Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1)

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1).

The only people so stupid as to not understand the answer are the creationists themselves.

Many Thanks to Linda for supplying the transcript:

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Автор MyImmaculateQueen ( назад)
People don't laugh at creationists, only those who deny the existence of
God. I would laugh at atheists if it weren't so tragic. Imagine falling for
the ultimate deception? That's atheism. All that atheists do is attempt to
ridicule, mock and jeer. They appear to me to be driven by anger. Why are
atheists always so upset that people believe in the love of God? Why resort
to abuse? I've never understood that. I'm not angry at atheists I just see
them as misled.

Автор NA NA ( назад)
It is a proven scientific fact that there is a massive amount of water
underneath the Earth's crust in rocks called Ringwoodite. The amount of
water in ringwoodite is estimated to be several times that of all the water
in the oceans in the world. This video is about water on mars? Wrong. There
is far more water, that is scientifically proven, to cover the entire
globe. This video is an absolute fail.

Автор Tom Sapp ( назад)
why does mimas look like a death star

Автор Max Falto ( назад)
This is pretty weaksauce, anybody with a highschool education and passing
interest in popular science can disprove these claims. Here's hoping
watching the next 43 videos reveals new information... really.

Автор Chris Bossi ( назад)
Always nice to come back and watch some classics.

Автор GreyForce One ( назад)
There's no sense in arguing. People choose to believe what they choose to
believe in. It doesn't matter what's right to everyone else. its what's
right to them. Sometimes ignorance is culture and sometimes intelligence is
culture for them.

Автор Lewis Mooson ( назад)
Just because I'm a Christian doesn't mean I'm a creationist.

Автор trent dragon (trentenderdragonstuff) ( назад)

Автор no1don ( назад)
Tbf I would laugh it this lad too, he's obviously an idiot and has no idea
what he's talking about. I find it very unbelievable that a God created the
heavens the planets and so on. I will continue to believe the people who
study the science on how things have come about until the time A God walks
the earth pulling miracles from out of his pocket to the deserving.

Автор Luke Bailey ( назад)
What happened before the big bang and what caused it?

Автор Ice Bear ( назад)
the great flood lasted a couple of days, I think the grand canyon just took
much longer than 5 minuets

Автор Alex Klein ( назад)
Someone help this add won't skip and I'm just watching tai Lopez giving a
tour of the house he claims is his but he rents

Автор ndog37 ( назад)
I'm very interested if the earth is over 2 billion years old. This is
because the earths magnetic field is still strong and we know that the
centre of the earth is still strongly active. Also the moons critical
gravitational force with tides etc. My physics professor says that nitrogen
converts waves into carbon14 from the atmosphere but I wonder if the carbon
14 would have all disappeared by now. In my mind an old earth model doesn't
make sense, look at corrosion, erosion a lot of things don't fit

Автор Jonathan Brown ( назад)
2016 - and there's water and planets fckn everywhere!

Автор sudilos117 ( назад)
Evolution exists for many life forms on the planet. So wheres all the
missing links at? I mean, there is a reason why its called a Theory of
You know its funny how some life forms can evolve incredibly fast. I guess
we must have evolved to eat our own bones as a species.

Автор Mark Swaggerty ( назад)
Do you guys realize that none of these were pictures but recreated images,

Автор Joe B ( назад)
There's a planet made almost entirely out of water even it's core

Автор jamoy1993 ( назад)
What a twat, the reason we have seasons is due to our elyptical orbit...
Some people are just absolutely retarded!

Автор TeaLobster ( назад)
Ah, legacy Thunderf00t, before feminism poisoned the well.

Автор Bob Nub ( назад)
Ok I subscribed. This is just too good.

Автор Terrarist - Piano covers ( назад)
Remember that idea they earth is on the center of our solar system?

Автор Vince Hutch ( назад)
its so satisfying to see someone being disproven and learning a bit of
science along the way

Автор Josh Thomas ( назад)
I'm a creationist but it should be common since by now that there is life
and water on different planets, planets that we may or may not have found

Автор Joe Keenan ( назад)
Say an ellipse is a curve surrounding two focal points in a plane *waits
for monotone response* Is it axiomatic that such a curve is not circular or
near circular? Put plainly, is the rotation of the Earth about the Sun most
closely represented by a circle, or, those "elliptical" paths described in
elementary school science books?

Автор Robert Combs ( назад)
I thought I had stumbled across I pretty interesting YouTube anti feminist
and anti SJW as well. Until I tripped over this road block. So my point is
before I leave, something cannot come from nothing. There has to be a first
cause and the first cause must be eternal in nature. Everything has a
creator, everything. You may believe you are an accident and therefore live
a life without real purpose. After all why care about anything if as soon
as your lights go out you are done, party over. Well that type of belief
system could explain every horrible act ever perpetuated against mankind.
Everything is by chance huh. Ok believe if you must but it takes a whole
lot more faith to believe that than to be a creationist.

Автор Blazing Absol ( назад)
Ya know, I agree that these people are most likely ignorant in the topics
they believe they are so fluid in. They keep bringing up topics that are in
no way told to be false in the bible, which I assume is the religious text
they go by. However, one may look to see the development of life, the
stages at which it was developed, the countless occurrences of spiritual
occurrences, and acts of God prove that something, be it one god as I
believe or many gods as others believe, prove that something put the
universe in motion and explained how jt was created to us. Even atheists
have to recognize that motion can't just happen. Something has to cause it.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, but the creation of the
universe didn't follow that law if the fact that there was nothing but a
singularity of sorts that just started moving. And since everything is
caused from something else, there has to be something to cause the creation
of us, be it an astrology anomaly or a benevolent god, it has to be

Автор cunning wolf ( назад)
Im a guided evolutionist, basically I believe in both creation and

Автор Maiq The Liar VII ( назад)
I'm sure the equator of Mars is inhabitable, and liquid water is possible,
around there we have found traces that liquid water was once there.

Автор Maiq The Liar VII ( назад)
There are more factors than just that orbit as well. If you could draw an
area and say "here there can be liquid water" you would be wrong, outside
of the line you can find liquid water on the polls and the equator, on
moons you can have liquid water from heated by the planets they orbit, a
planet could be as far out as Saturn if it's orbit insured that one side
faced the sun at all times it would have liquid water for a couple million
years (if it were not a gas giant with pressures so high liquid water is
near impossible) a same rule can imply for a portion of a moon facing away
or towards the star at maximum or minimum amounts of time. It's not that
simple as "in this area there is liquid water"

Автор Cathy Vickers ( назад)
Where does he think seasons come from? (Take #2! Why the hell did this
automatically go to the next video when I TURNED AUTOPLAY OFF??)

Автор Raveena of Punjab ( назад)
Its easy to find people with weak arguments in support of any idea and then
pick them apart, but that does nothing to prove or disprove the actual
idea. There is no way to prove or disprove whether or not the cosmos was
created by a god or not so no matter how strong or weak someone's argument
in support of one side of the issue is, its all just speculation.

Автор eric brufatto ( назад)
Mutations=loss of info.=entropy=macro evolution is impossible=evolution is
a religion. Generational degradation of human DNA through mutations
predicts extinction. We devolve as we age, while we devolve as a species.
Macro devolution, although ridiculous, is a better explanation than
molecule-to-man evolution.

Автор Daniel Burroughs ( назад)
Whats with the stereotype at the end :(

Автор someone who sucks at games ( назад)
what's with the blurring at 2:21?

Автор ShyanTheLegend ( назад)
Why go through the effort of trying to debunk someone lesser than you?
There is no sport in trying to argue with an idiot. You had nothing to gain
from this

Автор Wes Barnes ( назад)
Ok, while I respect anybody who has enough courage to post a video in a
community where opinions vary so much, and I actually agree with many of
the videos you make, and get enjoyment from most of the science videos out
there, I feel the need to point out that any person with fast internet
could find a good video to make fun of, opposing any view, in "about five
minutes'" I'm sure I could find a video about some nutcase who believed
that Hitler did nothing wrong, because he did it in the name of God, or it
is good that God doesn't stop world hunger because he hates certain
people-- or any of that bullshit, it certainly does not necessarily reflect
the opinions of the overwhelming majority of people with a belief (Such as
a belief in a god or gods) that acts as an umbrella for the other topics
that are usually picked as a representation of the countless other people.
Thus, it is unfair to pick these videos, and, while I respect you as a
person too much to make a video solely to prove my point, I could easily
and quickly make a video titled, "Why atheists are wrong".

Автор Dexfan90 ( назад)
because people can be assholes who can't accept that other people have
different believes that aren't hurting anyone.

Автор SavvySteak ( назад)
Earth is flat scrubs.

Автор Victor Zatto ( назад)
Hey look at that, COD 4 came out two months later!

Автор Snatxi ( назад)
'I get laughed at' in low pitch xD i died

Автор Yorick Hunt ( назад)
I'm surprised you managed to find a creationist who acknowledges the
existence of planets other than Earth!

Автор Michael Nameika ( назад)
I love that they say it's futile for water to exist beyond Earth. Saturn's
brightest moon, Enceladus, is almost completely made of water. The surface
is almost 100% water ice, and because of the strong gravitational force of
Saturn and the influence of the other moons, the surface will break, and
water will get ejected out of Enceladus. Yup, water only exists on Earth.

Автор Antonio Barba ( назад)
2:22 Pluto before New Horizons photos.... <3

Автор The Buzz ( назад)
I love Jesus but creationists and the 4,000 year old earth guys are dumb.

Автор ryan svahn ( назад)
I love u and ur channel until this video

Автор Get Some Gaming ( назад)
I don't know which is worse Hillary supporters or flat earthers

Автор shadowstorm79mc ( назад)
smh it's like the Nightly News they go and interview the dumbest fuckers

Автор spencer2207 ( назад)
This is why people laugh at that creationist idiot. We're not all stupid
like him, making blanket statements about science that are obviously wrong.
We can believe in creation by an enlightened being AND in the natural
forces of science that got us here. The dude you're rebuking is obviously
just his own special kind of stupid.

Автор Mruvym ( назад)
I believe in God. Yet I also believe God created the universe through
beautiful mathematics as his foundation. I don't shame anyone as to what
they want to believe in. To state things of science without knowledge of
the whole picture is being ignorant. If there is no explanation, that
doesn't mean it was magic by God. Again I believe God created everything
through science because those were the building blocks he chose. I don't
like how people think of science as "evil" in religion. If God created
everything including science, and you shame science, doesn't that mean you
shame Gods creation? Just my 2 cents. I just hope people will stop being so
ignorant and spouting things they have no understanding of.

Автор joel r ( назад)
Space images are lies

Автор Phillip Jones ( назад)
Listen laddie you have nothing to say and you are saying it to loudly. What
an arrogant prick you are.

Автор Cato Gustavson ( назад)
You are committing the first cardinal sin: never engage/debate a
creationist. Just walk away.

Автор Lika blok Lika blok ( назад)
You generalize way to much thinking that's all creationist. And you look at
the most poorly constructed arguments.

Автор bluemonkey223 ( назад)
to be completely fair this guy doesn't actually know what he's talking
about, he is not a scientist, and it is unfair to judge all creationists
based on this man

Автор Brad Botsch ( назад)
I'm glad you take a single creationist argument and try to debunk it. I can
take someone's misinterpretation of evolution (and there is a ton who do!)
and disprove evolution too. Creationists do not think the canyon was made
in 5 minutes.

Автор ChannelName ( назад)
Do you realize the things you believe about the universe come from NASA? :D
You BELIEVE nasa. Just because they say scientists have proof it doesnt
mean they have anything. YOU are a BELIEVER and lets be honest someone who
believes the nasa is a retard....

Автор Maggot King ( назад)
this is glorious.

Автор Jerrod Volzka ( назад)
He is not wrong, but debunking faith is like trying to tell people they
can't believe what they want. It doesn't matter that you have proven it.
Thanks for the science But, I'm already convinced.

Автор Y2Kvids ( назад)
I learned something new today

Автор Benjamin Beasley ( назад)
Anyone whose specialty is astrophysics or astrology etc will know more than
someone who primarily studies the word of God. However, I've never heard a
PHD in those subjects who happens to be a Christian make such ignorant
claims. So you're debating a straw man.

Автор JACJoe ( назад)
I'm confused, is this a Creationist Channel or a Science Channel?

Автор KaninchenVideo Productions ( назад)
wow... the good old times, when we had no hq pictures of pluto

Автор Monkey Jesus ( назад)
Wow to see that pluto picture from then to now.

Автор Jason Kieffer ( назад)
Just gonna point out that in order for us to cook like Venus we would have
to be approximately 7,500,000,000 meters closer to the sun, or 7,500,000
kilometers closer. Which is over 588 earth's in diameter. This is all rough
since there are times where earth is closer to the sun and farther due to
the elliptical orbit, but it remains mostly the same

So that 5% is huge as fuck. We could handle being a lot closer to the sun
and still be fine

Автор Mick Jones :DogBiscuit: ( назад)
What a bunch of fucking morons.

Автор Darth Revan Peace Is A Lie ( назад)
Some people are just ignorant and it's sad that call themselves Christians
sad just sad😑

Автор teslavate ( назад)
No, you get laughed at in about 5 seconds FOR 5 minutes. What a Ultra
Maroon, what a Imbasile!

Автор Adam Halliday ( назад)
They all stupid

Автор Captain Rednek ( назад)
Wonderful cheery picking.

Автор HCN 27.0253g/mol ( назад)
What is the title of that video?

Автор Jorge Salaber ( назад)
creationist exposed (gone sexual) (gone regicidal)

Автор Emilio Perez ( назад)
i dont get the attitude towards creationists and i am a creatonist, if you
are athiest or satanist for that matter i will respect your opinion, the
problem isnt creationists, the problem is extremists whos life goal is to
be an unwarranted preacher. i am not toi heavy into christianity but its
something i feel is for me, and if uts not for you then i dont care, live
your life and ill live mine.

Автор Kaveonne Dearmon ( назад)
well if God is all powered it's probably not out of his power to make it
move 5 times faster than the speed of sound. that seems like a small feat
for an all powered being.

Автор John Pacella ( назад)
The creationist teenager reminds me of my douchebag nephew...studied to be
a catholic priest BUT then met a woman while a t seminary and chucked his
"calling" for a random chick (also an ultra conservative) he knew for 2
months. Typical...hypocrite.

Автор 1mprint ( назад)
Actually it has been known that the planetary orbits are elliptical for
over 2000 years ...as the Antikythera Mechanism included accurate
elliptical planetary orbits in its implementation.

Автор Scott Bennet ( назад)
Was it really necessary to include the Grand Canyon filling in 5 minutes
guy? I feel that's really a biblical or otherwise scholarly supported fact.
Please pick smarter people to criticize. I thought you were better than

Автор M. Heedes ( назад)
Worldwide flood you say? hahahahahaha

Автор Justin Whitt ( назад)
You are a moron thunderfoot

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)

Автор UnboxSurge ( назад)
I feel sorry for these people they get tought this info and for the rest of
their lives they see this as fact.

Автор Michael Dennis ( назад)
Stupid christard fucker.

Автор Jy Mackenzie ( назад)

Автор Boredfan Gerrude ( назад)
Sigh I expected more from you Thunderfoot, even if it an old video. Saying
what is and isn't the most common molecule in the universe is utter
arrogance! We have been to every tiny part of the universe, we barely know
anything about little corner of it and to make a statement that we know
something like that under these circumstances is nothing but ignorance and
arrogance. Ever thought that our solar system may be unusual or abnormal
compared to the rest of the galaxy or the universe? Do not make blanket

Автор Furlow Torent ( назад)
I know this is really old video, but I still laughed ass off as it's first
time seeing it. Even as a little kid back in 80's, I knew about water on
planets. If anything, Pluto was always being told to be the Ice planet.
What does he think Ice is made of? I wonder if you were to talk to that guy
now, would he admit he was dumb or would he still think this?

Автор Max Smith ( назад)
I REALLY wish other Christians wouldn't take the bible, especially, the Old
Testament, so literally

Автор holywar911 ( назад)
you cant proof any of this

Автор Ewan Duff ( назад)
Honestly half the people in ur video don't do their research and quit
frankly as a creationist I feel that these fools are the reason we get
laughed at and it is so stupid that they don't even look up any of these
facts there morons

Автор Martian Manhunter ( назад)
TAI FUCKING LOPEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор kenp3L ( назад)
I am not a creationist, but I must note that the theme of your video is
based upon a logical fallacy. It is called the fallacy fallacy and takes
the form: Argument A in support of Proposition X is faulty, therefore,
Proposition X is false. Just because the idiot shown here is an idiot does
not *per se* disprove creationism.

Автор AJZulu ( назад)
That guy is a moron.

Автор AJZulu ( назад)
That's just the thing. Water, or just Hydrogen, is one of the most abundant
freaking things out there. How can there NOT be water on other planets?

Автор joiion913 ( назад)
"I get laughed at I'm about 5 minute" LOL

Автор Tero Timonen ( назад)
Jeebus did it!

Автор Scudo Evangelico ( назад)
People laugh at creationists because they are just reprobate who fulfill
the prophecy of Peter on scoffers.

2Peter 3:3 knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days,
walking according to their own lusts, 4 and saying, “Where is the promise
of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as
they were from the beginning of creation.” 5 For this they willfully
forget: that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth
standing out of water and in the water, 6 by which the world that then
existed perished, being flooded with water. 7 But the heavens and the earth
which are now preserved by the same word, are reserved for fire until the
day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

Автор FlorelaFTW ( назад)
I can't believe that this vid is 8 years old lol.

Автор Von Milash ( назад)
I am a Christian, a creationist. But I have a master's degree in chemistry.
I, like thunderfoot, am a scientist. but I will be honest when I say that
there are a lot of embarrassing creationists out there who believe and say
the stupidest things, some of which being based on things they haven't the
slightest clue about. Ie, science. But I use REAL scientific observations
to support my beliefs. I look at things I am formally educated in . the DNA
double helix, complex biological systems, protein structure, entropy,
chirality in nature, etc, and I look at my ten frustrating years of drug
discovery research and master's level research in organic synthesis where
it seemed nearly impossible to get two molecules to form one bigger
molecule despite being under the strictest laboratory controls and
theoretical certainty. (I also have an MBA in finance and am studying
towards a CPA... ie career change. ) Yet nature just happened to produce
all these complex structures and biological pathways where they all work
together to make life possible? Not likely. From a strict scientific
viewpoint, I have no idea how God is possible. But I do believe in him.
Because NOTHING else we can observe, including out very own existence, is
scientifically possible either. I will close with a quote from humanist and
atheist Kurt Vonnegut, in his novel hocus pocus, on the embryology of the
human eye : "no combination of time and luck could have produced a camera
that excellent, not even if the quantity of time had been one trillion
years ! How is this for an unsolved mystery ?"

Автор tony Stone ( назад)
Why laugh at creationists, if they are wrong and you are right try to keep
your dignity, you was hurt when people made fun of you, and were happy in
your misfortune, if you mock them you are as nasty as those that mocked

Автор KosmicSailor96 ( назад)
Perfectly spherical orbit around our star.

Автор Danan Butler ( назад)
The only word the kid forgot was "liquid" with respect to water. And if
this is the person you pick to debate as an expert, you are as misinformed
as he is.

Автор Adam Ant ( назад)
Oh come on. There are better things to do in this world than pick on
There's enough dickheads out there, stop bothering the nice people.

Sinking to this level only because the Jewish media has made it the "in"
thing to pick on Christians is just stupid.

I am not saying I agree, I am not religious.

I just think there are better things to debate. We have real problems in
this world and differing theories on our beginning isn't one of them.

Stop this crap, you are above it.

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