Gmod THE MATRIX Slow Motion Bullet Time Mod! (Garry's Mod)

HomelessGoomba and I play Gmod, and show off the Matrix mod with Slow Motion Bullet Time! Watch as we fight in a subway full of agents fighting them in slow motion with all kinds of different guns! Will we defeat them all!?

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Agent Smith: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=119222908
Map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=153238214

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/venturiantalegames

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VenturianTale

Blog: http://blog.venturiantale.com/

Music: Matt McFarland www.mattmcfarland.com

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Автор rolland Van Helden (1 месяц)
isaac said dammit 18.01

Автор john abody (5 месяцев)
what is the anime name on 1:54

Автор ORZOx Cowboys (12 дней)
Where is the mod?!

Автор David L Reimer (15 дней)
osu! - Rythm just a klick away

Автор Logan Lequieu (3 месяца)
technically your in fast motion to you it seems like Slow motion but in
reality its fast motion to other people.

Автор Sonic Shadowz (4 месяца)
How do you do slow motion?

Автор CompoundFish43 (1 месяц)
No slow mo download?

Автор mariogalaxy64100 (4 месяца)
What mod is vent using

Автор Anica Castillo (1 месяц)
I love how your smiles get bigger by the second

Автор Gardiance (4 месяца)
This isn't bullet time because in bullet time you can't use it on

Автор CrokedBlueCreeper101 (4 месяца)
What is the mod they used to get all the weapons like the sniper and

Автор Indy Bender (1 месяц)
What gun pack is that?

Автор yuky tran (5 месяцев)
whats the name of the gun mod venturing is using?

Автор Foxdude12 (1 месяц)
why was the girl in the poster thing eating her phone? ps lol

Автор Im Chris Umad? (5 месяцев)

Автор Surendran Ramachandran (2 месяца)
did anyone see neotokyo its awesome

Автор Harvey Williams (1 день)
This is the best YouTube video I have ever seen in my entire life, ever!

Автор MrSuperBolinha (5 дней)
SlowMotion mod link...?

Автор TheUltraGamerMax (16 часов)
Venturian WINS!!!

Автор Carlos DeHerrera (2 дня)
HomelessGoomba is better

Автор Tony Roberts (4 дня)
You are better venturian

Автор Wolvahulk (11 дней)
Whats the slow motion mod used in this video i cant find it

Автор Brandon Pham (2 дня)
Ventiran won

Автор tpd1864 (3 дня)
Venturiantale is better

Автор Sasha Delgado (12 дней)

Автор Hawk Huynh (8 дней)

Автор mznss7 (5 дней)
Its Matrix

Автор howtokill azomble (4 месяца)
um.... you didn't put the slow bullet time mod in the description also
loved it

Автор Dakeem Galloway (18 дней)

Автор Jared Harrison (3 месяца)
venturian wins

Автор Andy Pilling (22 дня)
Venture an

Автор jok playerovich (19 дней)

Автор Deondray Bridges (23 дня)

Автор Taron Sims (16 дней)
you should have set a army of them then work together to kill them

Автор Mico Kintanar (19 дней)
You v :)

Автор ezra ascencio (19 дней)

Автор Jay Kelly (24 дня)
HEY that sleeping bag was from a video from danger dolon

Автор Muhammad Uneeb (22 дня)
Vetestale won the battle

Автор Tracey Parkhurst (25 дней)
Pease do this mod with a other mod it would look epic

Автор Legolas Chavez (1 месяц)
Agent smith the combine can only hold smg ar2 stunstick shotgun anabelle
thats the only weopon that they can shoot with

Автор Rawda Hassan (27 дней)

Автор Gabriel Rogers (27 дней)

Автор michael breen (1 месяц)
It is wearable sleeping bag

Автор Riah Marie (1 месяц)

Автор stormette smashers (26 дней)
ve win I give him 40000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Автор Victor Rice (27 дней)
I never saw the movie

Автор Pamela Stiles (1 месяц)
No he didn't dick 

Автор B Watts (1 месяц)
HG is cute

Автор Emma Jarvis (1 месяц)

Автор James Anderson (1 месяц)
Those things actaly exist

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