World Record: The Strongest Slingshot

The Slingshot Channel brings to you a genuine world record! The task: How strong can a one man operated, portable slingshot be? For maximum energy, this specifically designed slingshot is foot operated. The impressibe result: More than 131 Joules of energy! A 82 Gramms .91 inch lead ball (1312 grains) was shot at 185,5 feet per second, more than 56 meters per sec.

Inclusing slo mo material from the shot.

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Автор steel bear slayer (6 дней)
I can make ammo go flying at 1115fps, beat that 

Автор sgtkururu5 (2 месяца)
If this were used in wars, it would bring a whole new meaning to the word

Автор Emily Koleos (6 дней)
His slingshot cannon fires much faster, and can be operated by 1 man. He
should have used that.

Автор Jacob Kamphus (3 месяца)
You're so German. I'm jealous. 

Автор Violent Potato (4 месяца)
you didn't shoot through ballistic jelly 5/10

Автор Jarret Shepherd (1 месяц)
ich nicht haben die werkstoff zu machen diese fein produkt

Автор John Raptor (1 месяц)
Basically a low grain .45 acp he just man fired 

Автор EverymanMedia (2 месяца)
dein kanal ist richtig cool ;) hast mein abo

Автор Patrick Nguyen (4 дня)
Now to get a truck, create a release system when the rubber band is cocked
onto the truck, and to find rubber bands that will withstand the power that
a truck creates when it's pulling/stretching out the rubber band, and to
create two cement post that can withstand the pressure of it all

Автор dennis storgaard (6 дней)
#6 the skeleton bullpup.. very cool design !!

Автор watershed lover Bob (2 месяца)
Cool video. 

Автор LittleSirPepper (21 день)
What if his feet lose control and slip, then the entire thing recoils?

Автор Anton Lopour (7 месяцев)
Is it fair to call this a sling shot?

Автор Les Nordman (4 месяца)
Sir I love all the enthusiasm you bring to your endeavours and the
cheerfulness you always show at the end of the videos. Thank you!

Автор Darkside780 (1 год)
Joerg is amazing. His content is way too good. He will definitely survive
the zombie apocalypse. 

Автор jeshua leblanc (1 месяц)
what happens if that ball stays in the thing and comes back with equal

Автор Daniel Hoskins (4 месяца)
Joerg, this impressive. I was wondering if you could do this with a ball
that we could understand a little bit better. How about a 250 grain ball
which is the weight of a large .45 caliber bullet. How fast can your
invention shoot a .45? I really want to see!

Автор Trevor Ridgway (2 месяца)
Can you imagine if that ball bearing hit his foot!? 

Автор Stefan Rosso (14 дней)
You should be careful with this slingshot as it could flip over your feet
and hit you. Putting wheights in the rear feet of the slingshot may be
helpful but will decrease portability.
Good thing that the metalpads for you feet are not 90° to the slingshot so
you can press it down a little bit with your feet. I know, lowering the
points where the rubberband is fixed or attatch the pads higher would make
it more difficult to stretch the rubberband but you really should attach
some lether strips to the pads so you can tie your feet onto the pads or
add spikes or little shovels to the bottom so you could fix the slingshot
by sticking it in the ground (earth and baybe sand but not stone).

Автор Devin Calvo (4 дня)
nice job I wish I did that when im older

Автор 123sendodo (7 месяцев)
Time to break a tank with a slingshot

Автор Logan Stern (1 месяц)
I wished I could make these

Автор Hawokki (1 месяц)
Holy shit! That slingshot requires some workout before you can even use it

Автор Ronald Jagroop (7 месяцев)
wow that is really powerful.
i wish i had one :P

Автор Bernard Perry (2 месяца)
I just got 150

Автор Connor Golin (1 месяц)
waiting for it to snap and smack him in the balls

Автор Firebomb Smith (7 месяцев)
I beat ur "record" I DONE IT AT OVER 9000!!!!!!

Автор Matthew Spicer (3 месяца)
That ball would have went through a car door maybe out other side thats a
hell of a sling shot

Автор CJ Sabo (2 месяца)
Zombie Apocalypse Buddy found!

Автор blazedraco1234 (5 месяцев)
- becomes usopp from one piece - oh ill break your record o .0

Автор Richard Sharpe (5 месяцев)
You should show the ball impacting something - a watermelon perhaps.

Автор Johnfly8 (7 месяцев)
Cheap fun. Go to Wallyworld and buy a Wrist Rocket. Quarter inch ball
bearing equals serious fun, just don't kill your neighbor. 

Автор DWHITTZ (5 месяцев)
At 1:00 i thought the slingshot was going to lift off the ground and knock
you out

Автор M Willy (6 месяцев)
To put that in perspective, we defibrillate people around 120 Joules.
That's a starting point and we increase power to 200 Joules. 

Автор DerDummyLP (4 месяца)
Gute deutsche ingeneurskunst ^^

Автор Randolph Torres (4 месяца)
We have decided to modify weights and measures as set forth 1 Sprave Joule
=400 HP
Horse Power this is a new international measurement.

Автор john john (5 месяцев)
People suggesting ideas for slingshots that he has already made lol noobs

Автор Shane Higdon (5 месяцев)
They should put this guys stuff in fallout 4. Seriously, tell me a 15 shot
repeater slingshot is not an amazing schematic idea.

Автор MidnightMaze (4 месяца)
GIve this man a television show !

Автор BJ companies (3 месяца)
Aus welchem Bundesstaat kommst du?

Автор Peter Savitski (4 месяца)
Haha that's awesome I want one! Love your videos bud, great attitude :)

Автор infectious peanut (5 месяцев)

Автор pknugrec (4 месяца)
Lol if your feet slipped that thing would destroy you. Fucking hysterical

Автор runeski74 (9 месяцев)
can you actually hit a target with this? cannons are cool for launching
lead too! lets see you buid one of those next!!

Автор 1kuhny (6 месяцев)
lol i dont know whether to be intimidated or feel i could be friendly with
this guy, he's freakin ripped but smiles after everything he says, and
seems like a nice guy... just dont piss him off i guess :)

Автор Zack Plank (5 месяцев)
Gut Joerg Gut!

Автор Jesse Reiter (5 месяцев)
I was worried for a moment when the foot jig rock a little and thought a
catchers mask sure would be nice. We do not want to damage any of your
unique facial features !

Автор Michael Kunz (5 месяцев)
Good grief lol, very nice! 

Автор RPdigital (1 год)
Isn't it dangerous to shoot slingshot of this size, because bullet may
stuck in the leather and bounce back?

Автор Steve Schmor (1 год)
Why not attach this to a rowing machine so there is more stability and

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