How to get realplayer download button to work if not working

how to get the Real player download to work.

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Автор Phillip Loco ( назад)
I installed google chrome because my internet explorer browser is out of
date. I can see YouTube Videos but my real player does not download

Автор AG H ( назад)
I saw that the Realplayer downloader worked just fine on Internet Explorer,
so the problem had to be with my Firefox.
I uninstalled Firefox and re-installed it, and it worked again.

Автор Dragolfy ( назад)
I think my Anti-virus is blocking Real Player. How do I put the Realplayer
video downloader into the exceptions list of "Avira" anti-virus? Can anyone

Автор woooudo ( назад)
It doesn't work at all. its enabled in tools, I don't know what the problem
is. HELP.

Автор Randy Henderson ( назад)
Very helpful, thank you. I knew I was forgetting something.

Автор Dr. Vincent H.V. Tran ( назад)
I got realplayer cloud plus by paying for it and it did work for a couple
of months downloading music/video and burning CD/DVD but now the Download
This Video button disappeared and I can't download anything at all.I tried
every fix recommended but not thing work so I talk to realplayer customers
support and I was told this is common and ongoing realplayer problem and
they are trying to fix it.Don't buy realplayer service at all because it
will stop working shortly after you pay to upgrade.

Автор Guitcad1 ( назад)
My problem is a lot of the time it seems to be downloading but when it
finishes it says "Download Incomplete. Refresh page and try again." No
matter how many times I try it, it always says the same thing. I assume
it's some setting on the video that won't allow me to download it.

Is there any way around that with Realplayer Recorder? I'd rather not have
to go through the hassle of trying to find another recorder when most of
them don't seem to work at all, are just trials that you end up having to
pay for or run the risk of downloading malware with them.

Автор wnewfmer ( назад)
Worked for me! THANK YOU!

Автор Hu Wen ( назад)
thank you!

Автор lynchfirewalkwithme ( назад)
thanks for this

Автор aelise27 ( назад)
Thank you so much youtube angel

Автор RonsVideoKeepers ( назад)
And if that don't fix it - WHAT ?

Автор Ninaad Dixit ( назад)
What to do in Google Chrome? It was working fine but now it is not working.
Checked in the extensions too. 

Автор Obeijin ( назад)
Changed to enabled, still doesn't work...

Автор 2bent58 ( назад)
Worked wonderfully. Thanks a bunch!! :)

Автор derail14 ( назад)
tryed that and it still will not work.

Автор BubblesPothowari ( назад)
Best Silent Movie ever made. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Rich Fastner ( назад)
You saved my day too! Thank you xD

Автор dwizzlejerk ( назад)
Unfortunately, no. I actually downloaded Chrome (just to try it out as a
browser) and I noticed that the plug-in works fine on it, but not Firefox.
So, if you really need to use the downloader, try another browser. I can't
seem to get it to work with Firefox like it used to.

Автор V6PSC ( назад)
mate you have saved my day!!thanks

Автор Alex Wolf ( назад)
Did you fix it? i'm having the same problem as you now ( ._.)

Автор dwizzlejerk ( назад)
So I should hover over the 'Disable' button? Mine says it is enabled but
still does not work. I don't if this is supposed to be a "Did you forget to
turn it on?" video or what, but if it is then I must have a different

Автор bushwhacker2k ( назад)
This video didn't help me but I have to give kudos for one of the clearest,
most concise instructional videos I've ever seen. I LOVE not having to
listen to some 11 year old just run through how to get something done and
be barely comprehensible...

Автор mirithu1 ( назад)
Thanks it worked for me! 

Автор Amanda Willett ( назад)
I just payed 4 the realplayer & it still don't work. stupid realplayer.

Автор GINGERALER ( назад)
This does NOT work!

Автор FriedContent ( назад)
Yeah, it seems cool but you only get a 3 day trial. I'd hardly call that
free, spammer. A cracked version of it will be better. 

Автор Laura Bordas ( назад)
This is not working the button is there everything is ebabled but nothing
is working. I keep having to uninstall and reinstall the program. Honestly
I don't even go to the site anymore I keep the instal program handy and at
least twice a week have to go through this. I see a lot of adds for other
programs here but I LIKE Real player I just wish they would actually work
these damn kinks out. I would explain more but apparently am limited to a
percentage of letters

Автор bakenfat ( назад)
Same for me! DOWNLOAD Freemake Video Downloader. Its MUCH BETTER, free with
no Pro upgrades only updates. Can't believe it took me so long to use. I
even uninstalled the RealPlayer since I only used it for the downloader.
They also have the Freemake Video Converter.

Автор TheUssr5 ( назад)
gold PlayStation joystick ...

Автор james e ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Rachel James ( назад)
videoripper me is a free online service designed for downloading videos,

Автор Pauline O'Donnell walters ( назад)
what is avideo ripper and can you download videos this way . 

Автор Rachel James ( назад)
I don't use real player to download, but use "VideoRipper Me" easy to use
and free. 

Автор Global Victory ( назад)
Thanks! You are a real life savior! (K)

Автор Smittie4m707 ( назад)
every time I go to enable it, and go back, it has been automatically
disabled again

Автор guaava a ( назад)

Автор Eleni Brami ( назад)
just pay attention and pause the images and go step by step (tools-internet
options- add ons -enable the realplayer part it is simple)

Автор Eleni Brami ( назад)
what about google chrome?

Автор Martin Taylor ( назад)
i do, but as i got no sound on the vid, it didn,t help much!

Автор culturehorse ( назад)
well done , thx!

Автор ciaran farrell ( назад)
work for for me, tnx 

Автор Al-Mufleh ( назад)
Mine works in google chrome but the problem when i download video it only
download a video without any music :(

Автор Sansash ( назад)
You can use it with Chrome .. you just need to disable Chrome's pepper
flash as it's not compatible with RealPlayer. Disable your pepper flash
..... open chrome .. type chrome//plugins/ .... into the address bar .. the
top program will be 'pepper flash' .. click disable. You may need to reload
Real or restart your computer after.

Автор Sansash ( назад)
Hmm, weird, did you re-load Real Player? Then reboot your computer? 

Автор DoomEdGamer ( назад)
well since its not IE 6, I can assume a lot of people. I can tell you are
not as computer literate as you might think. you see that IE meme is over 7
years old. and if you compare IE 10 with chrome and firefox, it is more
secure. with chrome and firefox at about 400+ security loopholes each, and
IE10 with 40

Автор Ernesto D. ( назад)
what good is a video of internet explorer? who uses that?

Автор ineeddollars ( назад)

Автор Ms Jay ( назад)
Can you reccomend any screen capture service that is free?

Автор Freshkryp69 ( назад)
Hello people,,,,,,,, youtube stopped real's ability to download from the
google chrome browser, and others. But it still works with Explorer! Or you
can get Tubemate, which also works with Android phones! FU google! And
lastly you can use a screen capture service to record anything that
displays on your screen!

Автор Kenny De ( назад)
nope still not working.

Автор Kenny De ( назад)
still not working.

Автор jushan gooneratne ( назад)
Thank you so much ... its working now 

Автор tandorla ( назад)

Автор metalsonic71 ( назад)
youtube hates you. thats why we can't do nice things.

Автор Valerie Mahood ( назад)
Thank you. It worked for me! 

Автор g mask ( назад)
It didint work :( even if i click enable it still stays as disabled

Автор John Norris ( назад)
Man, i get really tired of real downloader, a couple times a week I have to
go through all this shit again to trouble shoot and try to get it working

Автор FPV Oscar ( назад)
learn how to download video: youtube.com/watch?v=g-Wbjmm980A

Автор joe bloggs ( назад)
this didn't work for me so i had a look in system configuration and
realplayer was unchecked in the start up menu i enabled it and changed
normal start up to selective start up and the download button came back
after a reboot.. hope this helps anyone else 

Автор octavian88888888 ( назад)
Internet Explorer sucks balls! I tried using this method on Chrome and it
works. IE constantly messes up with programs I have downloaded. Any
suggestions if the option does not show up on the tool bar extension via

Автор ShroudedFury ( назад)
Didn't work and i already tried this before watching this video. Fail.

Автор Bahjat Hammad ( назад)
Thank you very much.It worked.Sharing your knowledge to help others means
you're a good person

Автор Poketostorm ( назад)
Nope. Doesn't work.

Автор sam edwards ( назад)
it works on internet explora but not google chrome guys :)

Автор b1939s ( назад)
thank you soooo much for sharing this video!!!! saved me!!

Автор Sansash ( назад)
Try this - Disable your pepper flash ..... open chrome .. type
chrome//plugins/ .... into the address bar .. the top program will be
'pepper flash' .. click disable. You may need to reload Real or restart
your computer after. The latest models of Real won't work with pepper flash
.... your welcome ; ))

Автор Operator 9 ( назад)
tried this on 4 computers. Still no luck. and thanks for making an entire
vid that only includes the exact same instructions you get from realplayers
retards. totally pointless.

Автор Steve Stunning ( назад)

Автор oldmelodies ( назад)
again the issue has cropped up. now even though i have disabled pepper
flash and since shockwave is already isntalled as using google chrome, but
the realpayer is not displaying download video option

Автор Shahab Se ( назад)
thanks too much :)

Автор Xzcalibur88 ( назад)
The Plugin does not work with IE 64-bit but I could not get it to work with
32-bit IE either. But with FireFox it worked just fine :-) so I think the
problem is in Internet Explorer. I am running Windows 7. In my old computer
(Windows XP) RealDownloader workes fine with IE ! But upgrading to a newer
OS always get you in trouble. Old programs dont work. Your old printer or
scanner stop to work and so on. WHY? BAD WORK MICROSOFT! New OS should
manage everything that old OS did and MORE not LESS!

Автор Laura Bordas ( назад)
the problems.

Автор Milton754 ( назад)
I happened to put in the line Realplayer not working on google and your
site was the first thing I clicked. I followed exactly what you did and now
my realplayer is working. I am grateful. I had to close out before it
started to work again.

Автор Golebaone Polelo Polelo ( назад)
Thanks a lot. It works! 

Автор Islam is False ( назад)
On programs, and manage add -ons I do not have real-player there. I
downloaded realplayer but it is not on the name list when i go to
programs-manage add-on. can someone help me. 

Автор A.A TaYo ( назад)
Thank you so much, folks you need to restart your PC for the setting to
kick in! 

Автор Christina K. ( назад)
Thank you! It worked fine!

Автор Steve D ( назад)
myreal downloader still.dont wok

Автор Steve D ( назад)
All I hear is people saying it works but how did u come to that conclusion

Автор koruzo lucifer ( назад)
were is that if ur talking about google chrome i dont see task manager
under tools :S

Автор koruzo lucifer ( назад)
i have it on my pc but i dont see it on extension wat the hell?

Автор Angel Vasquez ( назад)
me too

Автор Mohammad Imteyazul Haque ( назад)
Thanks Its working

Автор signerleo snyder ( назад)
not working i did that there no realpalyer downlorder

Автор Mashael AlAnsary ( назад)
-______- did not work

Автор Josh Guyette ( назад)

Автор sue n ( назад)
the "download this video" bar showed up i press download but it still not
downloaded saying unable to download , what should i do fast please??

Автор Mihailo343 ( назад)
Thank you 

Автор tata131211 ( назад)
google: disable pepper flash not that diff

Автор Aidan Lawlor ( назад)
Awesome! How do you think we all got here. Osmosis? How about sharing how
you got it to work and not advising us to 'start googling'.

Автор tata131211 ( назад)
something along the lines of PEPPER FLASH DISABLE

Автор tata131211 ( назад)
keep looking for a solution on google cause this doesnt work for chrome i
found one that does actually work so...start googling

Автор MrUmxhosa ( назад)
It works, thanks!

Автор David Lee ( назад)
Perfect....Thank you. 

Автор papad247 ( назад)
thanks mate

Автор L.Azzouqa93 (1315 лет назад)

Автор sweetassugar69 (1128 лет назад)
it says its not compatable with a 64 bit browser so that could be the
problem....my new laptop is 64 biy as well 

Автор Sheikh Sparrow ( назад)
thanks, man,,,,,,! 

Автор Ronnie Gelilang ( назад)
tnx .. .. good advice..!! 

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