3 HOURS of Relaxing Music | Zen Garden | Sleep Music for Spa, Meditation, Therapy

Relaxing Music - 3 HOURS "Zen Garden" .Relaxing Asian (Japan / Chinese) Zen Music. Music therapy for soul healing.
Enjoy Calm music for Meditation, Sound therapy, Zen meditation, Massage, Sleeping Music and Relaxing. Just concentrate and imagine...
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. Original language of this video description is English. All other translations were made by Google Translator. Sorry for any inconvenience !!

Music by
Chinese Music for Acupunture by EduardoArenas is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Changes: Music was looped to 3 hours

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Автор ÐıısČõ ÐıısČõ ( назад)
where kaguya or pain ?

Автор MrFallingcats ( назад)
whats the name of the song at 5:20?

Автор Ngân Đặng ( назад)
zen soto

Автор Zuka Bazooka ( назад)
I always wanted a place like that

Автор _Met_ ( назад)
Very relaxing music it helped me to cheer me up!

Автор Ele-Phant Wood ( назад)
..see the sunlight through the pines ..taste the warm of winter wine
..dream.., of softly falling snow..
(。・ω・。)ノ♡ 😍~(^з^)-☆

Автор Iba Kazmi ( назад)
This music is so beautiful, I find inner peace. This is great for me
because of a kind of person who is usually stressed. I love to listen to
this, it helps me to calm down ☺️

Автор LEE ( назад)
Listen to the music my detente

Автор nannette dapper ( назад)
Lieflijke tuin en water-muziek na al het hevige vuurwerk geeft ons
zenuw-gestel toch nog wat RUST en VREDE. En dat werd nu tijd.......

Автор Dead Shot48 ( назад)
I use this all the time to sleep 💤💤💤💤

Автор Johannes Foldrup ( назад)
This the Best musik yu now!

Luv fra Danmark

Автор young smokeyboyz ( назад)
I like this music because because it makes me go to sleep sleep I think
it's peaceful music

Автор عبد العزيز ( назад)
I took off my headphone and opened my window and i sat down listening to
this for 20 minutes. It feels so much.. i don't know how to describe it...
It's one of the things that you need to experience it by yourself to know
it. Hope this comment helps someone. Now back to my meditation :)

Автор Ele-Phant Wood ( назад)
just to let you know..my most amazing and cherished friend💑..stay warm for
the holidays
(。・ω・。)ノ♡ 😍~(^з^)-☆

Автор momo ( назад)
I'm M

Автор momo ( назад)
:):):):):):):):):) itsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
sleeeeeeeeeeepppppp I love

Автор jbabie04 ( назад)
reminds me of Inuyahsa

Автор Imran Mahmood ( назад)
I am dreaming i asian oriental

Автор Faith Evans ( назад)
i love this it calm my mind so helpful

Автор HornPub ( назад)
Very nice

Автор Alexis GUIBAL ( назад)
j ai bandé mou

Автор Henry Macer ( назад)
Ahhh relaxed

Автор Luis Carlos Acosta ( назад)
esta canción te relaja mucho y te hace dormir

Автор Ele-Phant Wood ( назад)

Автор James Adshead ( назад)
hi do you have a 8 or 10 hour version? this works great for sleep therapy
but 3 hours isn't long enough. i gave a thumbs-up though

Автор Ele-Phant Wood ( назад)
I heard these most beautiful lyrics in a beautiful celtic song "I'll keep
your heart with mine .. till you come to me".. (*^3^)/~☆ 💑

Автор Thomas Online ( назад)
I sleep very well !!

Автор Pasquale Longobardi ( назад)
i use this song for sleep ,is really nice

Автор xoxsummergirl95xox ( назад)
legit though, am I the only one who thinks of Lugias song from Pokémon
2000? I swear it has the same melody

Автор Mind Funk ( назад)
The following book, if read by enough people soon enough, will eradicate
all unnecessary suffering and problems from the face off the earth once and
for all; Google *truthcontest* and read *the present*. Nothing could be
more important or worthwhile.

Автор Carrie Ann Luikens ( назад)
Beautiful music! Very soothing and relaxing.

Автор Sonny Peña ( назад)
Before listening to this i felt so frustrated and enraged for the problems
i ve been through lately, now i sort of found myself more peaceful.
Thanks for this masterpiece

Автор luka bombek ( назад)
worst video ever fuck your

Автор luka bombek ( назад)
fuck your self

Автор Neris Rivas ( назад)
que musica tan bella... espectacular

Автор Stranger Danger ( назад)
Relaxing. Calms me down quick. It somehow like soothes your body through
the soundwaves somehow.

Автор Stranger Danger ( назад)

Автор Dia Dia ( назад)
So lovily! thank you!!!...***

Автор Noah Caulonque ( назад)
PLEASE is it free to use?

Автор Shears Gamer ( назад)
When i rage on bf1 i play this music

Автор Phillip Mccue ( назад)
So peaceful!!

Автор Medicine Music ( назад)

Автор Kurosaki Ichigo ( назад)
Who came here after having a headache?

Автор Alex Orand ( назад)
Great music, it's really relaxing to hear it doing our homeworks. Can it be
possible to use your song to make a short movie ? I'm looking for songs for
my future réalisations.

Автор Pete Antoni ( назад)
As a professional dj this music is great to just relax to after a 3hr
mix...Beautiful composition...

Автор ONE Music TV ( назад)

Автор Super Zen ( назад)
Cool !

Автор Mr. Park ( назад)
Truely heavenly music. Very beautiful and artistic.

Автор Supreme7Notas ( назад)
Yo pongo esta música cuando voy al baño

Автор Federico Catalano ( назад)
tank you:)

Автор AnneLien1987 ( назад)
I love this music but it kinda reminds me of a chinese restaurant..

Автор Kiveli Angelopoulou ( назад)
Very nice!

Автор honey malhotra ( назад)
i always think a samurai is playing this song wearing a bamboo hat and it
makes me feel even better

Автор yourtub ( назад)
this song makes me hard

Автор lopas rokas ( назад)
Awesome relaxing music. Its my daily sleep therapy!
Thank you for this divine music<3

Автор VectorOnBuildings101 Productions ( назад)
I need this calm music in my life. Is beautiful, relaxing and unique. Thank
you is truly good.

Автор ayrton klein ( назад)
If we would take moments everyday, to reflect on how we feel. To understand
our own energy(this is our connection to the universe because this is how
we take in everything around us) and when we understand it we can correct
it and with that our feelings. When this is done you can shine your light
in the most sincere and brightest way and you can see clearer. Your
"light"(actions) will come straight out of your heart. you are more in
touch with your core and so everyone will see you better and what you are
trying to share, with love.

Автор Эбипейл Ру ( назад)
Обажаю такие видео

Автор Illuminati Sauce ( назад)
Can I get the source of this picture ?

Автор Lourdes Imon ( назад)
It relaxes my mind and body and the view. I love it

Автор listen its music ( назад)
hello guys u can listen to guitar music and violin music and will be more
and more beautiful music on my channel , click on my picture(channel ) and
if u want to support me subscribe and like and share and let me know yer
opinion :D thank u

Автор Nellie M. Howard ( назад)
Great music

Автор dj ATOME X ( назад)
merci pour ce régal.excellent j adore et j admir

Автор Pinkfluffy Pandas ( назад)
This is nice after having my GCSE TETS TODAY

Автор Cindy Bustillo Rodriguez ( назад)
relaxing music. love it

Автор PrettyOdds ( назад)
Besides the music I love the picture. Its so beautiful.

Автор favio jise Florez Leon ( назад)
q música espectacular me encanta

Автор Tom VH ( назад)
Very relaxing. Great!!!

Автор Jake Thompson ( назад)
Give me a scarf and push me up a mountain.

Автор scott tran ( назад)

Автор Realife_ Pflaume ( назад)
Its very chillig

Автор 林昭賢 ( назад)

Автор Elite Rocky ( назад)
Wish it weren't the same song on repeat in loop.

Автор Ryu Bettelheim ( назад)
It's like same crap all over and over again for 3 hours...boring.

Автор David Richardson ( назад)
Beautiful nice and relaxing

Автор xTumblr Cait ( назад)
Anyone use this music for homework...? Great way to concentrate after a
long day. x

Автор Enkod Mobile ( назад)
This music is absolutely amazing. It helps me concetrate during my work,
especjally at night :)
It inspired me to create scenery and atmosphere to our new Zen Garden
Mahjong game ;)

Автор hamid rahnema ( назад)
واقعا زیباست، بهترین فرهنگ در دنیا فرهنگ ژاپنی هست، خیلی عاشق فرهنگ و مردم
ژاپن هستم ، من یک ایرانی هستم و عاشق ژاپن، کاش وضع مالیمون جواب می داد با
خونوادم مقیم ژاپن می شدیم ، خونوادم هم خیلی دوست دارند بیان و با حفظ دینمون
مقیم ژاپن بشند، اصولا ژاپنی ها انسانهای منطقی هستند، از یه دوستان مومنم
شنیدم هر وقت که امام عصر(عج) ظهور کند اولین گروه غیر مسلمان که بهشون ایمان
می آرند مردم ژاپن هستند چون خیلی منطقی هستند.

Автор Zachary Spence ( назад)
very nice

Автор TheDuke5487 ( назад)
Long ago... I lost my brother Genji... sometimes I can still hear his

Автор françis laurent ( назад)
grand très très grand respect.trop fort le japon.

Автор Giuseppe Giancone 2 Kanal ( назад)
Danke !

Автор Bruno Mars & Ça Repart ( назад)

Автор Tm Fi ( назад)
Hear this music during your diner . Knee down in the front of your table.
Thank your diner thank for this great meal. Thank the animals, the plants
who die for your lunch. Their gohsts are around you and you can make that
this ghost can fly away in a other more spiritual level. After your diner
you feel soo much powerfull because their spirits allow you to take her
complete energy for oure live level. Try it :)

Автор crazyallen Allen ( назад)
it talks all the stress away

Автор A B ( назад)
I am having a spa right now and this is perfect for me! It makes me relax.
It's so nice! Love it!

Автор patrice price ( назад)
I'm babysitting...this just helped me get her to sleep..thanks

Автор Sokkheng Nelson Leang ( назад)
So sweet misc happy

Автор Gábor “zizi” R ( назад)
Perfect beautiful music

Автор Scant Tales ( назад)

Автор Billy Kid ( назад)
I listen to this to go to sleep it clears my mind of the long day i had and
gives me really restful sleep

Автор Farshid Mosavi ( назад)
Sehr gut gemacht

Автор PianoTutorials Eng/Ger ( назад)
Jokes aside.. I come here for the 'Naruto'-ish' Kind of music because it
will end soon.. been with him for 4 years.. Has been great my friend!
And this REALLY sounds like the soundtracks from Naruto even the same

Автор masso172 ( назад)
open another 2 browser tabs, go to youtube and put this song, plus rain
storm sounds and a third with the sound of trees blowing. Your welcome :)

Автор Jose Salgado ( назад)
I swear the first part sounded like lugia's song from Pokemon jus more
calming and beautiful

Автор Aline Navarro Tsunechiro ( назад)
I love this music japanese relax zen garden , terapy, meditation,

Автор Raquel Restrepo ( назад)
GRACIAS es una hermosa musica me transporto a lugares maravillosos y siento
una paz inmensa que Dios los bendiga

Автор tocata mordicus ( назад)
nul mais de chez nul

Автор Lifted OG ( назад)
Music of my ancestors

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