Alien: Covenant Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Michael Fassbender Movie

Starring: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, James Franco
Alien: Covenant Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Michael Fassbender Movie

The crew of the colony ship Covenant discover what they think is an uncharted paradise, but it is actually a dark, dangerous world, whose sole inhabitant is the synthetic David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.

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Длительность: 2:3
Комментарии: 4299

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Автор Kevvo Lightswift ( назад)
That'll teach ya to take a shower naked.

Автор Matt ( назад)
looks like Alien modernised. I'm sold. :D
loved the 1979 original BTW the rest were absolute shit

Автор henry765 ( назад)
vice principle of kicking ass!

Автор Pooch_Dog Gaming ( назад)
Alien vs Avengers

Автор tiny Trump ( назад)
I was expecting ALIEN Mexican but there were too many Bad Hombres

Автор Seifu Mekuria ( назад)
you are not the only one who want this to look a bit more like Prometheus than Alien. Aliens running around or bursting out of humans is lame for me at this time.

Автор handsomethecat ( назад)
too bad the last scene was PG 18+ would not able to watch this with kids :(

Автор Nicholas Haske ( назад)
This alien really dislikes shower sex

Автор Des Mar ( назад)
cool movie. too bad space doesn't exist.

Автор Empty World ( назад)
How many people have to get infected in this franchise before they start wearing protective suits?

Автор wiinterflowers ( назад)
This actually looks good. Hopefully James Franco gets killed off early

Автор tutankhatenll ( назад)
Audio samples from ALIEN again, just like he (RS) did with the Prometheus trailer.
Prometheus was shite, let's face it. Let's hope A:C doesn't plumb such depths

Автор MrSrbokap ( назад)

Автор The PoisonThristy ( назад)
I Can't Wait For This To Come Out Because Me And My Dad Are Going Watch I Hope It's Good 😋😁😁😁😁

Автор Herchicera ( назад)
looks like a fan made

Автор Wilkoach ( назад)
Give it up Ridley. For God's sake bow out with some dignity. This trailer is enough for anyone to know you've passed the point when you should have passed on the baton.

Автор lord flashheart ( назад)
this looks dark, like the original alien. this is what prometheus should have been like.

Автор MisterPro ( назад)
1:45 at least he died doing what he loved

Автор Brandon Binder ( назад)
holy shit!! do predator next

Автор Michael Petrarca ( назад)
I don't know, this looks pretty compelling to me...

Автор Dark Control ( назад)
yay xenomorphs eveywhere

Автор Alessandro Gozzi ( назад)
Cadê a Dra. Elizabeth Shaw?

Автор Brandon J ( назад)
Looks so boring.

Автор whiskeybeerbeer ( назад)
I hated Prometheus. It was amazingly bad compared to alien and aliens. But so were all the subsequent films since those two. An injustice to the original vision..

Автор Jeff ( назад)
alien movies is so 90s

Автор Sasha Blazevic ( назад)

Автор Correct! ( назад)
Who saw Jessie Smollett or Jamal Lyon😂

Автор Steffon Curry ( назад)
is this rated r???

Автор Emilio Hidalgo ( назад)
Oh God so many crybabies in the comments. But answer me this, what would you rather see;
The Alien-franchise returned to it's roots and hands of it's creator as straight on horror-films, or as cheap PG-13 releases by Paul Anderson?

Автор Borg Warner ( назад)
I'm thinking maybe a crew of humans picked off one by one by an alien life form leaving a lone survivor, now there's something new.

Автор Mike Bushnell ( назад)
sexy lil alien tail shower scene..I jacked off to it

Автор Ty Ross ( назад)
What If there was a predator alien instead of the normal one

Автор Phteve ( назад)
The movie that will save or destroy the Alien franchise.

I'm assuming Fassbender will be playing two roles; Another android AND the human that it (and 'David' from Prometheus) is based on.

Can't be a prequel, since the Xenomorph already exists in it's final form. (Even though it is controversial) I believe the Alien( Xenomorph) is a creature created by the sythetic black-ooze combining itself with DNA of an already existing creature, since many variation exist based on what creature it used to combine with. So, the original Alien could very-well be the DNA of the Engineers, since we saw what the first-born was in Prometheus(Not a standard Xenomorph) AND the fact that it is heavily-implied that humans descended from Engineer DNA. This is why the Alien remains a standard Xenomorph even after using a human host to reproduce. Human DNA is only a fraction of the Engineer's DNA so nothing new can be gained.

I'm going to guess that this movie will tell us how the first Xenomorph we see from "Alien" comes to be.
Is there a CG Ripley in our future?

Автор bryn eka ( назад)
its alien 1986 remastered edition

Автор Cantblendthis ( назад)
There have been many expeditions who encountered the Aliens, with several survivors, and not one of them left a memo saying "Do not look into an opening egg!"? ...

Автор epSos.de ( назад)
Do not trust the robot in that film. He is playing his own game of collecting information for the owner and playing the game of the corp.

Автор rosie milan ( назад)
sex in the shower and alien going inside her vavavoma?why i got the feeling it's not going to be a classic?

Автор dude ( назад)
who's singing? it's Aurora right ?

Автор Duc Hoang ( назад)
I think that person at 1:29 could be David or Elizabeth Shaw.

Автор AJ ( назад)
this looks like trash.. basically showed who is going to die

Автор A Dude ( назад)
Of course , sex scene in trailer. Gotta attract the least common denominator somehow.

Автор jfunf ( назад)
It seems to me they've crashed Prometheus for nothing...

Автор My Cinematics ( назад)
Where is the film with Ripley or was that cancelled? I heard there were 2 more coming, one that follows prometheus (Obviously that is this film) and another which is more related to Aliens... I may have dreamt it.

Автор Lukas Ramanauskas ( назад)

Автор Alex Noise ( назад)
I"ll wait Prometheus-2!!!
Alien-2017 is bad ID.

Автор Andrean April ( назад)
lol I already forget EVERYTHING happened at Prometheus movies
anyone have the same issue?

Автор Abhinav Mehra ( назад)
well you cant have an Alien mivie without a bloody sex scene 😂😂😂😂

Автор I believe you ( назад)
I realise you have to suspend your beliefs,to watch a lot of movies.Just how do they explain walking,sitting,whatever,on a spaceship?When there is blatantly 0 gravity?How is it all so conveniently,easy?

Автор Nick Mattio ( назад)
I know I'm not alone but I smell cookies here

Автор em ell ( назад)
overproduced hipster rubbish

Автор justin morris ( назад)
Cgi will kill this movie. They must use practical effects, especially with the Alien.

Автор Rangga Yudhistira ( назад)
why ridley scott keep using same story,same set,same plot since the first one??

Автор David Robertson ( назад)
Yeah Prometheus was a definite disappointment...but HOT DAMN am I excited for this movie. Dont want to get my hopes too high but looks like it fixes what my biggest issue with Prometheus, that it wasn't scary.

Автор darrent365 ( назад)
0:17 what it feels like to chew 5 gum.

Автор marlo van drunick ( назад)
yes the xenomorhps are back for some revenge I've been waiting for the new movie about a year

Автор eric bryant ( назад)
r.i.p. h.r. geiger

Автор Kamrul Hassan ( назад)
disappointment !

Автор jakesweet1000 ( назад)
this dosnt seen related to the last one

Автор Steven C ( назад)
Oh my god my year is now made complete❤

Автор MonkeyBarz179 ( назад)
Hope this one is good because this series hasn't been since Aliens.

Автор Mladen Djambazky ( назад)
lol this is going to suck on so many levels it might actually make Prometheus looks good

Автор Marky Brown ( назад)
I opened this just to dislike it. I hope I didn't give it a view.

Автор Jake Yu ( назад)
Does that make Sigourney Weaver an alien in this sequel?
Ooops! Haven't seen Prometheus yet, says to be the sequel of it. Last movie I saw was she delivered an alien child but purposely fell in a molten thingy to kill the last alien specie. XD

Автор ramon moreno ( назад)
Sooo she's no longer an Auror?

Автор Soarin-Wonderbolt ( назад)
No Dr. Elizabeth Shaw?What a waste of time to make this movie.
Unless that deralict ship is the one that Dr. Shaw n David-Head used to go to "Spacejocky' home world.

Автор Patrick Mann ( назад)
Spend more time on plot...less on cgi.

Автор Nicholas Klimis ( назад)
that girl in the start of the trailer who ran was a jerk

Автор ahmed shaltout ( назад)
?what is name of that song

Автор simon moran ( назад)
May can't come fast enough!!

Автор Felipe Garrido ( назад)
Alien Insolation LOL

Автор Follower of Molag Bal ( назад)
Can't wait to download on TPB

Автор Windwalker Productions ( назад)

Автор shane nice ( назад)
is that alien acid shit?

Автор Official Trailers ( назад)
Subscribe to my channel

Автор mike white ( назад)
i have a feeling they did not show the Xenomorph because they hanged its appearance.. i will walk out of theater of they changed too much... I am hardcore Alien series fan, and wish i had a pet Xenomorph i could take for walks with a leash lol

Автор Aaeon Karma ( назад)
Speaking of facehuggers...Please bring back NOOMIIIIII!!

Автор Nichovert ( назад)
moral of the story: don't make love on an alien-infested planet

Автор SyDe ( назад)
Why couldn't they have two chicks in the shower scene, I'm boycotting this movie now.

Автор Alex Oyarzabal ( назад)
I can't wait Ridley....................I can't wait..................

Автор EtchedInStone ( назад)
Filmmakers thought no one would remember Moulin Rouge.... sloppy.

Автор Johji Uehara ( назад)
another bipedal alien movie?

Автор Flingship373 ( назад)
Does not feel or seem like a Alien movie. Wrong sound design and too much CGI.

Автор TyranntX ( назад)
Introducing... the BACK BURSTER! The chest burster's rebellious cousin

Автор F Ramsey ( назад)
They never learn do they.   Sorry can't feel bad for one more group of people dealing with this.  Who's' the alien now?

Автор Rocio Celeste ( назад)
Ripley donde estas???

Автор Karen Myers ( назад)
Is this a new Alien franchise movie

Автор Harry Hathaway ( назад)
i cant take this film seriously with red from pineapple express in it

Автор Gandalf the goat ( назад)
David drops the black goo pods onto the engineers from the ship they travelled to there home planet with, killing all of them. Heard it here first.

Автор Kelly Decker ( назад)

Автор Ali Azam ( назад)
we wabt Prnetheus 2.. PLZ GIVE US PROMETHEUS 2

Автор Jimmy Alexzander ( назад)
God NO! not another Prometheus!

Автор Adrian B ( назад)
aaand they are not gonna give the answers to prometheus...

Автор onel buela ( назад)
what happened to the guys back

Автор Jonathan Page ( назад)
what's that song?

Автор Unknown Alien ( назад)
I want Alien VS Predator 3 The cliffhanger on the end of number 2 was so awesome

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