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Автор Angel Kupcake ( назад)
That shit is still going on today XD trust me it's very VERY common.

Автор Angel Kupcake ( назад)
I know a lot of peopl without breast, hips, and butts. Even 200-300 lb
pound women. With NO shape.

Автор gazapo y gazapa ( назад)
who is this model?

Автор Squishy ( назад)
omg... her bones replaced her boobs... how can she let herself get to that

Автор Orquidia Mayers ( назад)
i wanna bang a black guy

Автор William LaSalle ( назад)
The model would be so beautiful if she wasn't starving to death. The
modeling industry is encouraging their models to starve themselves. This
picture looks like a young lady who is anorexic and needs help quick.
Fashion magazines with a model as thin as this are just wrong. This girl is
not healthy, she is sick. This girl looks like she is killing herself to be
a model. This is just wrong.

Автор pink2431 ( назад)
most models now a days don'T have a eating disorder. most models were
skinny before they started. more than half of the models that are asked to
loose weight refuse to because they know that there are a many designers
who like thin or lean not dead. and the other half would go on a low
calorie and high protien diet to only look thinner not to be anorexic i
really hate this image of every model being anorexic.

Автор Music_Lights ( назад)
Aww man wheres the rest of the report!!!! :( I wanted to watch more. boo

Автор MsAgnosticatheist ( назад)
@qita0 Bingo you got it. I just found that out, figured it out too, a few
months ago. They make everyone unhappy about their bodies to feed the
pockets of the beauty industry. Of course they want you to feel bad about
yourself so you can buy an infinite amount of their products reaching for
an unattainable goal!

Автор qita0 ( назад)
@wiolikescats I had anorexia when I was 15 and let me tell you, there's no
way in hell anyone can look like that if they're not starving themselves.
And besides, even if most of the models aren't anorexics (i.e mentally
ill), they propably have A LOT of pressure to eat next to nothing. Most
"naturally skinny" people are used to eating too little, because the only
way someone can look that skinny (and unhealthy) is by eating less than
you'd need to.

Автор qita0 ( назад)
They don't want to make clothes for the majority of women. That'd put the
diet industry out of it's purpose.

Автор Giavanna Gustino ( назад)
who's that model they show?

Автор Nells Salomon ( назад)
@KittySheep Totally true if like that they sell million and the skinny
comunity is the minority NOW IMAGE if they design clothing for regular
gurls O WOW!!! 

Автор gemifredricko ( назад)
its impossible to have model to be that thin, ugg casting director wont
cast her to do anything, seriously. I think this issue was overly being
talked about by outsiders of fashion industry. I have watch fashion for 5
years, n ive never seen the model like this b4, i wonder wat fashion is
this model was in

Автор themargenaus ( назад)
@KittySheep Yeah... layne Bryant makes A BOAT LOAD of money every year :)
Hahaha! Just so everyone knows, most all designers make their clothes up to
size 12 so all of their design will easily fit "notmal size" women... if
you are larger than a size 12, well... sorry to say, but that isnt "notmal"
that is fat. In which case, those ladies really need to lean up for THEIR
healths sake and stop calling smaller women "too skinny" because they make
them look too big.

Автор monsterprisoner ( назад)
I've always wanted to be a fashion designer, and too skinny models scare me
I don't understand why those designers want them to be so skinny, if I was
the designer I won't let anyone under size 4 to catwalk, that just doesn't
look good to me it's confusing how it is going on in the fashion industry

Автор Matt Leblanc ( назад)
@xoxAngelFirexox it works the other way around to, but yea i won't go out
with a gurl if shes like 30-40 pouds overwieght. i don't care if someone
isn't super skinney but people have to take care of themselves

Автор cocodollydear9 ( назад)
i get sick when u can see their bones

Автор ForestDream ( назад)
i think the reporter has some speech disability or something :/

Автор Silas' mommy ( назад)
Why do they design clothes for people who are rail thin, and yet the
average american is overweight? do they not like making money? are bigger
people supposed to go naked, or keep wearing hiddeous floral and strip
patterns? make cute clothes for bigger girls like torrid. even lane bryant
is too ugly!

Автор missnaboula ( назад)
nataliya gotsiy

Автор jsb3287 ( назад)
can anyone tell me who the model in the picture is? i know she had a
campaign for carolina herrerra 212 fragrance. i think she quit modelling
because she developed an eating disorder cos she is definately sick here.

Автор funnyhaha07 ( назад)
This is what happens to alot of girls who get signed at top New York
agencies. They are naturally thin but they learn by observing they will get
more work if they get thinner. They are rewarded with more work so they
keep losing more. Many have to quit because they were not eating enough to
even have a bowel movement, their hair falls out etc. They become anorexic
because of the industry's current effed up aethstetic of deadly thin.

Автор kiki4rich ( назад)
And WTF??? I can do better than that. stupid designers...

Автор kiki4rich ( назад)
Whats Wrong with Curvy Medium to XLarge size models "i love everybody" if i
was a designer "oneday" Its will fit on clothes with all women >:( skinny
is not perfect neither to nobody.

Автор sheenami ( назад)
Clothes MAIN purpose is to be worn by people. If they look best on hangers,
or the closest mobile equivalent, then they don't meet their BASIC purpose.
That means those clothes are poorly designed. And people forget that
clothes looked GREAT on people 100 years ago, 200 years ago. Designers then
didn't need rail thin models. Hack designers.

Автор djbethell ( назад)
Reality Or Nothing

Автор Jessica Fritchey ( назад)
Just imagine this... Think of how much money these designers would make if
they made clothes for the MAJORITY of women...

Автор khemam ( назад)
I have to disagree with you on this one. For a designer its all about
showing his designs in the way he or she invisioned it. they are not just
selling clothes they are artist that create a look. if only railthin people
could wear those clothes they wouldn't sell any. even couture is later on
sold in bigger sizes to. I never heard one designer say that his costumers
had to be as thin as the model, she just has to show the clothes and that
does look better on a walking wirehanger.

Автор sheenami ( назад)
I agree with you. The fact that designers use these models just shows what
incredibly poor designers they really are. If they were any good, their
clothes would look good on anyone. The clothes only look good on the hanger
and therefor they need people that look as close to the hanger as possible.
It shows they have no talent.

Автор missnaboula ( назад)
she is nataliya gotsiy

Автор mealiac ( назад)
Obviously I WILL be successful because the model figure is the MINORITY of
women in the worlds figure - the MAJORITY of women have tits and an ass,
and HIPS! I have a much larger client base. Than say the tiny 1% of women
who are 23" waist, 33"hips, 5"11 in height and rich... How many women do
you PERSONALLY know like that. very few. Its people like YOU that think
these women are "the epitomy of beauty" that forces women to try and shape
themsleves into unrealistic standards of beauty

Автор sou90 ( назад)
thank u!

Автор mealiac ( назад)
DESIGNERS should be designing clothes for HEALTHY BODIES NOT a "hanger" ---
Who is actually buying these clothes!?? The minority of anorexic
celebrities? I blame DESIGNERS for making thier clothes too small and
designing for a pre-pubscent body shape. They are acutally making it easy
for themselves. A GOOD designer recognises that girls have sexy hips,
breasts and thighs I am a designer and I always make my clothes for WOMEN -
not for bean poles

Автор lilvixenchica ( назад)
This is true but it is incredibly unhealthy. girls should not be that
skinny to the point you can see their ribcages. Naturally skinny is fine,
sickly is not.

Автор MyUsername156 ( назад)
Not all models are that freaking skinny.

Автор Rachel Burrows ( назад)
no i understand what you mean, its not about being homophobic. yes ive seen
alot when i worked at my hospital. im not sure how much girls know that
dieting uses up muscle first before fat, and the heart is a muscle. BMI
doesnt pay attention to muscle either which obviously weighs more than fat.

Автор Rachel Burrows ( назад)
I think i may have fallen in love with you for that comment. well said. x

Автор atiRade0N ( назад)
dun u hv things like facebook or sumthing? its easier dat way u kno

Автор Rachel Burrows ( назад)
i'll see if my photographer has posted the latest ones on his site andsend
you the link

Автор atiRade0N (401 год назад)
hey hey~ lemme c ur pics for no apparent reason

Автор Rachel Burrows ( назад)
never said i was. im a model who is used for natural beauty. still stand by
my original statement though.

Автор Rachel Burrows ( назад)
haha, dont be ridiculous i'm not a catwalk model i only do photoshoots in
which i'm not airbrushed. I wouldnt want to be a catwalk model and bad role
model when my masters degree makes much better use of my brain.

Автор Rachel Burrows ( назад)
clothes only look good on skinny people because designers make them that
way! If gucci designed clothes to fit how the human body actually looks
then we wouldnt have the problem of anorexia. Oh, and i'm a model too so
dont throw that back at me, i just dont look like a skeleton.

Автор Claudia Espagueti ( назад)
nataliya gotsii

Автор alyssaloveu323 ( назад)
LOL! do you know what anorexia is? it is a MENTAL PROLEM....

Автор Libby Myers ( назад)
that newsperson was stuttering... t-t-today, jr!

Автор smk. ( назад)
she has a beautiful face

Автор Giavanna Gustino ( назад)
whats that models name?

Автор Giavanna Gustino ( назад)
whats that models name?

Автор xXkaddiiiXx ( назад)
you both are sooooo right !!!!!!!

Автор xXkaddiiiXx ( назад)
are you kidding ?

Автор ReiMomo ( назад)
WTF shes on great shape

Автор Midwest Fuck-Pals ( назад)
how is skiny buetiful its ugly. if i was dating a girl i wouldent date
something like e.t. i like girls with a nice ass and tits and there are a
lot of guys that do.

Автор Midwest Fuck-Pals ( назад)

Автор Roos ( назад)
I dont get it why people so thin still can be models. In the first place
its wrong to show everybody. & I dont think its beautiful to see her bones.

Автор Emily B ( назад)
im a girl whos 12 i dont giva a shit i

Автор roshylov ( назад)
no duh. but still would you make fun of her for that? it's not your fault
people are born with mental disorders but would you make fun of them? your
logic is absurd.

Автор Emily B ( назад)
so???? it not mi fault she like it

Автор roshylov ( назад)
how rude. what if that girl is truly suffering from a disorder? or actually
looks like that?

Автор Eiko Sakura ( назад)
I so agree to this..

Автор ANIMALKISSING ( назад)
Hey where is the rest?

Автор Patrick Jane ( назад)
I understand that some people are born and certain way.But when you see a
13243 pound man or women its not healthy something needs to change and when
you see a -4354 pounnd MAN and momen its not healthy and something needs to
change and its not right people look up to these models for inspiration for
fashion and when they see them so skinny they are going to pick up
unhealthy habits to get that skinny its just the truth (i overexagerated
for effect) lol

Автор Urbane84 ( назад)
Her name is Nataliya Gotsii. A pretty common face on the runways.

Автор Aluvex ( назад)
who is the model at 0.07?

Автор mackbeth242007 ( назад)
que porqueria

Автор gumbijusti ( назад)
You don't know anything, the mermaid shape was made for curves. There's a
difference between curvey and fat. A girl who's a size 4 can be curvier
than a size 14. It's a mater of body structure. These models have small
bones... They are not too thin and certainly do not look anorexic.

Автор gumbijusti ( назад)
Fuck you, you don't know shit about the fashion industry and when this look
started which was during the 60s when Twiggy became famous. Most models are
teens so they have fast metabolisms. You don't know anything and your
probably dyin to suck a designer dick. Die homophobe, you are such trash,
go into you little closet and masturbate, since no one could ever love you.
All of you don't know anything about fashion or the models who wear them.
15 is the average age for a model now.

Автор Lolick NY ( назад)
Yeah, I am kinda skinny, my model friend who is 5.11 and 115 was told by
her agent she had to lose weight, so what are you gonna do? "lose weight"
and "what's up with your skin?" is all you hear from your agency.

Автор s_g_x ( назад)
UGH. those poor girls ! confidence is sexy, not bones.

Автор IssaIceFire ( назад)
i can't stand to see people like that. it's so sad. i think it's disgusting
how the image of being 'skinny and sexy' is portrayed. you don't need to be
skinny to be pretty. i know a lot of girls who are a bit over normal weight
who are really pretty

Автор vega92 ( назад)
haha she cant even spell the word "spell"

Автор SundayVillian ( назад)
Some people are naturally overweight, some people are naturally
underweight, nature didn't intend for us all to be the same. If you don't
like skinny girls then stay out of the fashion industry.

Автор tegonlegend ( назад)
Theres two theories that I know. 1) clothes hang better on them, they are
like a hanger, nothing more. 2) most designers are male who r gay,
espically to start off with. Nd they say they want them to look like boys..
:S i dnt like that one so much.

Автор luvuashley1 ( назад)
its smthink called sarcasm

Автор Emily Murphy ( назад)
im sorry i made you cry

Автор luvuashley1 ( назад)
oh no im crying 2 death! i spelt a word wrong!

Автор Emily Murphy ( назад)
hmm hate 2 break it to you ashley but weight wasn't the only thing you
spelt wrong..:s

Автор luvuashley1 ( назад)
woops..i speslt "weight" wrong! MY MSTAKE PPL

Автор luvuashley1 ( назад)
sm ppl get carried away wid thier weght, and that is not gd at all.
basically, ur lyf jus goes 2 waste, nd iz rlle sad 2 c ppl lyk models 2 b
in this type of codition

Автор Adamaris Ada ( назад)
well at least she is getting paid for starving herself.

Автор Paola Castillo ( назад)
U got a problem

Автор sims2fan14 ( назад)
shes too thin.

Автор David Jaime ( назад)
fuck off and critizising me!!! GO KILL YOURSELF AND LEAVE EVERYONE ALONE

Автор David Jaime ( назад)
are you fucking retarted!!! I SAID SHE DOES NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT and I have
my own perspective of what beauty is just how you do.

Автор David Jaime ( назад)
her face is amazing, but she does need to gain weight

Автор Mika20 ( назад)
That is just sad and scary.

Автор catworld4 ( назад)
If they get skinny for long time, they could die at young age. After they
retired they need to get back to normal. All models look very pale. I would
not do that. :(

Автор Phylum Morana ( назад)
man that skinny girl is sexy. i love 'em when they look so weak.

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