Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1)

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1).

The only people so stupid as to not understand the answer are the creationists themselves.

Many Thanks to Linda for supplying the transcript:

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Автор Y2Kvids ( назад)
I learned something new today

Автор Benjamin Beasley ( назад)
Anyone whose specialty is astrophysics or astrology etc will know more than
someone who primarily studies the word of God. However, I've never heard a
PHD in those subjects who happens to be a Christian make such ignorant
claims. So you're debating a straw man.

Автор JACJoe ( назад)
I'm confused, is this a Creationist Channel or a Science Channel?

Автор KaninchenVideo Productions ( назад)
wow... the good old times, when we had no hq pictures of pluto

Автор Monkey Jesus ( назад)
Wow to see that pluto picture from then to now.

Автор Jason Kieffer ( назад)
Just gonna point out that in order for us to cook like Venus we would have
to be approximately 7,500,000,000 meters closer to the sun, or 7,500,000
kilometers closer. Which is over 588 earth's in diameter. This is all rough
since there are times where earth is closer to the sun and farther due to
the elliptical orbit, but it remains mostly the same

So that 5% is huge as fuck. We could handle being a lot closer to the sun
and still be fine

Автор Michael Jones :DogBiscuit: ( назад)
What a bunch of fucking morons.

Автор Darth Revan Peace Is A Lie ( назад)
Some people are just ignorant and it's sad that call themselves Christians
sad just sad😑

Автор teslavate ( назад)
No, you get laughed at in about 5 seconds FOR 5 minutes. What a Ultra
Maroon, what a Imbasile!

Автор Adam Halliday ( назад)
They all stupid

Автор Captain Rednek ( назад)
Wonderful cheery picking.

Автор HCN 27.0253g/mol ( назад)
What is the title of that video?

Автор Jorge Salaber ( назад)
creationist exposed (gone sexual) (gone regicidal)

Автор Emilio Perez ( назад)
i dont get the attitude towards creationists and i am a creatonist, if you
are athiest or satanist for that matter i will respect your opinion, the
problem isnt creationists, the problem is extremists whos life goal is to
be an unwarranted preacher. i am not toi heavy into christianity but its
something i feel is for me, and if uts not for you then i dont care, live
your life and ill live mine.

Автор Kaveonne Dearmon ( назад)
well if God is all powered it's probably not out of his power to make it
move 5 times faster than the speed of sound. that seems like a small feat
for an all powered being.

Автор John Pacella ( назад)
The creationist teenager reminds me of my douchebag nephew...studied to be
a catholic priest BUT then met a woman while a t seminary and chucked his
"calling" for a random chick (also an ultra conservative) he knew for 2
months. Typical...hypocrite.

Автор 1mprint ( назад)
Actually it has been known that the planetary orbits are elliptical for
over 2000 years ...as the Antikythera Mechanism included accurate
elliptical planetary orbits in its implementation.

Автор Scott Bennet ( назад)
Was it really necessary to include the Grand Canyon filling in 5 minutes
guy? I feel that's really a biblical or otherwise scholarly supported fact.
Please pick smarter people to criticize. I thought you were better than

Автор M. Heedes ( назад)
Worldwide flood you say? hahahahahaha

Автор Justin Whitt ( назад)
You are a moron thunderfoot

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)

Автор UnboxSurge ( назад)
I feel sorry for these people they get tought this info and for the rest of
their lives they see this as fact.

Автор Michael Dennis ( назад)
Stupid christard fucker.

Автор Jy Mackenzie ( назад)

Автор Boredfan Gerrude ( назад)
Sigh I expected more from you Thunderfoot, even if it an old video. Saying
what is and isn't the most common molecule in the universe is utter
arrogance! We have been to every tiny part of the universe, we barely know
anything about little corner of it and to make a statement that we know
something like that under these circumstances is nothing but ignorance and
arrogance. Ever thought that our solar system may be unusual or abnormal
compared to the rest of the galaxy or the universe? Do not make blanket

Автор Furlow Torent ( назад)
I know this is really old video, but I still laughed ass off as it's first
time seeing it. Even as a little kid back in 80's, I knew about water on
planets. If anything, Pluto was always being told to be the Ice planet.
What does he think Ice is made of? I wonder if you were to talk to that guy
now, would he admit he was dumb or would he still think this?

Автор Max Smith ( назад)
I REALLY wish other Christians wouldn't take the bible, especially, the Old
Testament, so literally

Автор holywar911 ( назад)
you cant proof any of this

Автор Ewan Duff ( назад)
Honestly half the people in ur video don't do their research and quit
frankly as a creationist I feel that these fools are the reason we get
laughed at and it is so stupid that they don't even look up any of these
facts there morons

Автор Martian Manhunter ( назад)
TAI FUCKING LOPEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор kenp3L ( назад)
I am not a creationist, but I must note that the theme of your video is
based upon a logical fallacy. It is called the fallacy fallacy and takes
the form: Argument A in support of Proposition X is faulty, therefore,
Proposition X is false. Just because the idiot shown here is an idiot does
not *per se* disprove creationism.

Автор AJZulu ( назад)
That guy is a moron.

Автор AJZulu ( назад)
That's just the thing. Water, or just Hydrogen, is one of the most abundant
freaking things out there. How can there NOT be water on other planets?

Автор joiion913 ( назад)
"I get laughed at I'm about 5 minute" LOL

Автор Tero Timonen ( назад)
Jeebus did it!

Автор Scudo Evangelico ( назад)
People laugh at creationists because they are just reprobate who fulfill
the prophecy of Peter on scoffers.

2Peter 3:3 knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days,
walking according to their own lusts, 4 and saying, “Where is the promise
of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as
they were from the beginning of creation.” 5 For this they willfully
forget: that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth
standing out of water and in the water, 6 by which the world that then
existed perished, being flooded with water. 7 But the heavens and the earth
which are now preserved by the same word, are reserved for fire until the
day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

Автор FlorelaFTW ( назад)
I can't believe that this vid is 8 years old lol.

Автор Von Milash ( назад)
I am a Christian, a creationist. But I have a master's degree in chemistry.
I, like thunderfoot, am a scientist. but I will be honest when I say that
there are a lot of embarrassing creationists out there who believe and say
the stupidest things, some of which being based on things they haven't the
slightest clue about. Ie, science. But I use REAL scientific observations
to support my beliefs. I look at things I am formally educated in . the DNA
double helix, complex biological systems, protein structure, entropy,
chirality in nature, etc, and I look at my ten frustrating years of drug
discovery research and master's level research in organic synthesis where
it seemed nearly impossible to get two molecules to form one bigger
molecule despite being under the strictest laboratory controls and
theoretical certainty. (I also have an MBA in finance and am studying
towards a CPA... ie career change. ) Yet nature just happened to produce
all these complex structures and biological pathways where they all work
together to make life possible? Not likely. From a strict scientific
viewpoint, I have no idea how God is possible. But I do believe in him.
Because NOTHING else we can observe, including out very own existence, is
scientifically possible either. I will close with a quote from humanist and
atheist Kurt Vonnegut, in his novel hocus pocus, on the embryology of the
human eye : "no combination of time and luck could have produced a camera
that excellent, not even if the quantity of time had been one trillion
years ! How is this for an unsolved mystery ?"

Автор tony Stone ( назад)
Why laugh at creationists, if they are wrong and you are right try to keep
your dignity, you was hurt when people made fun of you, and were happy in
your misfortune, if you mock them you are as nasty as those that mocked

Автор KosmicSailor96 ( назад)
Perfectly spherical orbit around our star.

Автор Danan Butler ( назад)
The only word the kid forgot was "liquid" with respect to water. And if
this is the person you pick to debate as an expert, you are as misinformed
as he is.

Автор Adam Ant ( назад)
Oh come on. There are better things to do in this world than pick on
There's enough dickheads out there, stop bothering the nice people.

Sinking to this level only because the Jewish media has made it the "in"
thing to pick on Christians is just stupid.

I am not saying I agree, I am not religious.

I just think there are better things to debate. We have real problems in
this world and differing theories on our beginning isn't one of them.

Stop this crap, you are above it.

Автор mathis8210 ( назад)
Ahh, the good old times, when calling out idiots was as easy as dividing
the length of the grand canyon by 5 minutes :D

Автор CartoonrBOY ( назад)
Language evolved without science and as a result it cannot adequately
describe the scale of the universe. The Earth is 6000 years old and Moses
lived to be 120 years old! Wow!

1000 years ago these numbers sounded vast. Today, the fact that they are so
far off the best estimates of 4.5 billion tells me something about
religious claims such as these.

We are more educated now and can easily conclude that a 6000 years old
planet is not very old at all. The fact the Bible claims this indicates it
was fiction and was created to impress the primitive minds of the time. It
doesn't wash anymore.

Автор CartoonrBOY ( назад)
Erm - mind if I laugh at your ignorance you mupet - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Автор therobotchickenMLP ( назад)
If the orbit isn't perfectly circular, then why would we freeze if we were
an inch farther away from the sun? Checkmate.

Автор Squiddy ( назад)
Holy shit, I didn't know Thunderf00t went all the way back to 2007 like
this :0

Автор Scudo Evangelico ( назад)
When a creationist argument have a mistake inside, this does not mean that
creationism is totally false, just that error must be corrected. Be smart
and do not use never again this shittiest straw man arguments :) I must
teach you how to think and learn.

Автор Scudo Evangelico ( назад)
This is a false problem, because is irrelevant in that time has formed the
Grand Canyon. If they are not five minutes, five days or five weeks. What
matters is that they are not millions of years because the earth has only
6000 years. Repent from your ignorance and use your mind to Learning truth
in sincere way.

Автор Muhammad A. ( назад)
There are stupids from both sides, just saying.

Автор A Dalek ( назад)
Pfffft, the Grand Canyon can be created in 5 minutes... Just keep eating
until you have a gigantic asscrack.

Автор Trashy Novel ( назад)
I might be the first person to point out the Scooby Doo doll in the
background. I suspect he was quite an asset when VenomFangX was building
his case for creationism.

Автор Poppet Cooky ( назад)
I don't think we have been to space so laugh at me or prove it to me.

Автор GFDSD FSDFS ( назад)
This religious idiots never change..

Автор Eli Child ( назад)
Helium forms excimers usually from ionized states, and the Earth's orbit
around the sun is a vortex elliptic as the sun is moving dragging the earth
through the solar system. Creationists are simple in mind, they shouldn't
be attacked, they need their beliefs or else they would go crazy. Same
thing with most scientists as well. Most scientists generally accept the
large expansion from central point assumption, and yet we cannot find it(as
of yet) nor can we accurately assess the shape of the universe, or whether
there is an end to it. Indeed, we may be located in a small galactic
neighborhood pocket of condensed matter, where outside of it there is
merely a lack of energy until the next pocket and so on infinitum. There
may have been no true expansion point, but rather something else altogether
as time may not have existed until the energy "cooled down" so to speak to
form recognizable fermion and other particle pairs. Or maybe there were
several expansion points located far away from each other, or maybe there
was an infinite sea of infinite undifferentiated energy and some pockets
collapsed dimensionally into our lower energy lower dimensionalized
universe instead of expanding out of nothing. There is too much speculation
on what may have happened in the early beginnings to assume either a
creator or no creator as our logic evolved or was created from our
environment at a later time in the universe that we are not able to
consider all the possibilities as we still are discovering new ways to view
the universe( gravitational waves for example).

Автор john nemeth ( назад)
I see this video is a bit old. but...maybe just saying you disagree or
don't subscribe to any religion would be a better argument than sighting
science that is unknown to base your "facts" upon lol

Автор Me Thos ( назад)
If water is the second most common molecule in the universe, then where's
all the life? Because water is the basis for all life, or so science tells
us. So where's the men on the moon? And how come our whole system is a
devoid barren rock aside from this single planet that just so happens to be
at the perfect distance from the perfect type of sun, to give the perfect
conditions for life? Science teaches that the universe is a random
coincidental chaotic system that seemingly sprang out of nothing. So where
did all the water come from? And how come this planet is the only one in
this system that supports life? Evolution and science cannot explain how,
out of a random coincidence big bang, this planet was perfectly situated at
the perfect angle to the perfect sun that gives rise to life.

Science can't answer the big questions. Never has been able to, never will
be able to, no matter how advanced we get. Science can't put another man on
the moon, due to the radiation problem, yet science is absolutely adamant
that the scientific reasoning about the universes creation is absolute
fact, lol. When it's nothing of the sort. Science, at best is another cult
based on superstitions, half truth, and mostly, blind faith. Science tells
us the Earth has a molten core, yet the furthest anyone has ever drilled
down is 8 miles. Nowhere near the center of the Earth, so to state it has a
molten core is unproven assumption, at best. Yet it's taught in every
school on Earth as absolute fact that the Earth as a molten core without
the slightest bit of evidence to back that up.

PS, I'm not religious or a "creationist" whatever one of those is, I
believed in science. I saw all the star trek films ffs.

Автор m1 Garand ( назад)
92+8+.x doesn't equal 100%

Автор jjonestowne ( назад)
nuh-uh, NOT elliptical!! it's FOOTBALL-shaped!! AMERICAN football-shaped!!

Автор jjonestowne ( назад)
nuh-uh, UR anus!

Автор james Keeling ( назад)
Why did the creationist cross the road? cos LIES LIES AND MORE LIES! lol

Автор james Keeling ( назад)
but God DID CREATE THE UNIVERSE! I have a funny book that tells me so lol.

Автор Au Comet HD ( назад)
How his quality has increased from this. Still good video though.

Автор paskwawi2007 ( назад)
Know what I discovered about life. Doesnt matter how much intelligence you
have. You will never know until you die.

Автор JESUSis LORD ( назад)
So I guess you have proven that the bible actually teaches young earth
creationism (YEC)??? Creationism although skeptics would love such to be
true is not confined to what Ken Ham teaches silly. Google "Old Earth
Creationism" or what I believe the bible was most likely communicating in
Genesis "Literary Framework Theory" Its been taught by Christians many say
since the 2nd century yet ignored when skeptic try to critique the bible.
Thus they are really arguing a straw man when they use one interpretation
to "laugh at creationist" I respect YEC and enjoy reading their work but
these questions cannot be answered by scripture. If they believe science
says its a young earth after all then argue the science. The bible simply
does not communicate the alignment of the planets or give us a chronology
of creation, the age of the earth etc. Neither does it tell us the flood
was global in respects to the entire globe. Again its a STRAW MAN to argue
you have defeated the bible based on opinions of YEC's.

Автор Encoun2er ( назад)
The only good Christian, is a liberal Christian.

Автор Rob Dray ( назад)
Half of earths water was from an asteroid made of ice crashing here

Автор Prakriti ( назад)
This guy is wrong. Some people Christian or not are naive

Автор Ant1G3rm_ ( назад)
Idiots. Btw dont attack me the fact I am calling him an idiot has nothing
to do with me being Muslim oh crap Ted Cruz don't kill me!

Автор James G ( назад)
Kim Jung II Killed 4 Million people he was an atheist, so that means all
atheists believe it is okay to kill 4 Million people? *You're using a
fucking kid to debunk what 5/5 creationists don't believe.*

Автор Peter von Feldt ( назад)
the grand Canyon was formed in five minutes due to a worldwide flood. that
fact neither disproves evolution nor creation. you can find fossils all
over the globe. Even in deserts.

Автор Jordan Shaw ( назад)
Ok I don't j now much but I know, oxygen isn't the third most found

Автор 村正3世 ( назад)
remember, all religious people

science is finding facts and coming up to conclusions

religion/pseudoscience is coming up to conclusions and looking for facts.

science is neutral

religion is ideal

Автор DaemonZec ( назад)
wouldn't the orbit in PCS example be considered circular?.. you know, grade
3 geometry

Автор Aaron Mcphee ( назад)
because they deserve to be laughed at.

Автор gassag ghsdfghsd ( назад)
He looks like anthony padilla

Автор David Sebastian ( назад)
There's some stupid motherfuckers walking around in this country.

Автор Andrew Todaro ( назад)
This young creationist is such an idiot!

Автор Indrid Cold ( назад)
Obviously! you will be laught at.
From where the water comes from? where does it goes after the flood?

Автор Ahren W ( назад)
2:37 so what he is saying is that the ISS has no water on it and the earth
also isn't in space

Автор Adel ( назад)
encyclopediadramatica anyone?

Автор Shawn Smith ( назад)
If the grand canyon were created by the flow of money coming out of the
fed, it could have been formed in 5 minutes.

Автор DaaaahWhoosh ( назад)
I want to say that not all creationists are like this, but whenever I try
to find good creationist arguments all I end up doing is finding more
reasons to strangle creationists. I hold out belief that good creationist
arguments exist, but without evidence I really can't support this claim. If
only creationists understood this.

Автор Cameron Putt ( назад)
Watching this in front of my creationist parents, like a boss. I'm an
atheist, you can't beat science.

Автор GMMReviews ( назад)
Don't judge all "creationists" on some stupid people on the Internet. We're
not feminists, we're not ALL this stupid. I read a lot of scientific
studies and discoveries all the time. Most of these just prove to me how
perfect our universe is, and how unlikely it is that it was all created by
some "random" explosion. The bible has a lot of truth in it, but it is one
thing.. it's old.. very very old. It's been translated hundreds of times
throughout history, and a lot of the scriptures may have been lost in
translation over the years. There's a scientific reason for almost
everything. But I bet nobody can give me a scientific reason as to why my
friend who was blind most of her life because she was shot in the eye with
a staple gun, was healed at a Christian conference when receiving prayer.
Her doctor couldn't find any scientific evidence. In fact he became a
Christian after he witnessed it himself.

Автор ky ( назад)
Does anyone know where to find this video?

Автор Casper Ghost ( назад)
Luv your vids man...I'm gonna watch everyone of them. The internet is a
great source-tool but it has brought out a lot of "loons" who really should
have stayed in their basements, quietly mumbling to themselves. I have not
seen so much paranoia,....ever !

Автор Zx Spectrum ( назад)
Ironically, there have been giant floods where huge canyons were dug out in
very short periods of time, check out the scablands on earth and mars,
records of where huge lakes held behind ice dams flooded out over a few
days. Nothing to do with idiotic creationism but interesting, especially
the detective story that lead to scablands being understood geologically.

Автор rebullet00 ( назад)
I'm a creationist and i would laugh at this guy as well. I just wish that
people would find representation of creationists from a person with some
grounding in the things they preach. there are a myriad of things that the
bible says that also coincide with scientific discoveries. I can give a
couple of reasons why the flood was a likely event in the past and i will
not bring up any kind of scripture to make my case.

Автор Drason Vender ( назад)
I'm a Christian and even I agree Creationists are fucking retarded

Автор Politicalunrest Productions (Politicalunrest2004) ( назад)
So... Your refuting creationists who are trying to prove the literal nature
of every verse in the book of genesis in the Bible? Okay... I could have
done that for you, and can get behind that. Now, i'm religious, i'm LDS
(Mormon), my church teaches that God is kind of the greatest scientist in
all of existence... So really nothing in "science", or the various studies
and discoveries of the truth about the physical universe really contradicts
what i believe, only informs it. Heck, were instructed to search out the
good and true things out of the best books of highest repute, to use
phrasing from our scripture... My point is this i suppose. From the
information in this video, and the tone of the video, and knowing that the
video's maker is atheist, i think its rather well done! I must say, i'm
impressed. Its not often that you get this kind of intellectually accurate
and honest refutation of this particular brand of stupidity, without the
author / maker of the video throwing all religion under the bus "Throwing
the baby out with the bathwater" so to speak.

So for that, Thunderf00t I say, thank you. We may disagree as to the
metaphysical nature of the universe (whether it has one...), but on this,
and from looking at your feminist video's probably most issues, we are on
the same side.

Автор Garion Chankersingh ( назад)
the generalizations toward creationists are about as cancerous as me basing
all my statements on atheists from the faggots who claim to be atheists,
proceed to insult everybody who isn't an atheist yet knows as much about
what they're insulting or even what they stand for as Patrick fucking star
if he was real in all of his stupidity

Автор Ryan Shepard ( назад)
This is the only thing you're good at Thunderf00t. When you argue against
religion, you look like an idiot. ("God is a volcano.") When you argue
against feminism, you rile everyone up and kill all nuance to the
discussion by only arguing against the radicals. And the only reason we
keep hearing about SJW feminists is because of you! I have never heard a
word about them until you started doing this stupid bullshit years ago. Now
all the YT atheists have jumped on board and that's all YT atheism is now.
Feminism, SJW, Anita! Fuck! And now the SJWs have a voice BECAUSE YOU GIVE
suck at everything else and this is the only topic where your opinion is
relevant. Shut the fuck up about everything else.

Автор Ryan Shepard ( назад)
What does this have to do with feminism? Oh, wait, you mean you actually
made videos about atheism before? It's hard to remember since that's all
you've done for the past 3 FUCKING YEARS!

Автор The zombie deck ( назад)
And now we found water on Mars

Автор illriginalized ( назад)
Christian Creationists =/= Creationists

Автор william perks ( назад)
People like this make me ashamed to be a Christian

Автор Bridge ( назад)
I'm a creationist I think? All I know is I believe in god and science. And
it's just a belief to me, I could be crazy you could be crazy. In the end
does it really matter? Like why did this kid have to argue about it, as if
he was trying to persuade people into it. Everyone is entitled to their own
opinions and I'm fine with that and so is everyone I know.

Автор Valith ( назад)
It's always nice to see really old videos. Brings back memories of the old

Автор formosamortem ( назад)
First off, this guy is just a fucking idiot(not Thunderf00t, the guy he is
mocking). Not all Creationists are like that, actually a good portion are
actually smart. Yes, you do have the ones who are just batshit and say
stupid things that gives the entire group a bad rap.

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