TYT Host Named One Of The Sexiest In News Media

Exciting news, one of The Young Turks hosts has been selected as one of the sexiest in news media. Congrats Ana Kasparian! See Mediaite's list here: http://www.mediaite.com/online/mediaite-presents-the-sexiest-in-news-media-2016/#ams-38

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Автор Blaine Alison Clark ( назад)
Ana is beautiful, but I don't think this should be an award. I respect Ana
for integrity not looks.

Автор Nicholas Saini ( назад)
Congrats Ana. I would have personally giving it to Kim Horcher, but you
definitely deserve it!

Автор thunder2.0 ( назад)
errhh no thank you rather be gay

Автор Abzekh01 ( назад)
Ana:"Will Uk leave the Euro?" = Summary of how stupid she is. Yet she keeps
talking about how bad journalism is in US. You are one of the worst Ana.

Only desperate wankers like Ben and Cenk think you are sexy.

Автор Karina Kuo ( назад)
Totally deserved yo!

Автор Jon Juan ( назад)
arrogant, ignorant, racist, shills.

Автор Dan Mason ( назад)
The trolls have such a boner for Ana.

Автор Emperor Palpatine ( назад)
Lee ann Macadoo

Автор futureisbright33 ( назад)
Win the award for fake news yet?

Автор Sylvia Haik ( назад)
Ana is not only sexy but more importantly she is full of journalistic
ethics she is doing a wonderful job for TYT.

Автор Kenneth Pace ( назад)
Ohhhhhh, I thought the award was for "journalist who can't speak without
dropping 2 f-bombs in every sentence." She also wins the award for
"journalist who lives by the bathrooms at the back of the bar."

Автор melowmedia ( назад)
lol and you guys flaunt the fact that Ana is praised for nothing more than
her looks hahahaha this is so ridiculous....I guess she should thank her
plastic surgeon for her nose...what an awesome role model

Автор Jordon Hayward ( назад)
She isn't by an means bad looking but I would not call Ana Sexy.

Автор 1955RodHot ( назад)
And here come all the hateful comments...what a world we live in when every
time a woman is called sexy or intelligent two thousand pathetic trolls
have to immediately call her ugly and stupid. I'm amazed that there are any
women left on YouTube, especially attractive, intelligent women who don't
have to put up with all the abuse they get. I love that all these trolls
are wasting their time trying to insult Ana, since she admitted a year ago
that she never reads the comments on TYT videos.

Автор bowecho ( назад)
Ana getting down with the Patriarchy? Oh the hypocracy!

Автор bowecho ( назад)
This is fake news.

Автор Jonny Bigdong ( назад)
Fucken big nosed traitor

Автор Warrior Son ( назад)
I bet Lee-Ann McAdoo was number 1... 😍

Автор Nhue Labolas ( назад)
Anna I did 16 year in the Army I hat e to say it but I am better than you
. What have you really done?
you are trash to me
I am better than you .. Dox me it will be a slap in your face
do it.. Anna arent you better than me even though you have donre nothing?
dox me coward

Автор Pu Kway ( назад)
Where is the white man-child Shaun King?

Автор jgonz185 ( назад)
I would have put Jimmy on the list ahead of Ana. Nothing against Ana, Jimmy
just sexy af.

Автор dsprenger13 ( назад)
if mediaite based their list on the "sexiest" media people and kimberly
guilfoyle is included on that list (among a lot of other very average
looking people), there is absolutely no reason to be congratulatory about
being associated with that list. actually making a clip about this is sad
and hypocritical. also, abby martin didn't make it onto the list of 50
people (some of whom are extremely average looking) so that speaks volumes
about how lame that list is.

Автор Adolf Kitler ( назад)
So she is fine to be objectified?

Автор baron bull ( назад)
how can any one call a muslim a sexy,just look at her, seen better looking
potatoes. the truth is christians is the best and never ever be beaten by a
muslim mohammedans fact.

Автор baron bull ( назад)
muslims/Islam is the most dangerous most murderous religion on the planet
to all ,what would be the solution for a safer planet.I cannot say anything
more Google have give me a warning, KILL or be killed.

Автор baron bull ( назад)
Muslim women are the most hairyest in the muslim world,take a not so close
look tash turkey loves hair on women ,Ana has
hair allover her ears like spokes on a childs lets make muslims work it

Автор László Kovács ( назад)
congrats! it's clear, nothing to argue about

Автор gatesbrown26 ( назад)
disgusting how these US military hating creeps use military bugle calls.

Автор Winston G ( назад)
Congratulations AK!

Автор R G ( назад)
Sorry but angry and hateful is not sexy.

Автор djaceman123 ( назад)
The woman is very average. It's amazing how many horribly unattractive guys
there are around to put average women like her on a pedestal. It's actually
quite sad.

Автор northofyou33 ( назад)
Why is anyone naming "sexiest newscasters"? I think that's absurd. I want
real news, and I don't want the newscasters graded on their sexiness.

Автор Szriko ( назад)
fake news

Автор Drunken Mongoose ( назад)
Does her plastic surgeon get a kickback?

Автор Intel 1 ( назад)

Автор mistaseeforce ( назад)
Hey boo 🤘🏾😎

Автор Michael Schaeffer ( назад)
I love your insight and discussions, so I'd be happy to donate... if you
change your name. Don't be the new Washington Redskins... come on. You are
better than that.

Автор Lorax ( назад)
Ana needs to get back into the kitchen where she belongs.

Автор Jim Hawkins ( назад)
I like Ana but she is certainly not marriage material

Автор TIMBERWULF NZ ( назад)
Cenks wank rag....a

Автор loyd webber ( назад)

Автор Rebecca Duboise ( назад)
Anna, the " like " word has got to go....Annoying

Автор St. Mack ( назад)
To bad she's crazy

Автор gary lord ( назад)
She is extremely sexy....

Автор Charge0Complete ( назад)
pick a volume and stick with it

Автор care623 ( назад)
Raise your hand if you have a crush on the beautiful and brilliant Ana

Автор Jeremy Szot ( назад)
But you guys aren't news... I'm confused. P.S. Ana's hott though but the
furthest thing from a journalist or news..

Автор asseater007 ( назад)
Ana isn't ugly at all, but she isn't all that sexy either. She has a
beautiful face, but she's not my type. Congratulations to her

Автор Fuzzy Ideology ( назад)
I'd jizz allover her face

Автор Dresden Diaz ( назад)
Weren't we attacking fox news for this concept a few years ago? Jeez. Ya'll
need a mirror. Mind you, theres nothing sexy about being a brain washed

Автор Lesly Bearagain ( назад)
Yes Ana!🌹You're a beauty and one of my favorites on the show!

Автор Ed Tolliver ( назад)
Here's exciting news for you. Your wonderful Jimmy Dore is now used on
alt-right web sites. This was found on M.r. Moon. 6:53 This Hilarious
Video Wasn't Meant To Be Funny
The Jimmy Dore Show. He ranks right up there with Trump whose face, voice
and words are used in recruiting videos for ISIS, al Qa'ida and Hezbollah

Автор bigballer ( назад)

Автор Jesus or Money, Power and Prestige? ( назад)
Ana you know damn well all these people speaking trash about you want you
so bad it drives them crazy, you keep on going girl

Автор mkaq001 ( назад)
That sound effect for Ana at the end was a little awkward..

Автор Joey Lopez ( назад)
GIna is hotter

Автор Joey Lopez ( назад)
I thought it said most sexist

Автор Rusty Shackleford ( назад)
lol serious? Whose decision was this? There's plenty of hotter choices

Автор davemh1 ( назад)
Ana Kasparian selected as one of the sexiest ????........REALLY
?????......I just vomited....LMAO....she is a disgusting pig

Автор Jcmg Whct ( назад)
I'd love Ana. She's strong,smart and pretty. She's a woman!!!!😍

Автор Jcmg Whct ( назад)
Yes she is sexy!!!!

Автор AnthonyGallo842 ( назад)
Palin`s better looking and more intelligent. Keep crying libtards.

Автор Rob Davis ( назад)
She looks like a modern CA liberal interpretation of the Cruela de ville

Автор Rob Davis ( назад)
Old Hooknose? hahahahahaaaaa

Автор Dr Manhattan ( назад)
Shame she's such a shrieking fishwife.

Автор Celtic Bird ( назад)
Her classlessness devalues her looks.

Автор The Spooker ( назад)
They got that list wrong

Автор Flood ( назад)
shes way better than me

Автор Barack Obama ( назад)
Take the make up off and consider all the shit you have to listen to her
say and you have one ugly ass bitch!!

Автор Young Race Baiters ( назад)
well, we know it definitely ain't Cenk

Автор Adam Cohen ( назад)
The show would be a lot better if Anna did it topless

Автор Black Terry ( назад)
Ana gives me the creeps.

Автор Michael Victorian ( назад)
Grats Ana! Too bad she had to genocide her Armenian nose LOL

Автор Nataša Seršen P. ( назад)
to the men writing crap about Ana's appearance: Hope denying your boner is
working out for you <3

Автор PupeEETR ( назад)
no hannah cranston

Автор GoodSteve123 ( назад)
Maybe 5 years ago.

Автор Isaac Chay ( назад)
That nose tho

Автор Luke Cantoni ( назад)
I'd take Tomi Lauren anyway and everyday

Автор Lady Jenny ( назад)
Too bad Ana is the ugliest person on the inside

Автор Eve Voxx ( назад)
fok Hasan...& Grace, ....they are the worst hosts

Автор Random Videos ( назад)
Ana don't like to be objectified! I'm sure she's pissed! But, Ana!! You
rock in all ways with your engagement and clarity of speech! Love your work

Автор MejM Mir ( назад)
we love you Ana. Totally agree you are super sexy. My favorite TYT host
BECAUSE you are smart and talented.

Автор bill killem ( назад)
Who ever named her sexy is f**ken blind lol

Автор Ian Monam ( назад)
I think Cent is sexier than Bill O'Reilly.

Автор Saul Saulot ( назад)
Anna is hot, but it was Kim Horcher who was approached to appear on Playboy
magazine. Pepperidge Farm remembers. Imho Lissette Padilla was the sexiest
TYT member back in the day.

Автор stirthepot 88 ( назад)
Tremendous! TYT is winning with Ana!

Seriously though, she's pretty awesome.

Автор askaflamininja ( назад)
Ana's hot. Come at me haters.

Автор Reality Hurts ( назад)

Автор Damon Curtin ( назад)
Anna's very attractive, only an ugly person w horrible taste would think

Автор Jeffer Ddk (Jeffd337) ( назад)
John should've been on the list.

Автор jackchorn ( назад)
You have triggered the deep programing in Haas- he will seek revenge and go
full Machiavellian and destroy you two.

Автор Waiting since 1966 ( назад)
This aside, you are all still dumber then dog shit, and twice as offensive
Finished sobbing into your cornflakes yet?

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