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This is how to win a ton of tickets on Lightning Skeeball. As you can see, just above the ramp there is a lightning bolt and three red lights that are flashing. When the ball crosses the ramp, the lights stop and if the lightning bolt is lit then you get double whatever it goes into. In this game at Gameworks in Schaumburg IL, you need a score of 600,000 to win the jackpot. My score in this game is 1,160,000. Not too bad. I feel good any time I break the million mark, but I've only had 2 perfect games of 1,800,000 before. Be nice to get one of those on video.

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Автор Timothy O'Brien ( назад)
How much money did you spend learning how to do that?

Автор Blueturtle123 ( назад)
Like if you're watching in 2015

Автор David Hayward ( назад)
Nice job

Автор Aiden Raccoon ( назад)
Where did all these old comments come from? I am just now seeing them. I
usually get notifications when somebody comments, but I never did for some
of these.

Автор Green Midori ( назад)
What are the tickets for?

Автор Ben Morley ( назад)
when i play i walk to the run way and stick the ball in the hole

Автор Peter Rabitt ( назад)
Ah, yes. I once worked at a ticket arcade and every single Sunday, a guy
would come in an win the jackpot. On all 4 Skee-ball games.

Автор heyyyyyynow ( назад)
I like to get the high score then leave the tickets there. Then, when some
super excited kid comes running over for the free tickets, I make a big
scene about them stealing my tickets. Then I say Just kidding and give him
the tickets. They're usually pretty confused.

Автор D3MoNyX ( назад)
Alan from Hangover brought me here............

Автор Les Csontos ( назад)
he makes it seem sooo easy!!!

Автор Aiden Raccoon ( назад)
I do like Super Ball but that game was discontinued. I like a lot of the
Price is Right games but I don't like the ones where they just get a choice
between one price or the other. Snoozefest. I did go to The Price is Right
in California to get that shirt. I've been there twice. It is a lot of fun
to go and experience the whole ordeal.

Автор domirules28 ( назад)
lol at the price is right shirt....is it safe to guess that superball is
his all-time favourite pricing game???

Автор ShAy ben dahan ( назад)
who else is on a random video streak?

Автор Shadow Typhlosion ( назад)
AIM BOT HACK :)""""""

Автор JasperRodgers ( назад)
Random video streak? What are you talking about? Did you reply to the right

Автор Nelson Tj ( назад)
ENOUGH WITH THE STUPID ASS "Hey guys who else is on a random video streak

Автор Johanna Palomar ( назад)
dad was like that then kept on getting 10,000 like 5 times in a row and
then I got a huge stuffed animal

Автор Thefurrylover777 ( назад)
who else is on a random video streak?

Автор Thefurrylover777 ( назад)
oh hi Aiden i just walked in to a furry video lol i'm not surprised by that

Автор Aiden Raccoon ( назад)
If you look close at the 0:49 mark just before it says jackpot it says 102.
I got the jackpot that I had hit many times already that night. It resets
at 100 so I got 102 and then 24 for playing the game.

Автор Aiden Raccoon ( назад)
You not only have to roll the ball down the ramp in to the hole, you also
have to time the lightning bolt. It is by far harder than a regular
Skeeball lane.

Автор biodome9999 ( назад)
A Pro?-this is the little kids skeebal game

Автор Minecraft Sirs ( назад)
That's impressive..

Автор FreezinFury ( назад)
I can asure you iam not gay . But on the other hand i bet you take it in
the shit box you cunt

Автор vktheman ( назад)
well done

Автор Aiden Raccoon ( назад)
You only get 9 throws regardless of how many balls are left in the chute.
In this video though, I only throw 8 because the 5th ball counted twice.

Автор Reina Urbina ( назад)
You still have some balls

Автор Adam Klawikofsky ( назад)
Only 1000 more tickets to get a bouncy ball

Автор Jack Reacher (1293 года назад)
Aiden Raccoon playing Skeeball. He is a skeeball pro.

Автор Jack Reacher (1346 лет назад)
Cool Video! You are pro!

Автор John Jacobs ( назад)
This is Aiden Raccoon. He wins a lot of tickets on Skeeball. He is a
Skeeball Pro.

Автор Rick Holman ( назад)
This is Aiden Raccoon winning a lot of tickets on Skeeball. He is a
Skeeball pro.

Автор Aiden Raccoon ( назад)
I'm not bald. I'm still in the process.

Автор Harvey Dent ( назад)
Aiden Raccoon is awesome at Skeeball. He is a Skeeball Pro!

Автор FreezinFury ( назад)
Hes good at that but hes still bald.

Автор Hank Arazia ( назад)

Автор Jake Tapper ( назад)

Автор Jack Lemon ( назад)

Автор Sara Lehman ( назад)

Автор marionetemanJ ( назад)
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G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ
really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that
Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming
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coming to pass.

Автор DayDreamProductions5 ( назад)
it skipped 1:02

Автор MrShaun1123 ( назад)
I try being pro... But then i just look like a fool with his arm dropping
the balls in the hole.

Автор Aiden Raccoon ( назад)
FREDDIEW was fake, sort of. They did say he got 7 out of 9 in skeeball
during the multiple takes and the other games he just put on easy. As for
me, I average around 5 hits in the 100 hole and have a few perfect games.
Most of the time I just hit the jackpot amount in the first 4 balls and
then just chuck the rest of them up there.

Автор Josta ( назад)
that video was fake! :D ... im not hatin

Автор gilowadept ( назад)
Marshall is better!

Автор Aiden Raccoon ( назад)
Girls can't have any of this.

Автор Realtalk114 talk ( назад)
He drowned in pussy later that night.

Автор ZedLyn ( назад)

Автор Wayn3 ( назад)
/watch?v=-e_NiwPz-MQ his the one

Автор Aiden Raccoon ( назад)
Oh lol. Looks like he does have some legitimate skills even though the
video is edited.

Автор Aiden Raccoon ( назад)
Who the eff is FREDDIEW?

Автор Wayn3 ( назад)
but can u beat FREDDIEW

Автор Alex Da Costa ( назад)
Lol guessing they had to come to give you the rest of the tickets since I'
like you just got rid of every last ticket in that machine XD

Автор DarknessFromInferno ( назад)
You are god damn good man

Автор Casey meyers ( назад)
Love how the tickets come out stacking.

Автор TheJackaroo99 ( назад)
a ticket game fucked up for me after i got jackpot it gave 100 then stopped
the 894 more

Автор BeatlesandWebkinz ( назад)
obviously there are nets so the little kids don't get in and swap some

Автор michael leung ( назад)

Автор nanafalke ( назад)
for what do you need the tickets? i dont know it

Автор jebenn23 ( назад)
Those things dont pay out many tickets at Dave and Busters.

Автор sedaberry ( назад)
did they have anything good too buy with the tickets?

Автор Keppto Cp ( назад)
You call yourself a pro? My bro is 6 and he does better.

Автор JasperRodgers ( назад)
That is fine. Thanks for the page view. Almost 100,000.

Автор Xero Zexion ( назад)
disliked cus ur a faggot

Автор bindasbolre (1674 года назад)
wats the jackpot?

Автор HighTechLab ( назад)
i just climb on the ones without the metal cage and drop it in the hole.
result.....FREE TICKETS

Автор Kyle Greenough ( назад)
@AidenIsLove That's why you respond to every comment on your video... Have
fun with that...

Автор Kyle Greenough ( назад)
@AidenIsLove And you take it seriously, lol @ you.

Автор Kyle Greenough ( назад)
@AidenIsLove Lol, you're seriously considering it was you...

Автор JAXON13 ( назад)
@AidenIsLove Lolol, it wus some dude thats 25 , and he made every shot, idk
it wus a while ago

Автор JAXON13 ( назад)
when i wus about 12, i wus at chukee cheese and a pro skeeballer gave me
his winning jackpot tickets , never forgot how fucking godly he wus

Автор OsianFilm ( назад)
wow man. you really are pro!

Автор Plague Doc ( назад)
@AidenIsLove wow someones a bit too in love with a arcade game

Автор xSqUiRrEl NuTzx ( назад)
Finally somebody puts the force to good use... no back to chasing that
little kid we came to kidnap!

Автор redan2525 (2008 лет назад)
00:03 Yep this vid is sarcastic! 00:11 Wow...Lucky shot :P 00:17 Lucky
again! 00:20 YEP FAKE AND G@Y! 00:25 Ohhh snap 1:03 OM MAH GAWD!

Автор zombieboy1121 ( назад)
good work man,maybe we should havea match,im preety good(;

Автор TheGAMESHARQ ( назад)
If he was really a pro, he wouldn't have missed so many times.

Автор MrCascaron213 ( назад)

Автор Shadz ( назад)
Ha, when he missed the first 3, I thought he was going to walk up to the
hole and and put them in. :P

Автор spoonido ( назад)
I love how you deal with the impolite comments! :o) Carry on, dude!

Автор Doug Taylor ( назад)
i went to disney quest on July 27 2010 and i played skeeball and i have 30
seconds and i had to not get 10 points i just went to score 100 then i
scored 999 points and my dad said thats cheating and i thought i did good

Автор lugi9251 ( назад)
@CruiseCntr more like a life

Автор kiraj8 ( назад)
Guys i tell u a trick how to get over 1000 ticket with onoly 1 token. -->
1.Search for "pop the balloon for gold" game and put into 1 token then try
to hit the red bar or the orange 1. 2.get the 6tickets or 3tickets to
feedem ticket 3.hold the tickets and put the first ticket into the machine
but dont let go into the machine!! 4.now push it in and out so u the
machine will write in 1tickets but u still have all your tickets! 5.do this
faster and u get over 1000 tickets!! (I GOT 1782 TICKETS :DD)

Автор LachsLeague ( назад)
in melbourne we have a arcade caled intencity and we call that game iceball

Автор plateshutoverlock ( назад)
Moco wont let Chris near this

Автор plateshutoverlock ( назад)
Moco wont let Chris near this

Автор idiotyouar ( назад)

Автор BzzFest ( назад)
Should Go To The Adult Bowling.

Автор hotkomp ( назад)
@AidenIsLove Get an Ipod Touch and then buy the App Skee-Ball for only
$0.99. It's totally worth it. I'm decent at it. Right now though i'm trying
to hack it with iFile so I can get unlimited tickets...but it just reset's
my score and ticket's :'( i'm gonna try still. Great game too.

Автор SuperMarioMasters ( назад)
@SuperMarioMasters yay left hander. and i was joking

Автор SuperMarioMasters ( назад)
right handed faggot

Автор RobloxWeeklyNews ( назад)
I had at least 100 Tix comin' out of that and some little kid decides to
take all of 'em! ... Don't worry, I kicked his ass and tied 'em up to the
back of the mechanical chuck-e

Автор Bryon B ( назад)
this guy should make an attempt and talk to a girl

Автор davidlee110 ( назад)
he no pro LOL

Автор Nareg95 ( назад)
wow O_o

Автор xXpoisonwasthecureXx ( назад)
...Kyle Gass?..from Tenacious D?..

Автор wae551 ( назад)
wow thts good. Is this at Gameworks in Schaumburg, IL? I go there

Автор Joseph Blasi ( назад)
Gameworks in Schaumburg IL also has NEW PINBALL Games and test games. 24 is

Автор Tristin Bond ( назад)
just 25 more Jackpots like that and you can afford a plastic crackerjacks
toy from the ticket store!

Автор pklordz ( назад)
How many tickets do you need for psp's and xbox 360's and DS's?

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