The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2014


Never seen one this big. I wanted to share

The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2014
The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2014
The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2013
The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2013

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Автор SwankyKitteh82 (4 месяца)
No idea what they were saying, but I'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do
with, "ay, who wants to go skinny dipping?"

Автор Lone Reeper (2 месяца)
Definily a basking shark. I recognise the dorsal fin. Harmless. You coud
swim with this fella. They feed on plankton.

Автор KatiushaVN4 (5 месяцев)
largest my ass. Disliked for sure

Автор ElizabethStudios (2 месяца)
It's not a great white , cause the nose is to rounded or different must be
a basking

Автор John Jeffrey (4 месяца)
Basking shark...the shape of the dorsal fin and the way it is swimming
tells anyone with some experience with sharks that it is a basking shark...

Автор Kiara Mantz (1 месяц)

Автор Nauman Javed (8 месяцев)
Basking shark is the world's second largest shark (and fish). The largest
shark, and also the largest cold-blooded marine animal (fish) in the world
is the whale shark. Both of them are harmless filter-feeders. Great whites
have a very different dorsal fin, and they also do not swim like that. Most
active hunting sharks are extremely careful about wasting any energy on
swimming as they don't feed very often and they literally just cruise
through the ocean using the minimal amount of energy possible.

Автор Michael Imparato (3 месяца)
World's current largest shark is the Whale Shark. Unless the Megalodon is
still hiding somewhere o.o

Автор Jasmine Adrianna (4 месяца)
Guess who wants to go the beach? Not me..

Автор Sydney O'Bier (29 дней)
This whole time I thought it was another shark behind it, that was just its
tail fin :/

Автор angel R (10 дней)
The largest shark in the world has been exstict for 1000s of years and for
thos who don't know the name of the worlds biggest shark its a meglodon you
can look it up but there's just fake vids

Автор Suppressingfire (16 дней)
I hate it when they put a different thumbnail >:( and this is not the
world's largest shark, its a basking shark.

Автор michaelr893 (24 дня)
Megalodon is the biggest shark ever

Автор Ivelisse Pena (23 дня)
Shark swims slowly and gracefully towards them... stops right next to them,
poses... swims away... Shark: Hey guy's I'm going to be on YouTube lol

Автор Riley B (23 дня)
Omg until I read your comment I thought that too

Автор Jesta747200 (3 месяца)
Basking shark maybe? They're pretty big.

Автор Steadiedtoast12 (2 месяца)
The fin is too round to be a great white, most likely a basking shark, next
candidate is a megamouth, but they cant swim like that in the shallows,
that shark should be dead if it were a megamouth.

Автор Pikzelz (1 месяц)
It's just 2 dolphins swimmin

Автор BeforeTheBeginning (1 месяц)
I don't care if that's a basking shark, if i saw that in a little boat. I'd
be shitting allover the boat.

Автор tyson1ize (1 месяц)
mega mouth or basking shark!! either way beautiful

Автор Christopher Hail (1 месяц)
its a basking shark

Автор John Davis (4 месяца)
the worlds finist fin

Автор Ronk Hyde (4 месяца)
why is "justin bieber" in the tags

Автор VeZaaR (4 месяца)
banana for scale.

Автор SamJAssassin (4 месяца)
It doesn't look even close to the size of a whale shark 

Автор TONY COSTANZO (17 дней)

Автор Sigurd Ilsøe (21 день)
Description :D

Автор JayMinecraft (5 месяцев)

Автор Lexi Robichaux (6 месяцев)
the worlds largest shark? really that shark was like 15 feet the worlds
largest sharks length is about around 70 feet long

Автор Jericko Duff (6 месяцев)
Megalodon is the largest shark

Автор Travis S (6 месяцев)
thats a megladone

Автор tsunami770 (1 месяц)
Next time he should remember to use a polarized filter so we can see
through the glare...

Автор Belinda Corbett (5 месяцев)
God was in a baaaaaaaad mood the day he made them fuckers

Автор Zarela Otero (4 месяца)
2nd largest and that's a basket shark they just catch small fish,there's
only like a couple left cause there hard to see cause they live deep in the
ocean and the worlds largest is the meglodon spelled that wrong I think but
yea not the largest in the world and yea they do still Exist 

Автор Uncle Touchy (1 месяц)
That's an average size shark at best... There is absolutely nothing to
judge size by in this video, even so much as a foot at the side of the boat
next to the water. Horse dick, that's what this title means. It should
simply read "guy see's shark in ocean", nothing amazing here folks, move

Автор Brett H (3 месяца)
It is most likely a basking shark. They have a slightly rounded snout as
this one does. Definately not a whale shark. I will put my money on basking
shark. It is about average size.

Автор nutritionjuice23 (4 месяца)
Damn... that is not only a HUGE shark, he's a freakin monster. If I was in
a small boat and saw that monster swimming towards me, I would've turned
the engine on got out of there in a heartbeat. I think it might
be a basking shark but it still looks scary to see something that huge
swimming very close to you. 

Автор Jamila Georgette (5 месяцев)
It's a dolphin peeps don't get fooled

Автор Yoann Merlin (3 часа)
Je connais c a la trinité en bretagne

Автор Benjamin Krüger (5 дней)
Der Walhai ist der grösste hai,

Автор Nick Max (4 дня)
It's a basking shark. Cause it if that were Megaladon................ Chomp

Автор blknies (7 дней)

Автор Chris H. (8 дней)
The oceans are tame now compared to what used to be in them millions of
years ago..

Автор elisabeth nerolk (11 дней)
basking shark!

Автор Blu Ones (10 дней)

Автор The Proud Nerd (14 дней)
dat shark tho!!!!!!

Автор ROBYN HOFNER (12 дней)
No idiot its a great white shark 

Автор tom shelly (21 день)
sand shark, harmless.... you can tell from the pectoral fin.

Автор Iosif Vissarion (1 месяц)

Автор AncientGreekGods (1 месяц)
2014 and the video is from 2013? what sorcery is this?

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