente y mágico

Автор maria vittoria ( назад)
bellissima! è disponibile lo spartito?

Автор Olivia Terlizzi ( назад)
Delicada e repousante....

Автор Natalie Gelman ( назад)
I really liked your video! :) Check out my music channel I think you'll
love it too!

Автор Jan Hromek ( назад)
The two pieces of music used in the clip come from the “Celtic Guitar“
CD/LP/tape recording released by BONTON label (then Czechoslovakia) in
1990. Later it was licensed by a Canadian HOLBORN label and attained a
Golden status there.
The pieces are Michal Hromek’s arrangements of tunes ascribed to an Irish
harper Turlogh O’Carolan (1670-1738), the first one being an untitled tune
#172 in the Donal O‘Sullivan collection while the second one being called
Planxty Burke. They are titled “Second Two O’Carolan’s Pieces“ (and
subtitled “A piece without Title & Planxty Burke“) on the album.
The instruments are:
capoed retuned nylon string guitar
You can listen to the extracts of the pieces and/or buy the tunes at

Автор Harold Mcduffie ( назад)
I love this kieaned of mouic

Автор Jorge Sanz ( назад)

Автор Ricardo Ordenes ( назад)
Any idea of which gothic cathedral that is ? ....amazing image! Thnx

Автор Overthrow TheRulers ( назад)
That's def a harp not a lute. Refer to Carolan's Dream - played on celtic
harp on you tube

Автор Alexei Simakov ( назад)
Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781-1841) "Der Dom über einer Stadt" (ca. 1830)
/ The Painting is exibited in "Neue Pinakothek" in Munich, Germany.

Автор Roberto Alonso Mendoza Medina ( назад)
I would like to know which string instrument is being played... Is it a
lute ? If so, what kind? If not, what else? :3

Автор don mike ( назад)
see www.thewarningsecondcoming.com
"Pray, pray, pray that humanity will accept the existence of Satan, because
until they do, they will never truly accept my Son’s Promise of Redemption.
Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation"

Автор Brandon Friend ( назад)
Very beautiful music thanks for uploading! Time for a Guinness...

Автор Rishawyn ( назад)
This reminds me of Skyrim

Автор ayaka s ( назад)
i like

Автор Katalin Banoczy ( назад)
Beautiful ...Gratulation...

Автор The Russian Blue (Anthony William) ( назад)

Автор Jorge Gonzalez ( назад)
wow so fortress, such epic wow

Автор steefwolf ( назад)
And wood, knowledge of architecture, many man-hours strength, will and

Автор angel d' cuba ( назад)

Автор Avis ( назад)
buzzfeed came out with an article on 6 castles that are cheaper than new
york apartments. the cheapest being only 1.6 mill with a 24 acre lot
overlooking a countryside in france. goodluck! =D

Автор Planktontube ( назад)
Nowhere. It's a german romantic painting by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, named
Medieval Town By Water or Cathedral Towering over a Town, it's from 1830.

Автор Green Gretsch ( назад)
This one captures the Celtic music more than most of the others. The
guitars should have been harps but its a minor criticism. Have a good day.

Автор Sir Eggbert ( назад)
Or Age of Empires II

Автор Felipe Alves Colon ( назад)

Автор Amy Smith ( назад)
I can beat the both of you, I was thinking about buying Chitty Chitty Bang

Автор OSCAR D ( назад)
Con esas notas y el castillo de fondo me llegan cuasirecuerdos de la
desconocida Kadath. Ciudad que no se no persibe en los tiempos calurosos
pero que empieza a cristalizarse a medida que se acerca el otoño.

Автор Bogdan ( назад)
where is this place? :X

Автор Dub Steppa ( назад)
oh yeah....SO 'metal'.

Автор Domi Zen ( назад)
Musiques superbes mais il y a beaucoup trop de publicités. Too much
advertasing. Stop publicitad !!!!!

Автор kenzzaroo ( назад)
En verano dulce o invierno tórrido, la nota mas suave transporta el
espíritu a lo mas puro, la armonía.


Автор Lady Moonlight ( назад)
This is one of my favourite songs. :D

Автор Lady Moonlight ( назад)
I don't see what is wrong with this comment to get it so many negative
votes. :(

Автор DeutschMickey ( назад)
Ah, thanks. I didn't see that when I was in Germany, but the picture made
me think of Cologne :) 

Автор Eric Beyer ( назад)

Автор Eric Beyer ( назад)
duisburg? savatorkirche und das rathaus ???

Автор DeutschMickey ( назад)
Is the picture Cologne? 

Автор Lady Moonlight ( назад)
This song makes me sleepy. :)

Автор Joakim Gullin ( назад)

Автор OpeRRis Pennant ( назад)

Автор Gonderwel ( назад)

Автор Lu Jason ( назад)
mine is made of sand only...good enough for few days

Автор Baldoxxx4000 ( назад)
Build one yourself, its only made of bricks and stones....

Автор RossBoss ( назад)
If you ever need a first mate lol 

Автор PianoAngelOfSnow ( назад)
I want to BUILD a castle one day... =D

Автор Deborah Jones ( назад)
beautifully haunting music.....gives me chills

Автор Nukibo ( назад)
Oh yeah my little beauty FlutterShy ^^ brony ;)

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
There are, in fact, two traditional Irish tunes on the album, but she
claims that she wrote them and is raking in royalties on them.

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
You COULD include the name Kelly Moers, too.

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
The idea of asking how you know if it is Celtic or medieval was to get you
to talk about what this is and where you got it.

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
And if that AngelFire thing is yours, you might want to take the word
"guitar" out of the title, as no one is playing guitar here.

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
Thank you. You COULD call it: Celtic Dawn - Meborg. 

Автор Brandon Fiechter ( назад)
You're right, Eliezer ... it's probably not Celtic or Medieval. I just
don't know what else to call it. As for calling it a song, I have a bad
habit of doing that when I should call something music instead. :) I hope
you have a great week.

Автор themoonlandian ( назад)
Indeed I afraid to play the cassette - the CD on the other hand is lying
around in my home somewhere, that's what I meant by misplaced. So I don't
need to buy a new one. But sorry for the misunderstanding. Thanks for doing
that for me anyways. And could you please be careful on what you type, good
sir? It's not like we have body language and the ability to hear eachother,
so it's harder to know how you are ''saying'' things, but so far it has
been pretty rude-sounding. Consider this, please~

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
What you SAID was you misplaced the CD and you were afraid to play your
cassette. One month ago you posted about not having the record and I found
it for you in 60 seconds. You should be thanking me.

Автор themoonlandian ( назад)
I don't have an owners manual. Found it in a basket full of cassette tapes.
No manual. But thanks for informing me they can be cleaned. I'll research
it on the internet. 

Автор themoonlandian ( назад)
Mr. Eliezer, you are coming off as being very rude. I am replying politely,
but I am not getting this gesture returned. How much music can we truly
duplicate from old? Somehing the cassette case stated was the bards had an
instrument we no longer have any knowledge on playing. At least they tried
to recreate it, and it still created a beauftiful piece. You seem the type
to hear a story of dragons and claim it is untrue - never happened, even if
other people know but still enjoy and believe. 

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
Your owners manual will tell you how to clean your tape heads.

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
Well, there nothing medieval about the music on "Celtic Guitar". Most of it
is from the 18th and 19th Century. It CERTAINLY isn't "medieval folk
music". So far as I can tell, Michal Hromek wrote this all by himself. And
no one is playing guitar on this track. What do want me to do -- pour sweet
syrup on it?

Автор themoonlandian ( назад)
*holds hands up* Woah woah! No need for ''sheesh''. I already said I have
it, and you never stated you wanted it....

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
The CD is $4.00 including shipping. The cassette is $5.50. That took less
than 60 seconds. Sheesh.

Автор themoonlandian ( назад)
[Part 2] Misplaced my CD and can't find the case for the cassette either
-_-;; I did find my original cassette though - says it is by Michal Hromek.
I remember some stuff on about something of the last bards and then some
credits to who did the other insruments but I'd need to find the case to
write down everything. I will continue searching for it if you would like?

Автор themoonlandian ( назад)
[Part 1] Yes, my mother found a replacement. Not sure where but she did. ^^
No, I've never cleaned a cassette tape before. Is there a way to? Ugh no
I'm sorry. Hot day today not really thinking -_-;; My apologies. I'm gunna
actually think about what I'm typing this time. Once again, apologies. I
just meant that you seem to be questioning everybody in a bit of a negative
way, or stating things what comes to me a bit rude (may depend on the

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
There are five CDs on Amazon called ''Celtic Guitar''. Maybe you could buy
a replacement. Do you clean your tape heads? Pessimistic means "expecting
the worst possible outcome". Are you sure that's what you want to say? What
is a flute-harp-drum piece doing on "Celtic Guitar" anyway? Tell us who it
is by.

Автор themoonlandian ( назад)
It's just what my tape states, so I can't explain why it would say anything
that is on it whether it is who played the instruments or why they named it
what they did. and it's been used a lot. If you could listen you would see
- no matter where you play it in certain parts of the song it cuts out
parts and has trouble playing for awhile. But dear sir, you seem to have a
lot of pessimistic posts....

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
No one is playing guitar on this cut. Oh .... and tapes don't skip.

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
How do you know that this is Celtic? How do you know it is medieval? We all
know that it is not a song.

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
Playing contemporary instruments in contemporary tuning, backed by
contemporary chords. We know next to nothing about medieval Irish music,
and we know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about medieval Irish folk music.

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
Do you have the legal right to sell this?

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
It ain't medieval, it certainly ain't folk. I'm not too sure it's even
Irish. The instruments are 21st Century, the tuning is modern, the
harmonies and chords are all modern. Why not call it Gregorian chant?

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler ( назад)
Same thing that makes it "folk" ... total bullshit.

Автор craig day ( назад)
wow the art is amazing 

Автор Nukibo ( назад)
It's think for me to Medieval II total war...

Автор Hear The Voiceless ( назад)
what makes this medieval?

Автор Daniel Kopp ( назад)
i was just thinking about how I want to buy a pirate ship.

Автор Éverton Raphael Motta Reduit ( назад)
Muito interessante. Uma música muito leve! Abraços

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