My Sexy Oblivion Character II and Tutorial

Just tweaked her face a little.

How to make a "Beautiful Character" Tutorial:
Some of the links in the tutorial are dead but I think almost all of them can be found at Tesnexus.

MBP & XEO links:

x117 :

Install Beautiful People - A Guide To Setting Up Beautiful People & Modular BP

MBP and XEO Updated links by Nightwynd

SaveData request by pumpiq :D

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Автор Skyrim Beast ( назад)
Everything looks good, but the breasts are a little on the insane side.
Thanks for producing this video Sparda and with links to informational
resources on how to make characters like this.

Автор RosieRose (1063 года назад)
this is not a tutorial this is a short showcase of a mod .....

Автор Vemo Txrx ( назад)
Boobs !!!

Автор Leeph (1980 лет назад)
By Oblivion... How?

Автор Nightcaster460 ( назад)
U-Uummm... O////O

Автор JoseBy 31 ( назад)
q warro

Автор Estepa lml ( назад)
how to install this mod? .-.

Автор Carl Smith ( назад)
Someone, please help me, I need her to learn where that face texture comes
from, every time I do oblivion I want a girl who looks like her for my
char, this is definitely the best oblivion character I've seen!

Автор hypnodance ( назад)
Is this a mod?

Автор Danh serious ( назад)
Beautiful face!

Автор romantic340 ( назад)
Looks as good as anything i have seen in Skyrim.

Автор Loring Kanner ( назад)
Yoyo Oilen early stages sexy to play with???

Автор Michael Rudie ( назад)
Those tits are excessive to the point of it being a turnoff IMO but
beautiful character in general.

Автор Michael Goldstein ( назад)
dis made my peepee hard

Автор Mishima Kazuya ( назад)
Hello, nice mod here.
Please possible to help me install this mod?
Thank you.

Автор Erica Trent ( назад)

Автор Erica Trent ( назад)

Автор Pablo Alejandro Macías Torres ( назад)
I think I installed everything but the game insists the savefile is
corrupt, any help?

Автор Michal Shukrun (MickyLuck) ( назад)
I think I fell in love with that lady......
am I gay?!?!?!

Автор Morph Verse ( назад)

Автор Sedatus ( назад)
tesnexus has moved to nexusmods.com. You can look them all up there

Автор 2147dude ( назад)
But then why did Bethesda make the originals so ugly?

Автор DreamCheaters ( назад)
video tutorial plis

Автор Grand Warlock InSinkErator ( назад)
How do you get such large breast sizes? I cant seem to figure that out.

Автор Вова Гаврилов ( назад)
not so much big boobs, lol... "d" or "e" be normal for sexy lady, but "h"
liked only by fappers, nuff said.

Автор Sebastian Ellerbee ( назад)

Автор noxiousq12 ( назад)
what's with that plastic glance on her skin, is she oiled up or something?

Автор Bp Ajay ( назад)

Автор José Almeida ( назад)
Me likey.

Автор Parker YouTube ( назад)
160 boys 18 girls CD

Автор HARD 3D (HARD3D) ( назад)
Awesome work, man!

Автор TheVideoMusicMixer ( назад)
Porn Skill Activated

Автор Milas Oyun ( назад)
133 Boys 17 Girls xD 

Автор MerserX ( назад)
what HGEC BBB body options did you choose?

Автор Lion Techa ( назад)
Sorry, could you re-upload your character onto mediafire? Seems like the
link is broken! Much appreciated! :)

Автор WarGalaxy94 ( назад)
why haven't i seen this mod in skyrim nexus yet

Автор MerserX ( назад)
lmao MBP looks like a pain to install.

Автор Forcedminer ( назад)
install Beautiful People - A Guide To Setting Up Beautiful People & Modular
BP MBP and XEO Updated links by Nightwynd Could of given youtube in general
a heads up on the porn site

Автор Mrwatchdog1000 ( назад)
boobs way to big

Автор Ishninka Veharyn ( назад)
LOL, gotta love these "realism" guys complaining about fantasy games. They
ignore everything else but complain about the strangest things. I've seen
women like this IRL too, it's called makeup and surgery, haha. Thumbs up to
your comment. ;)

Автор Xborn2besnip3rX ( назад)
save data is corrupt.. can you make me a good character?

Автор george andonov ( назад)
I already have sexy chracter

Автор That Weird Kid On The Block ( назад)
I have trouble installing the mod

Автор Flarelong ( назад)
Can You make sexy and functional characters witout any mods?

Автор SaphiraTheMongoose ( назад)
Her boobs are bigger than her butt lol. I just can't look at these
character's with a straight face because I'm seeing a gigantic bare ass
under their neck. xD

Автор assassin309 ( назад)
does MBP add all of the modded races from tesnexus

Автор 4aaBaa ( назад)
not sexy, looks like a kid with giant tits...

Автор Bananadine ( назад)
if you got naked girl receptors in your brain that respond really well to
this kind of thing then why bother going for anything more realistic if you
got a pleasure button then you push it--you don't ask questions or look
deeper, probably, you just push it, repeatedly then when those parts of
your mind burn out from overuse you start to develop a more refined taste
at least that's one way it seems to work, sometimes

Автор Darkon711 ( назад)
I swear, my skin crawls every time I see one of "these" characters. I love
a nudie mod as much as the next guy, but this is just going overboard. Do
you people even know what a REAL woman looks like? This isn't even sexy.
It's freakish.

Автор Carmelpoptart ( назад)
Nah, some people just dont like the idea of making every NPC in the game
look sexy, and this one in particular looks like something out of a

Автор Gary Sahsuvar ( назад)
Uriel: So you're the one from that porno..

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 ( назад)
Pretty much. The lighting is whats giving the hair that appearance, it's
just pure black.

Автор greyfox37 ( назад)
I'm just wondering who will take me serious is all, but thanks for the
reply :D

Автор eomdri ( назад)
If being gay makes you dislike this video, then there is something wrong
with that.

Автор StealthCaptainL ( назад)

Автор greyfox37 ( назад)
7 people are gay (not that there is anything wrong with that)

Автор Shane Johnson ( назад)
So you should revise the video information and list everything you've used
to create the model presented. From what I've found thus far, you're using
HGEC Body with BBB DiabloElf 6 in 1 x117 MBP I'm not sure how you were able
to get your hair black and white, though it would be nice if you could tell
us. Please correct me if I'm wrong in the mods guessed above. Please
though, do tell us what mods we would need to make a model with the same
elements as yours in the video!

Автор SempiternalScientist ( назад)
It's a trap! That's Mephala in disguise!

Автор Xborn2besnip3rX ( назад)
You know any mods for some sexy looking outfits?

Автор Ягупоп Попугай ( назад)
tes 6: Pornim

Автор NINJAX2X2X ( назад)
Tits won't fit in armor

Автор rachel rose ( назад)
i think your character is ardoriabal and cute and its got a sexy body and i
like it.

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 ( назад)
Try the loverslab link.

Автор 0vershade (1964 года назад)
I don't remember exactly, but I think you can find it in the Mizuki set.
Search r18pn lingeries sets on nexus.

Автор Kamil Hajkowicz ( назад)
How to make Diano armor with no shoulders ?? (Sorry for my bad english ;P)

Автор nero2108 ( назад)
I know this is old but mind if i asked what face/body textures you are
using to give it that realistic shadowy gloss effect if you still remember
or still play oblivion

Автор Manuel Almanza ( назад)
*Camera turns* HOLY SHIT THOSE EYES!!!!

Автор Sinbreaker ( назад)

Автор P A ( назад)
Not possible to do on xbox 360 i'm guessing?

Автор Koda Kumi ( назад)
hey where do you get the outfit? x

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 (281 год назад)

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 ( назад)
@pumpiq Updated the description for the link. A really cute character
judging by the pic hehe. I'll search for more.

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 ( назад)
@pumpiq Lol, I'll search my folder for good looking ones. I'll upload them
later. ;D

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 ( назад)
@pumpiq Oblivion Sound Sets

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 ( назад)
@pumpiq They're basically the same. In this video, I'm using MBP.

Автор spawngregory ( назад)
cant you give as her save file and the requirements ?

Автор Repent3nce ( назад)
This why my friend always says he wishes polygons could be real people too.
rofl But on the other hand, who doesn't?

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 ( назад)
@unsword I was also having a hard time when I first installed this. Don't
forget to archive invalidate.

Автор un sword ( назад)
@SpardaDVLKing3 god im so bad at this. reinstalled everything and
everything is bugged all the goddamn time :/

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 ( назад)
@unsword Just download the ones you're interested in. Updated the
description for installation procedures for MBP, check it out.

Автор un sword ( назад)
@unsword eh, links you put in descriptions is everything required? whats
the body you used? i cant get this shit to work :/

Автор un sword ( назад)
tessource links are broken -.-

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 ( назад)
@BluFlame2000 The original Japanese Link?

Автор Alex K ( назад)
aloth of these refer to some Japanese mod or something, can we get a link
to that pleaasseee? 

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 ( назад)
@bonethugss84 Thanks again hehe.. :D

Автор SpardaDVLKing3 ( назад)
@NeroXIIIAngelo Not really. I just used the default Facegen sliders.

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