Toxic culture of education: Joshua Katz at TEDxUniversityofAkron

Joshua Katz is a high school math teacher in Orange County, FL.

Joshua's Talk:
In the mid 1800's, Horace Mann captured the potential impact of education on society. We have yet to realize the potential he saw, and in fact, we are missing the mark by a wider and wider margin. We have created a "Toxic Culture of Education" in our country that is damaging students, impacting our economy, and threatening our future. Since the passage of No Child Left Behind, we have embraced a culture of high stakes testing and are perpetuating a false sense of failure in our schools. We have ignored research and data on effective policy making practices in order to serve the interest of private industries that have monetized our students. The impact is being felt in communities, on college campuses, and in our economy. The solution lies in a common sense approach to student development, curriculum choice, career exploration, and relevant data analysis. This talk will present a vision of an education system that allows us to embrace our full potential if we only had the courage to ask "Why Not"?

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Автор evilsanta8585 ( назад)
he is right

Автор Animal Beats TV ( назад)
This man should be the the president of the world.

Автор Nate De Leon ( назад)
Honestly, I'm homeschooled which is a litter better than being public
schooled in my opinion and this is still these ted talks are what keep me
going through school without completely losing my cool when I study

Автор Daisy Nuno ( назад)
I couldn't agree with you more. I currently work inside a low poverty
elementary school. I hear the teachers mention exactly what your saying.

Автор Melanie S ( назад)
I agree about toxic culture, and honestly teachers often are part of this
toxic culture and bully the students who are different or don't do well.
I've seen this with my very eyes. Testing is awful and should be done away
with. But to give teachers more power, I disagree.

Автор Elizabeth perez ( назад)
I teach my son I set the foundation for learning. btw "doing school" is a
really good book to read

Автор SRT480 ( назад)
We just elected a guy wh is putting private religious education at the top
of the list for public schooling.

Автор G'Karion Moore ( назад)
That's my teacher!!!

Автор G'Karion Moore ( назад)
That's my teacher!!!!🙌🙌

Автор The Machine ( назад)
Not to mention all the emotional abuse these kids receive from other kids
that is not addressed that will literally last t their whole life.

Автор Steve The Philosophist ( назад)
9:00 You forgot disability and morale. The faculty might not be bad
faculty, but the idea of telling a student "you fail" is what's damaging.
Video games leave players feeling fine about losing because they get to
tackle everything again, and again and again, and immediately see what they
did wrong. The struggle is worth taking hours of trial and error, because
at the end of every day the game gives them infinite lives. Having a fail
grade stick with your gpa and telling you that you have to ignore a year of
effort on your part to make it disappear only shows students how limited
their lives are.

Not to mention, if a C is average and a D is failing, the efficiency of the
teaching system needs to be put in question because most students are on
the verge of failing every term. B should be the average grade given by a
good teacher.

Автор Steve The Philosophist ( назад)
So much this! How can I help push this message as an experienced math tutor
who is struggling to get a degree?

Автор Theworldforacountry ( назад)
I so agree with you, Joshua!

Автор Denise Duran ( назад)
Recently, I've realized that my biggest concern in this world is our health
and education. In order for me to make a difference in education in the
U.S. what should I do? Are there organizations out there that support
'changing the school system'.

Автор Liberty4Ever ( назад)
why not allow teachers to create their own methods of evaluating the
academic success of their students? That's a great idea! We could also
improve the testing results if we just allowed students to grade their own
tests.. or write their own tests. I agree with a lot of what was said in
this video. Education for profit isn't the answer. But many teachers
believe that simply throwing money at the problem will make it better. When
I was in school there was one teacher for 30 children. Now there's a
teacher and a teacher's assistant and the results are worse than we were
getting 40 years ago. There was a bus driver. Now there's a bus driver and
the bus monitor. And behavioral problems on the bus are worse today than
they were then. True a lot of the problems are what was mentioned in this
video. Their problems that started home. We do need more accountability but
we have a government that provides a strong financial incentive for single
parent families. We should start focusing on that problem.

Автор Liberty4Ever ( назад)
why not allow teachers to create their own methods of evaluating the
academic success of their students? That's a great idea! We could also
improve the testing results if we just allowed students to grade their own
tests.. or write their own tests. I agree with a lot of what was said in
this video. Education for profit isn't the answer. But many teachers
believe that simply throwing money at the problem will make it better. When
I was in school there was one teacher for 30 children. Now there's a
teacher and a teacher's assistant and the results are worse than we were
getting 40 years ago. There was a bus driver. Now there's a bus driver and
the bus monitor. And behavioral problems on the bus are worse today than
they were then. True a lot of the problems are what was mentioned in this
video. Their problems that started home. We do need more accountability but
we have a government that provides a strong financial incentive for single
parent families. We should start focusing on that problem.

Автор Sports & Music ( назад)
everyone knows it isn't working but we just keep going

Автор Anne-Catherine Mulhern ( назад)
The reason that teachers aren't given more power in policy making is
because they've had a pretty bad track record. Growing up my teachers were
abusive sadists who liked to humiliate students and abused their position
of power in the classroom. It seems that the current climate, as corrupt as
it is, at least doesn't put teachers in this position of power anymore,
which I am all for. We don't need to bring back those days. Instead, we
need to look at a different way, where students are in charge of what they
learn, where they decide what is best for them and let them learn things
that get them excited.

Автор Michał Woźniak ( назад)
I agree to every single sentence spoken By Joshua, damn I was looking so
long for someone who would clarify everything about education system. I'm

Автор Ryan Morin ( назад)

Автор Francis Njuguna ( назад)
That voice was too breathy

Автор Marshall Curtis ( назад)
My dad always said that one always needed a "well-rounded education" in
college. This means "education for education's sake" in my mind, which is
part of the "toxic culture of education". Me, I go along with Henry Ford's
idea of learning only what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Автор Addonexus TheDeestoyer ( назад)
I agree to some of this but i don't feel like everything is just a home
problem and kids need more policies based on life goals. The problem really
is comprehension for me for anything to do with algebra or geometry. I
simply don't get it, its not anything to do with me or my home life. sure I
have problems, absolutely, my house is far from perfect. However, this has
nothing to do with my comprehension of math. What i do agree with, is the
fact that education is all about money, and the system, they need to start
caring more about their students and more about actually teaching important
topics on a personal level rather than trying to cram facts and
information. over and over and over. I have memorization issues, formulas
go straight over my head, algebra isn't my thing but i make outstanding
grades in literature and im writing novels currently, multiple. I love
literature and i adore words and reading but math just goes over my head.
People are simply given the ability to do somethings, we cant all be the
jack of all trades and we shouldn't all have to learn it all and all go to
college. The government tries to make it all too systematic and fact based.
You can act like its the parents, or a fund problem, or a food problem, or
the teachers problem, or whoever; but when it all comes down to it, the
worst factor is the system as a whole, the little guy is just there. My
name is a number, i don't even exist more than my student ID to the system.
Teachers don't have time or patience to befriend everyone, just like i
don't have time or patience to take every class. We cant expect everyone to
excel at everything. I know people many people who make high grade
averages. 4.0, sophomore year they're already getting college invites, they
take all honers classes. I'v met those people, i befriend those people. But
those people, the ones who conform to just doing everything they can and
spending every waken moment studying for those tests and redoing and
revising all the same work, none of them understand the world. I argue that
the correlation between home-life and grades is real, but i feel like
societies idea of a good home life is causing what society calls good
grades, and in reality those are the problems. We're breeding people who
don't even know their rights and don't even understand how other houses
work at all differently because they know nothing other than to conform. A
teacher yells at them for being in the wrong place at the wrong time
because something happened at home and they're upset, they instantly go to
victim blaming themselves, they conform to every thing society wants. We
don't have an education system. We breed lab rats, they work in labs and
work with rats, but they're no different from the rats they test. They're
impulsive and work to get that little nibble of cheese and then report to
the guy above them who takes all the credit. These people that society
considers intellectual geniuses don't even know that there is anything
different from the way they live. I honestly had someone tell me onetime
they didn't even know that washing clothes without separating them was even
physically possible, in all seriousness and reality they had no idea that
it could even be done. We're creating a race of robots that know nothing
any different from how they're told to do something, and that, that's whats
wrong with the education system. We tell them collage is knowledge and
stick that in their brains while teachers have 4 years of it and make
barely over minimum wage. The richest people that have ever even lived or
walked the face of this earth barely had education at all, most of them not
even to a third grade level, and they ran the country and created the
internet and built us to where we are. Do people not know that 1/3 college
kids are assaulted in some way? do people not know that most homeless
people had college? do people not realize that if everyone had college
we're in the same situation as if absolutely no one did, making us all
equal again and put in another job finding problem situation? But that
doesn't matter because college is knowledge, and above all debt is key, we
can work it off by the time we're 40 at a job we don't enjoy, but we don't
know that but what is joy. that's the world we live in today. We haven't
burned the books yet, but the way things are going, Fahrenheit 451 may have
predicted the future. People who don't understand anything except accepting
that they exist and they have to conform to society. People that accept
every piece of information the government feeds them. People that feel no
remorse for the dead and see life like a task no different than sleeping or
watching television. We even have groups of people so confused that in
order to evade one system they go to another in which they rebel against
everything and ask for every freedom they can get their fingers around, so
eager to get away that they get stuck in another conformative state. It's

Автор Jen Smith ( назад)

Автор Jen Smith ( назад)

Автор Gj Wilson ( назад)
We need to change the rule of the education system. Students need to have
the freedom to learn what they love to learn.

Автор Gj Wilson ( назад)
Interest and love to experiment, and learning from mistakes, in any
freewill to achieve, then you will be successful

Автор College Meltdown ( назад)
Wow, Joshua, you hit all the bases about the education racket and how
"savage inequalities" (Kozol) lead to "degrees of inequality" (Mettler).

Автор Geneva D-Smedes ( назад)
This is almost like a spoken word. Haha. I like it.

Автор Scott Jeffrey ( назад)
This guy should be in educational administration.

Автор Samantha Sakmar ( назад)
I remember taking a standardized test in purple crayon. I was 5 and it was

Автор ohmusicsweetmusic ( назад)
We never went to the moon. Sorry.

Автор Leah Long ( назад)
Thank you so much!!! You spoke exactly what I feel and now know. I hope
that change does happen because my passion for becoming a teacher was
snubbed out when I learned about all of the money that was made off of
innocent children. The desire is still there but I know that I would be
going into a profession with my hands literally tied behind my back and
that is not my vision.

Автор Mr. House ( назад)
I usually get bad grades is because I know the answer but I don't
understand the question. But, If it was put in real world terms, I could
probably get the answer right EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Автор Mr. House ( назад)
Oh i knew McG was a hack!

Автор Mr. House ( назад)
Fucking its all about the money, isn't it?

Автор Josaia Namoumou ( назад)

Автор adam jeffery ( назад)
Here's the thing tho, your idea is great, but most teacher aren't as good
as you and won't want to do that

Автор Colonel Dick Faggotson ( назад)
Hey corporations, leave the schools alone

Автор Aviator1681 ( назад)
Aren't we already do this in college? I agree we need to move it down to
high school; but things kids learn in elementary and junior high are the
basics that are required to do anything regardless what one might want to
do in his/her future.

Автор Ellie Galvez-Hard ( назад)
Thanks for your talk Joshua-I will use it to illustrate passion and
education in my Child Development course. Well described reality of what is
wrong with our unequal educational system!

Автор pillmuncher67 ( назад)
Non vitae, sed scholae discimus. -- Seneca.

Автор Philip McGee ( назад)
Amen brother. The biggest lie that has ever been told to the American
public is... "To get a good job, you have to get a good education," i.e.
college degree. The true statement should be: to get a good job, you need
job skills you can sell in the job market. Beyond getting a job... we need
entrepreneurs who create new businesses that create jobs for others.

Автор siloPIRATE ( назад)
How and why do you have assignments in kindergarten and 1st grade?

Автор siloPIRATE ( назад)
but if everyone has a college degree, no one does

EDIT: Your talk made me think of Syndrome's 'when everyone's super, no one
will be' line. Barely two minutes later you bring Syndrome up. Coincidence?
I think not!

Автор kat ( назад)
I just find it so mind-blowing that if you're bad at science or math,
people say you're not trying hard enough, but if you're bad at things like
art, they'll just say, "Don't worry, it's just not your thing."

Автор alicedesu xx ( назад)

Автор Robert ( назад)
Common core will only reduce our innovative next generations into worker
bees, which will get our society nowhere. Not to mention these same school
systems in the US are still allowed to teach pseudoscience in their
classrooms. Our education system is designed by politics, not by reason.

Автор Robert Smith-Williams ( назад)
Joshua you are a hero amongst humans. If there was any correct
prioritisation in our society you should be one of the billionaires in this
world (not the monkeys who are).

Автор Zilhah Hadad ( назад)

Автор Zilhah Hadad ( назад)
Norwegian an Finland goe to war with them then we're at top with world War
3 annalation of all earthwide life!

Автор Zilhah Hadad ( назад)
hello whatever

Автор jsdzbl ( назад)

Автор Definite G ( назад)
great talk

Автор RWacts ( назад)
End compulsory "Education"

Автор Speed ( назад)
I agree with some things you say. I do good in school as far as my grades
go, but I can see that outside of school I can't do anything. I may be a
good writer, I don't know, but since my teacher has to understand my papers
and I feel that my paper must fit the teacher's standard. With that, I
don't feel that I am proving my writing skills, I'm just showing that I
understand what the teacher likes or that I can stay within a set guideline
for writing. Also, writing involves being able to express myself in a way
the reader can understand, I know that I have never been very good at
expressing myself. I was never taught how to express myself. So, normally
my writing assignments get a lower grade than every other assignment. Point
being, yeah, the system isn't fair.

Автор Jauckor ( назад)
I am a teacher. We are all teachers. Children, kids and teenagers follow
our example everyday, everywhere, everytime. The whole world is an entire

Автор Saffana Siddiqui ( назад)
What he said he soooo true!!!! This talk is amazing.!!

Автор Richard Murray ( назад)
Click bait headline. He's just an NEA hack defending the failed of
government schools. He's putting the cart before the horse. Charter schools
were brought into existence because the public schools are a failure,
mostly thanks to the NEA's favorite factor, the federal Department of

Автор yurfavorite ahmed ( назад)
Amen, Joshua. If only his two proposals came to fruition (especially his
2nd proposal).

Автор pustakgagi n ( назад)
Most of the kids hate subjects like mathematics, science and civics at some
point in their student life. If we start giving them the option of opting
out of these subjects, we may create a large population of youngsters who
are ill equipped for this hi-tech world and create a society with low civic
awareness. Otherwise, I agree with him on most of other issues.

Автор fuscia13 ( назад)
He looks like Matthew Maconahy

Автор fuscia13 ( назад)
We don't need no education 👏👏👏👏

Автор Chris Hareas ( назад)
This man needs to become the Secretary of Education!

Автор PCTeacher12 ( назад)
This is what I have been saying for years. I hope one day we will
understand the complex nature of education and stop running education like
a business.

Автор olc Le ( назад)
It’s so true. I saw and see many schools within different cultures “norm”
around the country that need to rethink, restructure, and define our future
of America. LOL. Amen.

Автор Ann Korn ( назад)
This man speaks the truth. I am 56 and just competed my second time in
pre-algebra. Pearson is used at the college and the first time I took the
class online. The online school is not user friendly for people with ADHD,
dyscalculia or dyslexia. In fact, sometimes they almost seem to enjoy
playing with your mind (the put pq in a math problem when the can use any
other letters.
I took the class again, and again part was online. The difficult part was
typing in the math symbols and getting them correct. There is too much room
error for people who have the slightest issues. Then there is the cost of
Pearson's junk, or books. Books are spit out each year so you have to buy a
new one.
It's nothing but a big expensive business for the students to pay for.

Автор Jacob Corbin ( назад)
The real reason the law was passed that you had to go to school until you
were 18 was the labor unions got sick of teens taking their jobs. The man
had a family to support, the teen was just making pocket money.

Автор Richard Gray ( назад)
Passionate talk Joshua Katz!

What I find interesting is that this issue has been identified over 200
years ago and as an "advanced, intelligent" society we still tend to focus
on the bottom line in all business. yes all education institutions are
businesses. One can easily argue they are corporations designed with one
goal in mind, to produce workers for whatever skill is required of the
market place at a specific time. 50 years ago doctors, lawyers and
engineers were the skills required. In some areas now trade workers are the
skills required of the market.

What's critical to teach, along with the hard skills (math, science,
language etc.) are the soft skills (organization, taking responsibility for
one's actions, accountability etc.).

So what's the solution? Find a way to integrate teaching these necessary
soft skills alongside the hard skills. I do agree the policy makers should
not be made up one particular group of individuals who studied only one
particular area alone. Teachers, parents and even some students (depending
on age, maturity etc.) should also be a part of the board and policy making

I'm curious to see if this takes board members and policy makers another
200 years to figure out. 200 years ago, there was no internet, not as much
access to global research or the technology we have today. Yet Horace
figured this out!

Автор Ally B ( назад)
I would also add that we must go to the root of American education before
Horace Mann came onto the scene and see how the children of that day were
educated. There were some amazing people to come out of that time.

Автор Ally B ( назад)
It all comes back to the family unit. If the family is broken, every
"institution" we have will suffer. A family should be where the character
and morals are taught but if the parents are broken and a product of
"public education " that failed then the cycle continues. Who will be the
ones to stand up and break these cycles? We need new parents thinking
critically and truly wanting a better future for the next generation
instead of the "all about me" society we see today.

Автор Gabrielle Dylewski ( назад)
Gotta love how in all the parent-teacher conferences I've been stuck in,
they blame my mom amd I, and most of all in their rhetoric, they say I
"lack motivation." which is hilarious because then I would like to say,
"then motivate me. Give me a reason to be motivated." or how they say it's
my fault and I should motivate myself. The main point of motivation is to
start with it from those around you. Yes counselor, motivate me with your
monotonous voice and impersonal attitude. Soooo ready to reach for an A

Автор Dua 999 ( назад)
I wish I had a teacher like this.

Автор ilene estorga ( назад)

Автор Monique Luna ( назад)
this man nailed it. I would feel more comfortable with sending my children
to public school if it had the values this man has presented.

Автор Kathryn Otley ( назад)
This is what my mum a maths teachers says!! Why bother teaching kids for
GCSE's who will just fail instead of teaching them skills that could equip
them for their future, but then how do you choose which students?

Автор General Patton ( назад)
Pearson's goal is to have students ask less questions and have more
answers. Do I even have to brush up on how rhetoric that is it?

Автор Steven Wu ( назад)
The problem with our education system isn't that kids are not "learning". I
have forgotten most of everything that was taught to me in my primary
school days - is that bad? Not really. Why? Because I don't need to know
how to find the angle of a triangle.

The problem is that our school system isn't teaching our kids character and
values. We aren't grooming our kids to the needed characteristics suited
for success as mentioned in this video. And when we dive closer into this,
the problem isn't our education system, it's the democratic people.

If a teacher wanted to punish a student for poor behavior, what happens?
The school gets sued. If the school wanted to hold your child back to help
with administrative chores, such as sweeping the campus floors - what
happens? The school gets sued. In America, parents are stupid and do not
know what is best for their children. All they know is whether or not their
precious baby is happy at the moment. Nobody is happy being punished.
Nobody is happy doing work. But you know what good punishment and societal
work does? It builds character. We can't implement that in our society
because in America, the people's wishes are indisputable.

Guess which students turn out better? Those who attend private schools or
those who attend public schools? Private schools duh. Why? Because they
have more resources? Because they have better quality teachers? Yes - those
do play a factor. But if you look deeper, you'll see fundamental
differences too. Compare the behavior of public students and private
students. Notice the difference? Compare the after school activities of
public and private students. Notice the difference? Compare the power
parents have over the schools. Notice the difference?

Our education system is flawed. But the root of the problem is never
discussed - because discussing them means we have to make sacrifices. What
sacrifices? This idiotic concept Americans believe called "human rights".
Our "rights" to do whatever the fuck we please.

Автор Steven Wu ( назад)
I get what he's saying, but his example at the end is incredibly stupid and
society breaking. Why not take out algebra for kids who want to be tattoo
artist and simply train them to get a job in society? Because kids don't
know what they want to do in the future.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a police man. Later, I wanted to be a
fireman. At some point - I wanted to be a politician and be president. This
then later changed to being an attorney, which evolved into wanting to be a
court judge.

Currently, I am a tax accountant. My career choices have changed from time
to time during my entire childhood. So why not train kids specific skills
based on what they want? Because they may not want to be in that field in
the future. What happens when they change their minds, but you have already
stripped away their core academic classes required for them to better
succeed? Oh well, fuck them?

Why is writing/english taught? Because it is a core skill generally
required in our society. Writing reports, making presentations, writing
emails, writing letters, etc. Can we strip this away? No, because the
values it teaches is useful to everyone in all situations.

Why is history taught? While it does not generally meet it's goal; it's
meant to build our characters and wisdom. To take what has happened in the
past and find ways to better prepare for the future. Should we change the
current way it's being taught? probably. Should we strip it away? No,
because the values it teaches is useful to everyone in all situations.

Why is mathematics beyond basic taught? Because we need to learn how to
factor right? No! Mathematics is taught to help stimulate our mind.
Mathematics is the only core topic that works systematically with set rules
and boundaries. Mathematics help build our logical abilities and cognitive
abilities. It allows us to practice how to translate what we were taught to
how they should be used. We don't learn mathematics so we can measure
angles and determine factor equations - we use it as a practice medium.
Should we strip mathematics? No, because the values it teaches is useful to
everyone in all situations.

I agreed with the speaker about everything he said until the very end
point. The moment people start believing that our core courses and subjects
are not needed is the moment society regresses. Yes, we should learn home
ec, and yes we should study the arts, but NEVER should we give up our core
subjects. Reform how they are taught? Sure. Strip them away, pure

Автор Amanda aka Goldmare ( назад)
In other words, our educational system is now all about getting children
"college ready," but not "life ready."

Yeah, that sounds like a pretty big failure to me. I mean, sure, they go to
college (some of them). And then what? Are they ready to own a house and a
car? Are they ready to figure out budgets or cook healthy meals? How about
effective job search strategies? Do they even know how to do all the chores
that keep a household running? I myself was in my early twenties before I
learned how to clean a toilet. And I was educated based mostly on the old
system (with standardized testing, but at least with old maths and home ec
still in place). I can only imagine how little the current students are
actually learning.

We now live in a culture where young adults are often proud of themselves
for "adulting" by actually doing their own laundry or cooking something
that didn't come straight from a box or can. Of course, parents should be
teaching those skills . . . except that a lot of parents of the current
generation of students don't know how to do them, either, or just don't
have the time because both work (or they're single parents). They drop off
the laundry at the laundromat/dry cleaner's, order take-out and pay other
people to fix their stuff when it breaks (a.k.a. "outsourcing"). Yes, I'm
aware that not everyone does all these things, but they are increasingly
common. Which leaves it to schools to teach these things, but an increasing
number are refusing to do so, leaving us with kids "ready to go to college"
who couldn't tell you the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon,
have no idea how to responsibly handle credit and probably can't read
cursive writing. How they intend to sign their names to cheques and
contracts, I have no idea. I've even heard of high school students who
can't read analog clocks. It makes me wonder what the school look like
because every wall clock in my high school was analog and there was one
over every classroom door.

And all in the name of the almighty dollar. What a surprise (please note
the sarcasm). It's just sad how many of us fell for it and continue to do
so even as our students regularly go home in tears because of Common Core
maths. (Perhaps the greatest irony is how they teach our children to care
about the environment and not waste resources . . . after taking multiple
pieces of paper to solve a basic arithmetic problem.)

Автор Kerry Gale ( назад)
What an amazing guy ... I home school, education where I am is really poor
and kills creativity. They like to keep children 'in the box'.

Автор angproball ( назад)
Ted talks thank you for giving these energy's the platform to open up our
eyes. address things we choose to ignore. things that some thay truly can't
see. Just like so many others, I am moved by another individual coming up
here and going against the norms.

stop judging the fish on how he climb trees. what a line.

Автор sbrox11 ( назад)
Thank you so much for saying this. I'm going into my junior year of high
school which is considered the most important year of high school and all
that we ever hear is get good testing scores or you won't have a good
future. It's summer time and kids are studying for their SATs. A lot of my
friends complain about how school is failing them. School isn't teaching
them things that they could use in the real world or things that they love
to do or would love to learn about. All we learn about is the common core
curriculum. PARCC just got introduced to my high school and it's another
money making machine created by private organizations that don't even see
how it affects us. It drives me nuts. Something needs to be done about the
education system.

Автор king ( назад)
The educational system is made to enslave, giving partly false information
about a variety of topics ( true history of Israel, evolution, religion).
Education is making the mind more powerful then it already is.*Education
wont teach you the only truth that matters the truth about the big picture
of life, the Truth about the nature of the mind*. Google *TruthContest read
the Present*. It explains how life works in every facet. It explains that
the mind is a good thing when it comes to rational thinking ( it builded
the world we are living in) but we forget about the badstates of the mind,
we forget about the controlling dreammachine it can and is for most of
mankind, the mind is letting us suffer. The current system is making the
mind even more powerful then it already is, while our true purpose is to
unslave ourselfs out of the prison of the mind. The *truth* will set you

Автор Tony Borthwick ( назад)
google "John Taylor Gatto"

Автор Haight Ashbury Music ( назад)

Автор Brad Schierer ( назад)
Nothing here that hasn't been said better by Michel de Montaigne or Ralph
Waldo Emerson or Neil Postman.

The fact of the matter is public education is a threat to the plutocratic
ruling class. That's what's at the heart of this whole "attack on
education" narrative. It won't change regardless of who's elected or how
teachers are incentivized or how many or few tests kids take or whether
they're allowed to "express themselves" or "find joy in learning."

The only true paradigm shift happens in a student's mind when he or she
decides the material is worth learning for its own inherent value and when
the teacher gets out of the student's way in order to help that happen.
Everything else is just indoctrination.

Автор Kaz Love ( назад)
I just want my childhood back

Автор Anonymous Rise Up ( назад)

Автор Michael G. Sheppard ( назад)
I definitely see the toxic culture that various educational restrictions
can have on teachers and students alike. For a teacher to truly shine, they
need to be free of the red tape. They need to be given the confidence that
they can do a great job. But most importantly, they need the belief that
their work matters. For that to happen, there needs to be a change in the
system both inside and outside of the classroom. Keep fighting the good
fight Joshua Katz. We need more passionate teachers like you expressing the
problems that are going on within the education sector.

Автор mario meza ( назад)
Wow now it's making me question taking my GE's in college

Автор Matthew Austin ( назад)
Let's be clear here on what the issue is. I agree with everything he said
until the end. While the corporations are certainly not blame free in
creating problems, the government runs the schools, and they ultimately
make the decisions. This is true from reform to to policy to the people
that sit on the education boards. I can't possibly understand the logic of
doubling down on a system that shows tendencies towards these decisions. If
they were influenced, they gave in to such influences and government will
not change their money following behaviors. We asked for a system ran by
bureaucrats and we received it in full.

Автор Youth F7C ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор vijay b ( назад)
Love you Sir. You are awesome.

Автор watcher4234 ( назад)
I am an inner city teacher, on the verge of quitting until I heard this. I
have a heart for my students but couldn't put my finger why I hated my job
until now. I was wrongfully conditioned to believe scores reflected my, and
my students success. I completely forgot they are people who don't
necessarily express their ambitions through studies. Thank you for saving
me from making the biggest mistake of my life.

Автор mkmnfree ( назад)
The protests of the 60's/70's taught the fearful administrators that a good
education gave the insight and critical-thinking necessary to stop the
corruption/greed-mongers, and so a different system was slowly put into
place to better dumb-down our society. And making a profit while screwing
all of us, is what they do. Is "civics" class still being taught anywhere
in America~?! The greatest Civics training in America is Law school. Who
hires those graduates~?! If regular citizens are not taught the basics of
how our government works, then we can't use that knowledge to affect
change. Fear is a powerful ally... And fear/greed is stepping in to run our
lives. Think...

Автор Arthur Schopenhauer ( назад)
i see loads of comments are getting censored and deleted

Автор Margaret Garbincus ( назад)
This guy is my new hero!!

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