Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1)

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1).

The only people so stupid as to not understand the answer are the creationists themselves.

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Автор ThaRainmaker (3 дня)
Well of course if you reference and quote morons, then they're going to
most likely sound moronic. Making a generalization implying that all
creationists are a joke, is pretty ignorant, and using said morons as
evidence to support your argument is a bit of a cop out. Disappointed. 

Автор Kiwirnango (7 дней)
If the Earth is completely covered in water, then the time it takes water
to get from the North end of the grand canyon to the South end of the grand
canyon is 0.0 seconds.

Автор marklar2012 (10 дней)
1) Guy isnt talking LITERALLY about 5 minutes. 2) The idea of using size of
the canyon on creation of Canyon and proving that in 5 minutes it is
impossible is purelly idiotic. You dont know how fast was water spreading
but it surelly came from all directions and pushed mass in front of it. It
could be done very quickly. After this I stopped watching .

Автор Videoslot (22 дня)
Bottom line: Common ground (ever heard of it?): Whenever you may think it
happened, Rebecca Cann did overturn the entrenched concept of multiregional
evolution for good, with absolutely no turning back. She was able to do
this with the aid of advancing technology.

So the better the technology, the more obvious it became that we all came
from a single female who lived on this earth far more recently than
previously thought by the vast majority of evolutionists.

Whatever others want to call the 4 groups, whether it be ethnic groups,
races or any other terminology you wish to infer (semantics), there is no
getting away from it. They were each previously seen as emanating from
different regions and not the same region.

So, by way of a logical conclusion, (not befuzzled by a disconnect or
disengagement with reality) The prior multiregional hypothesis that
supposedly goes back some 2 million years is irrelevant as it was wholly
wrong in time and place & not even worth discussing any further.

The above begs the question:

If such a universally accepted concept is demolished by the research of a
few individuals, (and we have not even discussed the most recent common
ancestor (MRCA) Y-chromosomal Adam) then what next? Should we just bicker
about the technicalities and avoid the wider picture?

If, like demented fools, some want to focus on who said?, I said, you said,
we said, they said, then they can play that game with their own mind as
this still does not address the bigger issues here.

Another "adjustment" is the former idea that "chromosomal adam did not (*previously
thought*) live near the time of mitochondrial eve" This also has been
debunked and it is now accepted that they both lived in either the same
period or near enough to have been contemporary of each other.

So what is the excuse now? " *They did not necessarily know each other* "
How lame is that? Clutching at straws.

Автор frozenbinarystudio (1 месяц)
Earths elliptical orbit is one of the primary reasons it has seasonal
weather and inconsistent day:night ratio. It's not that difficult to
observe the effects of such.

Автор DarthSniper .Massetti (1 месяц)
if you want to debunk people at least debunk people of some stature and not
a bunch of dumbass kids spouting off on the internet. There are as many
really stupid atheist oriented posters out there.

Автор Matt Ranson (1 месяц)
Actually the earth's axis is tilted about 23.5 degrees. That is the main
reason. At one time it was thought that the elliptical orbit was the main
reason for the seasons. My dad went to school in the 50's and 60's and the
ellipse was what he was taught. I corrected him once.

Автор rob (1 месяц)

Автор toshineon (2 месяца)
I just now found your channel and your "Why do people laugh at
creationists?" playlist. This is gonna be one entertaining evening.

Автор paulpowder (2 месяца)
The kid in the video doesn't represent all creationists such as myself. For
instance, God told me yesterday that he created the world in 6 days but it
took him 17 days to finish The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.

Автор Nicholas Johnson (2 месяца)
just because you show clips of one seriously ill-informed creationist,
doesn't mean they are all stupid. This is the same logic behind racism.

Автор arthurjeremypearson (1 месяц)


ERVs; atavisms; transitional forms; physiological, anatomical, and
molecular vestiges; ontogeny and developmental biology; protein functional
redundancy; convergent phenotypes; mobile genes; observed speciation; the
myriad methods of dating geologic stratigraphy; and the several twin-nested
hierarchies of phylogenetic clades.

Behold the volume titles in the encyclopedia of evidence for evolution.

Care to pull down a volume?

"irriducable complexity"

Killed publicly in Kitsmiller vs. Dover in which the "scientists" asked to

"To be sure, Darwin's theory of evolution is imperfect. However, the fact
that a scientific theory cannot yet render an explanation on every point
should not be used as a pretext to thrust an untestable alternative
hypothesis grounded in religion into the science classroom, or to
misrepresent well established, scientific propositions."

"Propaganda and lies"

If you think that, in your heart of hearts, that we're lying, then there is
no point in debating with you.

"Cambrian explosion "

Explained by the appearance of oxygen in the atmosphere, and the fact that
the "explosion" happened over millions of years.

"Fibonacci sequence" is a fingerprint of god in matter

The opposite is true, showing how seeming complexity can arise through
purely natural means - NO GOD NEEDED.

" habitability and measurability"

a fundamental lack of understanding of probability and statistics is the
only reason to accept this sort of thinking.

You would need to give us examples of worlds in which life did not arise
because it's "too far" or "too close."


" new biological information in DNA cannot arise from mutations"

Define "information." Every plant on earth has more base pairs than we do -
does that make pine trees more "evolved" than humans?

"almost devastating"

Your definition of "mutation" is different from the standard definition.
The standard definition identifies (conditionally) helpful, harmful, and
neutral. Most mutations are neutral.

"consciousness (is) a gift"

Gifts are given from living breathing people. Who living breathing person
gave us this gift? And HOW? And WHAT is conciousness? And WHEN did he give
us it?

"infinite amount of causations "

demonstrate this is untrue.

Автор The Dexterous Assassin (2 месяца)
Maybe he gets laughed at for saying 3/4s if he can't even use the language
properly why should we take his `theory` seriously?

Автор Ellsworth M. Toohey (3 месяца)
Quite frankly I think it is pretty rude to laugh at creationists ! These
people are intellectually challenged (retards as older folks would say) and
should be pitied.

Автор Ryan Hunter (2 месяца)
I hate this kid, because he talks as if he is intelligent and act as if he
is correct about everything he says. The worse part is that he's confident
about what he thinks is the 'truth' but he has done NO research into what
he claims is true WHATSOEVER.

Автор Ulster 1690 (2 месяца)
Ah! The age old problem, does science disprove the bible or the other way
round? I'm not a scientist, so, although I find the subject interesting, I
wouldn't dare enter the debate. 

Автор DJ-TRAXX (2 месяца)
I just don't understand the fact that even though the thumbs up outnumber
the thumbs down by a huge margin, there can be even a single person who
could give this video a thumbs down. It just shows pure ignorance. The
video deals with nothing but fact and clearly shows the stupidity of an
outspoken creationist. Is that why it got some thumbs down? Because the
creationists just can't stand to be wrong about absolutely everything?

Автор Aryan Dastan (2 месяца)
After seeing some of videos, cant help but applaud.
I dont exactly agree with u in everything ( refering on other videos of
urs) but stil, always nice to watch em and learn thing or 2

Автор redwack95 (4 месяца)
Christians aren't stupid in any way. There are actually several smart
Christians in the world.

Автор Jonathan Herman (1 месяц)
Who is this creationist?

Автор Bruno Coutinho (1 месяц)
You are annoyingly rational. Just kidding, keep the good work.

Автор bobothecreepyclown (1 месяц)
Water is God's piss.

Автор Dareld Jolliffe (3 месяца)
Don't judge all Americans on people like this... please I beg of you...

Автор Dropkick ThunderBook (2 месяца)
I'm an atheist but I used to be a Jehovah's Witness. I'm curious about what
other religions other atheists have come from, or if you've always been one

Автор MadMac2236 (2 месяца)
Why is it that in all these videos, it's always Americans that are in them?
Here in the UK, I have come across some really dumb religious fuckers, but
I have never come across an absolute creationist like some of the people in
clips like this! I say absolute because in their closed minds, what they
believe is an absolute, beyond question! It doesn't say a lot about 46% of
Americans who actually believe this dribble! That's a lot of people by the
way! The US has a lot of really stupid people as citizens!

Автор MrBazinthenow (1 месяц)
basically there are simple basic excuses and ignorances to not !! want to
believe in God . THEN there are really complicated , seemingly intelligent
reasons to disprove God , Being blinded to the truth ( as I used to be )
doesn't mean your right , there are all sorts of clever ways to try explain
the world without God ..but sometimes things are just too simple for people
to grasp . The main issue is not wanting it to be God ..every good non
believer can conclude this easily , especially as the last possible thought
could be God ...if you use " there is no God " as your filter and process
method then that will be your weakness and your blindness ..you can study
the material , subject , planet , universe , stars , things , objects ,
chairs , tables , giraffes, rocks , fossils , send rockets to planets , dig
really deep , look in every nook and search every atom , plunder creation ,
shine a spot light on it , slap it about demand it for answers ..but with
total dis reguard for a creator and an ignorance you will not see . the
last belief and final possibility for some is God . this is not unique or
surprising , for centuries people are blinded by influence and sometimes
there pride ..we ALL " know " there is a God ..the problem is accepting and
wanting..like the enthusiastic kid in school who boasts " I,m an Atheist "
to the clever boffin who can try really hard to explain things " logically
" using clever reasoning and science , I guess that's my point , you have
to try and you have to use faith ..who am I going to trust ? Mans " clever
ideas and theories and observations or GOD ..

Автор Colton Bennett (5 часов)
Kent Hovind, Ken ham, and a lot of top line scientists who happen to
believe in creationism, explain it much better. If you want to answer a non
expert as an expert go ahead. But if you want to pretend to be good at
debunking perfectly valid scientific studies and evidence, go after one of
the big wigs.

Автор olan creel (16 часов)
Follow the money. Imagine the "popular" creationists laughing their heads
off when the microphone or camera is turned off. Laughing at the gullible
victims of their scam. Giggling about the size of their bank accounts.

Автор simon harrison (3 дня)
Anyone who uses NASA as a source of evidence is stupid. Thunderf00t is
therefore stupid. Oh, and your editing is also stupid. Creationists are
right (you'll notice I didn't say 'we'?) and you are wrong. You suffer from
stupidity and need an intelligence injection. 

Автор trashdaytheband (11 дней)
Why don't you pick on someone your own size? Seriously. This isn't even an
challenge. Do you step on kittens too?

Автор Ser Arris (12 дней)
Im just thinking about how religion itself has evolved over the past
hundreds of years to not only include but correct itself such on things
like the world not being flat, or that we are infact not the center of the
solar system. Those kind of ideas would have got you burned at the stake
because it ment that you didnt agree with the bible and look how far we
came since then. Christians now all agree the world is round, that we
infact orbit the sun, not the other way around and these are just a few
examples of the most simplests concepts. I wonder what else creationsts
will eventually admit later down the road when they are proven incorrect
once again, and again, again and again over and over.....

Автор Guyon Hayklan (2 месяца)

Автор Bone Wax (2 месяца)
because its easy?

Автор buffy9898 (1 месяц)
had a discussion with a very ignorant christian who kept trying to say how
the Flood was real, and kept linking stuff like "why do we laugh at
evolutionists" and john baumgardner videos (or whatever his name is) but
that baum guy was linked to one Roy wyatt, the dude who was found to be a
fraud when investigating the turkey thing, saying there were " anchor
Stones " but well, how could they be anchor stones if they were natural
rock formations derived from the very location they were found? they
climbed up the mountain, carved the stones, tied them to the boat and then
sailed for 40 days and ended up in the exact same place? guy was such a
friggin moron i think i now have alzhiemers from talking to him

Автор John McVay (1 месяц)
I watched this with the close captioning on. Apparentlly this is about cum
eating and chicken rice balls

Автор BRO (2 месяца)
You earned my subscription.

Автор TheJimmy0341 (3 месяца)
Lmao!!!! Oh you silly little creationists. When will you ever learn???
You guys are definitely good for a laugh though. I could listen to those
insipid, vacuous morons all day. The shit they say is pure fucking gold

Автор tery215 (3 месяца)
dude, hydrogen and oxygen are capable of forming chemical bonds with
themselves(therefore can be molecules, and usually are)

Автор T Green (3 месяца)
The problem with The THEORY of evolution is it is only an incomplete
guess. There are many uncomfortable questions, of which scientist cannot
explain away such as locked DNA! Meaning that despite how much selective
breeding by man there is all animals revert back in not to many generations
to original type which, as one scientist said to me is an obstacle to
evolution, where species are meant to change from one form to another.
This has been clearly demonstrated with Galician Carp. 

Автор Veritophilia (3 месяца)
Can't believe VenomfangX thinks there's no water outside Earth. As you
said, it is extremely common in our solar system and similarly there are
many water ocean planets around other stars. 

Автор Diana Peña (4 месяца)
How the fuck do you orbit in a sphere?

Автор Roachehh (1 месяц)
On another side note, there do seem to be a incredible amount of uneducated
Christians, but does being merely being Christian mean your stupid? I
wonder if i could find a bunch of people who believe in evolution that
don't even understand how the theory supposedly works, and in fact i have
spoken to many a person like that. Simply put, stupid people are

Автор Pythol (1 месяц)
+Ham Bacon
There was no global flood, the notion is preposterous. You wouldn't have
disabled replies if you were able to defend your position. 

Автор Nahben Haben (2 месяца)
I feel like starting my own christian church cause I think 50% of what
other Christians say are bullshit (ex:earth is 5000 years old, we are the
only planet with life in the universe, ect.)

Автор MedievalSniper (2 месяца)

Автор Syerjchep (1 месяц)
love how the first annotation refers to "one star ratings" man this video
is old!

Автор animaljp3 (2 месяца)
1,721,389 with only 2000 dislikes !

Автор josh seldner (2 месяца)
Do you find your hydrogen, helium and oxygen levels stated in your video in
any of the solar system we inhabit? In any of the planets? I don't side
with the idiot you are making fun of but the level percentages in all the
planets do not follow your theory at any level close to your estimates.
Don't you find that most planets being made up of other elements odd to
your supposed theory of the make up of the universe? Do you propose time
bends? From what point does it bend from?

Автор lewiss1100 (6 месяцев)
LOL. No amount of works I can do will ever be "good enough" to get me or
anyone else into heaven. It's not about works least any man should boast.
It's all about accepting Jesus as Lord & Savior. It's not my works that get
me into heaven, still I do strive to live like Jesus. For those we love we
desire to please. We are all imperfect, but I'm no longer a sinner I'm
saved & I'm now a saint of God, heaven-bound! The unsaved can't live life
to the fullest its all VANITY!

Автор hunn20004 (5 месяцев)
A warning, do not try to convince venomfang of anything outside of his
faith. I had like 3 messages where i argued that what if he is wrong in his
faith, originally, he awnsered with things that raise more questions and
its neverending, also he always linked me to Kent hovinds video where he
says the biology books teach out of date info and are wrong,

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