Metal Detecting in an old swimming hole !

Chris and I went metal detecting in an old swimming hole at the creek and we found a bunch of cool stuff
Instagram: "nuggetnoggin"

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Автор Dillan stepp ( назад)
#nuggets rule

Автор eddie james ( назад)
Why would anyone put an engine there???

Автор Carolyn Barton ( назад)
look for the missed gold nugget 2:30-2:36

Автор Maria Gonzalez ( назад)
cool finds

Автор John Cox ( назад)
That copper pin might be a cub scout award pin for science...check the BSA
website. I was a cubmaster in the 80's so I have seen some of those!

Автор Charlie Brown ( назад)
Were you able to find the ring owner?

Автор Ryan Isherwood ( назад)
When you find coins that have stuff on them. You should put them in salt
water for a while and then all the stuff comes off and you have shiny new
looking coins.

Автор Captin Price ( назад)
There's this small creek near me and a find all kind of crap once found a
old metal box with a rotten KKK uniform

Автор John Day ( назад)
dont ya love new gear

Автор Michael Bergman ( назад)
so I question this and low and behold one of my employees goes to a
swimming hole and finds a class ring. It is from sacred heart. lmao

Автор mangoat50 ( назад)
i was talking to my daughter the other day about using a metal detector ive
have had for awhile in an old swimming hole that the damn has been broke
for along to so the water is shallow, then ran across this so off i go,,,
cool vid and class act to find the ring owner, prob a girlfriend got mad
and threw it in,, lol id be willing to bet on that

Автор Aaron Clark ( назад)
What do u do with ur findings

Автор spaghetti ( назад)
Was there a Civil War battle that took place at that creek or do you think
it was just from shooting practice that happened during the war?

Автор siegfriedo brabender ( назад)
Those ol fishin sinkers looked like they were made from old tire weights!

Автор Brandy Hartman ( назад)

Автор William McFarland ( назад)
Get back to ya, find anything else

Автор Zander Croom ( назад)
I'm a boy scout and that pin is a science

Автор James Campbell ( назад)
This is awesome!!!

Автор Bracken. Black ( назад)
The pin is a boy scout scientist pin.

Автор Theredindian 11 ( назад)
What about aligators

Автор Chris Allan ( назад)
How do you lean the black deposit off the silver coins?

Автор Clown Whisper ( назад)
I think that one thing is a tie pin

Автор aust wana ( назад)
I saw a penny @10:33 on the right of the bullet 

Автор WickedTornado (469 лет назад)
Well, obviously I wrote my long post about putting an ad in your local
paper to try and find the owner of the class ring BEFORE I saw the end of
this video. Evidently, you have the name / number of the owner and you said
you have "tried" to contact them? I'm hoping to hear how this turns out.
Please direct me to the proper video if / when you DO find the owner who
lost it. I'd be obliged. Thank you. joel in arizona

Автор WickedTornado ( назад)
I don't think I"ve ever found out....what state are you guys in?

Автор Luka Jebisashvili ( назад)
whats name to gold detector?????

Автор Scott Tatlock ( назад)
Great video. You guys seem pretty cool. Returning someone's lost ring from
almost 40 years ago makes for an awesome story. Now, to figure out who
dropped all that change.... : )

Автор John Sorgi ( назад)
That bullet prolly got that grove in it after the impact of whatever it hit
when it was fired outa the gun. Juss sayin...

Автор Beemerupscottie ( назад)
Is that a cival war area?

Автор ColoradoFlyFishingBros ( назад)
this is what the pin looks like

Автор ColoradoFlyFishingBros ( назад)
I'm pretty sure the pin you found is an old boy scout pin. I have one and
my dad has an even older one and looks just like it. It would most likely
be the science one also. 

Автор RICK Greenwood ( назад)
the sinkers are made from tire weights

Автор Todd Hall ( назад)
Howdy saw your new vid liked it alot keep up the great work have you ever
done any dowsing for treasure ? 

Автор Peter Molnar ( назад)
I would wonder if the owner of that ring was ever found. But sure it is a
nice and kind move to even consider finding the owner!

Автор Sharon Williamson ( назад)
That small lapel type pin looks like a nail over a strike sign . Maybe from
some union. 

Автор JOOP VISSER ( назад)
Ik had mijn detector mee genomen naar Turkije in mijn koffer.
Heb veel gevonden maar werd door de politie gesommeerd snel te stoppen.
In Turkije mag het niet ,nergens ook niet op het strand.

Автор Marc Brons ( назад)

Автор JOOP VISSER ( назад)
Nice movie best regards Joop Visser from Holland.
I do my hobby metal detecting almost 45 years.

Автор bob c ( назад)
what kind and model do you have?

Автор seattwa ( назад)
That little pin/broach looks like an old Victrola phonograph.

Автор Clown Whisper ( назад)
When I was a little kid mercury dimes were everywhere. every pocket full of
change I had, had one or two

Автор zackroe1 ( назад)
never had a problem with putting the detector and pointer fully under

Автор phazer6891 ( назад)
You gays are cool the canning ball is cool

Автор Renae Drewery ( назад)
There could be a hole car down there where Chris found the mother

Автор Joe Flow ( назад)
I found your channel today and its now 3am here in England, I'm hooked :)

Автор Joe Flow ( назад)
Sweet, "Let's go find some more relics" I'll take it.. 

Автор mikeyzx2 ( назад)
that pin is a the Scientist pin earned in the Cub Scouts

Автор Quinn Swingler ( назад)
Have you ever made money from this...

Автор xXLegendaryKickzXx ( назад)
I actually find these videos interesting which is strange? good job :)

Автор EthanMLego ( назад)
To rik a sinker is a heavy thingy for fishing it make your hook go down so
it won't float

Автор the7thson1962 ( назад)
The pin you found is actually a "Scientist" activity badge for Webelos.

Автор sherby dooling ( назад)
i didn't even think i'd ever be watching metal detecting videos but i
dabble in the detecting myself. its odd that now i have an almost addiction
to watching others do it too. my dad let me borrow his old detector and i
have found a 1897 penny laying on top of the ground oddly enough, a 1939
mercury dime, a necklace pendant in the shape of an impala made out of
silver and a gold kitten pin with ruby eyes all in my tiny yard in fargo
nd. in the last week. i wish i had started detecting earlier..

Автор Bustermaniax ( назад)
I find this oddly compelling to watch...

Автор jordan binatona ( назад)
in england i went oder the water find rpg

Автор steven passmor ( назад)
Nice relics but talk about a good spot to go dredgin.

Автор Royal Trent sr ( назад)
Great Video! what kind of camera / settings are you using?

Автор Zack Belden ( назад)
That's kinda a stereotype

Автор Kenneth Crouse ( назад)
You boys have a good attitude. No foul language or anything. I wish more
young people were so positive

Автор orlandoboi258 ( назад)
hey that mercury dime at 4:03 is that a rotated die? if thats a mint error
it could be worth a lot. let me know!

Автор C Fong ( назад)
Great video boys,it's a great hobby isn' it? I live in the UK and alot of
the land owners are pretty strict when it comes to us hunters and we are
substansialy smaller in terms of land mas so finding areas are difficult.I
tend to look for old dried up rivers,alot of our hoards have been found by
rivers or were thy have run in the past,i guess there were alot of land
marks near rivers so relocating their treasures wouldn't be hard.Keep
looking good luck.

Автор zSteHD ( назад)
What the fuck am I watching?

Автор king kicks ( назад)
nuggetnoggin i gotta say i love all ur vids bud. keep the interest and vids

Автор Jim Garrison ( назад)
Some guy must have been driving his Chevy over the bridge and his engine
fell out.

Автор KANE 11B ( назад)
how did u water proof your headphones?

Автор COLDDEAD HAND ( назад)
That's a mini ball at 1110.

Автор ETEVALDO BATA ( назад)
if you have any metal detector that you do not use, but you can make a
donation to me I need a,

Автор Brandon Tower ( назад)
Hey nug I have Like Coins like that a whole collections From 1970 To 1890
Some really old stuff I got a coin in the world war Something And A victory
dime and Quarter. If u wanna come take a look am not good at stuff like
this but i got indian Dimes from like 1920 Wheat Pennys and everything I
dont really know if they are silver some are in mid Condition I just need
some help to check them out if u could Send me a email I cant really tell
these indian And coins apart I dont know how to put it...

Автор Michael Trithart ( назад)
can i have your number

Автор Thomas Pead ( назад)
More subscribers that Beau Ouimette!

Автор Thomas Pead ( назад)
I've never watched anything like this on youtube, but i have to say i found
myself intrigued by everything you found and i just cant stop watching. I
click from one video to the next and on and on and on. Very Interesting.
Thankyou. Subscribed.

Автор russky salamander ( назад)
garrett at pro waterproof

Автор russky salamander ( назад)
weird place? girlfriends snapper?

Автор russky salamander ( назад)
the best part is chris taking a piss.

Автор Warblr ( назад)
how did you know it was a swimming hole, just from all the finds. what lead
you to the creek?

Автор Brian Carlo ( назад)
P. S watch out for the bugs like leeches and water scorpions!!!!!

Автор JLange642 ( назад)
That pin at 8:07 is a cub scout Webelos achievement pin for Scientist.

Автор Vinyl Stash ( назад)
well if you find metal junk it can be sold to a smelter for reuse

Автор bashfulbrother ( назад)
Did you ever get the ring back to the owner?

Автор nuggetnoggin ( назад)
thanks. we find a lot of trash though, that's reality.. but I find good
stuff too .

Автор johnboy384 ( назад)
wrinkly fingers

Автор William Griffin ( назад)
i like your videos nugget, great job...keep up the good work...

Автор Papa Rich ( назад)
My wife and I really enjoy watching you and your friend, treasure hunt. I
especially like your positive attitude about everything you find. Nothing
is junk and everything is treasure.. We recently bought a metal detector
and our 1st big find was part of a chain saw chain and a small iron bar.
Maybe next time.

Автор Hank Slaght ( назад)
Great vid !

Автор ThePepsifan99 ( назад)
u find mercery dime in merica, lol

Автор Kai Garseg ( назад)
Love your videos, and subbed now. Looking forward to the next one. I am
making underwater hunt videos my self. Check them out if you like ;-)

Автор Valerie Frederick ( назад)
Y'all did good,great hobby,enjoyed your video

Автор Garrett Mudge ( назад)
What kind of metal detector do you use

Автор Bovar Omni ( назад)
I thought it looked like an engineers pin of some sort.

Автор Ian Deveau ( назад)
the pin is the scientist weblos activity bage

Автор shamasi1968 ( назад)
That pin is a Hammer and Spike railroad lapel pin. You can find them on
ebay auctions for antiques.

Автор Will D. ( назад)
Rain goming down! Let's hurry up and get outa this creek before we get wet!

Автор MrFishermen98 ( назад)
Fish swims by at 7:00

Автор Loganeffecto ( назад)
Yes that turtle is genuine civil war material...good vid :)

Автор MrMcstrong ( назад)
that turtle at around 1:35 looks like it could be a relic, Maybe as old as
the civil war...

Автор kungfu koala ( назад)
that button isn't civilian

Автор Silas Bailey ( назад)
Is it not illegal there I done research here and apparently anything100 yrs
old is illegal to dig up and stuff kinda made me bummed out to try and
metal detect

Автор OfficialJesseStone ( назад)
Hey guys, I'm currently living in Cancun, MX, I love the Caribbean and
detect everyday. I post video's of all my finds like my 14k gold cross with
diamonds on Monday I just found a 1921 50 Centavos coin pendant Check out
my channel/video's for some really cool finds my friends :) Happy hunting

Автор poetrydiva82 ( назад)
Enjoying the videos!

Автор John Doe ( назад)
if you dived into the river near my house u would proble catch a disease

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