Metal Detecting in an old swimming hole !

Chris and I went metal detecting in an old swimming hole at the creek and we found a bunch of cool stuff
Instagram: "nuggetnoggin"

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Metal detecting gold uk


Автор pete strouse (5 дней)
Love your finds and videos but for the love of all that is holy stop using
the word awesome........

Автор Timothy Warner (16 дней)
At 8:12 you've found a weblos observer pin from the boy scouts. There musta
been some scouts camped around that hole at some point.

Автор Skankpronger (5 месяцев)
you guys find any bones?

Автор Alvaro Israel Echeverria (1 месяц)
What hapend to Abby Smallfeet.?

Автор Reading Through History (2 месяца)
These videos are great. And to think that each of those relics has their
own story. 

Автор hasim verty (2 месяца)
stinken Lincoln. something tells me you must be in dixie,,

Автор keekermojo (2 месяца)
The river turning the coins black?

Автор Autumn Lee (3 месяца)
hooks and sinkers

Автор TC Vaper (11 дней)
damn..again i clicked on a vid and come at ur fukken vids! yuck!!! spoiled
lill brat

Автор Jonathan Fraize (19 дней)
I believe wheat pennys can sell up to 20 to 250 k

Автор Rocky Mountain Prospector Ryan (13 дней)
Great video 

Автор Deock76 (22 дня)
The item you thought might be a broach is a pin from Boy Scouts or Cub
Scouts. I used to have one. They haven't changed much over the years so
dating it will be hard.

Автор Daniel Pruett (1 месяц)
whats that metal tag at 16:43 from Boyce Virginia? 

Автор nikonmother (1 месяц)
you are so cute!!

Автор Paul Kawaguchi (4 месяца)
Where is place?

Автор Travis Smashbros (1 месяц)
That is a Boy Scout pin

Автор BRIERFOX (1 месяц)
Metal detecting is sooo much fun! The hours drop away...you don't even see
them go by.

Автор sydni philpott (2 месяца)
Did you ever get to return the ring??

Автор steven king (5 месяцев)
what state are you hunting in

Автор evilwarcow (6 месяцев)
That pin thing that you call a "Broach" is actually an Vintage Boy Scouts /
Cub Scouts Science pin. It was awarded to the Scout for completion of the
Science Requirements. I have one my self. So that being said. I do hope you
are educated.

Автор PaulOrientedotcom (5 месяцев)
Great place to look for some treasure.

Автор Curtis Keilholz (3 месяца)
1:32 Random turtle

Автор MeanJoeGreene77 (6 месяцев)
Man, I'd be scared of snapping turtles in that place

Автор judson barton (3 месяца)
i saw a gold nugget the first time you took the camera under the water

Автор SaintJames40 (9 месяцев)
Im new to metal detecting. Can i use a garrett 250 in water like your
doing? Whats a good detector for me? Would that garrett do the trick?

Автор Cameron barbeau (6 месяцев)
why do you want to keep bullets and weights

Автор Azure Lynx (9 месяцев)

Автор Slimm Jimm (1 месяц)
I guess you would find a skull if it had a metal plate in it.

Автор blackjeepnglider (5 месяцев)
nice video entertaining

Автор Darrin Smith (5 месяцев)
This guy is the most appreciative person of old fishing sinkers I've ever

Автор VN Dustoff (1 месяц)
Oxen that pulled heavy wagons wore 2 piece shoes for their split hooves
usually a good find .really early ones are good $.

Автор Baron Von Makaron (6 месяцев)
Great videos man ! I'm looking forward metal detecting myself !

Автор T. Hunter (6 месяцев)
hahahahahaha ok..

Автор Colter Detjens (6 месяцев)
I Love your videos

Автор garthbfan (6 месяцев)
That's a good hunt there NN & Chris 2 rings awesome

Автор 8midget7 (2 месяца)
do you have minelab detectors there? are they any good, I was going to get
a GPX 5000 its more suited for gold but I live in a area where gold is in a
lot of places and I own 700 hectares in a area with old gold mines, is the
$7000 worth it

Автор Kristy Barnes (7 месяцев)

Автор Pavel Gerasimchuk (7 месяцев)
One Time I went looking for stuff at a creek all I found were 2 dead ducks 

Автор chaliria (7 месяцев)
nice waterproof detecting and recording gear

Автор Brandon Rogers (2 месяца)
doesnt the water hurt the metal detectors?

Автор Gideon Bodley (8 месяцев)
Those are some swwwweeeeet finds dude. I hope you keep posting videos! I am
a young metal detector fanatic, and hope to post some videos soon. All I
have is a garrett ace 250 at the moment, but about to get a AT Pro or Gold.
hope you subscribe to my channel!

Автор shard the wolf (6 месяцев)
ok so whats the difference between a normal and a wheat penny?

Автор Hung Over (7 месяцев)
That's pretty cool video and hunt. What state/county are you guys
detecting in?

Автор TURBOLANDRAIDER (7 месяцев)
Did the class ring find it's way home? 

Автор micko halloran (8 месяцев)
the turtle! and he wasn't going moving! 

Автор mizrewlav zim (9 месяцев)
I really enjoyed this. Thanks so much for posting! I'm interested to know
what state you are in? obviously the south?

Автор the tiger king (8 месяцев)
That pin is a hammer and a nail

Автор Drone Xavier (3 месяца)
Knew a guy, former college who did some metal detecting in the Netherlands
that was crazy about old maps and historic tails describing battles looking
for these areas, old city walls, in the countryside or in the woods and
would go look for these old places and often found large concentrations of
small cannonballs and other memorabilia left behind.
His metal detecting buddies would often at night go to a German forests
across the border here in the Netherlands and go out with deep ground
penetration equipment to go look for old trenches that they filled up with
material buried in them. Weapons and ammunition plus other material the
Germans couldn't take with them while fleeing from the frontline pulling
back and trying to destroy their materials, hide it by burying it all.
These guys would find wholes filled with helmets, cases full of machine gun
ammo and weapons, An old rusted out BMW motorcycle etc.
I remember myself in the eighties visiting my father's workplace close to
the city of Arnhem in Oosterbeek (first Bilderberg meeting was in this town
at the "Bilderberg Hotel"). Was a foster home in Oosterbeek at the edge of
the forrest and the kids living there would go look for shallow holes in
the forrest, dig them out and find German machine gun posts stationed in
foxholes everywhere around the forrest. This one kid had drawers full of
ammunition and rusted weapons and parts. For a long time the Dutch military
would every month send a guy to take in the potentially dangerous parts
that could still be loaded and then they could keep the rest. Taught them
not to fuck with that shit that was lying everywhere. We would rent a
holiday home at the sea in the north of the Netherlands and sometimes whole
patches of the beach would be filled with bombs and ammunition that they
would have to clear after it all washed up put of the sand. Belgium is even
worse from WW1 and 2. Farmers will constantly dig up grenades and stuff and
just display them to be picked up by putting them on eye sight in the
wholes of concrete telephone poles in the countryside.
The Eighties felt like different times when we all went out playing
outside and they would not think of having you stop exploring, which is a
second nature for children, that was how we all learned. And since the
second WW was heavily going on here you just find it's remains everywhere.
My brother found a big grenade and we would find hand-grenade shrapnel in
our garden. Many people I know have once found something, I found a lot of
shrapnel and once a perfect old WW2 bullet was just lying on the ground
sticking out of the clay. My cousin found a life hand grenade and often
huge airplane bombs that didn't explode, found meters deep from impact,
stayed intact still able to explode. So they get taken out by the Explosive
Clearance Division. But even while fishing in the North sea they sometimes
pull in bombs with the nets. Last year a Dutch ship on a huge sweet water
lake called IJsselmeer opened the net on the deck and didn't sea the bomb
in the net and "boom!!" they all died. It's everywhere

Автор William Albert (9 месяцев)
I use to find wheaties and mercury dimes in my dungaree pockets when I was
a lad. If I only knew. I guess that makes me a relic too. Glad you guys had
some fun out there.

Автор Joshua DeNeve (9 месяцев)
#1 fan

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