My touch 3g Hard Reset

Thumbs up if you like the song I made, I call it reacting.
If you can't hear over my music heres the instructions:

Step 1: power down completely
Step 2: hold home and end button
Step 3: wait until the warning triangle appears and let go of both buttons
Step 4: press both buttons again
Step 5: scroll down to factory reset
Step 6: once reset, go to reboot and voila that's it!

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Автор Brian Cardova (3 года)
sweet music

Автор Cornelius Felix (4 года)
thanks. the music is really annoying thou.

Автор Daniel Torres (2 года)
wierd music but u helped thanks lol

Автор c1h1a1c1h1o1 (3 года)
My phone turns on but screen stays black anytips

Автор LotsOfun10 (3 года)
Omg thanks sooooo much!

Автор ystboy52 (4 года)
Mines wont let me click wipe data/ factory reset

Автор cc (4 года)
mine wont let me use the track ball either. has anyone found a way to do
so? i did everything in the video

Автор vereniz20 (4 года)
omg thank you so much =)

Автор DJstyloz (3 года)
thank u so much!

Автор Daniel N. (4 года)
thanksss yuu soo muchh

Автор smart goose (2 года)
This did not work for me. Even what ACellulerEdge mentioned about using
Home + End AND return button also apparently did not work; screen used to
flash and disappear. I figured out that you have to press those button in
following sequence: 1. First press HOME + Return (button with an arrow
printed on it) together and while holding those then briefly press END

Автор taha novid (2 года)
thank you

Автор elljr12 (4 года)
my 3g when i select wipe/data/factory reset it wont do anything when i
click on it with the tracking ball what can i do from this point. . . . . .
please help me. . . . ahwwwww. . .

Автор Kevin Bowie (3 года)
Thanks for the video and step by step.

Автор TheRizwan1377 (4 года)
@ystboy52 did you get any solution for that?

Автор Edgswagg (3 года)
Thanks alot i wont mess up again!

Автор Dell2013 (3 года)
@smendez328 you are the best!!! all the other guys just gave instructions
that couldnt be applied.... yours is the only one that worked!! thank you!

Автор dragonink211 (4 года)
omg thank you so much u the best

Автор smendez328 (3 года)
for those of you still wodering you can go to privacy settings and do it

Автор bptprince07 (3 года)
@Athenation2010 ok my phone was frozen, i did the hard reset, rebooted it,
but when my phone comes back on it stays stuck at the green mytouch screen.
do u know any solutions for this one?

Автор Cynthia Najera (3 года)
thank you so much ^_^ i was having so much trouble with this ^_^ LIFE

Автор LILDRE215 (4 года)
omg yhu helped me alot

Автор Alex Najera (3 года)
I have my phone is unlocked will this lock again ?

Автор anthony garcia (4 года)
thank you so much

Автор toastedyoyos (3 года)
is there no solution to the trackball. cause i cant select either

Автор navybm johnson (2 года)
it took me a while to figure it out because i thought i had to hold it down
for a while instead of a quick press but it worked and thanks

Автор mantis lip (4 года)
mine doesnt let me click anything. are you using the trackball or a key?

Автор panage2000 (3 года)
my trackball doesn't let me "pick" or "click" reboot. Any suggestions?

Автор Rubie Tejeda (4 года)
@ystboy52 mines either how do you click it

Автор Brian Cardova (3 года)
@flaku21 Fuck you, music is good

Автор dorathemurder (4 года)
Hate The Song

Автор Athenation2010 (4 года)
@im2thenextone not without an internet plan

Автор MrChickenAndFish (4 года)
when i turn the phone on its allready on the error screen and when i press
the home and power button and everything nothing works i even did the
factory reset??

Автор makeuptemptations (4 года)
Thank you :)

Автор Kris Mackey (3 года)
u da coldest. that shit really work, b. u da realest. I know bitches that
will suck yo dick just for that. and yo music cold too.

Автор JOSE PEREZ (3 года)
it doesnt let me click on wipe data/factory reset.can you help!

Автор posativJ311 (3 года)
This guy right here knows what he is talking about. Follow his
instructions. My phone would stay at the android screen when turning it on,
and while trying to choose the menu's in this video, I could not select
anything. I used this persons instructions, and everything was fixed and it
booted without having to do anything else but do what this person said to
do. You have to click send to reset on my phone not end but other than that
it works perfectly. Thank you!

Автор Soliel Parkin (4 года)
the thing is my brother found an tough 3g a month ago in the us and he
carried it to me a different country and the phone has been shut down with
wave secure and it say that the phone had been reported lost/stolen from
approx. 1 year ago and i was wondering if u know how to reset it so i can
use it. its currently impossible for me to return the phone so i though i
would use it... any help given is greatly appreciated

Автор MrFad68 (4 года)
thank you....

Автор RekLessRuMeR (4 года)
now you have a brain unlike other stupid videos

Автор dalton ali Dunbar (3 года)
Dude, thanks for this video. it helped me a whole lot minutes ago. I was in
a deep shit with someone's phone hours ago, and with this video, all is now
okay!!! THANKS TO U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор ELRabi0z0 (3 года)
thanks !!!!!

Автор Rubie Tejeda (4 года)
@itchcity mines either how do you click it

Автор Berrycakes140 (2 года)
Thanks doee it worked

Автор robertl21965 (3 года)
what i the screen doesnt work!!? digitizer is jackep!!??...how do you
choose and enter!!?

Автор riskie187 (4 года)
thx man

Автор La Wanda Kelly-Covington (3 года)
thanks so much! I broke my mytouch 4g and needed to use my 3g as a
replacement but forgot the screen unlocking code! thanks!

Автор LuluBelle (4 года)
You put me in the game! Thanks so much!

Автор Athenation2010 (4 года)
@Jadescarlet Sure just check on ebay

Автор AZRAELSHIN (4 года)
hi I try but the trackball dont live me What can I do?

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