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Длительность: 10:35
Комментарии: 198

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Автор Lou Sensei ( назад)
Not ashamed to say the last one made me sprout a tear 😢

Автор Lil Nail ( назад)
10:18, do Japanese also learn Chinese? I wanted to know, please answer me

Автор Squilliam Fancyson ( назад)
Anyone else think the kid in the last commercial looks like Finn from
Stranger Things?

Автор ErPAkka ( назад)
1:55 is that a "copy" of italian "Amaro Averna"?

Автор Liam mendoza ( назад)
binge watching, help.

Автор Capramare ( назад)
Do anyone know what cartoon 5:33 is?

Автор Psyche kieyh ( назад)
J soul brothers CM. Haha XD and what is Mandy doing there? Haha Omi at 3:41

Автор GoatHead ( назад)
endo shozo!

Автор wiXXer131 ( назад)
can some one tell me the Name of the song in the first Commercial


Автор Betneton ( назад)

Автор kasumikat ( назад)
am i the only one who wants to go to Japan before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Автор Deez Nuts ( назад)
Cocorico from Gaki no Tsukai :D

Автор Holly Mackinder ( назад)
your close captions are in french

Автор Lily Dey ( назад)
On the overwatch one I though it was Halo 5 :p

Автор A Human from the Zoo gets buttsecks ( назад)

Автор Yakumo Soseki ( назад)

Автор Gabriel Lopez ( назад)
Anybody know the name of the song/artist at 8:50?

Автор AlvinsBored ( назад)
What is the song at 9:13 ish

Автор Aishwarya ( назад)
The Heidi commercial haha!

Автор IzukuDeku ( назад)
Japan Hates XBOX lol

Автор a c (MTLxSpider) ( назад)
whats the song played on the first ad

Автор Faithless Fox ( назад)
Pretty fucking sad.

Автор PureMusicTV ( назад)
who is the girl at 4:19 ?

Автор Maria Espinal (GLOW) ( назад)
2:36 KPP!! Kawaii!!

Автор stevenisthename ( назад)
Here's a new one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHscaBZoyGI

Автор AmericavJapan 1909 ( назад)
Eh? wait a minute. Overwatch is in square Enix? I thought it's blizzard?

Автор Petit Orenji ( назад)
the last commercial (T_T) tearrrrr...

Автор Dat Boi ( назад)
5:33 that is a (little bit older) kid Serie in germany ...

Автор Blackdoraemon360 ( назад)
Good guy Rizap ads: giving any people who don't have six pack to be cool in
their commercials.

And now back to the Nissin's UFO trilogy: the father of the hero finally
reveal himself and tells why he became evil. (full version on their website
I guess)

Автор Lord Sauron ( назад)
LOL Japan

Автор THE_Soulburn ( назад)
5:33 lol Heidi :D

Автор African Madman ( назад)
1:00 I was in TEARS! LOLOLOLOLOL!!! 😂🍺

Автор Hotdog animation studios ( назад)
whales are classified as "sea pandas"

Автор Sunny Kenny ( назад)
phillip? is that you?

Автор 날알아 ( назад)
いろいろ ありがとう

Автор Hugo Ardavin ( назад)
muy emotivo el ultimo

Автор YOOJEONG KIM ( назад)
At 9:05 , A man sing a song. I want to know this song. What title this

Автор Ryu Sasaki (NuttyRyu) ( назад)
the commercial is much better right now :D

Автор biteeemeee101 ( назад)
kitty ads owns

Автор felipe arango ( назад)
Somebody knows the name of the app in 6:33 and 8:21 mins? and thanks

Автор lianna somekid ( назад)
watching japanese comercials is my guilty pleasure

Автор Kim Namjoon's Future wife ( назад)
The last one was beautiful...it made me cry...

Автор やまも実況局 ( назад)

Автор Nadine G. ( назад)
What's the song on 7:33? The Olympics ad.

Автор SuperFrancky017 ( назад)
Someone know the music at 8:50 ? :)

Автор Christian Gutierrez ( назад)
is 5:34 a studio ghibli movie or what?

Автор Viktorija Bastete ( назад)
Shun Oguri!! *w*

Автор John Lemon ( назад)
damn last cm you got me all teary

Автор Koffee Preeto ( назад)
el último :'(
fue hermoso.

Автор Aoty ( назад)
Anyone know the cover used in the first commercial?

Автор Sébastien Jonas ( назад)
Yakisoba anger!

Автор Sarut Tangteerapong ( назад)
Can anyone tell me who is the girl in the first commercial?

Автор shiranngana ( назад)
Hey! The last one is a CULT.

Автор ゴメスミッチェル ( назад)

Автор KL Nguyen ( назад)
Pepsi Strong cm.
Jude Law? Is that him?

Автор dumaramutsi ( назад)
The last one is so much ONIONS.

Автор Cheese Cake ( назад)
What is the song at 9:20

Автор Zac Spurgeon ( назад)
The Overwatch and One Piece ones just seemed like completely typical
trailers, they might have just been talking a little fast. I got the
impression that that was Tracer's voice actor doing the Overwatch one, too.
Am I missing something because I don't understand Japanese?

I wouldn't really call the last one weird either (though maybe it would be
if I knew what it was advertising) but I'm glad that one was included, it
was just really nice. I mean read a manga, get a smart is a pretty
straightforward concept, but it was pretty touching.

Автор Toku Toku ( назад)

Автор Geezer tataa ( назад)

Автор Onigiree ( назад)

Автор Ikon X ( назад)
Is there a new Godzilla movie?

Автор Electroharmonix ( назад)
Ok Googuru

Автор Anken93 ( назад)

Автор I love helicopters ( назад)

Автор Lexman00 ( назад)
Softbank commercials always have that one black guy. In this one he
actually spoke.

Автор Víctor Hugo Randon Garcia ( назад)
Jude Law 好きです!

Автор Kurozai León ( назад)
Como le haces para que no te joda el copyrigth

Автор apeirrron ( назад)
Does anyone know the person in 4:35?

Автор kaiju gozilla ( назад)
The last one is good, but Seikyo shimbun(Soka gakkai) is fukking shit

Автор decemberclouds ( назад)
The beautiful lady in the ad at 6:49 looks familiar but I can't remember
what her name is. Anyone?

Автор Anew Anew ( назад)
actually there is another i am here

Автор Luna PrincessNinjato ( назад)
Wow this was packed with so much.
OnePiece movie
Some cool looking Monster Strike spinoff puzzle game
Tons of panda's and english adverts.

Автор James Calbraith ( назад)
They've exiled Rola to Kyushu, I see :)

Автор CaptainGenius ( назад)
these always make my day. thank you so much for posting them.

Автор Neko chan 2000 ( назад)
5:34 cuando creí que era un regreso de Heidi :'v

Автор Michael Setyawan ( назад)
old nissin's UFO man is back!

Автор Michael Setyawan ( назад)
old nissin's UFO man is back!

Автор Foo Yee ( назад)

Автор Ferman Sensei ( назад)
Wow, such nice Kanji written with chalk. Seems almost impossible for me to

Автор Deyaced Ylurt ( назад)
Kind of weird of them to advertise Overwatch with such old footage.

Автор helsea is bored ( назад)
The last one :")

Автор Vu Nguyen ( назад)
What is the name of the girl at 06:38 ? Her smile is so charming <3

Автор duo2nd ( назад)

Автор duo2nd ( назад)
Yakisoban became evil? WHYYYY???

Автор Listianing Widiastuti ( назад)
the last one got me so teary ;_;

Автор Tomás Muñoz (tomaspatillas) ( назад)
en el minuto 9:31 que pone? de que es ese anuncio de gozila?

Автор bug ctm ( назад)
Gracias por el trabajo de mostrarnos tan buenos comerciales. saludos desde

Автор ren7a8ero ( назад)
Great video, as always!

You could run some videos about the serialized ones!

I found this by accident last week:

Автор 梁岳童 ( назад)

Автор Alex Cameron ( назад)
10:15 translation?

Автор Mani Keizu ( назад)
does anyone know the song when the 2020 olympics commercial plays? if so
what is it called?

Автор maximo Fropeo ( назад)
es cierto lo que vi eso era un jap negro no? o dios ya estamos arruinando
el orden natural de las cosas ;v

Автор maxerd2 ( назад)
they couldnt just pay the royalties and get the original cat stevens song?
fucking terrible cover compared to original

Автор Luis Cabrera ( назад)
Trying to identify the song at 8:33... someone?

Автор maxerd2 ( назад)

Автор Richard Espindola ( назад)
I knew they'll show Godzilla

Автор ShadowViper7Z *Shadvi7Z* ( назад)
why squre enix show up after overwatch comerciol???

Автор Truvak T ( назад)
@8:03 so, Japanese women in a department store, playing rugby, with half a
mannequin, to a Mexican folk song? that is a Japanese commercial all right.

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