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Автор Joe Flow (5 месяцев)
I found your channel today and its now 3am here in England, I'm hooked :)

Автор WickedTornado (2 месяца)
I don't think I"ve ever found out....what state are you guys in?

Автор Clown Whisper (28 дней)
I think that one thing is a tie pin

Автор Bracken. Black (6 дней)
The pin is a boy scout scientist pin.

Автор JOOP VISSER (4 месяца)
Ik had mijn detector mee genomen naar Turkije in mijn koffer.
Heb veel gevonden maar werd door de politie gesommeerd snel te stoppen.
In Turkije mag het niet ,nergens ook niet op het strand.

Автор WickedTornado (2 месяца)
Well, obviously I wrote my long post about putting an ad in your local
paper to try and find the owner of the class ring BEFORE I saw the end of
this video. Evidently, you have the name / number of the owner and you said
you have "tried" to contact them? I'm hoping to hear how this turns out.
Please direct me to the proper video if / when you DO find the owner who
lost it. I'd be obliged. Thank you. joel in arizona

Автор seattwa (4 месяца)
That little pin/broach looks like an old Victrola phonograph.

Автор ColoradoFlyFishingBros (3 месяца)
I'm pretty sure the pin you found is an old boy scout pin. I have one and
my dad has an even older one and looks just like it. It would most likely
be the science one also. 

Автор Chris Allan (27 дней)
How do you lean the black deposit off the silver coins?

Автор Beemerupscottie (3 месяца)
Is that a cival war area?

Автор Mr. Allen C. Sokolik Jr. (8 месяцев)
How would u find the owner of that class ring that he found, cuz I was
looking @ my class ring & there is no name on it. Idk if @ one point in
time class rings had names on them or not. But assuming they never had
names on them how is it possible to find the owner just curious. Also
depending on how long it's been under the water it could had rusted the
name off if it had one by now

Автор E Calvert (7 месяцев)
I think you missed the swimming hole and hit the Fishing hole.


Автор alphaphotoandvideo (7 месяцев)
i want a turtle detector lol

Автор Theredindian 11 (26 дней)
What about aligators

Автор Todd Hall (3 месяца)
Howdy saw your new vid liked it alot keep up the great work have you ever
done any dowsing for treasure ? 

Автор ColoradoFlyFishingBros (3 месяца)
this is what the pin looks like

Автор evilwarcow (1 год)
That pin thing that you call a "Broach" is actually an Vintage Boy Scouts /
Cub Scouts Science pin. It was awarded to the Scout for completion of the
Science Requirements. I have one my self. So that being said. I do hope you
are educated.

Автор John Sorgi (3 месяца)
That bullet prolly got that grove in it after the impact of whatever it hit
when it was fired outa the gun. Juss sayin...

Автор Scott Tatlock (2 месяца)
Great video. You guys seem pretty cool. Returning someone's lost ring from
almost 40 years ago makes for an awesome story. Now, to figure out who
dropped all that change.... : )

Автор RICK Greenwood (3 месяца)
the sinkers are made from tire weights

Автор Luka Jebisashvili (2 месяца)
whats name to gold detector?????

Автор Donovan Murphy (4 месяца)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Peter Molnar (4 месяца)
I would wonder if the owner of that ring was ever found. But sure it is a
nice and kind move to even consider finding the owner!

Автор bob c (4 месяца)
what kind and model do you have?

Автор Tomaz 1964 (5 месяцев)
Have you ever made money from this...

Автор Aron Lee (6 месяцев)
12:47 Black Skittles :D

Автор Sharon Williamson (4 месяца)
That small lapel type pin looks like a nail over a strike sign . Maybe from
some union. 

Автор aust wana (1 месяц)
I saw a penny @10:33 on the right of the bullet 

Автор Marc Brons (4 месяца)

Автор Renae Drewery (5 месяцев)
There could be a hole car down there where Chris found the mother

Автор Joe Flow (5 месяцев)
Sweet, "Let's go find some more relics" I'll take it.. 

Автор Graham Spink (7 месяцев)
They missed the treasure chest , the uzi greased and well wrapped , and
didn't see the two lower legs sticking out of the concrete block !!!!

Автор Rik Noordhoek (6 месяцев)
what is a sinker

Автор xXLegendaryKickzXx (5 месяцев)
I actually find these videos interesting which is strange? good job :)

Автор bearfoot grills (7 месяцев)
It made me laugh how excited yall got about that stuff. It definitely looks
like fun fellas.

Автор Reading Through History (10 месяцев)
These videos are great. And to think that each of those relics has their
own story. 

Автор JOOP VISSER (4 месяца)
Nice movie best regards Joop Visser from Holland.
I do my hobby metal detecting almost 45 years.

Автор pete strouse (8 месяцев)
Love your finds and videos but for the love of all that is holy stop using
the word awesome........

Автор EthanMMinecraft (6 месяцев)
To rik a sinker is a heavy thingy for fishing it make your hook go down so
it won't float

Автор Hasim Verty (11 месяцев)
stinken Lincoln. something tells me you must be in dixie,,

Автор Kenny444 Tourist (6 месяцев)
Is the pin an old HMV record player?

Автор GILES DARKSON (7 месяцев)
I bet u guys will find jimmy hoffas body lmfao jk I never knew that those
detecters can go under water I'm ganna get me one keep up the good work 

Автор Alvaro Israel Echeverria (10 месяцев)
What hapend to Abby Smallfeet.?

Автор David Windsor (7 месяцев)
thats very morale of you to contact the class ring owner, nice

Автор Timothy Warner (8 месяцев)
At 8:12 you've found a weblos observer pin from the boy scouts. There musta
been some scouts camped around that hole at some point.

Автор MrCctvtech (6 месяцев)
good finds that day. I know you guys were out relic hunting but did you
ever consider getting that engine in the start of the video for scrap

Автор Leisha Kunkel (8 месяцев)

Автор David Govett (7 месяцев)
Might wear gloves to prevent fishing hooks in the hand.

Автор David Windsor (7 месяцев)
every time you find something "thats-pretty-cooo"

Автор mikeyzx2 (5 месяцев)
that pin is a the Scientist pin earned in the Cub Scouts

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