Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1)

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1).

The only people so stupid as to not understand the answer are the creationists themselves.

Many Thanks to Linda for supplying the transcript:

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Автор Mannybass (2 месяца)
Based on the content of this video the correct title should have been why
do people laugh at this particular creationist. I am a creationist and I
don't believe in the things this particular creationist is saying 

Автор darkrainbowwOrrier (3 дня)
Ii think you mean it's ok to laugh at peoples mistakes. Lets not forget
Darwinian evolution was and is riddled with flaws , pranks and straight up
hoaxes. People get so bent out of shape waving there philosophical flags
they forget to keep an open mind . All the evidence in the last five years
points to ID lets wiggle free of dogma and start doing real science not for
status and money sacks, but for the planet and it's people. Thnx for

Автор Shane Holly (3 дня)
Ii think you mean it's ok to laugh at peoples mistakes. Lets not forget
Darwinian evolution was and is riddled with flaws , pranks and straight up
hoaxes. People get so bent out of shape waving there philosophical flags
they forget to keep an open mind . All the evidence in the last five years
points to ID lets wiggle free of dogma and start doing real science not for
status and money sacks, but for the planet and it's people. Thnx for

Автор Hexic95 (5 месяцев)
I can see why you'd laugh at someone that knows little to nothing about how
the universe works... I'd love to see you match wits with someone on the
same playing field :) If the ocean floor has thinner crust than land and
mountains can be made by tectonic plates folding the land upward like MT
Everest than how does this fit into evolution? It doesn't... it implies
that the world could have changed rapidly in the last ten thousand years.
The oldest single tree is around five thousand years old and the oldest
group of trees connected by a single root system is about ten thousand. The
geologic column that evolutionist use to date bones is sadly out of date...
we literally have living fossils and that means that the accuracy of the
geologic column is reduced to zero because we don't find the living fossils
in any other layers. Sadly what evolutionist ignore is that dust has to get
wet then dry to form a rock, or just get really hot... Did hot wet dust fly
onto all the dinosaurs and wait a few billion years for other the living
ones to evolve so that a different type of hot dust could cover them? That
sounds pretty insane and impossible. Erosion dose not effect one type of
rock at a time especially for billions of years. The fact that we have
these layers means something happened and it wasn't time...

Автор Daniel Collins (1 месяц)
Religion is fake. When you die your worm food. Deal with it.

Автор Alex Reeves (6 дней)
~92% hydrogen + 8% helium would make 100%.... so i believe that you should
get the metrics a bit more right first. However, this does not mean i agree
with Creationists. I am simply pointing out that you already have 100% of
the atoms if you did not have oxygen.

Автор Shane Holly (4 месяца)
#ImChristian, #creationistgarbage, #validityofthebible, #validityofgod,

Here we will start a discourse on the validity of the bible, the validity
of god and how faith without reason is really just about gullibility.

We will be using a thunderfoot video series, Why do people laugh at
creationist, when applicable to help examine and explain points as well as
create awarness.

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1):

Автор jcr65566 (3 месяца)
Who is the so called creationists in the video. The things he is saying
seem very unfounded. So he may not be a creationists more like an atheist.
Science with realy not work with creation. As what God did before and
during creation is beyond science. It was because there was no light and
no time they both did not exist just then. With out time there be no way
to test any reactions But after creation there would be So trying to
explain creation with science is just about impossible I don't know if
there is an Evolution But if the earth is billions of years old, you
think God when he created it. would have had a way to fine tuning it. If
the earth was crated 6000 years ago It still could be billions of years old
Because God would have had to make it that way. 

Автор jeffwhitemedia (1 месяц)
People who believe in intelligent design have never had a toothache.

Автор Jebus Jones (7 дней)
The formation of stars, planets and ultimately life is NOT an accident. It
is the inevitable result of complex chemistry. It requires NO intervention
from any “god”. “God” exists ONLY inside your mind as you do not have the
mental capacity to deal with THE TRUTH. We are naturally created biological
entities and we are made of the same stuff that the rest of the entire
universe is made of; each one of us is exceptionally lucky to have ever
existed at all and when we die the lights are turned off – it is OVER AND
FINISHED - and our atoms are recycled back into the universe. The universe
is our only creator/father.

Your imaginary god is an evil jealous spiteful vindictive murderous
paedophile (he impregnated his own child Mary…with her…brother?) and your
bible is the very worst advertisement for believing in a god that is
possible. I am afraid that you are suffering from a mental delusion. One
day in the future people will look back at religion and marvel at how long
such a ridiculess and mindless notion persisted in the annuls of human

Автор andrew sauer (5 месяцев)
Hey atheists, explain this !!!?
so scientists are always talking about dna and how it explains evolution
and then going on and insulting God and saying that He doesnt exist. kk
well lets think about this -- dna stands fo r deoxyribonucleic acid.

hey guys remember that sceicene u were talking about? remember what happens
when u put stuff in acid? it MELTS so if we are made of this dna we would
MELT. stupid atheists, go to church sometime maybe you could learn something

What I love most about this argument is the terrible spelling
and punctuation.
This creationist is bringing down science with second grade logic,
stupidity, ignorance, and a not even wrong conclusion. 

Автор Augusta Sepia (1 месяц)
This hurts so much. These creationist "Christians" don't understand the
bible, they just take every word for word seriously and don't interpret.
they are not smart, because they don't believe, they think they "know"
because the never question anything. The bible never says anything about
forcing people to believe in what you believe. And why should anyone go to
heaven just because he goes to church every sunday? Pope Urban II for
example. I'm pretty sure, he went "to hell" for starting the crusades. So,
if you are a good and decent person, why would you be punished in the
afterlife just because you worship "god" (or the FSM, or whatever) in a
different way (or not at all)? This lacks of any credibility and "logic".

Автор OriginallGamer (3 дня)
I'm a creationist but I hate how non-creationalist pick the most ignorant
people to define a belief

Автор ClaimAmerica4Christ (3 месяца)
So, in other words, this idiot has nothing to say against the Truth of
Biblical creation. How pathetic. These Evotards get more and more desperate
by the day!

Автор edgecrusherhalo (3 месяца)
Because most creationist accept a creator as the answer for the origin of
the universe and life but then are unwilling to or just plain don't
entertain the idea of where this creator then came from. It is an endless
cycle. If our supposed creator doesn't believe he was created, does that
make him an atheist? Why stop at the first creator when there could be
infinitely more? Either way, any sort of rational/critical thinking applied
to this supposed creator says that even if we have one, it is as flawed as
we are and therefor unworthy of worship. God is a complacent belief. Over
the course of human history god has always just been the answer for
whatever we haven't understood at any given time. The amount of things that
we used to assume were god's divine intervention that we have learned the
answer for through our own volition is staggering. The more we figure out
for ourselves, the less "powerful" god appears to be.

It's a belief that seems to be ok with terrible things happening as one can
just blindly say "well god works in mysterious ways" to justify said
terrible things. Why would anyone be ok with that? Imagine a world where
the majority of us just accept that there are certain things we will never
understand or figure out on our own because we assume that it's "above" us
and that only this god can understand it. Now imagine what the world could
be like if the majority of us believed in ourselves and our species instead
of in god and where we observe, explore and discover the universe as it is.
God is unnecessarily and will eventually become irrelevant for the majority
of humanity. We need to let go of this creator idea and see where our will
takes us.

Автор Jacob Fetzer (5 месяцев)
Why can't we all just admit that we don't know?

Автор Studio2 Hansel and Gretel (6 дней)
I don't laugh at creationists - I realize that they are dangerous because
they placed war profiteers and war criminals and men like George W. Bush
and Dick Cheney in office.

Автор Mickey784cr (1 месяц)
Because there aren't any stupid atheists that say illogical shit on YouTube
either! In fact, I wouldn't doubt that these people aren't actually trolls
trying to stir the water. There's much we don't know about exactly how
everything came to be & both sides actually have some good points.
Evolution & the Big Bang are NOT science fact (which some scientists say is
impossible to have), you can't prove the Big Bang & never will be able to,
you simply can't experiment with or observe it! There's a lot of people now
claiming to be scientists, but really they just make up shot and preach it
as fact.

Автор E Gamble (9 дней)
+Patrick Lilley No insult intended, but this is a classic example of why
'Truthers' are regarded with derision:
'Didn't know tapes had been returned
But you SHOULD have, especially since it happened about 10 years ago,
and all that time, you have bee railing based on false facts.
Why It didn't cause you to reconsider what you have been thinking. You just
moved on to other illogical and erroneous talking points?
'The video said they got it back through a lawsuit'
Wrong. They got them through a FOI act
'I just find it hard to believe that a 767 can fly into Washington DC ,
while Known ATTACKS are happening'
I find it even harder to believe that you don't know that
commercial airplanes are tracked by their IFF/SIF transmissions. And the
hijackers turned them off on all of the aircraft.
What astounds me even more the fact that you have not read the 9/11
Commission Report. If you had, you would have known that there was chaos
and confusion all over the place.
'There's maybe 18 area businesses surrounding the area and cameras all over
the rooftops and all we got was slammed into by an undeterred jetliner and
NOTHING got it on camera'
Since you are so damned fixated on what those cameras didn't see, why don't
you contact some of the businesses and ask them if their cameras could have
detected the aircraft.
'I know there was a plane flying toward the pentagon'
Then what happened to it if it didn't hit the Pentagon?
'I saw video that had like 13 witnesses, 2 cops'
Why didn't you read what the other 122 said?
'All 13 had them flying south of the Citgo station. But the official report
and the flight data recorder had them flying from that like 45 degree angle'
How does THAR disprove the fact that they say they saw an airplane.
Ad what I find even more astounding is that you are referencing a piece of
equipment that was on AA77 that was found inside the pentagon. So how did
it get there if it wasn't on the aircraft?
'Well, all thirteen witnesses drew a line, and of course they all varied a
So, what's your point? How much variation is 'a bit'
.'The two cops, that were at two different locations , who had never met
each other drew lines EXACTLY the same'
Again, what's your point? Are you implying without a shred of proof that
they lied. If you are, why would they.
'All thirteen totally missed the light poles'
So what? So do you, since you refuse to account for damage could not have
been made by a missile,
'AMD they showed a head on collision with the wall of the pentagon. They
are part of the 135 eye witenesses'
Is this petty nonsense supposed to discredit what they saw? Is what 13 saw
supposed to disprove what the 122 whom you don't discuss saw?
'None of the 13 witnesses saw the plane actually hit the pentagon'
What about the other 122? I know that one of them who was in the parking
lot near the impact point says he had to duck to keep from being hit by the
airplane. And the blast knocked him & at least one other witness across the
'One witness on 911 (worked for USA today) is standing perpendicular to the
pentagon AMD says ist came eight thru here AMD like a cruise missile with
wings, it slammed into the pentagon'
Again, what is your point? How does this disprove the fact that he said he
saw an airplane?
'My point isn't that he called it a cruise missile'
Then what IS your point, since he called it an airplane?
'But he was pointing to a perpendicular crash'
Whether it was perpendicular or not, it was still an airplane.
'even said straight into the pentagon'
So, you are using the fact that he said it flew straight into the Pentagon
as proof he didn't see an airplane?
]Well, just like the other 13 witnesses, their lines on the photo would
show a head on collision, the report has it coming at almost a 45 degree
Bully for you. And with that bit of stupidity, you have not only disprove
that he was wrong about the angle of impact but he was wrong when he said
it was an airplane.
Holy SHIT!!!!!
'Why is that important'
It's not.
'Because we have five light poles down now'
If the airplane didn't take them down, then what did?
'AMD one went thru a cab drivers windshield without leaving a scratch on
the hood. But nobody actually saw the pole in the cab'
Then who said it went through the cab?
'A mysterious man in a van who never said a Singke word'
How do you know? How does anyone know what a man who no one knows said? LOL
'helped him lift a huge lightpole
LOL!!! Those 'huge' street light poles are 35 feet in length and weigh 250
'that made it all the way to the back seat. And the two men took the pole
out and laid it in the road'
Sooooo, what's the point? Not believing something happened is not the same
as it not happening.
'Not one witness saw the lightpole in the cab'
LOL!!! Where is your objectivity and rationality? Why is it that when it's
pointed out that not one witness saw a missile, you still insist that a
missile hit the Pentagon but when is said that no one saw the pole in rhe
cab, hat suddenly becomes solid proof that it wasn't there. W-O-W!!!.
.'The cab driver all but admits that the pole was planted there'
WTF!! 'all but admits!!!! Either he did or he didn't Cite a source or admit
that you are spreading lies.
'And oddly, every other lightpole that was knocked down was located on
"grassy knolls" out of the sight of passers by'
'I don't doubt a plane definitely being present'
Actually, there were 2. One, a military C-130 reported seeing the airplane
that hit the Pentagon fly directly in front of it.
'I don't think 135 people are lying'
Then how do you deal with the fact that they all say they saw an airplane?
By throwing out bullshit that has not a damn thing to do with what that did
or did not see?
'Even the one lousy video here, does it not look like it's coming straight
It's valid to me because I understand what happens when an airplane flies
through a camera range that is taking pictures at a very slow rate. And you
obviously don't
'I'll make one more point. A man on FHE very opposite side of the pentagon
was interviewed and he kept saying "the second plane" because one flew just
over him exactly inline with the head on crash route'
There was a second plan. A military C-130 that had just departed Andrews
AFB. If you ggoogle the reference above, you will be lead to a conversation
between the pilot and ATC, in which they discuss a Boeing 757 headed
directly for the Pentagon.
'But just a few miles away was Reagan airport. 600 MPH floght at groind
level? Wow'
Anf just what is THAT supposed to imply?
'Let's go to pilots for 9-1 truth'
Why don't we go to the 9'11 Commission Report?
'All we seek os the truth'
That's an obvious lie. You have your version of the 'truth'. And nothing
anyone can ever say or show you will ever cause you to consider the
possibility that a bunch of third world fanatics pulled off that job.
If you were seeking the 'truth' you would be asking yourself:
1) What can I learn from the 9/11 Commission Report
2) Why didn't the ATC detect the Boeing 57, Air Force C-130 and the missile
if one was there?
3) Why did the radar detect only the C-130 departing the area
4) Why wasn't explosives detected at the site?
5) Why were airplane parts found on the lawn
6) Why were airplane parts from AA77 found in the Pentagon?
7) How did the black box that you acknowledge was there get inside the
8) And the most important question of all for you to answer is how did the
body parts that belonged to the people who boarded AA77 get inside the
9) Where is the aircraft
11) Where are the people
12) Why after >13 years hasn't ONE SINGLE bit of unbiased, verifiable
evidence been found that supports the possibility that the government was
involved in 9/11?
Until you can answer those questions, people will continue to ridicule you

Автор kutkuknight (1 месяц)
The add for this was about the 6th commendment from the bibel wow,
coincidence? Or did google lie about the cookies?

Автор william woods (1 месяц)
This guy even looks like a pretentious ignoramus.How often do people look
and sound as stupid as their argument?

Автор jcr65566 (3 месяца)
I once had a real problem with creation For one thing our milky way galaxy
it is over 100,000 light years across. if the universe was 6000 years old
we would only be able to see about 6000 light years out in to space. A
while ago I future it out Why we are able to see out side our own milky
way galaxy to under stand this I found I had had to think in a different
way Because I know now that there is a God And how God created it all and
why God did it. And I feel it may be far be on any of mans Science to
under stand this In the bible it states that God creates, by speaking
things in to existence. if this was so There really was no big bang As
every thing in the universe apart from the earth was created all at once
and in one day And to under stand this We got to under stand what the bible
and science is trying to tell us
The bible states that when God created Adam. and Eve. They were a fully
grown man. and woman. The same thing was with the trees on the earth the
bible stated when They were only days old. They were fully grown. fruit
trees. So it must have been the same thing with the universe and the stars
in the sky. So this is why I can say Our milky way Galaxy is about 100,000
light years across. But God would have to have made our milky way Galaxy
billions of years old. Because if God had not done it this way. We would
only be able to see about 6000 light years out into space. So we would have
not been able to see out side our own milky way Galaxy. Let alone see the
other stars, or the other Galaxy's in the night sky.
God is the creator of time Adam and Eve were created in one day. So When
Adam and eve were one day old They were both fully grown man and woman But
still only days old. This why God was able to walk and talk with them It
was because When God had created them. they had instantly grown up with the
memory of a long and happy childhood with God as their father. To further
under stand this When the earth was also only a few days old. God had
created the earth with a history of billion of years, A history of life
that had live and died on it. To do this. God made time And God had bent it
to do Gods will So life on earth only days old. had live billions of years
on the earth And It didn’t just look billions of years old. it was
billions of years old. Animal life going back millions of years had live
and died and had been buried in the earth. This is where all the dinosaurs
bone that had turn to stone had come from.
The earth is still in the center of the universe. Though mans Science
states The universe is not expanding out from a Central point into space;
rather, the whole universe is expanding and it is doing so equally at all
places, as far as I can tell. When God created universe he created every
thing in its own time This is how God did creation God spent only a day on
the universe But spent 6 days creating the Earth And even though the earth
gos around the Sun and is in the outer band of our milky way Galaxy The
earth is still in the center of the universe.
I have know about this since I was a child. As far back as I can remember
it has all ways been so To me Creation and evolution are part of the same
thing. For years going to church I have had real a spiritual battle over
the first five book of the bible. I know there was more to what I was
reading in the bible And was being told to us when we were kids in school
For me was not what was written in the bible that was the problem it was
people lack of understanding of it And What Jesus said about man trying to
sharp what was written in the bible to serve man needs not God. needs It is
a fact when Genesis was being writing the earth was truly billions of years
old. Yet also really only a few years old. It was Gods love for us. That
was is the true reason God created the earth. And why God made the stars in
the sky I remember reading Look up in the night sky and see the wonder of
the lord. It some time really is hard for us to think like the way God
thinks So the first thing we got to do is to realize How we think
When We build a house We build it one brick at a time But if God were to
build that same house God would speak and the whole house would be built
And it would be built all at once When we under stand this We can see how
God can created vast arrears of space and God can do it all at once. But it
dos not tell us why God created time. To be with us And God made the earth
and the stars So God could be with us. God did this So God could walk and
talk with us. We are God children and God is our Abba father God did all
this because God truly loves us.

Автор DrSQUIRRELBOY12 (1 месяц)
I have some religious affiliation but i dont fall for that kind of
bullshit. Big Bang FTW!

Автор Richard Larson (8 месяцев)
Why do I laugh at atheists? Because they don't understand the difference
between water and ice.

Of course, water is only required for life as we understand it. There could
be aliens that drink mercury and breathe sulphur for all we know.

Автор Yuxz Wzxy (8 месяцев)
Don't forget the evolutionists! Those are quite symmetrically stupid and
fanatic about their dogma.

Автор Studio2 Hansel and Gretel (6 дней)
A magical and invisible man in the sky made EVERYTHING because an ancient
book says so - but so do many other ancient stories - -- and each is as
likely as the other.

Автор thatdevilguy (1 месяц)
I remember coming here seven years ago when this had only a handful of
views. Now look at it. Glad people are catching on that religion is from a
different age to what we live in now. Say goodbye to religion.

Автор Tygamerforce (1 месяц)
Okay i can ell you a few things that evolutionists get laughed at about

Автор PulsereaperX (12 дней)
A lot of cherry picked info :/ really disappointed. 

Автор jayfirev (1 месяц)
looking at pictures of atheists i remember christopher hitchens was a
golden dawn member was he not ? of thomas paine and the president that
tried taking credit for commonsense sir jeff . paine was almost hung by
england . what is the masonic god and can that god change the word god 2 a
4 letter word without changing its spelling . the government goon in the
darkmatter picture believe in the religion of thomas paine ? the lady
probably government rapists are sent out to program with fear for years
noticing google adverting me to death . plus jeffery and god are still on
google , she alive ? enough mi6 cia kgb clergy of many religions usually
only create mindless goons that without stealing can be nowhere . sue is
alive and awake no white noice to save me now . 2 bill made for wiping ,
buy .

Автор Kubilay Ertuna (12 дней)
Perfectly spherical orbit!! That is hilarious.

Автор William Findley (28 дней)
I dislike these kind of vids.
They make everyone argue pointlessly.

Автор banana aya playa (3 месяца)
...What would happen if Mars (or any other relatively "habitable" planet
for that matter) were to get pushed into Earth's "habitable" zone?! :O

Автор Jerome Ohlrogge (3 месяца)
"I get laughed at." You're lucky it's only laughter mate! So much stupidty
and ignorance deserves a high five to the face, with a (insert blunt, heavy
object of choice here).

+Thunderf00t Nice Videos. I haven't seen them all yet but am really
enjoying them! Well done. As long as there are people like yourself, there
is hope for humanity!

Автор he11b1ade (2 месяца)
A 33 part video series? I just laugh because they are stupid enough to
believe in something that people tell them is real.

Автор superturkeylegs (2 месяца)
It's possible that Ceres has more water than Earth.

Автор Munkee Rentch (3 месяца)
These are idiots who believe the entire universe was "created" in 6 days,
so of course they'd accept the notion that the Grand Canyon was formed in 5
minutes. They obviously have a really hard time grasping the concept of

Автор Carvalho Negro (5 дней)

Автор JasuTheSnipe (2 месяца)
Im christian and im not a creationist. Here in finland schools dont teach
it and they let us decide what we believe

Автор alex escalante (2 дня)
amazing video sir.

Автор Nicaveli (2 месяца)
Idiots arguing with other idiots, lifes a journey.

Автор Metrionix (18 дней)
Actually... Mars is in he habitable zone even at semi-major. Or at least,
so claims Wikipedia. 

Автор Slyness69 (2 месяца)
Hope you make another one of these Thunderf00t, thoroughly enjoyed them all
so far :)

Автор The Plain Truth (1 месяц)
HAHAHAHA the video barely started and I'm laughing already. People, keep
trying to get creationists to think critically and skeptically, but please
don't get rid of ALL of them. We need some for entertainment.

Автор Zazza (2 месяца)
Man spherical orbits would really complicate things...

Автор Peter Halat (9 месяцев)
Thousands of years old, beginning verses of Psalms 14 and 53 are
specifically for the atheists.

Автор topfuel29 (18 дней)
Love the Science Videos.
Keep up the good work.

Автор Timothy Gill (3 месяца)
I know that the was a world wide flood just as venom fang x does....

Автор Carl Pagan (3 месяца)
*Does anyone STILL think creationism is NOT about the money? IT'S A SCAM
Ken Ham offers you an exciting range of methods to "donate" to his
halfwitted Creation "Museum" (a.k.a. his lavish lifestyle):
*Cash Donation* A one-time gift toward the museum. Help us maintain,
enhance, and expand the Creation Museum. Many new exhibits and programs are
planned for the future, so please *prayerfully* consider the opportunity to
financially partner with us.
*Monthly Answers Partner* Set up an *automatic monthly withdrawal* from
your checking account or credit card.
*Planned Giving* You can give a gift of stock, securities, or real estate
[REAL ESTATE?!?!?]. Or you can set up a charitable remainder trust, gift
annuity, or estate plan to benefit the Creation Museum and *save you tax
dollars!* Call John Pence, Director of Planned Giving, at 800-350-3232,
ext. 483 to discuss these and other strategic giving options! [These
scammers have REALLY got it all worked out.]

Автор theLuigiFan0007 (2 месяца)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAAHAH! That guy is a complete moron. I may be a
Catholic/Christian, but I have to agree with you 100% on this video. THIS
IS WHY THEY ARE LAUGHED AT. Most religious people are complete idiots when
it comes to science and creation. They make ludicrous claims as their
"evidence" to suport their theory. It is people like this (the majority of
Christians) that give the few who actually know what they are talking about
(like me) and are open minded a bad name. They rightfully deserve whay they
get. I personally believe that the Big Bang could have been how God created
the universe. In fact, it is even allowed by the Catholic Church to
believed and studied as so as long as you acknowledge that God wanted that
to happen. But no, NOBODY wants to even consider alternate theories,
because they are so closed minded. Even if they know they could, I higly
doubt they would. I cannot believe how stupid they can be, even I laughed
at this video and think he is stupid for saying such obviously wrong
things. Why would you say something that so blatently ignores HUNDREDS OF
YEARS of research, of whom quite a few PROBABALLY WERE CHRISTIANS. As for
people who don't believe in God, thats fine by me, everyone is entitled to
their own opinion and beliefs. Anyone who says all Atheists go to hell is
wrong, (I believe) God judges people based on wether their actions are
morally good or bad, if God exists Atheists could go to Heaven also. I may
not completely support your point of view, but I highly respect your
knowledge and you as a person. I support all non evil/violent religious
beliefs in their existance as well as Atheists. Everyone just needs to get
together and put their personal beliefs aside to seriously make
advancements, its the only way. Interpret your findings for yourself your
own way, be also allow your findings to criticaly reviewed and corrected if
need be. People need to think LOGICALLY if they want to get anywhere and
not just make themselves look bad. One must learn both sides to everything
whether they like it or not, to truly have an unbiased and accurate source
of information. I will continue to watch your videos (and probabally this
series) because there is a lot of truth and information to get out of it
for me. Thank you for sharing what you know, and your opinion. Have a nice
day, and may you continue to be able to share valuable information.

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