Surah Al-Nas

Surah Al-Nas recited by Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy with English subtitles!

Some people may think this video is boring because it has no pictures, but instead it is actually more interesting! With pictures, people often tend to get dozed of by the wonders of this world, and leave out the true msg of the video. So I have deliberately avoided the use of images in my videos so that the viewers may be able to focus more on the direct translation of the blessed Qur'an rather than the images.

I hope you and I can learn something valuable from this beautiful recitation.

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Автор Mariam Faour (1249 лет назад)

Автор Bajram Mustafaj (1689 лет назад)

Автор Veronica Collins ( назад)
Sallaamualaikum brother I love this surah with all my heart

Автор Zakeiya Abdul ( назад)
Thank you very much. May Allah give you ajar. This helped me slot. I have
to memorize this for my duski next week. 😊😊🙏🙏

Автор ali mohamed ( назад)
Wauw mashala

Автор HABIB MD ( назад)
& thanks 

Автор HABIB MD ( назад)

Автор Sadia Chowdhury ( назад)

Автор Mimo Aydu ( назад)

Автор shanis81 ( назад)
My favorite surah

Автор Susan Hares ( назад)
MashAllah very beautiful Surah thank you 

Автор kelvins awesome gaming channel ( назад)

Автор agioni99 ( назад)
Simply beautiful. T Y

Автор Zoya Alam ( назад)
Peace for ever✌

Автор Zoya Alam ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Manny Castro ( назад)
MAshaallah this taught me the part i didnt know Thanks
Pece and forever lol

Автор Safwana abdullah ( назад)
masha'allah very a loved i will learn this and teach it to my sister and

Автор Joud Ziyad Alkattan Aouda ( назад)
To all my brothers and sister I know its A bit late But RAMADAN kareem

Автор tysen tyssen ( назад)
Mashalla on this bro

Thank you, I'll Listen it a million times so I can learn just like this!

Автор Mo Hussian ( назад)
Mashala very good I love it

Автор ummah islam ( назад)

Автор HASSAN LOVE ( назад)
Thanks for sharing this beautiful Quran with us masha'Allah

Автор Felicia Uddin ( назад)
Very good, very good.

Автор Felicia Uddin ( назад)
I will study this

Автор IamJustMex3Chocolate ( назад)
Masha'allah thank you

Автор Emir Hamidović ( назад)
Seams like I can't find kul-huvalahu edited like this (with translation).
Can someone point me ?

Автор Karima Ayoubi ( назад)
I will study this thank you 

Автор Mohammed Wajahaat ( назад)
Mash Allah

Автор mohamad mochaii ( назад)
Like it

Автор Mariam naveed ( назад)

Автор Binnenskamers ( назад)
Bismillah ir ra7men i ra7😃😃

Автор Nabil Ahmed ( назад)
this is a great surah!the world should know about this!!!!!!!

Автор MissNerdy786 ( назад)
MashaAllah so beautiful

Автор Alnas Nas ( назад)
beautiful!! MashAllah,

Автор JHON ROBERT ( назад)

Автор jamilakhan51 ( назад)
Omg i must cry while hearing this

Автор Manblack geil ( назад)
Very good :D

Автор 123suraya ( назад)
It's very beautiful!! MashAllah, his voice is so beautiful !!! I love this
Surah n all the other surahs!!:)

Автор Hamza Hassan ( назад)
great surah! may allah bless you

Автор aishadankz ( назад)

Автор Tank Tonka ( назад)
This surah protects you, mashallah

Автор usman azib ( назад)
well done

Автор SertyLicious ( назад)
racist people did

Автор kamranahmedbutt ( назад)
I dont know people disliked it its beautiful

Автор oliness ( назад)
My favourite Surah of the Qur'an. May Allah bless and protect all mankind

Автор mohammed shairi (1065 лет назад)
May ALLAH bunish the people who disliked it I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ THIS

Автор TheFlash9456 ( назад)
One of my favorite surahs

Автор Yaqoob Chohan ( назад)
subhan ALLAH

Автор Hasib Meah ( назад)

Автор Melody Minded ( назад)
Beautiful . This Man's Voice Touches My Heart. Masha'Allah

Автор Melody Minded ( назад)
im a revert trying to learn this surah. Jazak'allah .. you have helped alot
. may Allah bless you insha'allah

Автор hamza hassan ( назад)
Thats right

Автор hamza hassan ( назад)
im gonna keep on reciting this surah

Автор Hussnain Hamid ( назад)
i will study this surah

Автор Anisa King ( назад)

Автор miljooner ( назад)
Best 3 masshaallah!! 333

Автор D.H. ( назад)
Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim Qul A'uzubi rab-bin nas Malikin nas, Ila
hin-nas Min sha-ril waswas sil khan-nas Allazi yuwaswisu fee sudu rin-nas
Minal jin-nati wan-nas

Автор TheAbrahem707 ( назад)
بارك الله فيك ... الله يدخلك فسيح جناته

Автор Bash454 ( назад)
Great video thanks for uploadin

Автор C0deZombie ( назад)
Its awesome

Автор Mohamed Yousri ( назад)
Well, pictures helped me in fearing God more and more .. because I was
amazed by his creating !

Автор inselfpeace (1684 года назад)
thank you very much jazak allah khairaa : )

Автор LearnTruthFindPeace ( назад)

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