Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1)

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1).

The only people so stupid as to not understand the answer are the creationists themselves.

Many Thanks to Linda for supplying the transcript:

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Автор AmandaNerdBot (2 месяца)
Denying evolution is like denying the Earth is round. It is completely
asinine and crazy.

Автор Daniel Collins (4 месяца)
Religion is fake. When you die your worm food. Deal with it.

Автор James Bondage (2 месяца)
And what created God? ... Precisely. I'll stick with science.

Автор Mannybass (5 месяцев)
Based on the content of this video the correct title should have been why
do people laugh at this particular creationist. I am a creationist and I
don't believe in the things this particular creationist is saying 

Автор Doc Reasonable (29 дней)
Creationists have gay oral sex with their own grandfathers.

Автор Audfile (14 дней)
I'm an atheist but here's ONE THING church gives us as a species that will
be impossible to replicate as a fully atheist society: church gets millions
of people connected, weekly, for generations, to do nothing but vent stress
and feel good, feel unburdened. Think about that, oh hasty atheists.

Автор Brian Andersen (1 месяц)
Ohhh creationists ... :D

Автор Sarah D (1 месяц)
Creationists pull information out of their asses. 

Автор Zazza (5 месяцев)
Man spherical orbits would really complicate things...

Автор andrew sauer (8 месяцев)
Hey atheists, explain this !!!?
so scientists are always talking about dna and how it explains evolution
and then going on and insulting God and saying that He doesnt exist. kk
well lets think about this -- dna stands fo r deoxyribonucleic acid.

hey guys remember that sceicene u were talking about? remember what happens
when u put stuff in acid? it MELTS so if we are made of this dna we would
MELT. stupid atheists, go to church sometime maybe you could learn something

What I love most about this argument is the terrible spelling
and punctuation.
This creationist is bringing down science with second grade logic,
stupidity, ignorance, and a not even wrong conclusion. 

Автор FUDCHOPS2 (2 дня)
I see Clubfoot (sorry Thunderrrrrrf00t) has gathered quite a following
here. Has Dawkins and Hitchens passed the Baton of Pretentiousness to our
narrow-shouldered, bespectacled hero? Deary me. Spending so many hours
fighting against a philosophy he vehemently disputes. Laughable. Word of
advice though for all the non-believers.... Some kids are told by their
parents that they need to wear clean underwear, y'know, 'just in case'.
Well my advice to you heathens would be to ensure you're always wearing
your ASBESTOS pants.......Just in case. [haha] Just kiddin....Take care
y'all. [hahahaha]

Автор jordan huggins (2 месяца)
Please don't take one guys video then make a video saying that every
creationist believes that the canyon was formed in 5 minutes, Most likely a
few weeks. But please you are quick to think we are dumb yet some how think
something like this can happen by chance.

How did the first life evolve without oxygen?
There had to be plants to produce oxygen by photosynthesis.
Yet water has to be present first before plants can grow.
Yet oxygen and hydrogen are needed for water.
But plants are needed to produce Oxygen.
So how did plants grow without water which would have needed oxygen
produced by plants to bond with hydrogen to make water which is needed for
plants to grow?
And without carbon dioxide produced by life how did plants produce oxygen.
Yet plants are needed first to produce oxygen.
But life needs to expire carbon dioxide for plants to fix it into oxygen.
But life needs oxygen to survive.
And oxygen is needed for water which is produced by plants, but the plants
need water to grow.

They would have had to exist within a few days of each other like the bible

So what we have concluded is that God made the heavens and the earth just
like the bible teaches and that the theory of evolution is getting weaker
and weaker. And that is just the first of many problems, how non-living
matter actually managed to arrange itself into the living matter without
intelligence behind it is beyond me. If you believe this all happened my
chance but won’t even consider a God I feel truly sorry for you. Jesus
Christ is king. Repent of your sin. God bless. 

Автор DiViNE iNTRoSpEcTiON (1 месяц)
This is the greatest collection of hilarious christian clips ever
assembled. I thank you Thunderf00t for this taking the time to rebut all
these bullshit creationist claims. I can watch this over and over again
around the clock

Автор Jeana MACHA Atheist (2 месяца)
Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1): http://youtu.be/BS5vid4GkEY

Автор sean sullivan (2 месяца)
Interesting but there is no water or ice on comets ,planet formation is an
unproven theory and the sun is not a nuclear fusion ball of gas . Inflation
theory , black holes and time space, relativity are not supported by good
science they are just ideas created by a priesthood and mystics calling
them selves men of science . Evolution is simply eugenics and is

Автор The Amazin' Zedd (7 месяцев)
Wow. Everything he says is dead wrong. This is what happens when you
never crack a book because you already think you know everything.

Автор TeacherRandall (2 месяца)
after he says "where did all the water come from", Thunderf00t comes up
with, "well there is so much Hydrogen in the universe" which doesn't
actually account for its formation. there are many big mysteries within
our solar system

creationist do their part, by attacking modern day dogma, showing us there
is still much to learn.

Автор Amanda Oliver (15 дней)
Oh, so what these TWO creationists state, account for the knowledge and
understanding of all creationists? I realize this is only part 1, but I
pegged you for someone with a little more tact, Thunderfoot.

Автор Alex Reeves (3 месяца)
~92% hydrogen + 8% helium would make 100%.... so i believe that you should
get the metrics a bit more right first. However, this does not mean i agree
with Creationists. I am simply pointing out that you already have 100% of
the atoms if you did not have oxygen.

Автор lisa lavergne (1 месяц)
i'm surprised that no one pointed out that if Noah even did take 2 animals
of each species then there is not enough biodiversity to keep the
population going. this also counts for Adam and eve 

Автор Jimmy Fickle (1 месяц)
creationist should kill themselves, stupidity is contagious and it spreads 

Автор Fabrice Bizec (29 дней)
it's incredible that christianists try to compete with science, for what ?
: the worldview of the ancients ignoramus backward hebrews

Автор William Hayden (9 месяцев)
One last note before I go. Please reference one documented case of
evolution. Just one. Not theorized fossil records, because we know how
wrong scientists can be concerning fossil records. So for this discussion
don't be stupid and go there. Unless you really want to be told your
stupid. Lets stick to hard science. Now please reference one documented
case of one species changing into another species. For this is at the
heart of the "evolutionists" theory. All organisms evolved from one or
perhaps more than one root organism and over millions of years all known
species living or extinct evolved from them. So we've been observing
evolution long enough now right? According to the laws of evolution it is
happening all the time. You can't stop it. So by now we should have
observed one species evolve into an entirely new species. And please do
not confuse adaptation with evolution. They are not the same thing and are
completely different processes. All species of dogs are an example of
adaptation. Genetic engineering of corn is adaptation. However a dog is
still a dog and corn is still corn and you can't breed dogs with corn or
dogs with cats or for you sickos out there dogs with people. It just
doesn't work. Yet all dogs can still breed with all other breeds of dogs
and corn can still pollinate other breeds of corn assuming they were not
genetically neutered. Back to point. At no time in human history have we
observed one species evolve into another species (E.G. ape to human).
Finally, humans are babies among species. Please explain to me why
Crocodiles, Cockroaches and Mosquitoes are not the dominate intelligent
species? They've certainly had a huge head start on our "evolutionary"
ladder. However Crocodiles, Cockroaches and Mosquitoes remain unchanged
after millions of years of so called evolution. How can this be?
Evolution doesn't just stop for some right? Just some food for thought.

Oh one more, an easy one. What existed before the Big Bang? Anyone know?
I don't, but scientists (or so called scientists) seem to have ALL the
answers... right?

Автор geezusispan (2 месяца)
I could be the universe had a designer, but so far one hasn't been found.
Even if there is/was such a being, it would be nothing like the
Judeo/christian god. That one was obviously created by man.

Автор Brandon A (28 дней)
I get laughed at

Автор Joe Dirt (3 месяца)
Oh my god VenomFang *Face palm*

Автор darkrainbowwOrrier (3 месяца)
Ii think you mean it's ok to laugh at peoples mistakes. Lets not forget
Darwinian evolution was and is riddled with flaws , pranks and straight up
hoaxes. People get so bent out of shape waving there philosophical flags
they forget to keep an open mind . All the evidence in the last five years
points to ID lets wiggle free of dogma and start doing real science not for
status and money sacks, but for the planet and it's people. Thnx for

Автор Sam McLean (1 месяц)
"Spherical orbit".... give me strength.

Автор Carvalho Negro (3 месяца)

Автор Jambapp (4 дня)
Its a pity thunderfuck is obsessed with feminism now and hasnt made a
relevant video for years.

Автор DrSQUIRRELBOY12 (4 месяца)
I have some religious affiliation but i dont fall for that kind of
bullshit. Big Bang FTW!

Автор jeffwhitemedia (4 месяца)
People who believe in intelligent design have never had a toothache.

Автор j. webb (7 часов)
I appreciate the humor :) But this guy probably gets picked on by his own
mother? I think the message you are going for, would have more of an impact
if you challenged a more professional source :)

Автор HireDeLune (1 месяц)
Sending this comment from heaven. Yep, I can control the cursor with my
mind. 2050 technology.

Автор fadjelly (2 месяца)
Creationist ! really, please just stop you're making children grow up to be
halfwits, you are all morons and all your achieving is the CREATION of more
morons...come on, stop it now, own up, your thick you got it wrong, but
it's not too late for you, you can be saved you can learn to accept the

Автор deepinder cheema (1 месяц)
Ok already, you are giving just one young man a hard time with his glib
statements. The rush to put out glibly thought out thoughts on
international media platforms without checks and balances can be considered
baffling especially with scooby doo in the background.

Автор Tommy Victor Buch (2 месяца)
Mind blowing stupidity and ignorance on display here. Great entertainment! 

Автор Travis R. (6 месяцев)
Tides come in, tides go out.. You can't explain that.

Автор william woods (4 месяца)
This guy even looks like a pretentious ignoramus.How often do people look
and sound as stupid as their argument?

Автор Shane Holly (3 месяца)
Ii think you mean it's ok to laugh at peoples mistakes. Lets not forget
Darwinian evolution was and is riddled with flaws , pranks and straight up
hoaxes. People get so bent out of shape waving there philosophical flags
they forget to keep an open mind . All the evidence in the last five years
points to ID lets wiggle free of dogma and start doing real science not for
status and money sacks, but for the planet and it's people. Thnx for

Автор Derek Kunze (2 месяца)
When Science isnt properly taught in schools..we get this.

Автор Pythol (3 месяца)
+darkrainbowwOrrier "Not so much unaware. Most of science is localized
around funding"
So it's a conspiracy?!
"All the evidence in the last five years points to ID "
Ok, give me some examples from the past 5 years of papers supporting
evolution that shouldn't have passed peer review. What papers supporting ID
have been submitted to mainstream journals but didn't survive peer review?

Автор Devon Galley (3 дня)
I had a dream last night that +Thunderf00t came over to my house for an
intellectual conversation, but instead got really stoned and fell asleep on
a bench in my back yard. I don't even own a bench. Weird.

Автор Sekhubara (1 месяц)
Yes I am going to laugh at this Keanu Reeves Look-alike because he said
that nowhere else but on Earth is found Water. Can it be? They found that
Ganymede, one of Jupiter's Moons, has an Ocean with MORE Water than what is
found on Earth!!!!!


Автор roar-a-suaris rex (3 дня)
Fuck this dude there is a God

Автор psyekl (2 месяца)
This kid is so darned famous! I see him everywhere! If he ever gets
intelligent and becomes a skeptic could you imagine the popularity he would
have among us?!

But for now, he'll do as the creationist's poster boy.

Автор Kubilay Ertuna (3 месяца)
Perfectly spherical orbit!! That is hilarious.

Автор OriginallGamer (3 месяца)
I'm a creationist but I hate how non-creationalist pick the most ignorant
people to define a belief

Автор CameraPerson - Main Page (2 месяца)
its why I laugh at them too! 

Автор William Findley (3 месяца)
I dislike these kind of vids.
They make everyone argue pointlessly.

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