Alien: Covenant Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Michael Fassbender Movie

Starring: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, James Franco
Alien: Covenant Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Michael Fassbender Movie

The crew of the colony ship Covenant discover what they think is an uncharted paradise, but it is actually a dark, dangerous world, whose sole inhabitant is the synthetic David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.

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Длительность: 2:3
Комментарии: 4017

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Автор Gastón LeWolf ( назад)
What kind of moulin rouge is this ?????????????????????????????????????

Автор ninuxy ( назад)
Boring. Same story over and over again.

Автор Васил «V-personal» Профиров ( назад)
To: Mr Ridley Scott, with all respect, please drop the space cowboy moron
explorers theme. Really please with a cherry on top. It is getting

P.S. If this is a fake trailer : funny... love the irony ! :D

Автор Rana Umar Shahzad ( назад)
Why you think Aliens want to war and could be killer?

Автор HEAVYMETALmovie1981 ( назад)
Kinda cool

Автор charles torcatos ( назад)
a Predator movie is needed...

Автор twike ( назад)
oh,hello there magneto

Автор cummings power ( назад)
they should do a new predator

Автор rob verde ( назад)

Автор Yogendra Pandey ( назад)
prometheus 2

Автор Sandor Kacso ( назад)
That penetration, though...

Автор RadianSCT ( назад)
All I could think of was Moulin Rouge

Автор Jack Fiend ( назад)
If you guys looked closely, 1:18 is where you can see the predator. There's
a red light that blinked on it's body. Predator confirmed😱

Автор Leave a comment ( назад)
1:20 tip of uncircumcised penis

Автор MarcoFAlfaro ( назад)
prometheus sucked so bad, this looks like it will redeem the series

Автор Samael 11 ( назад)
Ugh... This looks like its trying to take the tone of the first movie,
crossed with the setting and style of second movie and given the heart of
an 80s style slasher. What with the everyone dies but the final virginal
girl - especially the people having "The Sex".

It sort of had me thinking there was something decent to be had here...
then the last 10s happened, the shower scene and it gave too much of an
idea what type of movie it was going to be and I lost all interest.
The Blood means it is going to be an R-rated movie, but the audience I
think it will most appeal to are the PG-13 crowd.

Either way, I am definitely not hype for this movie from this trailer.

Автор bob bob ( назад)

Автор S Powell ( назад)

Автор icecream is nice ( назад)
This comment section is cancer...

Автор negrokrilinful ( назад)
Is it me, or the one singing was Aurora?

Автор Rajveer Sidhu ( назад)
Nic one

Автор UIUO ( назад)
good movie

Автор Jeremy Dille ( назад)
I love the completely surprising plot behind this movie. A woman who wants
everything she thinks she deservers and will kill anyone who gets in her
way. Things dong change ever over thousands of years, do they? hahahahahal.
We're dealing with this at home, folks. Can we please can some scientific
fantasy over here so we don't have to relive our real lives at the movie
theater? Would be nice.

Автор Joshua Dunbar ( назад)
The trailer gives too much away.

Автор Manish mishra ( назад)
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Автор Kleanthis Mouratidis ( назад)
How you can mix up the Prehistory of Hellenes with Prometheus, with aliens
?? what a bullshit... Prometheus with blue skin was a good real Stat. It is
written down that the Forefathers of Hellenes had bluelight skin and was
taller and had perfect Bodies. But to make the second Part to a Alien Mix
Movie is really bad... i will not watch ths movie...

Автор Jacob English ( назад)
Am I the only person who wants to pretend like Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection
and Prometheus never happened. Bring back Ellen, Hudson, Nute and Jones so
we can have a good old time.

Автор EmemonD ( назад)
is that a prometheus alien behind that
guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.AHM! Alien vs Prometheus,this will be
beautiful T^T

Автор Khalid Hassan Shohag ( назад)
the mother of all has returned!

Автор Arshia Mehraz ( назад)
When you're too busy having sex in the shower and you don't realize there's
a huge spikey tail touching your leg.

Girl: 'Uh.. John.. Are you a mutant? Your legs are spikey.'
Boy: 'Don't worry sweetheart, it makes it more erotic.'

Автор samiel francis ( назад)
i was really hoping for a second part to prometheus instead they had to go
and remake the darn thing whats wrong with these pple

Автор The Jappcazas ( назад)
I'm so hyped

Автор Dark Era ( назад)
Stop being so damned salty. We are getting a hardcore Alien film from
Ridley Scott.

Автор Alberto Cervantes ( назад)
ATTENTION ALL: MAYBE, that alien ship is Elizabeth and David's ship when
they left to the stars. I think the story continues with another version of
David wanting to go further, maybe they all died, sent a distress call.

Автор Alberto Cervantes ( назад)
I really want to know what didn't work with the Prometheus movie to make
this new one wich has everyone so confused and wondering what happened to
Elizabeth Shawn, because she was the whole point of the first movie and
left so many unanswered questions and a whole world of mystery and
possibilities to go to. What didn't work for the director and the public?
Is it worth a change in the direction of the story and let the public
divided? All i know is that the whole world wants to know what happened to
Elizabeth Shaw, more engineers and more xenomorphs as well. I really hope
this movie can deliver despite all this changes.

Автор FailGag ( назад)
I wish they could answer some questions from Prometheus like if they will
go to engineers home planet.

Автор Kish Jugo ( назад)

Автор Wizbuiz ( назад)
Kenny powers will deal with this shit.

Автор sorrowsuperstar10 ( назад)
They broke rule #1 in space: No sex

Автор Exzerno ( назад)
>No M41A Pulse Rifle
>Is sad

Автор 420 Savage ( назад)
i feel sad for the how died at the ps he was probably about lose virginity

Автор 420 Savage ( назад)
why does the ship in the beginning look like alien dildo

Автор AtenRa ( назад)
Why'd they always have to show who gets hugged? Ugh. It's impressive to
show the hugger busting out of the egg, but do we always need to be spoiled
who's dead first?

Автор Dominic Violo (Sybil) ( назад)
Alien wants sex too #dont discriminate

Автор nifan ( назад)
Coming Soon? soon when!??

Автор AllBrushed Models ( назад)
I hope this won't be rated PG13...

Автор Internet “I'm Concerned” Criminal ( назад)
So this movies gotta redeem Prometheus, Alien cubed, and certain aspects of

Good luck Ridley.

Автор Zane Mantzouranis ( назад)
Starring the predator

Автор Ernesto Polson ( назад)
did anyone else notice that Michael's hair was brown, not blonde? he might
be playing the human character whom David was created after. In Aliens 3
,Ripley meets Lance Bishop's human counter part Michael Bishop.

Автор Buk Lau ( назад)
I'll just watch this trailer once a week till the movie comes out

Автор Ultimate XLR-8 ( назад)

Автор Simon Bauer ( назад)
What the hell, I thought they were continuing the story from Prometheus not
making the same movie on another planet 😂 What are you doing Ridley !

Автор Emanon ( назад)
Uhmmm, I thought we'd see more of those powerful human looking aliens and
their history/story... so instead we get "more aliens sticking to people's
faces..."... already done that.

Автор alexis paige ( назад)
what is the song called

Автор Peter Griffin ( назад)
R Rated for sure and I'm glad

Автор Ming Chang ( назад)
Something about 0:31 to 0:39 is just so damn unsettling...

Автор Patrick Bloodworth ( назад)
@ 1:46. Alien three some

Автор Raffael Knight ( назад)
Best movie every

Автор Michael Lovett ( назад)
Although I grew up with the 'Alien' films (saw the first one in theaters in
the late 70s), one problem with it has always bothered me. How can a
creature that starts out the size of a 'chest burster' become a full grown
human-sized monster within a few hours? A creature cannot grow without
ingesting some sort of food stuff to grow. What is it? Full of air? Is it a
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade balloon animal?

Автор z zz ( назад)
wow theres gonna be some demented people over again doing demented
decisions... you can clearly see it from the trailer... so easy then to
make a movie

Автор Michael Perrin ( назад)

Автор The ISH ( назад)
I have high hopes for this one

Автор MiniMice ( назад)
Go Aurora!! This lokes very promising, both the music and the trailer. ;)

Автор SuperStandard ( назад)
How did the android get its body back? Did Shaw go back to Earth or some
other world for repairs? Or are all androids the same human model?

Автор Stephen Fox ( назад)
This is not Ridlley Scott righting a wrong after Prometheus. It's the 2nd
part of a puzzle. P was the 1st, this the 2nd.
Wonder if they'll be a 3rd?
PS I am one of a few you liked Prometheus. Sue me.

Автор love guru ( назад)
I love alien series.

Автор Gdfb Nhb ( назад)

Автор Kineapple ( назад)
prometheus war schon so schlecht,
dass ich mir darauf hin die alten 4 geilen teile angeschaut habe
und das making off auch noch

Автор Zac Adam ( назад)

Автор Harrison Ring ( назад)
but I believe it's the alien sequal s

Автор Harrison Ring ( назад)
it looks like Prometheus 2

Автор Photofundesigns New Etsy Shop ( назад)
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jmcks 'dot' com look for transform your photo section. Best Birthday ideas
also, to suit!

Автор Connor Kelly ( назад)
she cheated on alien that is why he died at the end of the trailer

Автор Connor Kelly ( назад)
Michael Fassbender has been in a lot of movies one after the other

Автор Yamham Gamer ( назад)
I'm totally watching it when it comes out <3

Автор Litkei Bálint ( назад)

Автор KOS Listed ( назад)
SO Basically it's Alien and Prometheus rolled into one.

Автор CrazyGamer664 ( назад)
holy shit!

Автор lakes ( назад)
When you try getting it on with bae in an intergalactic shower, but an
alien kills them.

Автор Justin Kraft ( назад)
So it's not really a continuation of Prometheus, that sucks.

Автор rodney rasmussen ( назад)

Автор Jaime Torres ( назад)
i can already tell this movie is going to suck. looks like the first movie
but with out the human engineers. they all die except for the robot and 1

Автор Drooidz Trot ( назад)
Neill Blomkamp alien will be the the alien movie we all want to see not
this one.

Автор Karla Sanchez ( назад)
esta . reguena.

Автор Sonny Lee ( назад)
Looks like crap.

Автор biesmusik ( назад)
this is good stuff

Автор Crazy Explosive Goat ( назад)
Ummm is that a back burster, our someone turning into a alien like the
original idea?

Автор Nothin Personal ( назад)
why do they keep touchin the eggs man

Автор José Mauricio Diaz Ulloa ( назад)
the movie look good but what i really want its a colonial marine movie been
waiting 15 years for that.

Автор Metric Max ( назад)
is ripley in this movie????

Автор Andrew Gray ( назад)
So ......sequel to Prometheus????

Автор Jasper Stegenga ( назад)
used Anybody see smarter than this oni?

Автор MikeVonDoom ( назад)
This is ok but it's a weird choice of cast...

Автор rajesh dutta ( назад)
there is no fear, there is no picking up from Prometheus, there is no main
character (Dr.shaw), finally its not prometheus 2 it modern alien, and i'm
afraid if its flops cause I love the alien series.

Автор rajesh dutta ( назад)
honestly speaking I'm disappointed seeing this trailer .............. and I
think its gonna take a nose dive...... you know what I mean.

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