How it's made - Incandescent Light Bulb

Incandescent Light Bulb

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Автор 13 What 555 ( назад)
best video ever for my power point

Автор Commander Rolex ( назад)
what do they mean by moisture inside the bulb

Автор StickFiguresMaster ( назад)
25 hammers disliked this (light bulb breaking joke)

Автор Michael Pearson ( назад)

Автор BATMEX44 ( назад)
I am surprised about the factory than the bulb itself..!

Автор benson41011 ( назад)
Lol aloominyum

Автор Michael Glowacki ( назад)

Автор spamsquirrel ( назад)
Aloominium? What the hell is Aloominium? lol Still don't know how they get
that second "I" in Aluminum... lol Say it with me "Aloo-mi-num" lol

Автор The Perfect Sandwich ( назад)
How its made: factories
How its made: How its made

Автор Vrej Egon Spengler ( назад)
"Actually people from many countries spell/say it aluminium, not aluminum.
The US is the only country I know of that almost exclusively
spells/pronounces it aluminum."
==Canada also uses Aloominum but the chemical name is actually aluminium,
so the british way is the standard one.

Автор RedMatter ( назад)
"If only I could be as grossly incandescent..."

Автор pigjubby1 ( назад)
:42 "The CUT tube"
What kind of accent is that?
It is annoying.

Автор Gerald Williams ( назад)

Автор Valueless Dollar ( назад)
The title should include what product is being made.

Автор Zoro MC ( назад)
the irony...

Автор 12voltvids ( назад)
I run plenty of LED bulbs in my house, and CFL bulbs. LEDs don't have the
brightness of CFL bulbs. In my kitchen, I have 10 23 watt CFL bulbs with
reflectors. I tried to use LEDs but even the brightest ones I could find
were not as brite, and they didn't save much more power. They were 16 watts
vs 23 watts. CFL give the biggest band for the buck. LED are suited to
lower light level requirements, and incandescant to things like atics, and
closets where there are not on for long.

Автор ungratefulmetalpansy ( назад)
LED ... too dim? What?

Автор animationmake ( назад)
CFLs cause cancer! Google "Energy efficient light bulbs can cause cancer"

Автор Aidan M. ( назад)
I like this video becuse I like light bulbs

Автор 12voltvids ( назад)
The only reason the centennial bulb is still running is it is running at
very low power. Take a standard light bulb and run it on low voltage and
see how long it lasts.. I have a 240 volt rated bulb rated at 50 watts that
has been running here for the past 30 or so years. This old bulb I have was
from the UK, and was in a lamp bought at a garage sale. Yes it lights up,
and puts out the equivalant of about a 20 watt bulb. I have it lighting an
outdoor staircase, and it is never turned off.

Автор 12voltvids ( назад)
I have no problem with energy efficent bulbs, but for some tasks the good
old incandescant rules. I am talking things like closets, where the light
is on for 30 seconds and then off, or refrigerator bulbs ect. CFLs just do
not last in these applications and LED are just too dim.

Автор Nasty2015 ( назад)
Actually Edison discovered the filament composition that would survive the
repeated heat cycling every time the light was turned on and off. Heinmann
determined the best composition of the class envelope. You are correct
however that Edison mass produced and marketed his light bulb.

Автор dunedessert uploading ( назад)
its not true that thomas edison invented the light bulp but it was a guy
named heinman (german) and was invented in 1817 but edison only mass
produced it and made it populair

Автор Hanz Hanz ( назад)
Whenever I watch these "how it's made" I wonder how the machine itself was

Автор Geo K ( назад)
when they fail in everything I own or repair for others. With the world
going down the tubes you would think they would stop such foolishness but
their all mighty FIAT petro dollar is all that matters to them. I'm not
even concerned about the imminent collapse. The entire system and planet is
in dire need for a hard reboot. All the wasters and leeches that rely on
the sweat and knowledge of others to survive will be purged as well as the
self unsustainable mega cities God willing...

Автор Geo K ( назад)
Imagine all the resources wasted because the greedy corporate scum
intentionally design the bulbs to burn out! The Phoebus cartel (AKA The
Morgans, Rockefellers,and Rothschilds) that owned GE, Phillips, etc
intentionally reduced a bulbs life to 1000 hours by buying patents and
suppressing technology for nearly eternal bulbs! There's a light bulb that
has been burning continuously for 111 years as of 2013, The Centennial
Light. They would heavily fine manufacturers that produced bulbs that Cont-

Автор DCPhoenix ( назад)
why is it that no matter how good a video is there are still people who
give it a thumbs down?

Автор Arthur Tan ( назад)

Автор the light in the darkness ( назад)
Thnx man.

Автор Alexander B ( назад)
R.I.P. the filthy, inefficient incandescent light bulb. Your warm,
comforting glow will be missed. ;(

Автор Detmir Mataj ( назад)

Автор Erin55555ify ( назад)
ehh,cmon,lighten up :)

Автор xsarabearx1 ( назад)
i know! he said alumanyuhm...its aluminum! lol its like when someone says
adver-tiss-ment and not advertisment lol

Автор xsarabearx1 ( назад)
im tellin ya! its the same stuff over and over but once you see one you
gotta see another!

Автор pioneerz450 ( назад)
I love him, he says aluminium, and not aluminumiuminum... ;)

Автор nunhappy ( назад)
3:45... i want to punch that guy for the way he says aluminum -_-*

Автор babiesmakinbabies ( назад)
cavemen prefer fire

Автор madamerotten ( назад)
I don't like the new LED lamps because they make a lot of electrical noise.
And you're right, they are very physically ugly, even if their light can be
tailored to immitate a nice incandescent color temperature. I have some
burned-out 25W coloured incandescents here that are so old, they have brass
(not aluminium) bases. I wonder if I should keep them as momentos.

Автор Carbona ( назад)
Sadly they are obsolescence, merely outlawed. New bulbs are cold, harsh and

Автор Corbin Rookstool ( назад)
i enjoy watching these when i have to sleep

Автор JokeriPokeri17 ( назад)
Am i the only one who loves the music while watching these?

Автор Sahil Ahmad ( назад)
I like watching making of things jus watchin this fr fun !! :P

Автор madamerotten ( назад)
Poor things are destined for obsolescence.

Автор Greg Polymerou ( назад)
Because they prefer fluorescent bulbs. :)

Автор squawstar (396 лет назад)
exactly why i love it just everything is so fascinating

Автор confetamine ( назад)
No its not just that, if you can't see the ideas and ingenuity that went
behind making all this then you're clearly missing the point. Those
"complicated" machines didn't just come out of nowhere.

Автор Joewint (1667 лет назад)
They were disappointed lights weren't powered by faeries and pixie dust.

Автор timar03 ( назад)
hahaha 3:40 "screw it!"

Автор timar03 ( назад)
obviously i disliked this video because like fluorescent lightbulbs.

Автор Naipalata ( назад)
maybe they use cheap light bulb which lasts 1.5 secs lol

Автор Naipalata ( назад)

Автор Avexar ( назад)

Автор whoisthisguy724 ( назад)
Believe me, I do NOT believe a word of what the GOP says! I love LEDs. I'm
trying to convert most of the lighting in my home and business to LED
lighting, but there are certain places that I NEED incandescent lighting
(such as accent lights)

Автор Gordon Freeman ( назад)
i always watch these videos when i can't sleep, but they are so

Автор Joseph9536 ( назад)
R.I.P Incandescent light bulbs

Автор Robert Gift ( назад)
How interesting and efficient. Why does stepping up voltage and repeated
lighting strengthen the filaments to better withstand shipping?

Автор squawstar ( назад)
i honestly don't know why the fuck I enjoy watching How It's Made. After
all, it's just complicated giant machines doing stuff over and over again
while a soothing voice talks about what's happening, and yet I could watch
it for hours.

Автор 1959Edsel ( назад)
CFL users and vampires would be my guess.

Автор Vancouver2000 ( назад)
Dislikes are the People Who live in the dark and hate the light

Автор Vancouver2000 ( назад)
Dislikes are the People who lives in the dark

Автор OldSerpentOfSin ( назад)
Maybe there crazy lightbulb conspiracy theorists.

Автор whoisthisguy724 ( назад)
I guess so. Another light I miss is the mercury vapor light, with its eerie
green-ish glow. The bulbs can still be found for sale in the US but the
ballasts have been banned since 2008. I like all 3 types of HID bulbs but
since they all emit different types of light.

Автор BaberJacks ( назад)
here in australia you cant get incandescents anywhere. the closest is the
halogen ones. and there hasn't been a 100watt equivalent in the led's on
the shelves yet. but for now its frosted halogens i suppose.

Автор whoisthisguy724 ( назад)
Nope. We have LED bulbs. I love incandescent bulbs but realize they're a
waste of energy. I'm trying to replace most of the lights in my house with
LEDs, and they are great, especially the 2700K ones that emit light at an
equal color to incandescent bulbs. Much better than that depressing cool
white light you get from CFL bulbs. There are areas of my house that just
wouldn't be the same without incandescent lights so i'll always have a few,
and the government put the light bulb ban on hold BTW.

Автор BaberJacks ( назад)
to bad we have a dichead government which banned the good ol globes and the
only altenitive is poison globes with mercury

Автор BaberJacks ( назад)
stupid fascist government made illegal the classic 100watt bulbs. now they
give us crappy dangerous mercury bulbs wich gives you headaches and sore

Автор klingon13524 ( назад)
Because this isn't the proper resolution. Not only does Youtube put black
bars on the sides, but there's black on the bottom from the video itself or
an editing program.

Автор Simon Larsen ( назад)
Thank you so much for this video! You don't have any idea of how much this
just helped me with my exam-project in material technology. :D

Автор 1shvonce ( назад)
There isn't a second 'I' in 'Aluminum,' come on, learn English.

Автор oaaserud ( назад)
6 people openly dislike the creation of light bulbs. no wonder there's war
in the world

Автор Chuck57841 ( назад)
They're making ineffecient light bulbs? I dunno lol

Автор 666Tomato666 ( назад)
Not to mention that they require much more energy, more precious metals to
make and have Mercury in them.

Автор 666Tomato666 ( назад)
It's called aluminium everywhere except the US

Автор letsgetverydrunk ( назад)
"it's designed to have a light touch." OH GOD I HATE THOSE STUPID JOKES AND

Автор DrejStinger1986 ( назад)
@pbien16 It's the metal our drink cans are made of. In the UK, they call it
"aluminium", while here on this side of the planet, it's called "aluminum".

Автор SUV Man ( назад)
it's makes me sick that our asshole government is phasing out incandescent
lamps, oh well, at least there will always be rough service bulbs

Автор Mikey Deeze ( назад)
What I really want to know is how the hell do they make those tiny tungsten

Автор randacnam7321 ( назад)
@brilliantstudent Compact fluorescent lamps suck. They blow up at EOL and
on dimmers/solid state switches. They cannot be used in any light fixture
where there is insufficient air circulation. Ones that are not professional
grade (>$10 each) are hideously made.

Автор whoisthisguy724 ( назад)
@brilliantstudent Sorry, I don't like depressing cool white light.

Автор This IS SPARTA ( назад)
@whoisthisguy724 u suck....long live energy..not incandescent lamps!

Автор whoisthisguy724 (554 года назад)
Screw new energy saving bulbs! Long live the incandescent lamp!

Автор JE ( назад)
humans are beautiful

Автор Christian Thesken ( назад)
leave a light bulb on for 3 hours,grab it and see how long you can hold on

Автор carina christensen ( назад)
aaaaHHH !!! He has a SEXY voice <3

Автор levitabusman ( назад)
@grimslider75 Sick album bro!

Автор grimslider75 ( назад)
@levitabusman I saw your comment and thought it was mine, since we have the
same profile pic. Good taste of music =).

Автор itubeudont ( назад)
@200690101 I hate u and the guy that made fun of brits im american though
so I hate u more

Автор levitabusman (591 год назад)
@Konkaver Its the illuminati

Автор Konkaver ( назад)
I've always wondered this... Where do people buy these big automated
production lines like this one? Are there companies that make them or
contractors? How does one go about finding/buying/making one of these?

Автор Elwin Coldiron ( назад)
Next year, the U.S. is going to phase-out the incandescent bulb in favor of
more energy efficient CFLs and LED bulbs.

Автор Jack™ ( назад)
@serbescuiuliana WTF 7 mounth's ago and you have only just replyed ?? p.s
what did ur comment say befor u removed it ?

Автор serbescuiuliana ( назад)
@14jackthelad retard :)

Автор douro20 ( назад)
The truth: It takes more energy to make a fluorescent lamp than it does to
make an incandescent one.

Автор La_pedro16 ( назад)
whats an alaminyum???

Автор Alan Horton ( назад)
@MrPapawill They're made of alaminyum.

Автор Alan Horton ( назад)

Автор dimos47ki7 ( назад)
and yet they missed the most interesting part imo...how the hell do they
make the tungsten wire???

Автор SuperHenkieboy ( назад)
verlepte homo's

Автор FRANK RYAN ( назад)
Cheers for the explaination. I was always under the impression that all
lengths of the filiament were the same to cut down the amount of production
lines necessary for different wattage bulbs. Always re-learning something

Автор randacnam7321 (2013 года назад)
@midnightcharger2 Filament thickness determines the lamp operating current
at the desired filament operating temperature (lower filament temperature
increases lamp life, higher filament temperature increases efficiency and
color temperature). The electrical potential (incorrectly called voltage)
of the lamp is determined by the filament length. The lamp power is the
product of the current and electrical potential.

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