Kemetic Symbology 101

A quick intro to understanding the neteru/gods of Kemet (such as Atum, Horus/Heru, etc.) and Kemetic myths. I haven't seen any videos dealing with this specifically and judging by some of the comments I see around it's badly needed, so I decided to make one myself.

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Автор shalana little ( назад)
I have never fully understood what I read while reading this book my friend
gave me but I do know thank you so much! I am at a beginner stage

Автор Anthony Fryer ( назад)
100 thanks brother this helped..

Автор Sir McCoy ( назад)
Em Hotep

Автор teahgurl ( назад)
I am trying to educate myself on this so that I can pass on this knowledge,
however I disagree with the fact that when Black people reject this, they
are rejecting themselves. As an American who's ancestors were of African
descent, I'm sure they did not come from Egypt. Africa is filled with
different belief system. What makes this ultimate?? In addition, this is
MYTHOLOGY, who wants to believe in myths? Yes, symbols have spiritual
meanings, but those symbols come from ancient mythology. I understand that
ancient Egyptians wielded the power to channel energy, but if you need
tools to do so, you probably were created without it for a reason and don't
need it to "elevate". Let people believe what is real to them, bc I
definitely don't see how this creation story could possibly be real.

Автор Mario Duane ( назад)
Wow! Well everyone has there own beliefs and traditions that they were
raised up to know. I am a Christian, not a Catholic or Roman Catholic, I'm
a true believer in God and his son Jesus Christ, i dont pray to Mary and im
not a jehovah witness. The King James Bible is all the Info I need. The
Bible actually backs up everything we see and everything that Is going on
in the world today. It's almost like reading the morning news. The Bible
says clearly that Jesus was not white, but had skin of bronze and hair of
wool. People always talk about what the Pope did and all the short comings
of his leadership as a Christian. But the Pope is not of God, I don't know
who's on that cross that he carries because Jesus came down off the cross,
so I don't know who that is. Roman catholic teaches everything but jesus,
they dance around him and then throws him a bone after they're done praying
to Mary and St Peter. lol Mary didn't die for my sins Jesus did, even Satan
himself believes in Jesus that's why the spiritual warfare for our souls is
so high right now. But like I said we all have our own beliefs, but at
least the bible has been scientifically proven to be accurate so at least
there is a true place to start a debate. There is only one God and his son
jesus. Everything else is man made, that's why Moses was able to free the
Hebrews because he was fighting with the true God by his side and Ramsey
was praying to a statue. Egyptians made up God's because they didn't want
to believe in the one true God, till God showed his wrath to the world and
they had to at least respect him even if they still weren't gonna follow
him. Just saying! Moses even talked about Jesus before he was born and said
that he would come, so if the bible stories that are proven sound
ridiculous, then what do u think this story about a God masturbating sounds
like. lol It goes both ways.

Автор beesprimetimenetwork ( назад)

Автор katsieb ( назад)
Finally, a video that simply explains the facts. THANK YOU!!!

+Iannes33 ok cool

+Iannes33 ok cool

Автор Phil Langdon ( назад)
Absolutely right dude! Great simple intelligent explanation.

Iannes33 do you have Facebook?

Автор meeze1001 ( назад)
+lannes33 thanks

Автор meeze1001 ( назад)
if the eye of Horus is the sun, I can deduce that he is one of billions of
God's. Hence the billions of stars in our Galaxy...or did the people of
kemit believe our sun was special\ different from the other stars?

Автор Jamaican Kid ( назад)
My mother who grew up in st albans queens said that when she was a child
her father would always tell them to turn of the lights, lock the doors and
hide whenever the Jehovas witnesses when door to door. One time he even
pretended to be the gardner.

Автор Make Money Online 2016 ( назад)
This was great!! whats the name of the song? www.africanknowledgetoday.com

Автор Krissy Rivard ( назад)
"I believe in Horus, and you do too" what you're saying can be recieved and
depicted in several ways, and that's just one sentence. From my
understanding, it's meant as this; Horus was literally the sky, and the eye
is the sun. It's extremely obvious those are two entities that we accept as
part of our daily life, thus "real". With the pretense of correct symbolic
understanding, that is a very accurate statement. However, isn't it a
little foolish to assume similar connotations between those who've delved
into such ideas, verses those who are "new" and simply looking for some
truth? I am a fan of your work, and the realilizations you're trying to
bring out. Just from an outsiders perspective, it sounds a little brain
washy. I am by no means an expert or as well educated as you are on these
topics, but had I not had a little background, you'd be dufficult to
understand. I would have just kept my mouth shut had your message not been
so powerful to be passed over. 

Автор Tyrone5683 ( назад)
Lots of people blame Christianity for all their problems...that excuse can
only go so far. Every person is free to believe what they want...to express
your spirituality however you want. Christians being Christians are not
holding you back from anything. These days there are lots of people who
have turned their backs on Abrahamic faiths but yet haven't produced
anything...they still haven't found a way to employ themselves, acquire the
lands in the cities they live to fight gentrification or exercise group
economics to combat all their other woes and they keep making babies
without providing the proper environment to raise them. In short, at some
point you just have to accept responsibility for your short comings. Stop
looking for a straw-man to blame, stop fussing and pull yourself up out of
the dirt. If you want to exercise Kemetic spirituality then do so but at
the end of the day you still have to figure out how to feed your kids.

Автор Spazmobot ( назад)
Also, I know this is a type of basics or as you put "101" but I think it
would be a great gift of knowledge to others for you to do more volumes
along this theme. You could explain more about what the other gods mean,
their interactions, stories, lessons, etc. You have a gift for making
these concepts easy to understand and I'd be very interested to hear more.
I really encourage you to consider this if you have time.

Автор Spazmobot ( назад)
Thanks for this. You have a gift for teaching I think. May I ask, by
having the various elements be represented by different gods, were the
Kemetians saying that they believed these separate elements had their own
separate consciousnesses? For instance, as you say that the sky god and
earth god were separated by the air god. While you say they are not
literal, but rather representative of these elements, would the ancient
Kemetians say that the air, the ground and sky all separately had their own
wavelengths of consciousness, and furthermore, perhaps their own
motivations, desires, even possibly emotions?

Автор Maik Dos Santos ( назад)

Автор Maik Dos Santos ( назад)

Автор gentle deer ( назад)
Sex /sexus is to divide or section energy. (secare) - the division of
light through electromagnetic waves...

Автор Negust Mariam ( назад)
We have been taught wrong by the Council of Nicea and The Pope of Rome lies
and we must search for the truth ourselves! We have lots to be proud of
in our Ancient Egyptian history, the greatest civilization ever! Everything
that we are argueing about which is a book they wrote the bible stories
which were taken from stones in Egypt and presented back to us!
You will never find the truth in Religions!
see: Spirituality VS Religion by Ray Hagins

Автор Shanika Simon ( назад)
What's the name of the track that you have playing in the background?

Автор GTD9002 ( назад)
They have a understanding not a Overstanding.

Автор Chris Dodges ( назад)

Автор Chris Dodges ( назад)

Автор Music Taste Good ( назад)
Go back to school, backfired on you when you tried to insult a black males

Автор Iannes33 ( назад)
Well, it would probably be more accurate to say that we created some of the
practices and knowledge systems that the freemasons later copied. 

Автор Kendra Ni'cole ( назад)
but black people is teh one that created masons

Автор Q ( назад)
I just realized as I was reading your comment: you put the first letter of
the title you put up there, and you get BAAWS. WHile slightly misspelled,
it still is very fitting. :p

Автор myron lee jr ( назад)
Greetings Lannes33. I really enjoying watching this video you showed about
ancient kemetic symbology. It really makes me feeling proud to wear my Ankh
of Eternal life. 

Автор Jose Valdez ( назад)
Do you have a twitter ? i have a lot of questions that i hope to be
answered concerning consciousness/Kemetic reasoning lannes33

Автор TechNubian1 ( назад)
The Black Archaeologist Animated Web Series 

Автор La La ( назад)
Love this video ! It REALLY broke things down

Автор FBtres ( назад)
Oh aight, so they're basically a denomination of some kind, but really have
no affiliation with Freemasonry?

Автор FBtres ( назад)
Nope, there's black freemasons.

Автор Sean Durham ( назад)
Very nice!

Автор ohshebesoimmortal ( назад)
@iannes33: when we click on your channel the hope is that you will feed us
until we are full. This is a nice appetizer, but when is the main course
coming? See, I have kheper-ra on my bracelet, and on his stomach are
hieroglyphs which no one has been able to translate. I keep hoping either
someone can finally tell me exactly what this means or preferably, I can
learn to read it myself. Lil help?

Автор TheLuciferianAvatar ( назад)

Автор estelle jackson estellemj ( назад)
Why can"t we live as one . They tried that bs in this country but it has
failed to a large degree power to the people. it exists in the country more
than the cities here but the generations are breaking it down. My grandson
has black in him and I"m proud and love him so much I know the truth

Автор estelle jackson estellemj ( назад)
mmm? so much to talk about , I realize they suppress your people you should
come and live in this country

Автор estelle jackson estellemj ( назад)
are you a freemason ? do you have the gift ?

Автор estelle jackson estellemj ( назад)
I feel empathy for you . so many small and closed minds you have to deal
with , most missing the point but in saying this this is debating . Can"t
wait to watch the next video and read the next debate.

Автор estelle jackson estellemj ( назад)
yes without saying to much . Here is one for everyone the australian
natives claim they were the first race and the kemet used to come see them
to source info.

Автор estelle jackson estellemj ( назад)
now this is a topic i can comment on native australians .I have never seen
a red one , I have seen many black and brown from cross breeding maybe a
bit of red eye from smoking yandi

Автор estelle jackson estellemj ( назад)
I am white but go very brown in the sun

Автор estelle jackson estellemj ( назад)
I second the motion

Автор estelle jackson estellemj ( назад)
grow a brain or go back to bed luciferianavatar or is that activist

Автор estelle jackson estellemj ( назад)
everyone is getting sidetracked on labels ,I would like to know where your
info comes from ? your no uneducated idiot lol

Автор GenDaiLEO ( назад)
"Afro" seems to be a good ethnic term. But why not just use cute words like
Niglet and Whitie? Btw. it kind of feels insulting when Blacks say "white
people" because they always refer with this to the most dumb fucks in
existence. Maybe some Blacks feel like this as well when Whites talk about
"black people"? Maybe we just have a problem with our ethnicity so some
Blacks act white, some Whites act black. Which is not that bad but some
really try too hard: Black Christians or white "Gangsters".

Автор Jason Lee ( назад)
I believe the word you are looking for is ssssssssssssssssymbolism 

Автор Hotep Howard ( назад)
Children of the sun, Hebrew, Israelites,moors, etc. "chosen ones"

Автор Hotep Howard ( назад)
You're not black, black is a color brother your more than just black

Автор Hotep Howard ( назад)
What are you.

Автор Hotep Howard ( назад)
Wait a minute lannes33 are you Hebrew or edomite, you look as a modern

Автор Hotep Howard ( назад)
For beginner's, know thy self, without knowledge of thy self, everything
you think you know may only confuse you, but the dark tunnel runs deeper
than skin color, there is something else are eyes cannot adjust or
comprehend with but even i cannot speak of brother lane333 hotep.

Автор TechNubian1 ( назад)
Black Archaeologist

Автор Hotep Howard ( назад)
Originated in "punt" beginning of the Nile, horn of Africa, original
Egyptians look like So called African Americans and so called Ethiopians of
today, whites keep us close for a reason, they know truth the question is
do you?

Автор camron davis ( назад)
After my comment the clock said 11:11

Автор camron davis ( назад)
Can someone tell me what I went thru and what it meant. Please I am so
serious so please believe this story becuz it really happened days ago. I
was walking to the store when the rain stopped. I happen to look down and
saw rain puddles shaped like a big footprint, a valentine heart, a bird
like eagle, then a tall bird with wigs spread high, when I come out the
store I see a bull or buffalo shape as it was running. All this plain as
day in different water puddles. It felt like a message. Help.

Автор rakkfatha ( назад)
Yes sir....The Mystery teaching which were once all in one whole is now
like Osiris cut up into pieces and spread out across the world forcing an
initiate to use the "Transparent Wall"(I call it) like the hieroglyph walls
where you can't understand the glyph on one side unless you walk around and
read the otherside. The part of the teachings that became "astro, meta,
etc....physics" debunks spiritualism and spiritualism debunks the other
side but they are one.

Автор rakkfatha ( назад)
Actually Christianity and Judaism amongst others are derivative religions
based on certain aspects of Kemetic thought,culture and philosophy which
were interpreted at a decadent time in Kemetic history by the spiritually
dyslexic. To twist matters further the resulting knowledge obtained was
stripped of its power by governments then tailored for the masses and
institutionalized into what we call today 'Christianity'. What was hidden
became the source of power of modern scientific genius.

Автор DUBASpiritWolf ( назад)
Question: Africa, is it a name for the continent that the inhabitants
called it, or was it the name made up by caucasions? And if it was named by
Africans, does the "CA" at the end have to do with "KA" (Kemetian spirit?)

Автор DUBASpiritWolf ( назад)
Excellent! Thanks for breaking the symbolism, psychology and philosophy
down. I've been researching Kemetian thought for a bit now and this was

Автор legba eshu ( назад)
you got that right, but our people wont let it go; they are under a spell.

Автор Tommie Slade ( назад)
If there was one book or resource that I could look at for beginning
knowledge, what would it be?

Автор jazz1bro ( назад)
Are you aware of the Lemba tribe and the fact through DNA these Black folks
are real Jews.

Автор TeneishaTashae ( назад)

Автор differ individual ( назад)
. Well, that's your philosophy, not mine. JESUS IS THE AFRO ASIATIC BLACK

Автор Nino Kirolos ( назад)
I might not agree with everything that religion dictates, but Christianity
is not a europeane made religon. I wasn't there when it was created, but
the bible tells the story with locations. the deciples taught the 40 or so
apostles which went all over the world in different languages teaching the
word of God. One went to Egypt, st Mark, one went to Russia, one to England
or Brittain, and so on. It's all documented. Google it. the appostles,
(wrong spelling)

Автор MakeitMajorTV ( назад)
J.E.W.= Jesuit European Warlock

Автор Brett Buchanan ( назад)
Well said. I've always been amazed when you look at it, at how many
religions really relate back to ancient Egypt; most of them trying to
explain the same thing...some much better than others, HAH! ;-) 

Автор Rawyal News & Entertainment Channel ( назад)

Автор Nate Bryant ( назад)
No offence I respect work you're very close. Study more on us in Ethopia
and you'll learn the truth

Автор Nate Bryant ( назад)
Listen bruh if you believe Johovah not God you are sadly mistaken. First
the Kemites came from Ethiopia first. You need to study Ethopia the
Original Jews. You lost dogg.

Автор sally Austin ( назад)
great vid, in my opinion you expained theconcept very well. thank you for

Автор Nate Bryant ( назад)
Jehova is God period point blank. We are the original Jew from Ethiopia.

Автор afterray ( назад)
nice reply. to my understanding, there's a variable missing ( between horus
/ seth) : what about the homosexual part ( middle kingdom text) between
horus / seth...? 

Автор afterray ( назад)
the REASON ( symbolic ? ) of W-H-Y horus got his eye ripped off, seems odd
to reason... well then. shall we look at the 'symbolism' ? can someone
guide me to this, seeming S-I-C-K myth.

Автор Asani Kweli ( назад)
Chill wit da rap music. It ain called for all the time.

Автор Auset Samayah Shonda Crawford-El ( назад)
greatly put!! well done, all clear to me now. hetepu!!

Автор MerlinRavenSong ( назад)
This is an excellent video, thanks for sharing. 

Автор HopeAngel777 ( назад)
thank you for giving me so much to contemplate 

Автор InfiniteAlkhemist ( назад)
: )'s.....

Автор InfiniteAlkhemist ( назад)
Interesting and informative. Thank you, Ra. : )'s...

Автор HalfwayUpBifrost ( назад)
This was an incredibly powerful video. I did not know about the emphasis of
symbolism in Kemetic stories - it's a very intriguing and beautiful
concept, although one that I'm not very familiar with. Keep up the great
work! Wassail!

Автор seeker-of-truth ( назад)
My pleasure.

Автор seeker-of-truth ( назад)
Thank you very much for the knowledge bro. I completely understand what
you're saying because I've often had to deal with the same situations and
people. Keep spreading the knowledge and hopefully minds will be opened so
that we can be free in every way.

Автор AroundTheWaymon ( назад)

Автор Muffin Man ( назад)
Mitch Hedberg loved drugs.

Автор Sharon Ruth Bates ( назад)
Love is patient and kind, it does not envy it does not boast, It is not
proud, it is not rude, it is not self seeking. It rejoices not in evil, but
rejoices in the truth. It beareth all things, believeth all things hopeth
all things, LOVE is the heart chakra opening. All this technology and they
are trying to build the tower of babel to get into heaven- but Love is
God's gate. You can't ever see the promised land w/o love. Once God's plan
is received and realized-then LOVE IS.

Автор Muffin Man ( назад)
what is love?

Автор umaara100 ( назад)
Black people dont love themselves.

Автор silentgi771 ( назад)
Beyond the metaphorical implications of old tales, let us not forget the
vast knowledge of the Sumerian civilization that told of Gods that came
from the stars (most notably Sirius) that interacted with man and
genetically modified man to their current state. The missing link will
forever remain missing, God came down and said "Let us make man in our
image, after our likeness"

Автор silentgi771 ( назад)
Horus walked across the sky in 12 steps, reverse letters and Horus becomes
Hours, 12 hours. There was a tale that spoke of Horus rising again to save
mankind and illuminate the world over 12 steps hence Horus rising or more
commonly Horizon.

Автор J Lawless ( назад)
yo. this shit you were saying about the ignorance of blacks ( Denouncing
african religion) is so true. It really is a painful ignorance. You couldnt
have said it better.

Автор katasha YvesSaintLaurent (RetroSuperChic) (858 лет назад)
clearly people can't read n they see what they want to ,stop seeking to
argue with me and seek out the true you what i say is irrelevant to who u
are...smh everybody always wants to be right... belittle people through
their internet n Caucasian written book knowledge seek the truth not
argument with another

Автор katasha YvesSaintLaurent (RetroSuperChic) (1258 лет назад)
don't know if ur trolling or if ur that intellectually circumsized, either
way i won't be replying to anymore comments since u can't read well,if u
think ur right GREAT 

Автор katasha YvesSaintLaurent (RetroSuperChic) ( назад)
I never said the gods were used to explain people cuz they weren't physical
beings like I said...they were principles in metaphysics n like I said
"colored" indicating anyone who is mixed

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