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Автор Daniel Collins (5 месяцев)
Religion is fake. When you die your worm food. Deal with it.

Автор kevin short (17 часов)
Hey creationist, look up fact checking. I mean really, JUST FUCKING GOOGLE

Автор AmandaNerdBot (3 месяца)
Denying evolution is like denying the Earth is round. It is completely
asinine and crazy.

Автор Audfile (1 месяц)
I'm an atheist but here's ONE THING church gives us as a species that will
be impossible to replicate as a fully atheist society: church gets millions
of people connected, weekly, for generations, to do nothing but vent stress
and feel good, feel unburdened. Think about that, oh hasty atheists.

Автор Mannybass (6 месяцев)
Based on the content of this video the correct title should have been why
do people laugh at this particular creationist. I am a creationist and I
don't believe in the things this particular creationist is saying 

Автор Jim Samples (5 дней)
I love science, actual factual science. I also believe in Jehovah.

Evolution? You bet. I believe Jehovah kickstarted it. How else would
mankind grow and develop.

When we finally learn that science, real science, can be on the same page
as Jehovah, we will be better for it.

Автор Brian Andersen (2 месяца)
Ohhh creationists ... :D

Автор Shane Rooney (7 дней)
To +Thunderf00t. I will certainly not try to defend everything creationists
say, but here one some flaw in your counter argument:
0:37 about the grand canyon rebuttal: it is based purely on the idea that
the water will need to travel the entire distance within the 5 minutes.
The easiest way for me to explain how this wouldn't need to occur is by
asking you to imaging a large handsaw on a plank of wood. the saw doesn't
need to run the entire length of wood in order to make a cut along the
entire length of wood. Each tooth on the saw blade will cut a different
section and the combined cuts will join together to make one long cut. (I
hope that make sense)

people make stupid claims. But don't try to prove them wrong with flawed

Автор William Bryant (1 день)
It should actually be against the law to be that ignorant.

Автор Zazza (6 месяцев)
Man spherical orbits would really complicate things...

Автор Russell Coleman (20 дней)
That kid is not what I would characterize as an expert on creation or
anything else for that matter. The Bible states that the firmament was
created to separate the waters from the waters. The Bible also states that
God's throne sits upon a multitude of waters. Water is literally a
cornerstone of the creation. Again Genesis 1:1 darkness was over the
surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the WATERS. If
you want to debate or ridicule creation. Start with someone who actually
understands the concept.

Автор FUDCHOPS2 (26 дней)
I see Clubfoot (sorry Thunderrrrrrf00t) has gathered quite a following
here. Has Dawkins and Hitchens passed the Baton of Pretentiousness to our
narrow-shouldered, bespectacled hero? Deary me. Spending so many hours
fighting against a philosophy he vehemently disputes. Laughable. Word of
advice though for all the non-believers.... Some kids are told by their
parents that they need to wear clean underwear, y'know, 'just in case'.
Well my advice to you heathens would be to ensure you're always wearing
your ASBESTOS pants.......Just in case. [haha] Just kiddin....Take care
y'all. [hahahaha]

Автор James Bondage (3 месяца)
And what created God? ... Precisely. I'll stick with science.

Автор andrew sauer (9 месяцев)
Hey atheists, explain this !!!?
so scientists are always talking about dna and how it explains evolution
and then going on and insulting God and saying that He doesnt exist. kk
well lets think about this -- dna stands fo r deoxyribonucleic acid.

hey guys remember that sceicene u were talking about? remember what happens
when u put stuff in acid? it MELTS so if we are made of this dna we would
MELT. stupid atheists, go to church sometime maybe you could learn something

What I love most about this argument is the terrible spelling
and punctuation.
This creationist is bringing down science with second grade logic,
stupidity, ignorance, and a not even wrong conclusion. 

Автор Sarah D (2 месяца)
Creationists pull information out of their asses. 

Автор DiViNE iNTRoSpEcTiON (2 месяца)
This is the greatest collection of hilarious christian clips ever
assembled. I thank you Thunderf00t for this taking the time to rebut all
these bullshit creationist claims. I can watch this over and over again
around the clock

Автор Waldog (4 дня)
Hell, give me a tank with hydrogen and a tank with oxygen and a lit
match...I'll make some water for that guy.

Автор Alexander Haw (15 дней)
Why would someone think water is special and can't exist extraterrestrial?
It's a really simple molecule and I'm making more right now!

Автор Paul Dunstan (12 дней)
The last one is wrong! The Goldilocks zone is much smaller. We are
fortunate to have a very nice moon which creates tidal influence that
shifts heat away from the equator by causing wind and storms. We are also
quite fortunate to have a spinning iron core which creates a magnetic field
to deflect solar winds and other radio active events that would cook our
atmosphere quite quickly. I'm not a fan of creationists but if your gonna
argue using science at least do it properly!

Автор Fabrice Bizec (1 месяц)
it's incredible that christianists try to compete with science, for what ?
: the worldview of the ancients ignoramus backward hebrews

Автор Jeana MACHA Atheist (3 месяца)
Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1): http://youtu.be/BS5vid4GkEY

Автор Tylaris Valore (15 дней)
Lol...the hillarious part about the story of Creation is that the person
who had written it, never believed it to be true. It's a story about
dominance and control...Do not eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge is
simply another way of saying do not learn from nature, an abolition of what
someday we would refer as science.
Simple reality is this...we are not the center of the universe nor does the
life on this planet revolve around around salvation/enlightenement/insert
preffered religious dogma.
We are the most agressive specie on this planet and for our society to
function it has to develop a specific code of beliefs that grants a certain
number of individuals control over the masses...that's why any ruler or
dominant political class always sought connection to religion. In it's most
'innocent' form it simply reflects the psychological environement of the
culture it exists in...compare the morality of hellenism, christianity or
the hindu and you'll see how their beliefs are completely conditioned by
circumstances in which they live in. Later, as it grows enough to attract
the attention of the ruling classes and forms alliance with them, it simply
becomes a form of civilized slavery.
Have you never wondered why communism was greeted as 'Evil' by the Very
Christian societies that it intruded upon, despite sharing very similar
psychological values as their holy religion.

Автор Amanda Oliver (1 месяц)
Oh, so what these TWO creationists state, account for the knowledge and
understanding of all creationists? I realize this is only part 1, but I
pegged you for someone with a little more tact, Thunderfoot.

Автор The Amazin' Zedd (8 месяцев)
Wow. Everything he says is dead wrong. This is what happens when you
never crack a book because you already think you know everything.

Автор Boaz Ezekial (4 дня)
Why do people laugh at creationists? Because they have been brainwashed by
the indoctrination centers they supposedly get educated in! there that was
easy next question!

Автор TeacherRandall (3 месяца)
after he says "where did all the water come from", Thunderf00t comes up
with, "well there is so much Hydrogen in the universe" which doesn't
actually account for its formation. there are many big mysteries within
our solar system

creationist do their part, by attacking modern day dogma, showing us there
is still much to learn.

Автор geezusispan (2 месяца)
I could be the universe had a designer, but so far one hasn't been found.
Even if there is/was such a being, it would be nothing like the
Judeo/christian god. That one was obviously created by man.

Автор sean sullivan (3 месяца)
Interesting but there is no water or ice on comets ,planet formation is an
unproven theory and the sun is not a nuclear fusion ball of gas . Inflation
theory , black holes and time space, relativity are not supported by good
science they are just ideas created by a priesthood and mystics calling
them selves men of science . Evolution is simply eugenics and is

Автор cartrifride (16 дней)
I get laughed at.

Автор Logan Leatherman (12 дней)
This is what happens when you let people who have no capacity for
scientific understand or research try to explain natural phenomena. They
just need to shut the fuck up, admit they have no clue about the claims
they are trying to make, keep reading their Bibles, and leave science to
the people who actually try to keep an open mind and become educated on our
natural world and the universe surrounding us. One of my favorite sayings:
"Science will admit when it's wrong, religion will kill to prove it's

Автор kiiiilllgooglization (3 дня)
This Creationist dweeb formed his apotheosis in about 5 minutes - secure in
his knowledge he doesn't know jack shit. 

Автор Puffycheeks (5 дней)
Atheism is all fine and dandy but evolution.... hmm.

Автор Ernesto Duran (6 дней)
The explanation is brilliant but the repetitive nature is simply annoying.

Автор Brandon A (1 месяц)
I get laughed at

Автор lisa lavergne (1 месяц)
i'm surprised that no one pointed out that if Noah even did take 2 animals
of each species then there is not enough biodiversity to keep the
population going. this also counts for Adam and eve 

Автор Alex Reeves (4 месяца)
~92% hydrogen + 8% helium would make 100%.... so i believe that you should
get the metrics a bit more right first. However, this does not mean i agree
with Creationists. I am simply pointing out that you already have 100% of
the atoms if you did not have oxygen.

Автор jordan huggins (3 месяца)
Please don't take one guys video then make a video saying that every
creationist believes that the canyon was formed in 5 minutes, Most likely a
few weeks. But please you are quick to think we are dumb yet some how think
something like this can happen by chance.

How did the first life evolve without oxygen?
There had to be plants to produce oxygen by photosynthesis.
Yet water has to be present first before plants can grow.
Yet oxygen and hydrogen are needed for water.
But plants are needed to produce Oxygen.
So how did plants grow without water which would have needed oxygen
produced by plants to bond with hydrogen to make water which is needed for
plants to grow?
And without carbon dioxide produced by life how did plants produce oxygen.
Yet plants are needed first to produce oxygen.
But life needs to expire carbon dioxide for plants to fix it into oxygen.
But life needs oxygen to survive.
And oxygen is needed for water which is produced by plants, but the plants
need water to grow.

They would have had to exist within a few days of each other like the bible

So what we have concluded is that God made the heavens and the earth just
like the bible teaches and that the theory of evolution is getting weaker
and weaker. And that is just the first of many problems, how non-living
matter actually managed to arrange itself into the living matter without
intelligence behind it is beyond me. If you believe this all happened my
chance but won’t even consider a God I feel truly sorry for you. Jesus
Christ is king. Repent of your sin. God bless. 

Автор Joules Kin (12 дней)
People rarely consider the possibilities like: Are conspiracy theorists the
conspirators and using the conspiracy theory to distract the public from a
real conspiracy?

In this case, how do we know creationists and IDiots are not demons? An
interesting thought, but one that isn't exciting enough to shout around in
Fox News.

Автор Jambapp (28 дней)
Its a pity thunderfuck is obsessed with feminism now and hasnt made a
relevant video for years.

Автор j. webb (23 дня)
I appreciate the humor :) But this guy probably gets picked on by his own
mother? I think the message you are going for, would have more of an impact
if you challenged a more professional source :)

Автор Joe Dirt (3 месяца)
Oh my god VenomFang *Face palm*

Автор Carvalho Negro (4 месяца)

Автор jcr65566 (7 месяцев)
Who is the so called creationists in the video. The things he is saying
seem very unfounded. So he may not be a creationists more like an atheist.
Science with realy not work with creation. As what God did before and
during creation is beyond science. It was because there was no light and
no time they both did not exist just then. With out time there be no way
to test any reactions But after creation there would be So trying to
explain creation with science is just about impossible I don't know if
there is an Evolution But if the earth is billions of years old, you
think God when he created it. would have had a way to fine tuning it. If
the earth was crated 6000 years ago It still could be billions of years old
Because God would have had to make it that way. 

Автор HireDeLune (2 месяца)
Sending this comment from heaven. Yep, I can control the cursor with my
mind. 2050 technology.

Автор Sam McLean (2 месяца)
"Spherical orbit".... give me strength.

Автор Tommy Victor Buch (3 месяца)
Mind blowing stupidity and ignorance on display here. Great entertainment! 

Автор deepinder cheema (2 месяца)
Ok already, you are giving just one young man a hard time with his glib
statements. The rush to put out glibly thought out thoughts on
international media platforms without checks and balances can be considered
baffling especially with scooby doo in the background.

Автор Caleb Whittington (22 дня)
Brainwashed fools. This age of modern scientific error will soon prove
itself wrong and pass just like every other scientific age has before.
Forget science for a second and take a look at history. The creationists
were always laughed at, they were always proved right in the long run. In
case you forgot, many famous scientist were Christians. Sir Isaac Newton,
Galieo, Copernicus and many more. They roll in their graves at your
ignorance and irrevernce. 

Автор Jimmy Fickle (2 месяца)
creationist should kill themselves, stupidity is contagious and it spreads 

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