Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1)

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1).

The only people so stupid as to not understand the answer are the creationists themselves.

Many Thanks to Linda for supplying the transcript:

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Автор mowi woiyi ( назад)
thank u

Автор mowi woiyi ( назад)
I love this channel I thought everyone was fucking stupid but u give me
motivation to keep nurturing my love of science

Автор Nerd Here ( назад)
As a Christian myself I hate it when IDIOTS try to make IDIOTIC claims. I
do however see parts in science that have over time caused me to question
atheism. I started as an atheist, but much like moving from console to PC I
saw things on my side that just didn't add up and when I looked at the
other side I saw things that made since. I looked at numerous religions and
found Christianity to be the best in scientific explanation and morral
grounding. I questioned how the even most simple thing in life, the cell,
was formed on accident. Look at the complexity of it, it was all just
snappy accident? I thought that for a time, before I questioned it. God
bless America and all of you, regardless of if you believe in Him.

Автор RocketPhoenix ( назад)
"A perfectly spherical orbit"
Hot meme. Of course we all know the Earth is flat and can't have a
spherical anything

Автор JigSaw Arlekin ( назад)
Actually, while this individual happens to be a dumb of the size of a
galaxy, not all of them are dumb. There are stupid ppl in all of believes,
phlosofies, and even those dealing with science as commonly known. I find
generalizing and laughing at the whole community of creationists a bit...
narrow-minded. That doesn't mean I find you narrow-minded, TF, I still
enjoy your videos as a whole but this one... bit to far. I'm not a
creationist, but hey, how do we know what was before the Big Bang? A
concept that an arbitrary force, God for example, has coused BB to happen
is as good as for example Big Bounce theory, or hipermassive black hole
emision. Or a multiverse, whatever. We just don't know. Due to that, I
would be more careful while generalizing and mocking at some religious or
secular theories and believes. What doesn't mean..... that this guy isn't
dumb as hell.....

Автор Savage rants ( назад)
IQ of 0.38 lololol....

there's no water in space.

Автор hiroDaNEET ( назад)
I dropped out of school due to some learning disabilities, but I've slowly
been continuing and I recently started doing physics and chemistry. In the
second volume of the series of physics books (which are fairly small
books), in the early chapters it goes into great detail of the history of
our understanding of the planet's orbits in the solar system. It talks
about the life of Tycho Brahe, Isaac Newton, and others. The fact that the
guy in the video didn't know the orbits are elliptical and not perfect
circles doesn't make much sense. I'm younger than him, and I've never gone
to public school. Why is it that I, an 18 year old who is occasionally
completely incapable of learning something, understand something that's
been common knowledge amongst not just scientists but highschool kids as
well for the past I don't know how many years? I have family and friends
that are religious. I've had Jewish friends, Mormon friends, Christian
friends, my parents are Christian, my sister is Pagan, and for a brief
period of time I was a Buddhist. They're all very smart people, that all
know the orbit of our planets is elliptical. You'd have to be a special
kind of stupid -- even more than me -- to know as little as the man
featured in this video.

Автор Code Connection ( назад)
Thunderfoot, a quick science question for you ignoring this creationist
moron. Not interested in debating I want to learn something here. I guess I
can good it as well but I thought Uranus was a gas giant. I actually
thought all the planets except Pluto (which I am calling a planet so fuck
off Neil De Grasse Tyson) outside the Mars orbit were all gas giants. If so
how can there be... or did you mean H20 in the gaseous state (i.e. steam)?

Автор Kenik Kress ( назад)
Well the grand canyon is above sea level, which means that if the world
were covered in water only for tectonic movement to press some of the land
above it you have the upraised pit.
Once one of the walls broke it'd only be a matter of time before the whole
thing drained.
Further the canyon itself is not the shape any flow of water would
reasonably move, since water moves downhill you'd need "downhill" to change
directions constantly for some time to get all the points that the place

Автор Al Ranucci ( назад)
Garbage arguments. But please, lets keep on with picking on kids and at all
costs avoid the scholars.

Автор FontuneTheTeller ( назад)
Please don't judge all creationists on the count of this dumb chick and Ken
Ham... Trust me, we know better.

Автор Sandwich McNugget ( назад)
stop calling religeon an alternative to science, its not. its an
alternative to logic

Автор Sufficient ( назад)
This is some classic content

Автор scRam Jet ( назад)
1:53 the water on for example comets is different from the one on earth. so
here they are probably talking about the water that is on earth.

Автор scRam Jet ( назад)
0:35 you are wrong, the water is filling from all directions, not only from
the beginning so the length of the thing has nothing to do with it.

Автор Arahantius Detache ( назад)
It would be interesting to study creationists to discover how their minds
work. Maybe we could cure them and eliminate the problem of humans trying
to bring the rest of us down. Quite possibly the resulting answer could
cure the need for religion when it is so clearly false.

Автор Hilary Fox ( назад)
creationist are retards

Автор TheVikingSkater ( назад)
In my opinion, a legend was born on this day (9/8/07). His arguments now
are far superior, but nonetheless, it all stemmed from this, his first
video arguing against religion.

Автор Staarrliner49 ( назад)
I believe God created the universe, but I also don't think earth is the
only planet in the entire universe capable of sustaining life.

Автор Nathan Carrier ( назад)
Considering that water is composed of 2 hydrogene atoms and 1 oxigene atom
and that those element are respectively the most common element in the
universe and the 3rd most common element in the universe we can safely
guess that water is prety much everywhere.

Автор Dominik MJ (opinionated alchemist) ( назад)
We have to make one thing clear - while popular scientific theories are
widely agreed on (that doesn’t make them proven or not proven),
creationists are far less agreeing with specific widespread theories.
You cant take any random “opinion” and disprove it - that doesn’t make the
overall philosophy void.
I am probably as much a creationist as Einstein was (God played dice) - I
don’t believe in a very literal simplistic world which is 10,000 years old.
However I do think (and I used not believe out of a reason), that our world
is more than a coincidence. And I believe that most people (even a lot of
scientists) are using science wrong.

Автор Aldo Marazzi ( назад)
Thunder are you actually creationist?
-1 sub

Автор Mitchell Stalker ( назад)
It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.
-Adolf Hitler

Автор James Jordan ( назад)
Many creationists are ignorant. And/or stupid. They often make me cringe.
They give people who do believe in intelligent design a bad name.

Автор Dargomirescu Gabriel ( назад)
if your proofs are paintings from nasa...:) well...you are a stupid
guy...all pictures nasa give's u are CGI...meaning..computer generated

Автор VHS Headlines ( назад)
Woah the mic quality...

Автор Toby Jarvais ( назад)
You get laughed at because you believe that shit. We humans made it all up.
Suprise! we made up every book and other thing a bout every religeon! Every

Автор Sonny NE ( назад)

Автор manuellopez1956 ( назад)
Well, at least he didn't say the Sun revolves around a flat Earth...

Автор Some Guy :p ( назад)
You aren't making this series anymore?

Автор bear bros ( назад)
Because they're stupid

Автор Sarah Norton ( назад)
Old Thunderfoot videos popping up on my suggested videos! Oooohhh shit I'm
running out of new YouTube!

Автор Justin Morgan ( назад)
This is why...if you believe in a creator...you should educate yourself
before presenting your argument. You have every right to believe and argue
that God exists, but don't argue your point out of ignorance.

Автор Dan Mitchell ( назад)
Creationists are indeed laughable if they think no water exists elsewhere.
It is one of the most simple, universal and ubiquitous chemical compounds
in our universe.

Автор WWZenaDo ( назад)
Soooooo... If the Grand Canyon on Earth was formed within 5 minutes by a
global flood caused by an all-of-3,000-years-old Abrahamic god, then what
caused Valles Marineris on Mars, which is ten times longer & five times
deeper than Earth's Grand Canyon? On a planet with almost NO liquid water?

Note to YouTubers - yes, I'm aware of the scientific explanation for the
existence of Valles Marineris , but creationists aren't likely to know

Автор Gussamuel ( назад)
So I'm missing the point here. What's the definition of a creationist? I'm
a Christian, does that relate?

Автор Broken Heart Martinez ( назад)
Thunderf00t what are your thoughts about creationist? yeah you found an
ignorant man who speaks things he clearly just invented, but what do u
think about the concept that we were made? that there might have been a
huge flood? I have seen many teachers teach evolution and making fun jokes
about creationism but i still dont find concrete material to classify it as
"bullshit" i mean yeah 5 min grand canyon its a stupid thing but in the
bible..... the flood dint take 5 min so there might be some truth on it. So
i would like to known what is your take on the matter? What do u agree
with? what u dont agree with?

Автор Dmitriy Lebedev ( назад)
The only point to (religious) faith is the resolve to hold onto an agreed
upon belief against any and all evidence, or reason, against it. It has no
other utility. If there were sufficient evidence or reason to support a
belief, it wouldn’t require faith to be believed.

Knowing this, you are therefore wasting your time to argue the content of
any belief held in faith. For instance, it does no good to argue whether
Adam & Eve were real. It does no good to argue if there was a world-wide
flood, or if Jesus ascended to heaven, creationism, or if God is Jehovah.

You’re wasting your time. Let it go! There is no point to arguing the
truthfulness of scripture with a faithful believer. Your reasoning and
arguments can be logically flawless; that fact unfortunately remains
utterly irrelevant!

The believer does not hold a belief in faith because he believes it true
(or logical), but rather the believer holds a belief in faith because that
was the AGREEMENT s/he made, and promised to keep.

Dorian Greer

Автор Hairysteed ( назад)
There is more water on Europa than on Earth

Автор Physicorum est valde This is Latin ( назад)
Wait titan? I thought that was just europa. Doesn't titan have a methane

Автор Tatesa Spirit ( назад)
Where did the creationist get his data?

Автор gizzy nc ( назад)
you will HAVE to do 1 about the flat earth crackpots. lol

Автор Francis Naughton ( назад)
OG leafyishere

Автор suddenlyitsobvious ( назад)
Ha ha ha, the mindset of the programmed egotist, the human resource drone,
whose very sense of identity is defined by... what he is not.
Oppositionality is the sole reference. Particularly cringing is the
schizophrenic concomittant cultist adulation of Science, which is invested
with soteriological implications, shrouded in an another-worldly aura of
Divine Knowledge... This is of course raping the spirit of science itself,
which indeed is today moribund...

Автор THATMOFODIRT ( назад)
Yeah, Science, Bitch

Автор Jan Sitkowski ( назад)
Also WOW he meant LIQUID WATER not H2O wow, how stupid thunderfoot was 9
years ago, to NOT understand it.

DISCLAIMER : I'm not creationist. I just so happen to know a bit about

Автор Jan Sitkowski ( назад)
You know that water CAN travel faster than sound during tsunami? Not in way
that could allow creating grand canyon, but it makes that guy story more
credible. And still GREAT FLOOD has nothing to do with creationism.

Автор Captain Smartass ( назад)
creationists are idiots

Автор Nicola Park ( назад)
Good video still as relevant today as when it was 1st aired . Still too
many idiot's around .

Автор Culo Tetas y Panocha ( назад)
So...atheists fancy themselves some yummy soup? Hahahahaha!

Автор D'evil Boy ( назад)
Picture of a shining rabbit and the name "Thunder foot"... WHAT did i just
subscribe to?

Автор the weebs are coming ( назад)
I believe in god but i can't understand people that think that earth is
6000 years old

Автор Linux Fanboy (Youtube Villain) ( назад)
that mic

Автор -paghysaroth- ( назад)
Old but gold <3

Автор Yan Wong ( назад)
you don't find specs of water in space because they freeze in space and
people take it to put in their drinks... duh

Автор Neil Gupta ( назад)
2:21 Thought that was a pixelated dick.

Автор Joseph de Maistre ( назад)
It is no accomplishment to find stupid people in any group of any size.

Автор badvagirl ( назад)
does anyone know of something that can create itself?

Автор Magical Miscarriage ( назад)
but im a creationist....

Автор chuck other ( назад)
here's how the creationists figure the great flood covered all land , ready
? they believe that there were no mountains then !!!!!! get it earth was
just a large big flat plain -- no regards to geologic record

Автор Redskull1900 ( назад)
2007 youtube was golden, Now its all about drama instead of proving morons
wrong with complete logic.

Автор Cello Man ( назад)
Just because there are some stupid creationist making claims which aren't
said in the bible doesn't mean that all are stupid.

Автор RESPICE FINEM ( назад)
mars surveillance probe found signs of water on earth, ok! you believe in
NASA hoax and you call us idiots. There are more dogmas in your science
religion than in even ancient mythology, you fools. I will do my best to
expose and bring your religion down. That's a promise.

Автор MaximusArurealius ( назад)
Thundermouth, creationists are a threat to you aren't they? hahahahahahaha
Whether there's water on Mars or not is irrelevant to creationism.

You try to give evolution the credit for things that science has given us.
Science is divided into hard applied science and theoretical science. You
evotards are always bragging about how science has produced so many
benefits for mankind. You imply that as proof of how great evolution is.
FACT IS that hard applied science is what produces the benefits while
theoretical science achieves nothing useful. It's a field where scientists
can strut around and act as if they are important and have made great
advances while the only thing they have is the license to bullshit.

The only real advances for theoretical scientists is in the universities
where they can make advances on the female student population by bribing
them with good grades. AND THAT'S A KNOWN FACT

Автор MaximusArurealius ( назад)
People don't laugh at creationists. I my whole life I have never heard
anyone laughing about creationism or creationists. So all you have here is
a logical fallacy that you can't even back up.

You call that an argument? Do you have any idea how many discoveries in
science would have never happened if the investigator was worried about
some idiot laughing at him? Laughing is one of the major tools of peer
pressure. It's used by lazy incompetent, know-nothing, do-nothing
scoundrels like you who have nothing and promote bullshit as science. So
since you have nothing more than the threat of laughing at someone you
should just move on and quit embarrassing yourself.

Автор Ray Sharky ( назад)
Subscribes yesterday, unsubsriced today after this. Debate on this topic
face to face you pussy. What one creationist said does not represent all of
creationist theory of that damn topic.

This is also just creationist bashing and not debating.

Автор Dominic Sanchez ( назад)
You get videos made by the dumbest people from the opposing view point and
argue against them.

Автор samed halafi ( назад)
I am a muslim, but my knowledge about the universe is actually WAY higher
than that of the guy in the video. This guy is just making people who
believe in god look like idiots...

Автор Negative Minded ( назад)
Why we didn't sterilize them at birth?

Автор Riley Newton ( назад)
Thunder foot, I'm disappointed. I normally love your vids. They're so good!
Debunking stuff is so funny. But taking a stupid clip of one creationist,
and then saying all creationists are stupid is just dumb. This video
doesn't represent every view of creationists and is simply foolish.

Автор henry tingle ( назад)
who is that dude in the video

Автор Wacky Tic Tac ( назад)
I'm religious but at east I accept the basic facts of science...I mean
common sense

Автор IllicitGreen ( назад)
they both make such good cases!

Автор Lemon Chief ( назад)
"I get laughed at" - A random idiot in 2007
"You're sexisist" -A random idiot in 2014
Now that's evolution.

Автор deadfish45films ( назад)
Not all creationists are stupid though...

Автор Jack Sainthill ( назад)
Watching this series again, from years back when, because:
1. It's great;
2. Nowadays, Thunderf00t's new videos bang on boringly about feminism far
too much.

Автор Dave Dumas ( назад)
@Thunderf00t i have a question do you think the youtuber kingkrocoduck is
venomfangx i think it is the same guy

Автор Jordan Evans ( назад)
Star ratings. Now we know were in ancient territory.

Автор Clay ( назад)
Yikes. Pick on somebody your own size, Thunderf00t. This guy is not a great
(or even remotely well educated) representation of biblical creationist
viewpoints. But I guess it's easy to appear right when you don't have
anything really challenging your viewpoints.

Автор stephenmartinez1 ( назад)
"If we were 5% closer to the sun we would cook like Venus" -- creationist
Venus is hot not because it's closer to the sun, but because it's
atmosphere is extremely thick and almost entirely carbon dioxide. This
creationist is fucking stupid

Автор James Smith ( назад)
Liquid water found on Mars officially

Автор James Smith ( назад)
Liquid water found on Mars officially

Автор James Smith ( назад)
Liquid water found on Mars officially

Автор Srpcel ( назад)
For one thing, the creationist kid being made fun of here is pretty sad.
He's hardly a worthy opponent in the argument for creationism.

Автор TheRedTailShark ( назад)
I get laughed at

Автор Chunky Love ( назад)
Just A bunch of stupid assholes that refused to look at logical things
there is no God and if there is he is not from this planet right which
would make him an alien we were all engineered and put here by a much more
technologically advanced race that engineered us not some guy who performed
miracles and parted the sea and did a bunch of unrealistic stupid shit, and
people you believing God and all the crap he did do you think there's A
real hairy Potter land where they fly around on broomsticks and use magic
to you must if you believe in all the other stupid crap in the Bible

Автор Sweet Cube ( назад)
1:50 But is drinkable water? or toxic?

Автор Tylor K ( назад)
We can tell that the whole earth was covered in water at one point or
another. Utah is a good example of this, look at the arches, the rock
formations. There are even water lines on a lot of these mountains.

Автор Admiral Attila ( назад)
Ah creationists. They just want to be a super special snowflake in the

Автор James JAH Avey ( назад)
Is this the way scientists prove that they are clever? How clever is it to
waste millions of pounds proving that there is water in space when millions
are dying of thirst on earth who needs such clever science? 1 Corinthians
3:19, 20For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God, for it is
written: “He catches the wise in their own cunning.” And again: “Jehovah
knows that the reasoning's of the wise men are futile.”

Автор Релёкс84 ( назад)
"a votebot has dumped over 15'000 one-star ratings on this channel"

Thanks for reminding that i'm old.

Автор agchains78543 ( назад)
Yeah, this guy is a dumb ass. Please don't use him as a representation of
all Creationists.

Автор cogsys cogent ( назад)
I don't care what they believe, I care that they try to inject it into
scientific discourse.

Автор Mouse GrayEagle ( назад)
My father was Cheyenne/Lakota and my mother is a devoted Advent Christian.
I have a strong belief in God and the spiritual world. I have no trouble
believing, through what I have experienced in my own life, that our world
and universe were created by an intelligent force. I also believe strongly
in science and the scientific method and I have no trouble believing that
evolution, physics, chemistry, etc are the processes through which God
works. I also realize that we have only just scratched the surface in our
understanding of of the creator: God, the created: Universe, and the method
of creation: Science. Yet it still pains me to see self professed people of
religion being so blatantly and willfully ignorant of the physical world.

Автор Red ( назад)
I'm vegan

Автор Bejoy Pradeep ( назад)
Holy shit...this video is ancient

Автор Hussain iqbal ( назад)
but how big bang

Автор Histbuff1 ( назад)
I'm hearing that Jupiters atmosphere could be full of water. Would be
interesting to see what Juno discovers

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