The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2014


Never seen one this big. I wanted to share

The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2014
The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2014
The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2013
The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2013

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Автор keke mal (4 дня)
dear lord!

Автор ElizabethStudios (3 месяца)
It's not a great white , cause the nose is to rounded or different must be
a basking

Автор mathew crawford (18 дней)
Shark found over 35ft+ long in south Africa 

Автор Sydney O'Bier (1 месяц)
This whole time I thought it was another shark behind it, that was just its
tail fin :/

Автор Lone Reeper (3 месяца)
Definily a basking shark. I recognise the dorsal fin. Harmless. You coud
swim with this fella. They feed on plankton.

Автор tsunami770 (2 месяца)
Next time he should remember to use a polarized filter so we can see
through the glare...

Автор Uncle Touchy (2 месяца)
That's an average size shark at best... There is absolutely nothing to
judge size by in this video, even so much as a foot at the side of the boat
next to the water. Horse dick, that's what this title means. It should
simply read "guy see's shark in ocean", nothing amazing here folks, move

Автор Paige Talbut (4 часа)
That so big what kind?

Автор Explosive Mango (4 часа)
ITS the smallest one that I have ever seen

Автор Opus n Bill (19 часов)
Worst video ever dicks

Автор Peyton Romeril (23 часа)
omg that's huge

Автор Hans Grete (3 дня)
It is just a basking shark, and it is not the biggest shark in the world.
The biggest is the whale shark.

Автор Bill Smith (4 дня)
Basking shark. Large but a plankton feeder only. Note tale movement, pointy
snout and shape of dorsal fin. Can reach 30' in length. 

Автор Garyography (5 дней)
Wow a very beautiful but haunting video. 

Автор Mohammed Noureldin (6 дней)
That's a whale shark. Considering the usual size of whale sharks, that's
actually kinda small.

Автор Whosis100 (6 дней)
Definitely a basking shark must have great experience to watch 

Автор natedogs212 (6 дней)
bullshit video. 

Автор Monkey Tronic (7 дней)
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi,

ce soir?

Автор babsfocker (7 дней)
they were saying how beautiful it was. they need a bigger boat

Автор rainborampage1 (11 дней)
thats not the biggest thats like 5m 

Автор Thelostyoutuber Guy (11 дней)

Автор Denis Pshenichnyi (12 дней)
Whale lol

Автор William Smeaton / Birthday_Boy11 (13 дней)
shark week stori:

shark: am guna eet u
boi: k

lik if ur skared

Автор George Skokos (13 дней)
maybe it is speartooth shark

Автор Cameron Swain (13 дней)
Shit I woulda been gone soon as I saw the water moving

Автор DragonSparkler (13 дней)
Freaky. I wouldn't want to be close to a shark. Haha

Автор trucking604 (14 дней)
Looks like a Basking Shark, which would be the second largest shark. The
Whale Shark is the largest.

Автор The Auditor (15 дней)
At the start of the video i thought it was kinda weird for a shark to
follow another shark in that snake like motion. Then it hit me: that's it's
tail fin

Автор Michael Imparato (4 месяца)
World's current largest shark is the Whale Shark. Unless the Megalodon is
still hiding somewhere o.o

Автор TwoFriendsLp cZ (18 дней)

Автор goodcat1982 (19 дней)
2014 yet uploaded in 2013???????

Автор 49ldavis (20 дней)
I agree it's a Basking Shark feeding.

Автор hessing RJ (23 дня)
fake people

Автор richard lambert (24 дня)
English please

Автор dougieladd (24 дня)
Great footage. Beautiful animal. Thanks for posting.

Автор Flutter_Dash (24 дня)
i don't see them coming out, all i see was their fins

Автор monster (25 дней)
that was not the worlds largest shark

Автор ali bell (27 дней)
It's a basking shark .. 

Автор JChief (27 дней)
The size, form of the nose and dorsal fin points to a basking shark

Автор paul davies (29 дней)
big fish !

Автор Yoann Merlin (29 дней)
Je connais c a la trinité en bretagne

Автор CanariePlaysMC (1 месяц)
This is Spanish stupid phonees

Автор Andres Ayuso Guerrero (1 месяц)
2 sharks not 1

Автор Nick Max (1 месяц)
It's a basking shark. Cause it if that were Megaladon................ Chomp

Автор Benjamin Krüger (1 месяц)
Der Walhai ist der grösste hai,

Автор blknies (1 месяц)

Автор Chris H. (1 месяц)
The oceans are tame now compared to what used to be in them millions of
years ago..

Автор Rui Rebelo (1 месяц)
I Love These Animals

Автор angel R (1 месяц)
The largest shark in the world has been exstict for 1000s of years and for
thos who don't know the name of the worlds biggest shark its a meglodon you
can look it up but there's just fake vids

Автор Blu Ones (1 месяц)

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