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Автор ☣ Tsjernobylol ☣ ( назад)
Not very "how to" on where to drill the 3" hole. I'm busy doing mine but
its not realy clear where to drill that damn hole >_>

Автор war machine ( назад)
Thanks ! :)

Автор SeRyZ nFraRed ( назад)
what type of intercooler is that

Автор R33PMYSTA ( назад)
no you dont need to remap

Автор TheZeroNZ ( назад)
Why not just get a non turbo Skyline? Not all Skylines are turbo!

Автор Mijan Choudhury ( назад)
Does it not need to be remapped after front mount install? Also I heard you
cannot have bov on gtst. I'm confused!! I'm looking to get these mods on my
skyline but here different things

Автор ZyDaim (497 лет назад)
or buy a nissan skyline rb25de non turbo. then turbo it as a project when
ur off your PS.

Автор jayden politano ( назад)
can you put an inter cooler on on N/A motor? or does it have to be Turbo

Автор orangutang airshow (1487 лет назад)
Relocate licence plate for more direct air flow

Автор R33PMYSTA ( назад)

Автор crenly ( назад)
Can you use any intercooler on any car?

Автор jon11565 ( назад)
any advantage for front mount vs top mount inter cooler

Автор kingpinoy ( назад)
@R33PMYSTA Hey mate, got the front mount and BOV installed, with just one
problem or several depending. My temp gauge sez my car is over heating.
Driving around for 20 mins will cause the temp of my car to go up close to
the H mark which of course isn't any good. Took it to a few local mechanics
and have heard different things. Such as the temp gauge might need
replacing coz my car apparently is at normal temp but the meter sez
otherwise. Don't want to risk it, what's your take?

Автор kingpinoy ( назад)
@R33PMYSTA Cheers bro, appreciate the advice.

Автор R33PMYSTA ( назад)
@kingpinoy well you might get a little lag due to the bigger inter-cooler
but your car will love you for it. you car and turbo will run cooler . if
your not going to change boost your not going to see any difference.
getting a bov make your car run richer if you have stock ecu and youl get
black stains on bumper. if you have boost controller you wont need a bleed

Автор kingpinoy ( назад)
Looking to do the following mods to my silvia next, Front mount
intercooler, blow off valve and bleed valve. Tho i don't know if i really
need a bleed valve if i have a boost controller already. On my silvia (s15)
i have the following, full racing twin tip exhaust, panel/air filter, &
boost control. Running a bit over 1 bar of boost at peak. If i do the
following mods mentioned above, will there be much difference?

Автор R33PMYSTA ( назад)
@FluteSunday yes but not cheap need stock non turbo ecu then a stock
manifold thats all not to hard then you will need to plug up the oil and
water lines that go in to your turbo

Автор iloveheavymetal1 ( назад)
0:10 <3

Автор blaalbblaalb111 ( назад)
@Daren00ga Okay :L

Автор blaalbblaalb111 ( назад)
@Daren00ga its under the video you retard

Автор TheSaneDrummer ( назад)

Автор Todd Daniel (1703 года назад)
@R33PMYSTA i went pretty smooth everything fit in perfectly didnt have to
mod my bumper at all i got a Greddy kit so all the piping was legit, i'm
new to tunning and what not but i have some friends who have been at it
since high school so i had some help. the video helped to thanks!

Автор R33PMYSTA (1226 лет назад)
@alvarezah how did the intercooler install go you need to mod the car only
a little like what u see on the video the only engine mod u need is a pod
as the pipe get in the way of the stock one

Автор Todd Daniel ( назад)
i'm instaling my intercooler tomorrow front mount obviously ummm my brother
had to cut his bumper to fit his in my bumper loooks like it was built
ready for an intercooler (check out my page and tell me if i will need to
modify it to have it fit over the intercooler) nissan skyline r33 gts-t
type m.

Автор R33PMYSTA ( назад)
its a large air cooler as the air gets hot by the time it go thru the turbo
to the throttle the stock one is small. so having a large one means you can
run more boost . in japan not a big thing as you notice they dont really
upgrade this part of the car for drift use as its cold there all year
round. in australia as it is hot its a must for a car mod @berner

Автор berner ( назад)
I'm new to the world of car mods, but what does an intercooler do? Is it
just like a high performance radiator, or is that just what people are
calling rads now?

Автор PAOHMONGYANG ( назад)
chicano mexican song gay

Автор PAOHMONGYANG ( назад)
ebay turbo kit gay black chicano mexican just love ebay turbo

Автор R33PMYSTA ( назад)
@lovehocki that is the stock body kit . nismo make that from for some of
there series 2 and they came with light weight enki wheels too just cant
see in pic as i did the inter cooler as i got it back from the pits 3 day
after it got to Australia . but you are very right about looks over
performance iv done many more mods but dont no what ones people would like
to see

Автор lovehocki ( назад)
@SpoilerCar true? i dont give a shit what your car has on it. I have
immense respect for skylines, but I personally think investing money in a
body kit and not in wheels looks stupid... and lightweight wheels lower
overall weight and make the car handle better.

Автор KonasHDi ( назад)
what an ugly car

Автор R33PMYSTA ( назад)
@SpoilerCar yes very true but also good if you live in a hot country as the
cars are built in japan there the weather is cool all year round .
australia not so cool all year round

Автор SpoilerCar ( назад)
@hamiltonodell1 . the air will travel around the number plate. yes a number
plate might make a small difference , but you would end up with a better
result than standard. This type of cooler is pointless unless you have
higher than standard boost on your car. also before this mod you may want
to high flow or after market turbo or you won't get much more useable power
any way. these types of coolers can sometimes make your car slower if they
are not nessecary

Автор SpoilerCar ( назад)
@hamiltonodell1 no clue

Автор SpoilerCar ( назад)
@lovehocki i have stock wheels on my r33 and a trial race front bar. i bet
it would thump your car. by the way wheels don't make your car go faster.

Автор hamiltonodell1 ( назад)
whats the point of an intercooler if your license plate is blocking the
whole thing....

Автор Henry Hazlitt ( назад)
I'm on youtube to watch videos not a slideshow

Автор airsoftloverusp ( назад)

Автор Survivalist ( назад)
@c0rpse1 more boost? More CV or HP man. but only 4 or 6 hp in this

Автор iTzzEuphoriaaaaaa ( назад)
This is very very helpful considering everyone has skylines these days.

Автор shadow9361 ( назад)
@lovehocki its the factory kit, its a gtst type m

Автор Seb Morreale ( назад)
i was thinking about buying a hks intercooler on my rx7 will tihs down
power or up power, and how diffrent is the cooling

Автор thyaaawad ( назад)
@Hachithe8 dude thts just sad " u need to know how to type" dont say gay
shit like, every1 here knowz how to type but they got better shit to do
then spend all day typin " correctly" for u and in the beginin some guy
told him take off that bodykit and buy urself some tires intstead, thts y i
said it

Автор Hachithe8 ( назад)
@thyaaawad Soo...you need to learn how to type...and...I said nothing about
money...and...I doubt half of the people are talking about a track....

Автор thyaaawad ( назад)
@Hachithe8 ur a dumbass, no1 talked to u, and hes puttin a bigger
inter-cooler which means more power, and even on the track dumbass traction
isnt that much difference and the guy was talking about a front bodykit so
umm 300 bucks max for that, okay lemme see u get slicks wid that much

Автор Hachithe8 ( назад)
@thyaaawad your dumb..."who cares about the grip"? okay..put tires on your
car w/ no tread and see whether you care or not...Less grip = less control

Автор supradave9 ( назад)
@thyaaawad tires are possibly one of the most important things you need
when trying to go faster....a concept you obviously cannot grasp. im siding
with you 100% lovehocki, wheels and tires come waaayyyyyy before body kits.
Its sad to see such an awesome car inthe hands of a ricer, you can tell
he's only swapping the intercoooler to make his car LOOK legit when he
probably hasnt done anything else to the engine yet

Автор thyaaawad ( назад)
@lovehocki y u hate bro, do u have a skyline? didnt think so and who cares
about the grip did he ask you how to make his car faster, trust me a car
with no turbo and a kit is waayyy slower than one that has turbo and no
grip, TRUST ME, like i dont even know why u talked about his tires LEARN TO
SHUT THE FUCK UP :) have a nice day bitch

Автор HEKTIC458 ( назад)
Sorry to be a killjoy, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal to cut that support
at the front which you cut.

Автор sudan55 ( назад)
@trustfire no not actully but i want to install it's really nice car thanx
for the comment sorry for my bad english

Автор trustfire ( назад)
@sudan55 lol is ur mondy turbo?

Автор chevyhs ( назад)
@dksrival15 Nothing would happen as long as you don't have an leaks. If
your air filter leaks, then you have a problem

Автор kapow151 ( назад)
@dksrival15 obviously you wouldn't drive a skyline in the flood would you..

Автор sudan55 ( назад)
hi bro i have 2008 ford mondeo i want to instull intercooler can u help me
of what pieces i need? and what is the cost?

Автор Vaughan Monty ( назад)
so when are these other upgrade videos going to happen?

Автор kaptinhowdy13 ( назад)
This video sux because it wasn't video it was just a bunch of pics with
music I need step by step real time video. Sorry sir but thats just me

Автор lovehocki ( назад)
@Duckyistrippin LMFAO! Fuck you douchebag I don't give a fuck what you
think about my car, I enjoy it. And I'm a brand whore? I was just giving an
example of lightweight alloy racing wheels. And yes, I think im superior
because I drive a European car? LOL shut the fuck up. I drive my car
because I think it's a great handling car. If something handled better for
the same price, I'd drive that, Even if it was a fucking KIA. Fuck off you
internet tough-guy.

Автор Duckyistrippin ( назад)
@lovehocki bumper kits are for fags. but then again, so are bbs wheels. pos
euro trash audi's included. No one said they are OG tires.. You are just a
brand whore. Fucking ignorant douche bag who drives euro trash pile of shit
that you think is so superior. Go back to snoodling cocks, and your decade
old, entry model rebadged vw. You dont need brand names to enjoy this
sport. Fuck you.

Автор lovehocki ( назад)
@Duckyistrippin your a ricer fag if you have a bumper kit, but don't bother
to touch the wheels... 16" white factory rims look goofy with a bumper
kit... and if those ARE the tires from the factory, then theyre 10+ years
old and need new rubber. and my shit box? Mhmmmmm... my 98 audi a4 will
outlast the human race let alone any riced out R33. And yes I know a
skyline when I see one... I've driven one actually and they're one of my
favourite Japanese cars.

Автор dksrival15 ( назад)
if your intercooler have sink in a flood wat will happen??

Автор Mat H ( назад)
wered u get the lip from?

Автор Duckyistrippin ( назад)
@lovehocki yes, you MUST have BBS wheels or you are just a ricer fag? lol
shut the fuck up. must not know skyline when ya see one. this is how they
come from the factory. nothing wrong with continental tires. maybe he likes
doing donuts? maybe you forgot the car has twice the traction of your shit
box. sooo 2x the driving wheels means half the load per tire right?.... god
i hate you people.

Автор R33PMYSTA ( назад)
@lovehocki its a stock bumper guys

Автор TheRickRod ( назад)
@NASTYTHEBOY yes that license plate is a cock blocker!

Автор lovehocki ( назад)
@adamslurch71 He bought a bumper kit before rims and tires is all I'm
saying. He wants to LOOK fast rather than BE fast... and, Extra HP from
iCooler wont even matter because those continental cinder block tires cant
even hook up with the road.

Автор lovehocki ( назад)
@adamslurch71 Well he must be retarted if he thinks he's going to get added
performance from that Horsepower when his continental cinder block tires
cant even grip the road, and even then he could have used the money spent
on the useless rice kit and got some nice BBS wheels with some new rubber
and actually made his car drive nicer...

Автор plocco ( назад)
i dont have a skyline, lend me one ?

Автор TheRb25de ( назад)
hey mate can you do one for an r32 rb25det an show where you have to cut
out for the piping thanks.

Автор Rodolfo Valadez ( назад)
@GSRTurbooo Ask the intercool specialist. Just call the place where you
going to buy the intercooler and they'll tell you.

Автор Yoshiku Lee ( назад)
AY YO nice video , as far as these fuckheads, their jealous

Автор lovehocki ( назад)
Do you seriously have a bumper kit, but still stock wheels and tires...
Thats such a fail.

Автор ForestTDI ( назад)
This is totally lame_approach, becuase: - if used for daily use, you made
front reinforcement weak - you´ve installed huge intercoler, but there is a
small place for stright front air, despite it you put licence plate there
... sorry for my english, I hope you understood

Автор murzinalexandru ( назад)
why i hav the feeling that u done this pics whit photoshop?

Автор Tim Beck ( назад)
series 2 actually, check the bar, bonnet, lights

Автор rally617 ( назад)
according to the song hes gay

Автор theDangerGoose ( назад)
hi im going to put an intercooler in my 98 lancer GSR im gettin a universal
intercooler do i need a certain CFM rating nd what is this CFM is it
airflow ???

Автор ShockAweProductions ( назад)
the song is Superstylin by Groove Armada

Автор ohmygoditsnate ( назад)
no its not a 240sx its a series 1 r33

Автор ohmygoditsnate ( назад)
its r33 skyline

Автор ohmygoditsnate ( назад)
groove armarda is the group dont no name of song

Автор razielus20 ( назад)
are u fuckin nuts? thats R33 u dumbass

Автор jaego1979 ( назад)
Find the name of the song or the name of the band that plays it, thanks

Автор DDThavone ( назад)
so are you always gonna have to ake adjustments to the body and kit for the
inter cooler to fit, and for a swap??

Автор trentonbarrett ( назад)
ommmmm take the lisenc plate off on the front it would look way beter :]

Автор PJ ( назад)
Makes people think you're running something good under the hood lol

Автор Sam D ( назад)
hey mate when u put your body back together, i think you missed the small
clips under your head lights... is that why there is a gap between ur
headlights and bumper??? coz mines pretty flush nice vid but ! :)

Автор Philip Sprott ( назад)
Toyota used it on their gt4 models but being top mounted they werent too
efficient. Problem is you need another rad aswell as the charge cooler and
also a pump. Lots of weight.

Автор thegarbageman21 ( назад)
groove armada, superstylin

Автор skidR90 ( назад)
where you cut the bumper support. is that part of the structure?

Автор Julian B ( назад)
whats the song?

Автор Alex Kaow ( назад)
theoretical you can install an intercooler on anything, it's just useless
if there is nothing to cooldown

Автор Alex Kaow ( назад)
nuce car, nice FMIC, wheels not so nice, put your licence behind the wind
shield. by the way, does anyone know why air-to-water intercooling is
barely used on Japanese cars? also the Japanese don't use liquid
intercooling much, is there something wrong with LC-IC?

Автор gusu666 ( назад)
The colder the air the more dense the oxygen is. The more oxygen there is
the more fuel will be burnt. Air/fuel ratios change in altitude. If you
live in the mountains a side mount wont cut it. There are several reason
why large front mounts are nice.

Автор PUNKSKATERBOYS0011 ( назад)
tube 407 it runs betta my bro took it for a drive b4 he put it in it was
runny ok but wen it went in it was floging like bran new

Автор Eric2cool ( назад)
side mount intercoolers suck(derrrrrrr)

Автор c0rpse1 ( назад)
cooler temps/more boost

Автор Alex ( назад)
whats the name of the song please?

Автор centuryvxp2 ( назад)
uhh. yes.

Автор Reza Ervianto ( назад)
nice job man! 5 stars

Автор MistahMofro ( назад)
oo my bad i thought that was an r32

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