Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1)

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1).

The only people so stupid as to not understand the answer are the creationists themselves.

Many Thanks to Linda for supplying the transcript:

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Автор Shane Holly (1 месяц)
#ImChristian, #creationistgarbage, #validityofthebible, #validityofgod,

Here we will start a discourse on the validity of the bible, the validity
of god and how faith without reason is really just about gullibility.

We will be using a thunderfoot video series, Why do people laugh at
creationist, when applicable to help examine and explain points as well as
create awarness.

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1):

Автор Hexic95 (3 месяца)
I can see why you'd laugh at someone that knows little to nothing about how
the universe works... I'd love to see you match wits with someone on the
same playing field :) If the ocean floor has thinner crust than land and
mountains can be made by tectonic plates folding the land upward like MT
Everest than how does this fit into evolution? It doesn't... it implies
that the world could have changed rapidly in the last ten thousand years.
The oldest single tree is around five thousand years old and the oldest
group of trees connected by a single root system is about ten thousand. The
geologic column that evolutionist use to date bones is sadly out of date...
we literally have living fossils and that means that the accuracy of the
geologic column is reduced to zero because we don't find the living fossils
in any other layers. Sadly what evolutionist ignore is that dust has to get
wet then dry to form a rock, or just get really hot... Did hot wet dust fly
onto all the dinosaurs and wait a few billion years for other the living
ones to evolve so that a different type of hot dust could cover them? That
sounds pretty insane and impossible. Erosion dose not effect one type of
rock at a time especially for billions of years. The fact that we have
these layers means something happened and it wasn't time...

Автор andrew sauer (3 месяца)
Hey atheists, explain this !!!?
so scientists are always talking about dna and how it explains evolution
and then going on and insulting God and saying that He doesnt exist. kk
well lets think about this -- dna stands fo r deoxyribonucleic acid.

hey guys remember that sceicene u were talking about? remember what happens
when u put stuff in acid? it MELTS so if we are made of this dna we would
MELT. stupid atheists, go to church sometime maybe you could learn something

What I love most about this argument is the terrible spelling
and punctuation.
This creationist is bringing down science with second grade logic,
stupidity, ignorance, and a not even wrong conclusion. 

Автор edgecrusherhalo (1 месяц)
Because most creationist accept a creator as the answer for the origin of
the universe and life but then are unwilling to or just plain don't
entertain the idea of where this creator then came from. It is an endless
cycle. If our supposed creator doesn't believe he was created, does that
make him an atheist? Why stop at the first creator when there could be
infinitely more? Either way, any sort of rational/critical thinking applied
to this supposed creator says that even if we have one, it is as flawed as
we are and therefor unworthy of worship. God is a complacent belief. Over
the course of human history god has always just been the answer for
whatever we haven't understood at any given time. The amount of things that
we used to assume were god's divine intervention that we have learned the
answer for through our own volition is staggering. The more we figure out
for ourselves, the less "powerful" god appears to be.

It's a belief that seems to be ok with terrible things happening as one can
just blindly say "well god works in mysterious ways" to justify said
terrible things. Why would anyone be ok with that? Imagine a world where
the majority of us just accept that there are certain things we will never
understand or figure out on our own because we assume that it's "above" us
and that only this god can understand it. Now imagine what the world could
be like if the majority of us believed in ourselves and our species instead
of in god and where we observe, explore and discover the universe as it is.
God is unnecessarily and will eventually become irrelevant for the majority
of humanity. We need to let go of this creator idea and see where our will
takes us.

Автор Mannybass (8 дней)
Based on the content of this video the correct title should have been why
do people laugh at this particular creationist. I am a creationist and I
don't believe in the things this particular creationist is saying 

Автор jcr65566 (1 месяц)
I once had a real problem with creation For one thing our milky way galaxy
it is over 100,000 light years across. if the universe was 6000 years old
we would only be able to see about 6000 light years out in to space. A
while ago I future it out Why we are able to see out side our own milky
way galaxy to under stand this I found I had had to think in a different
way Because I know now that there is a God And how God created it all and
why God did it. And I feel it may be far be on any of mans Science to
under stand this In the bible it states that God creates, by speaking
things in to existence. if this was so There really was no big bang As
every thing in the universe apart from the earth was created all at once
and in one day And to under stand this We got to under stand what the bible
and science is trying to tell us
The bible states that when God created Adam. and Eve. They were a fully
grown man. and woman. The same thing was with the trees on the earth the
bible stated when They were only days old. They were fully grown. fruit
trees. So it must have been the same thing with the universe and the stars
in the sky. So this is why I can say Our milky way Galaxy is about 100,000
light years across. But God would have to have made our milky way Galaxy
billions of years old. Because if God had not done it this way. We would
only be able to see about 6000 light years out into space. So we would have
not been able to see out side our own milky way Galaxy. Let alone see the
other stars, or the other Galaxy's in the night sky.
God is the creator of time Adam and Eve were created in one day. So When
Adam and eve were one day old They were both fully grown man and woman But
still only days old. This why God was able to walk and talk with them It
was because When God had created them. they had instantly grown up with the
memory of a long and happy childhood with God as their father. To further
under stand this When the earth was also only a few days old. God had
created the earth with a history of billion of years, A history of life
that had live and died on it. To do this. God made time And God had bent it
to do Gods will So life on earth only days old. had live billions of years
on the earth And It didn’t just look billions of years old. it was
billions of years old. Animal life going back millions of years had live
and died and had been buried in the earth. This is where all the dinosaurs
bone that had turn to stone had come from.
The earth is still in the center of the universe. Though mans Science
states The universe is not expanding out from a Central point into space;
rather, the whole universe is expanding and it is doing so equally at all
places, as far as I can tell. When God created universe he created every
thing in its own time This is how God did creation God spent only a day on
the universe But spent 6 days creating the Earth And even though the earth
gos around the Sun and is in the outer band of our milky way Galaxy The
earth is still in the center of the universe.
I have know about this since I was a child. As far back as I can remember
it has all ways been so To me Creation and evolution are part of the same
thing. For years going to church I have had real a spiritual battle over
the first five book of the bible. I know there was more to what I was
reading in the bible And was being told to us when we were kids in school
For me was not what was written in the bible that was the problem it was
people lack of understanding of it And What Jesus said about man trying to
sharp what was written in the bible to serve man needs not God. needs It is
a fact when Genesis was being writing the earth was truly billions of years
old. Yet also really only a few years old. It was Gods love for us. That
was is the true reason God created the earth. And why God made the stars in
the sky I remember reading Look up in the night sky and see the wonder of
the lord. It some time really is hard for us to think like the way God
thinks So the first thing we got to do is to realize How we think
When We build a house We build it one brick at a time But if God were to
build that same house God would speak and the whole house would be built
And it would be built all at once When we under stand this We can see how
God can created vast arrears of space and God can do it all at once. But it
dos not tell us why God created time. To be with us And God made the earth
and the stars So God could be with us. God did this So God could walk and
talk with us. We are God children and God is our Abba father God did all
this because God truly loves us.

Автор AwesomeTingle (19 дней)
Yes, there are stupid creationists. But you cannot dismiss all creationists
as stupid because of a few, that's a fallacy, a generalization

Автор andystruth (1 месяц)
I still say it was all created by Time Lords with pockets full of Jelly

Автор Archangel1991 (5 месяцев)
Take a look at dr. Kent Hovinds seminars, he scientificaly debunks the
religion of evolution and the big bang sekt!

Автор Timothy Gill (1 месяц)
I know that the was a world wide flood just as venom fang x does....

Автор andrew sauer (1 месяц)
The Scientific Method:
Step 1 Formulate a hypothesis
Step 2 Make observations
Step 3 Do the observations fit? if yes go to 4. if no go back to 1
Step 4 Theory Congrats! make more observations
The Creationist Method
Step 1 Formulate a hypothesis
Step 2 Make observations
Step 3 Do the observations fit? Of course they do!!! go to step 4! but if
they don't forget them and make more observations
Step 4 Your hypothesis is now a indisputable fact! You are done 

Автор Cecil Gaybody (1 месяц)
I learnt something, Helium forms no compounds. I'd never thought about it
and will look it up!

Автор jcr65566 (1 месяц)
creationists and science dont mix What God dos is be on any science. And
trying to explain creation with science is just about imposible there no
such thing as Evlolution But there is Adapion the earth is bilions of years
old if it were not we could not live on it Adapion is the way God fine
turns the earth

Автор Riley Allen (2 месяца)
It's days like today when I wish creationists would just Google something
or maybe even read a book before they go running their mouths about things
they don't even understand. The only way to win a debate is to know both
sides. Creationists have no idea what they are talking about.

Автор Richard Larson (6 месяцев)
Why do I laugh at atheists? Because they don't understand the difference
between water and ice.

Of course, water is only required for life as we understand it. There could
be aliens that drink mercury and breathe sulphur for all we know.

Автор Jacob Fetzer (3 месяца)
Why can't we all just admit that we don't know?

Автор ClaimAmerica4Christ (1 месяц)
So, in other words, this idiot has nothing to say against the Truth of
Biblical creation. How pathetic. These Evotards get more and more desperate
by the day!

Автор Zazza (2 дня)
Man spherical orbits would really complicate things...

Автор superturkeylegs (4 дня)
It's possible that Ceres has more water than Earth.

Автор Keoni Anderson (6 месяцев)
I have a few questions for Atheists. Do Atheists believe absolutely that
there is no way possible a God or Godlike force in any form at all? Do they
believe in karma? Do they believe in the big bang theory as the origin of
the universe and evolution as the origin of humanity? I dont consider
myself religious or atheist btw, I kinda humor all ideas try to weed out
nonsense and possibilities with what I consider an open mind.

Автор JasuTheSnipe (6 дней)
Im christian and im not a creationist. Here in finland schools dont teach
it and they let us decide what we believe

Автор Eric Hathaway (6 месяцев)
I guarantee they won't be laughing at judgement day but I pray we can show
some of them the truth about how satan has used man with secret societies
and occult members to spread atheism just like 33 degree freemason Albert
Pike said they would release the atheists

Автор Travis R. (1 месяц)
Tides come in, tides go out.. You can't explain that.

Автор Slyness69 (13 дней)
Hope you make another one of these Thunderf00t, thoroughly enjoyed them all
so far :)

Автор Yuxz Wzxy (5 месяцев)
Don't forget the evolutionists! Those are quite symmetrically stupid and
fanatic about their dogma.

Автор Peter Halat (6 месяцев)
Thousands of years old, beginning verses of Psalms 14 and 53 are
specifically for the atheists.

Автор William Hayden (3 месяца)
One last note before I go. Please reference one documented case of
evolution. Just one. Not theorized fossil records, because we know how
wrong scientists can be concerning fossil records. So for this discussion
don't be stupid and go there. Unless you really want to be told your
stupid. Lets stick to hard science. Now please reference one documented
case of one species changing into another species. For this is at the
heart of the "evolutionists" theory. All organisms evolved from one or
perhaps more than one root organism and over millions of years all known
species living or extinct evolved from them. So we've been observing
evolution long enough now right? According to the laws of evolution it is
happening all the time. You can't stop it. So by now we should have
observed one species evolve into an entirely new species. And please do
not confuse adaptation with evolution. They are not the same thing and are
completely different processes. All species of dogs are an example of
adaptation. Genetic engineering of corn is adaptation. However a dog is
still a dog and corn is still corn and you can't breed dogs with corn or
dogs with cats or for you sickos out there dogs with people. It just
doesn't work. Yet all dogs can still breed with all other breeds of dogs
and corn can still pollinate other breeds of corn assuming they were not
genetically neutered. Back to point. At no time in human history have we
observed one species evolve into another species (E.G. ape to human).
Finally, humans are babies among species. Please explain to me why
Crocodiles, Cockroaches and Mosquitoes are not the dominate intelligent
species? They've certainly had a huge head start on our "evolutionary"
ladder. However Crocodiles, Cockroaches and Mosquitoes remain unchanged
after millions of years of so called evolution. How can this be?
Evolution doesn't just stop for some right? Just some food for thought.

Oh one more, an easy one. What existed before the Big Bang? Anyone know?
I don't, but scientists (or so called scientists) seem to have ALL the
answers... right?

Автор Munkee Rentch (20 дней)
These are idiots who believe the entire universe was "created" in 6 days,
so of course they'd accept the notion that the Grand Canyon was formed in 5
minutes. They obviously have a really hard time grasping the concept of

Автор Zedd TheChibiGuru (1 месяц)
Wow. Everything he says is dead wrong. This is what happens when you
never crack a book because you already think you know everything.

Автор Carl Pagan (1 месяц)
*Does anyone STILL think creationism is NOT about the money? IT'S A SCAM
Ken Ham offers you an exciting range of methods to "donate" to his
halfwitted Creation "Museum" (a.k.a. his lavish lifestyle):
*Cash Donation* A one-time gift toward the museum. Help us maintain,
enhance, and expand the Creation Museum. Many new exhibits and programs are
planned for the future, so please *prayerfully* consider the opportunity to
financially partner with us.
*Monthly Answers Partner* Set up an *automatic monthly withdrawal* from
your checking account or credit card.
*Planned Giving* You can give a gift of stock, securities, or real estate
[REAL ESTATE?!?!?]. Or you can set up a charitable remainder trust, gift
annuity, or estate plan to benefit the Creation Museum and *save you tax
dollars!* Call John Pence, Director of Planned Giving, at 800-350-3232,
ext. 483 to discuss these and other strategic giving options! [These
scammers have REALLY got it all worked out.]

Автор Jerome Ohlrogge (1 месяц)
"I get laughed at." You're lucky it's only laughter mate! So much stupidty
and ignorance deserves a high five to the face, with a (insert blunt, heavy
object of choice here).

+Thunderf00t Nice Videos. I haven't seen them all yet but am really
enjoying them! Well done. As long as there are people like yourself, there
is hope for humanity!

Автор Kendra Perkins (6 месяцев)
Your example against all creationists is coming from a single and very
ignorant person. Your argument is very poor at best.

Автор therealjordiano (1 месяц)
hahaha oh maaan xD hilarious creationists

Автор cheagan . (6 месяцев)
So this guy is obviously not a geologist or a theologian, for that matter.

But you pick *him* to make an example of? Slow day? 

Автор Yerodin (1 месяц)

Автор Hich Clover (2 месяца)
you shouldn't poke fun at people that have mental illness.I'm not being

Автор ThaRainmaker (7 месяцев)
Well of course if you reference and quote morons, then they're going to
most likely sound moronic. Making a generalization implying that all
creationists are a joke, is pretty ignorant, and using said morons as
evidence to support your argument is a bit of a cop out. Disappointed. 

Автор Kabuki Joe (2 месяца)
He gets laughed at and now I know why! The ignorance of religious people is
just amazing!! What makes me sad is that these religious God lovers always
turn to science when they get sick. If they believe in God so much, why
don't they they let themselves die so they can be with their God? They
claim to believe in God so much, but use the Science they laugh at to avoid
being with him. mmmm I wonder why...

Автор computernerd1101 (2 месяца)
I think Captain Obvious just found a profitable target audience for a
student body.

Автор John E (2 месяца)
Isn't it funny how your "god" murdered his own kiddo to forgive us; he
could have simply forgiven us. Mind you, he's only forgiving us for being
who we are and how he created us to be and for committing the crime which
he invented so he could forgive us from it.

Isn't religion just completely friggin' nuts when you look at it
objectively? *nod nod* yes it is.

Автор Jasmer (2 месяца)
remember back in 2007 when this was pretty good quality Audio.... boy were
we suprised when better mics came around.

Автор Viking II (2 месяца)
Not long ago Christians have punished Galileo about heliocentric theories,
now we see them talking about other planets. Hilarious.

Автор No taurus excretus (23 часа)
venom makes stupid statements its shore night follows day that laughter
should come next

Автор donavanbadboy (9 дней)
All orbiting (non self propelled) bodies travel in stright lines through
space-time called Geodaesics, in 3D space over time, due to the warping of
space-time by gravity, the orbits appear elliptical.

Автор Videoslot (7 месяцев)
Bottom line: Common ground (ever heard of it?): Whenever you may think it
happened, Rebecca Cann did overturn the entrenched concept of multiregional
evolution for good, with absolutely no turning back. She was able to do
this with the aid of advancing technology.

So the better the technology, the more obvious it became that we all came
from a single female who lived on this earth far more recently than
previously thought by the vast majority of evolutionists.

Whatever others want to call the 4 groups, whether it be ethnic groups,
races or any other terminology you wish to infer (semantics), there is no
getting away from it. They were each previously seen as emanating from
different regions and not the same region.

So, by way of a logical conclusion, (not befuzzled by a disconnect or
disengagement with reality) The prior multiregional hypothesis that
supposedly goes back some 2 million years is irrelevant as it was wholly
wrong in time and place & not even worth discussing any further.

The above begs the question:

If such a universally accepted concept is demolished by the research of a
few individuals, (and we have not even discussed the most recent common
ancestor (MRCA) Y-chromosomal Adam) then what next? Should we just bicker
about the technicalities and avoid the wider picture?

If, like demented fools, some want to focus on who said?, I said, you said,
we said, they said, then they can play that game with their own mind as
this still does not address the bigger issues here.

Another "adjustment" is the former idea that "chromosomal adam did not (*previously
thought*) live near the time of mitochondrial eve" This also has been
debunked and it is now accepted that they both lived in either the same
period or near enough to have been contemporary of each other.

So what is the excuse now? " *They did not necessarily know each other* "
How lame is that? Clutching at straws.

Автор theLuigiFan0007 (9 дней)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAAHAH! That guy is a complete moron. I may be a
Catholic/Christian, but I have to agree with you 100% on this video. THIS
IS WHY THEY ARE LAUGHED AT. Most religious people are complete idiots when
it comes to science and creation. They make ludicrous claims as their
"evidence" to suport their theory. It is people like this (the majority of
Christians) that give the few who actually know what they are talking about
(like me) and are open minded a bad name. They rightfully deserve whay they
get. I personally believe that the Big Bang could have been how God created
the universe. In fact, it is even allowed by the Catholic Church to
believed and studied as so as long as you acknowledge that God wanted that
to happen. But no, NOBODY wants to even consider alternate theories,
because they are so closed minded. Even if they know they could, I higly
doubt they would. I cannot believe how stupid they can be, even I laughed
at this video and think he is stupid for saying such obviously wrong
things. Why would you say something that so blatently ignores HUNDREDS OF
YEARS of research, of whom quite a few PROBABALLY WERE CHRISTIANS. As for
people who don't believe in God, thats fine by me, everyone is entitled to
their own opinion and beliefs. Anyone who says all Atheists go to hell is
wrong, (I believe) God judges people based on wether their actions are
morally good or bad, if God exists Atheists could go to Heaven also. I may
not completely support your point of view, but I highly respect your
knowledge and you as a person. I support all non evil/violent religious
beliefs in their existance as well as Atheists. Everyone just needs to get
together and put their personal beliefs aside to seriously make
advancements, its the only way. Interpret your findings for yourself your
own way, be also allow your findings to criticaly reviewed and corrected if
need be. People need to think LOGICALLY if they want to get anywhere and
not just make themselves look bad. One must learn both sides to everything
whether they like it or not, to truly have an unbiased and accurate source
of information. I will continue to watch your videos (and probabally this
series) because there is a lot of truth and information to get out of it
for me. Thank you for sharing what you know, and your opinion. Have a nice
day, and may you continue to be able to share valuable information.

Автор William Hayden (3 месяца)
+Thunderf00t You take video clips from people who are obviously NOT
qualified to argue points on either side of the fence. You are playing
with a stacked deck. Perhaps you find more credible sources to "laugh" at
in one of your other 30+ videos on this subject. Regardless of process
the fact is that the earth and the life on it were created one way or the
other. The how of creation is the argument, not creation itself. Did
atoms first form on their own, just randomly to create the first organism?
Or were they created by a superior intelligent being, who I will refer to
as God. Perhaps it was both all set in motion by God based on His perfect
plan. Or perhaps some other theory I'm not aware of. Regardless your
fundamental argument "creation" is moot and quite unintelligent. The fact
that you have spent SO much time and effort on this topic is baffling. We
get it, you are atheist. Fine be an atheist, however if you wish to truly
argue the points on intelligent design vs random design please let's have
an intelligent discussion. I do not intend to watch another 30+ videos to
see if you finally make a viable argument. In this video you failed
miserably by attacking people who believe in intelligent design by
selecting some very poor sources for your argument. I could do the same
for those who believe in random creation and evolution. Both sides of the
fence are filled with kooks. I'm thinking you sir are one of them.

Автор Trevor Guinn (2 месяца)
He's really stupid but I'd still bang him.

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