The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2014


Never seen one this big. I wanted to share

The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2014
The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2014
The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2013
The world's largest shark - Amateur shooting -2013

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Автор KatiushaVN4 (1 месяц)
largest my ass. Disliked for sure

Автор Super Sleuth (1 месяц)
+John Jeffrey Yes john , i know your comment that i am in more danger on a
city street than i might be in an ocean. But i am terrified of not knowing
what is under the water. I once went into the ocean , waist deep water and
i felt something suck my toe. It scared me to death and i have not gone
back in since (: frowns. I will just sit on the sand and play with my
little ball of twine :) and watch the waves come in. I do love to sit by
the ocean more than anything. just scared of water.

Автор SamJAssassin (27 дней)
It doesn't look even close to the size of a whale shark 

Автор SwankyKitteh82 (1 месяц)
No idea what they were saying, but I'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do
with, "ay, who wants to go skinny dipping?"

Автор VeZaaR (28 дней)
banana for scale.

Автор Jasmine Adrianna (1 месяц)
Guess who wants to go the beach? Not me..

Автор Ronk Hyde (1 месяц)
why is "justin bieber" in the tags

Автор John Davis (1 месяц)
the worlds finist fin

Автор John Jeffrey (1 месяц)
Basking shark...the shape of the dorsal fin and the way it is swimming
tells anyone with some experience with sharks that it is a basking shark...

Автор Leon Morgan (2 дня)
That's silly! We cannot even see the size of the shark...!

Автор MCRARMY (3 дня)
Your going to need a bigger boat 

Автор CRAZYR071166 (6 дней)
I'm no shark expert, but based on pointy shape of its "nose", that's a
Great White, correct? Still, I think I've seen larger sharks around.

A WHALE-SHARK.i wanna see one,who is only 1 foot !!!!!

Автор Russell Davidson (5 дней)
That's a Basking Shark... They do not attack humans as they have no teeth.
They feed off plankton... 

Автор Aimee Steele loves Stampylongnose (4 дня)

Автор Seth Gay (8 дней)
Middle age whale shark

Автор jumpinjiminy9 (9 дней)
Basking shark...plankton feeder, harmless.

Автор Big DWAG (9 дней)
i think its a basking shark harmless to humans

Автор Andreas Schjoldager (10 дней)
It is not a shark

Автор Brett H (14 дней)
It is most likely a basking shark. They have a slightly rounded snout as
this one does. Definately not a whale shark. I will put my money on basking
shark. It is about average size.

Автор tara shaw (12 дней)
that is truly on big ass shark!! i'd love to know what kind.

Автор Jacob Plasterer (18 дней)
One of the tags is Michael Jackson

Автор Bern De -rie (13 дней)
I clicked on this video because of the still picture with the shark and a
yellow canoe in it. Where is that damn canoe?!

Автор gerard henry (28 дней)
2 dorsil fins hardly the bigges shark on the planet dooooh

Автор himzo kurtalic (28 дней)
is this big white or what ever is

Автор Zarela Otero (1 месяц)
2nd largest and that's a basket shark they just catch small fish,there's
only like a couple left cause there hard to see cause they live deep in the
ocean and the worlds largest is the meglodon spelled that wrong I think but
yea not the largest in the world and yea they do still Exist 

Автор Jayne Hathaway (2 месяца)
how long was it?

Автор Travis S (2 месяца)
thats a megladone

Автор JayMinecraft (2 месяца)

Автор MHM eekk (2 месяца)
Look at all those tags, just to get freakin views..

Автор rubicel hernandez (19 дней)
Pop tarts

Автор Belinda Corbett (2 месяца)
God was in a baaaaaaaad mood the day he made them fuckers

Автор Jon Weaver (3 месяца)
Nice basking shark!

Автор Tony Stark (1 месяц)
that is not the world's largest shark!

Автор Tarathathe77wookiee (3 месяца)
That was a Basking Shark. I saw one once and was HUGE! They swim around in
a lazy peaceful manner and hurt nothing but Plankton.

Автор Tammy Schrader (19 дней)
LOL noon this is not the biggest shark you faggots LOL six mum dizxkc nub

Автор Natalie Ping (2 месяца)
Is that the meagludon

Автор Cheryl Dotson (25 дней)
Basking sharks swim with their heads from side to side just like this

Автор Eugene K (20 дней)
That's a WHALE SHARK! It wouldn't attack you!

Автор Jericko Duff (3 месяца)
Megalodon is the largest shark

Автор Sandra Lopes-Car (16 дней)
basking shark

Автор eri ligu (1 месяц)
awesome fish

Автор Milton Hunter (1 месяц)
Yup, a basking shark

Автор Darren Flynn (2 месяца)
I'm posting an angry pointless comment because I have nothing better to do

Автор Danny vd Walle (19 дней)
Is there such a word as "Shittest"? Because that's what this video is.
Nothing to use for scale so I'm saying it's the SMALLEST shark in the

Автор TheDazinator (16 дней)
It's a whale shark

Автор headschlong (16 дней)
Looks like a fairly young whale shark. You could get in the water with it,
it wouldn't hurt you.

Автор Lexi Robichaux (2 месяца)
the worlds largest shark? really that shark was like 15 feet the worlds
largest sharks length is about around 70 feet long

Автор Da Wraith (3 месяца)
Harmless like a cat u say... Check out the poor teenager girl that got
attacked by a bull shark In Brazil.. So sad.. And it is harmless like a
cat?? Da loca harmless like a cat!!

Автор Derpy007 (7 месяцев)
0:59 has a head

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