Taekwondo 540 Spinning Hook Kick Tutorial (Kwonkicker)

A tutorial for the Kukki/W.T.F. Tae Kwon Do 540 degree spinning hook kick. Also known as a 'cheat 720' amongst trickers. Unlike the tricker version of this kick, this one is functional, and is designed to strike with a significant amount of force.

Watch this video for numerous examples of great 540 spinning hook kicks:

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Автор Enoch Chin (MeatyMan) ( назад)
ur so good

Автор Leroy Gonzalez (2011 год назад)
Where can i get that target holder? Or is it called a target stand? I've
looked for it in several places can't seem to find it anywhere. Please
help, i would really appreciate it. 

Автор golden shower king ( назад)
Do you have to take a step to execute the kick? Or can it be done just as
well from a left stance? 

Автор tkdpower ( назад)
One of my favorite advance spinning kicks in Taekwondo. Also the most
popular kicks seen in Martial Arts movies :)

Автор Astro Alies ( назад)
this kick is so sexy

Автор Siddhant Singh ( назад)
hey kwonkicker i like your videos but i have one prob with this kick.When i
am about to complete my spin and spot my target i try to kick but cant do
it 7 go past my target can you rectify what is wrong :) 

Автор Th3MAgg0t ( назад)
Dude, you're looking at the mac-daddy move. It's not like this is the only
move trained for in TKD. You start from the basics and work your way to
these moves. Obviously this isn't the kind of kick you would try to throw
15 times in a fight or ever on the street. It provides a goal to push your
body to reach. Pushing your body means getting in better shape and
achieving better technique. Get it? 

Автор Aman Haridas ( назад)
anthony pettis liked this video

Автор Aman Haridas ( назад)
anthony pettis liked this video

Автор ben brooks ( назад)
of all the technique videos I've downloaded or purchased or watched or read
through out the years, taekwondo has had the LEAST amount of information.
@Kwonkicker I would love if you made a dvd I could pop in to practice.
maybe one for conditioning and so forth, one for basic techniques and
drills to perform them better and a third one for advanced techniques. Just
saying...I'd buy it

Автор Darren Preston ( назад)

Автор Nathan John ( назад)

Автор skippygirl959 ( назад)
i gotta try to find the coolest looking most powerful kicks for a contest
imma be in

Автор crazyfobazn ( назад)
what're you talking about? the tricking one is exactly the same as this one

Автор LawGamerHD ( назад)
A lot of taekwondo moves are generally very powerful ones and are aimed at
ko ing someone... But it's also one of the easiest to get manipulated...
Unless the opponent is dazed, it's quite unlikely that it will connect

Автор okeyogiose1 ( назад)
hey kwonkicker do u do WTF taekwondo?

Автор nononkarim ( назад)
learn basics before this noobs

Автор nononkarim ( назад)
me too, but i am 24^^ try again and try again...

Автор crazyanimester ( назад)
Can u make a more detailed tutorial on this kick? I can do the 360 version
but i can't seem to jump over my own leg to do the 540. Im afraid i might
sprain my ankle or something.

Автор Insan Nurdin ( назад)

Автор TopS Coment ( назад)
WTf.? all of u guys are havin difficult here? no.! its just easy. the wrong
up here is just the kick. if i couldnt do the hook. then ill make it 540
spinin back kick.!

Автор TopS Coment (253 года назад)
BE advised, you couldnt learn this type of kicking, so better learn the
hook kick.!

Автор Nawyne vlloret ( назад)
this kick is only technic... first you should do it with a little walk, so
first you do a walk with left leg while you turning your body at right, now
rise your right leg to get boost and jump, in the jump you should turn fast
and support your left leg to floor and continue turning and hit the focus
with right talon...

Автор philip kim ( назад)
ye started tkd at 6 and now im 17 and i still cant do this lol 

Автор renato muu ( назад)
same here ....

Автор Jert Cruz ( назад)
this is easy if you have the right space the right venue and an instructor
to let you understand it more with determination :) im a yellow belt and im
trying to train hard kicks already to have motivation to continue 

Автор SamEVfree ( назад)
hey kwonkicker can you do a second tutorial for this kick

Автор Qayyim Hakimie ( назад)
it's hard..

Автор Metalfiter2 ( назад)
Lol before doing this try to land your tornado kicks backwards. Once you
have that down practice jump 360 hook kicks and then I guess combine them.
Of course I keep messing up :D

Автор Amaterasu0612 ( назад)
I love all your vids Kwonkicker! But could you please make a more detail
tutorial of this kick! Your 540 Roundhouse kick for example is explained in
the deepest detail. So if it would not bother you , please make a new
version of this kick

Автор UltimateTricking ( назад)
it's been 10 months.. he probably has it by now

Автор eliu1997 ( назад)
thats the way you learn it ! ;p 

Автор JosephH206 ( назад)
Jesus, i only can do the 360º, this one is to much :X but im keep trying to
do that 

Автор Kyle De Pepperoni ( назад)
when i try to spin in the air, somehow i keep on landing diagonaly and end
up rolling on the ground.

Автор mudkipzuzu ( назад)
it may seem useless in a real fight but it still generates a huge amount of
force and power.

Автор BLAHBLAHBLAH0726 ( назад)
i do taekwondo and im only a green belt how long do u think it would take
for me to do a 540? Or, at wat belt should i start practicing? The person
doing a 480 and 540 in my channel is my teacher.

Автор Dinoenthusiastguy ( назад)
0:04 Which video was that?

Автор zenoftw ( назад)
Now if only I knew the first thing about martial arts.

Автор vestigialspirit ( назад)
wow, perfect technique 

Автор NetherlandsDragon ( назад)
I just cant manage to make that extra spin, i just spin 1 time, in middle
of my spin extending my leg at head height. really sad :S but yet it still
is efficient :D P.S. @DranzieBooy no, the tornado kick is with your same
part of foot as with a normal round kick(sorry, forgot the name of that
part, im not english, sorry) but with a spin added for extra speed

Автор AlphaK9er ( назад)
@vestigialspirit when you perform this kick you really are not jumping that
high it is the fact that you are lifting your legs that gives it the
impression of jumping high

Автор caubeyeunhac308 ( назад)
You can land first and kick then. And It takes 2 weeks to have a kicking
sense. You will succed. I can do it now. And you can do it

Автор caubeyeunhac308 ( назад)
Please watch this video before you practice. If not, you will make very
much mistakes when try it. I try so much but I haven't succeded yet. Just
never give up

Автор WolfRunnerX15 ( назад)
I want his uniform 

Автор Aaron Rodgers ( назад)
really cool man can u do a much detailed tutorial on it 

Автор MoodyYT ( назад)
YAY i made it! its kinda like 360 kick except u start while having your
right foot on the air its very easy once u know how to get the first

Автор vestigialspirit ( назад)
i can't jump that high :((

Автор Steven Moy ( назад)
Thank you uploader for putting slow mo, and captions of when to do what.
Very helpful, couldn't figure it out from other videos.

Автор MrBlaster96 ( назад)
@itstam619 ??????? what a bar ???

Автор razvy94rmx ( назад)
i keep falling :)

Автор MrBlaster96 ( назад)
can anybody tell me , where i can find the " 540 roundhouse kick tutorial"

Автор MrBlaster96 ( назад)
hey kwonkicker ! I also practise tae kwon do and I love it :D i have a
question : how old were you, when you learned that kick ???? (sry for my
english, i'm from germany ) 

Автор Mike R ( назад)
@ganitywaltz I believe so. In the tournaments that I participate in, head
kicks are allowed at 13.

Автор Quentin Kwan ( назад)
can you do a newer tut of this in with commentary :) thanks

Автор Kai Myers ( назад)
u cant learn from just a video, it takes a lot of practice

Автор Garrett Waltzer ( назад)
@kwonkicker great videos! ive been watching many of them. now i have a
question, are 13 year olds allowed to use head kicks in tournaments in the

Автор tzadok06 ( назад)
@punkassbitch49 thats what i ment

Автор nairdajun (203 года назад)
@VITALIITYx its a 540, you start counting the degrees once he leaves the

Автор Bob Fred ( назад)
I knew this would be a good tutorial when you differentiated from the
tricking version. Very good, love your videos.-From one of Masters Woo's
long-time students ^.^

Автор Sean Donnelly (958 лет назад)
what is the exact name of that mounted pad thing he is kicking? 

Автор Keith Reece ( назад)
YAY! I did it once, got dizzy, tried again fell, lied there happy and dizzy

Автор big92mac ( назад)
@TkdArtist92 id say 540 roundhouse 

Автор Sukhbat Enkhjikh ( назад)
Baek doo san 540 kick !

Автор Theresa Retzloff ( назад)
Is the 540 hook kick easier to learn than the 540 roundhouse? which is
easier to learn first? And thank you so much for the tutorial!

Автор Mall Jamal ( назад)
I just found out you already have this tutorial for 540 kick.. I didnt

Автор tzadok06 ( назад)
@punkassbitch49 i can't understand what u said... i think that almost
nobody can disagree with what i said

Автор algierssolja ( назад)
Dam you are pretty fast son.

Автор Steve Singh ( назад)
hi mate nice vid i have too posted a vid of myself come and check it out
leave a comment on the vid of what you thought and dont forget to pass it
on to other people every one is welcome thanks and cheers 

Автор Pantherleo ( назад)
im am a black belter. and im korean. to reach the black belt, (1st dan) you
guys need to train at least for a year and when you already got a black
belt, you need to train at least 1 year to get 2nd dan. 3rd dan for 2
years, 4th dan for 3 years. im just telling you the minimum period to
obtain 4th dan. it is impossible to get 4th dan lesser than the periods i
mentioned, if you followed the rules of kukkiwon.

Автор Der Eine ( назад)
for me it was like that once i reached my black belt i had to wait 2 years
for the 2nd dan after that i needed 3 years for the third I have no clue if
it is like that everytime, i think it depends on the dojo, on your master
and on you.. how you grow and if you'r always respectfull to all students

Автор BullyTheKid ( назад)
are you asking because you want a Black belt or because you want to do the
kick? If its for the Kick you dont need a black belt thats retarded. to get
a black belt you just have to learn all your forms from your master/s and
you should move up pretty fast its the degrees after black belt that take
forever because you need the years experience before you can get it 

Автор Andrew ( назад)
@MRmattconnell Oh, how long does it take to reach black belt? I know it's
hard to answer since everyone's skill level, fitness and the amount of time
put in is different but on average how long does it take to rank up? 

Автор tzadok06 ( назад)
@fightlover187 every kick can. but thats not the ideal kick for a fight...

Автор fightlover187 ( назад)
this is an awesome kick, is there a possibilty it can work against thugs in
a streetfight?

Автор chocolateMAN200 ( назад)
@KanineReturns well what was the point then? hmmmmm 

Автор Krishna K ( назад)
@chocolateMAN200 That wasn't the point....

Автор chocolateMAN200 ( назад)
@InfedelKillerz just because someone's fat doesn't mean they cant kick

Автор blackbelt1985 ( назад)
Don't try stuff like this until you're a black belt... Or very VERY
flexible. Otherwise an injury is very likely to happen

Автор Zel Arashi ( назад)
3 people are too fat to do kicks..

Автор Matt Young ( назад)
where did you get that stand for the kicking target?

Автор Milenko Marin ( назад)
I wanna see proper 540 roundhouse kick tutorial from you!!!

Автор khmerkic ( назад)
Very nice kick.

Автор NikLagua ( назад)
@andr3w27 depend on the TKD school you go to either a tricking school such
as ATA or XMA but if you join olympic stlye or WTF you'll get to learn it
depending on your enthusiasm. usually orange or red =P i started doing
these stuff back 2006 before i even got my white belt in TKD cuz i was self
trained i just wanted to get a black belt to perform in extreme forms =P

Автор Andrew ( назад)
For those who practice tae kwon do at what levels do you learn the more
acrobatic kicks such as a regular 540 kick?

Автор Артур ( назад)
Taekwondo is really best dinamyc martial art ;D

Автор Steve Singh ( назад)
@xputstax hi mate not to be nosey but what exact bit do you need help?

Автор cosm47 ( назад)
@Pingbo97 It's World Taekwondo Federation dumbass, as opposed to I.T.F, or
International Taekwondo Federation. 

Автор tatsumi tenshi ( назад)
why does it look so easy but when you doing it,its so hard

Автор Jessie Lovell ( назад)
Heyy Kwonkicker, can you do a tutorial for the 540 round kick? Just can't
seem to land it. Thanks :)

Автор Amaze the World ( назад)
thats the coolest kick ever!

Автор PrEviNtkdking ( назад)
dude how do i train this kick? and have you tried breaking planks using the
second kick?

Автор Kal66 ( назад)
@LOidos2000 its taekwondo, it doesn't matter what division you train with.

Автор taekwondork ( назад)
Could you maybe post a more in-depth faq on this kick? I'm sure you're busy
and stuff, but I need some more help with it. I have trouble getting enough
air time and spinning fast enough, or maybe a little of both, and could use
some training tips for GETTING me to spin faster and jump higher. My master
just says 'spn faster', 'jump higher'. XD

Автор Luc ( назад)
i just can't seem to get the kicking leg to come around my knee can some
one help me out here

Автор taekwondork ( назад)
@Liquidcadmus Yeah, my master at WTF has us practice the no step version as
well. It's supposed to help us practice. If we can do it without the step,
I guess we are supposed to be able to do it that much better WITH the step.

Автор taekwondork ( назад)
You.....effin.....rock. I can't wait to get to TKD tomorrow and practice. I
test for third in two months and I still don't have the whole kick down (I
still kick about 30 degrees to far to the side. Not enough spin XD) I hope
this helps.

Автор Rahat Khan ( назад)
for 540 kick it is hard as to land on kicking land

Автор Chris Wilko ( назад)
i cant find that 530 roundhouse, have you uploaded it yet m8?

Автор mj19580 ( назад)
I think you may need to work on your flexibility and on your legs by doing
jump squats

Автор TheGooberment ( назад)
the 540 roundhouse is a million times easier than this

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