Surface Pro + OneNote

Other Surface Pro reviews spend precious little time discussing the (amazing!) pen that comes with the product, and the quality of its use in OneNote. The premise of my video is something like: OneNote is a powerful genie, trapped in an impenetrable bottle of weak handwriting quality on prohibitively large laptops. Surface Pro opens the bottle, and allows you to use OneNote as it was meant to be used.

In this video, I review the use of OneNote on the Microsoft Surface Pro from the perspective of a graduate student and TA in mathematics. It serves as a complete paper-replacement for me, allowing me to do away with a library of textbooks, stacks of research papers, all manner of paper notebook (and the pens, pencils, highliters, etc. that go along with them).

Use HD setting to see the clearest quality video.

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Автор nicofiro ( назад)
I'm studying for my state exam in law for which I will accumulate at least
3 000-6 000 DIN A4 pages of text (germans are crazy), not counting eBooks
and other accesorial ressources (for example a 2000pages pdf on civil law).
For this quest I'm considering buying the Surface Pro 3 to go paperless.
Today I imported one of the scanned scripts, 100 pages resulted in a
notebook of 200 mb. Is this normal? Is there a way out of it? I've read
that Onenote does PrintOut the pdfs as bitmaps and that this causes this
file size inflation. How much space does your library take? As my budget
only allows for the 64gb version I fear this filesize inflation could get
me into trouble pretty fast.

Another question, is there an option to get stright horizontal lines when
highlighting and underlying? Or would I have to use a ruler?

And probably the biggest issue: can you sit down and read and learn for
hours? Day after day during months? That's what I have to do and I fear
that with the surface my eyes might start bleeding pretty fast... so paper
would still be the only way.


Автор therealtumii thatsit ( назад)
How can I record my desktop while I write on take note like you did ?

Автор kuhske ( назад)
Thank for sharing your tutorial using the digital pen. I am on a
touch-type cover, so typing is not efficient. I prefer to write with the
pen. It's faster.

Автор General Solstice ( назад)
Can something that has been scribbled using the Surface Pen be selected,
cut and pasted somewhere else on the same page (as well as on a different

Thanks for this great video Fadi E.

Автор Thijs Brilleman ( назад)
Thanks for the great tutorial!

Автор Bill Shaw ( назад)
Excellent tutorial on the Surface Pro. Best I've found.

Автор p4ndasr0ck ( назад)
Which processor option did you get? I see there are more than one process
and wonder if i3 64gb would be good or not.

Автор Rebecca Rowe ( назад)
i just got the surface pro 3. my onenote does not have the ribbon. how do i
get the ribbon?

Автор Experiment Eks ( назад)
I just had to show this in-depth review to my friend who is also a Math
grad and teacher. Thank you for creating this video. It's one of those
reviews that really focused on the functions and capabilities of this
tablet for productivity.

Автор AkiraArashiGames ( назад)
Thanks for the tips. Written from surface pro 3 :D

Автор Bruce @ Enterprise Risk Services ( назад)
Great video. Thanks!

The more I use and learn about OneNote 2013, the more I like it. At work, I
use it with a Surface Pro.

One thing you did not mention is OneNote's feature where you can "see" the
playback of an audio recording where you were also taking notes. It works
sort of like a smart pen. As the audio is played back, the screen greys out
the notes that were written at that point. This is fantastic for students
listening to a detailed lecture and wanting to check back the accuracy of
the notes they took.

I find that an external mic works best.

Автор Remco32 ( назад)
5 hours of battery life? Really? How?

Автор carpediem ( назад)
Great video! I just got myself a Surface pro & I like it so far. However, I
don't know how to use OneNote so this helped. Thanks!

Автор teufelhunt ( назад)
I watched like 23 OneNote videos and kept quitting because either they a.
wasted the first 4 minutes, or b. didn't really teach you anything. Then
this video! Yay! Finally, an actually useful OneNote video. Learned more
in this one then all the rest combined. Thanks for getting to the point
and being concise.

Автор Marcos Kalil Filho ( назад)
Best video! 

Автор Pawel Magnowski ( назад)
OneNote is THE #killerapp of tablet world. 

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
I don't believe Microsoft is planning on making a 4g version of the Surface
Pro. Only the Surface 2 (no pen, no desktop applications, much weaker
processor) will be coming out with a 4g version next year--unless I'm
mistaken. But you can stick a 64 gb sd card in for extra storage space if
you need it. Also, if you're planning on a Surface Pro 2, there is a 256 gb
version (which also has twice the ram). I'm hoping to upgrade to it in

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
I've made some pretty big pages in OneNote, and I've never run out of room
up, down, left, or right. I'm not sure what the theoretical limits are,
though. Also keep in mind that if you export such a massive page to pdf, it
would be broken up into multiple pages.

Автор Conor OKeefe ( назад)
I am a contractor interested in a tablet for sales. I envision creating a
template in onenote to speed up gathering job specs during estimates. The
ability to add pictures of the job and edit photos with the pen would be a
nice plus. I'm trying to figure out if I should wait for the 4g version or
get a wifi version now. If I went with the wifi version only, would I have
to save the onenote files locally first and then backup later to sky drive
when wifi is available? What would you recommend?

Автор reubensugars ( назад)
When you say no limit, do you mean it would mesh multiple pages into one to
make it seem like its endless, thus having no actual limit, or do you mean
it has a limit, just so ridiculously large that nobody using the software
in its indented manner would ever reach it(see:excel)?

Автор Brandon Vivero ( назад)
Man great video you really convinced I am to getting the SP2 the was a
really awesome demonstration just the type of video that I needed thanks

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
I bought the desktop version for $50. The stripped-down metro version is
free to download from the windows 8 store, but it lacks certain
functionality that I needed (like screen clippings). I don't need--so
didn't bother buying--any other Microsoft office product.

Автор ning yaake ( назад)
impressive device, did you buy one note or it came preinstalled and how
much did you pay to buy one note for the tablet and windows office?

Автор mackncheesiest ( назад)
Thank you for this fantastic video. I don't understand why nobody, not even
Microsoft, ever seems to talk about the killer feature (in my opinion
anyway) of the Surface Pro: the included pen with separate Wacom digitizer.
I wanted to find a good video that demonstrated all the uses of the pen as
it's the one major difference between my current laptop and the Pro, and
I'm so glad I found this video. I can't understand why Microsoft doesn't
advertise this more, but thank you for this video

Автор terrywy28 ( назад)
This is amazing. I'd used onenote a little bit before, haivng heard about
how great it was. Can't wait to explore all the potential with a stylus.
SP2, here I come!

Автор Erick Tavares ( назад)
wow, the only note taking program I new before looking at this whas the
snote from samsung; but the one note seems sooo advanced compared to snote!
it is clearly much much better

Автор Melvynn Fernandez ( назад)
Hi can you try the free trial for camtasia recorder 8? I have it right now
for my windows and it does not lag at all when recording, I use a wacom
tablet input though.

Автор Godsaw ( назад)
great video! Will you be getting the new SP2? Im debating with myself if i
should get the first or the seconde one. Im kind of on a budget.

Автор ksmith3200 ( назад)
Thank you!!!! I currently own a Samsung note 10.1 and it has some great
features but it also has flaws. However after viewing this video the
surface pro has everything that I was looking for in a tablet that will
assist me as a student. I'm going to return this tablet and wait for the
surface pro 2

Автор Miguel Crespo ( назад)
Microsoft should pay you for this video, this video convince me to buy a
surface pro. Thanks for the great video, I am sure you are a great teacher.

Автор massivmojo ( назад)
Hello, I have a question: When my professor uploaded a pdf made from his
OneNote lecture notes, the text was jumbled up in places, and it cut off
the pages sometimes in the middle of letters. Can you set OneNote on the
Surface Pro (i have no experience with OneNote in general) to create only
fixed sized pages, so that it's easier to archive and print them? Since
handling large Databanks on a machine is very comfortable, but looking
through small amount of pages is more comfortable on paper.

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
I made this recording using BB Express (it's free). You can just google it
and download. You can set it to record a window, a portion of the screen,
or the full screen (it'll also record what's going on the metro start menu
as well as the desktop, if you like).

Автор Yong Deng ( назад)
Your video sold me on Surface Pro 2. I have 2 question: 1) what screen
software would you recommend if I want to make similar video? 2)did you use
any another camera/camcorder to make this video? I ask these questions
because as a teacher of mathematics, I also want to make video for my own
students. Thanks.

Автор Kevin Peters ( назад)
I am a physics student and I am totally sold on OneNote and the Surface Pro
(2) now. Really, I have been look for exactly this video. Till today I was
about to buy the new Galaxy Note 10.1 because I thought the S-Pen and
S-Note was great but now I get to see that this weird program that I never
used before has more power than I'd ever wish from the Note to have. Thank
you very much for this perfect demonstration. It's a little sad that the
regular Surface doesn't come with a digitizer though.

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
The original 64gb Pro came with less than 30gb of usable memory. For only
$100 more, you can more than triple that. So I'd say the 128gb is the
lowest end you should consider. My current generation Pro is 128gb/4gb ram.
It's already lightning fast as is, so I'm not sure you need to shell out an
extra $300 for 8gb ram. Also, even the 128gb Pro 2 is supposed to be faster
than my current generation one. Go for 128gb.

Автор pro4ven ( назад)
I am sold. I am getting pro 2.. Initially thinking of getting note
10.1..would be recommend 64gb/4gb ram? Or higher specs.. I am little low on

Автор Eike Cordes ( назад)
Actually this would be / is a great commercial for the Surface Pro. It
makes me really want it because i just try to do the same on my Samsung
Note 10.1 device (which nearly reach the same lvl with lecturenotes) but
then i only have a damn tablet without any use for good programms which
makes me need another laptop.. definitly my chance to buy surface pro 2..

Автор green2425 ( назад)
I want to buy the surface pro 2. This video gives me more confidence that
it will be a good buy. Thank you.

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
The pen never left scratches when I used it. But after a few months, I put
on a screen protector anyway...just in case.

Автор Bielik20 ( назад)
I have important question, does the pen leave scratches?

Автор Stefan Theil ( назад)
Really nice video! I just ordered a Surface Pro 2 which I intend to use for
note taking at the university, and this gave me some really nice ideas on
how to use it. Thank you!

Автор Alex Bryant ( назад)
Awesome! Thanks for the response! I'm glad to hear it works so seamlessly
all within OneNote. Good luck with the rest of your graduate school!

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
Actually, when you slide the pdf into OneNote, it does print the entire
document, each separate pdf page becomes a separate OneNote page too! I
must not have made that clear in the video. Also, if you actually open the
pdf and go to "print", you can print only those pages you want to OneNote
(in case you don't want to print the whole thing). The same thing works for
other file formats as well, and I've had occasion to slide some DJVU files
into OneNote myself.

Автор Alex Bryant ( назад)
Thank you very much for posting this! I'm an engineering graduate student,
and this is exactly what I was looking for - as a demonstration of the
Surface Pro abilities and as a representation of OneNote for
studying/research note-taking. I noticed you seemed to manually input each
page from pdf into OneNote (using screencaps?) - is there a way to
automatically import all of the pages from a pdf into OneNote? If not, are
there any other pdf annotation programs you would recommend? Thanks!

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
And thank *you* for the kind words. I'm tempted to upgrade to the pro 2
myself (one with 8GB of RAM), but, honestly, my current generation pro is
already so fast for everything...it's hard to justify spending any more
money for the upgrade. The extra battery life would be nice, but I'm not
sure I need that either (plus I could just wait for the battery cover to
come out for a little extra time). Still, I'm tempted.

Автор Sammy Shaya ( назад)
This was BY FAR AND AWAY the best demonstration and review of the note
taking abilities of the surface pro I've seen. This is a good reference for
anyone (like me) who is considering buying the surface 2 or surface pro 2,
who didn't own the original surface, who want to get a feel for its
potential to aid study. Also it's great you show people how to use the
hardware and software together to access these cool functions available
which many people may not have known . Thank you for this video :)

Автор bernard ortega ( назад)
phenomenal tutorial! thanks for creating this. I just picked up a surface
RT today, and I'm excited to use it for grad school how did you set the
"draw" tab as the default? every time I select a highlighter, pen, etc. it
goes back to the original "file" tab thanks!

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
Not sure. You could open another window and make it a grid paper one...then
do a screen clipping to get it into the one you want. If you use the
Microsoft Mathematics add-on, then grid lines will automatically show up in
the graph.

Автор anzatzi ( назад)
I feel that if Apple made the surface and one note this would be
universally acclaimed as the greatest technical advance since the pc. I
tried the wacom interface at best buy and was totally blown away by the
fluidity of the pen and flawless palm rejection. Great video. Especially
loved the MS math discussion--what a value as free add on. Thanks

Автор Kradon Li ( назад)
does the pen leave any scratches on the screen after so many uses?

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
Sorry, I haven't tried either of these two for myself, so I'm not the best
person to ask about that.

Автор Logan Kostroun ( назад)
Great video, very thorough! I had a question though about something you
mentioned at one point in the video: iPadian and bluestacks emulators. This
tablet is ideal for my engineering work in undergrad but I'm entering med
school next year and it would be useful to use certain anatomy apps
(obviously not found on windows store but rather on the app store). Have
you had experience with these apps and if so how is the ipadian experience
in particular? Thanks!

Автор simian27 ( назад)
But it seems like a reasonable thing. They already recognize everything and
internally represent it in some way. This is the hard thing. Then
converting to latex shouldn't be too difficult. I can now seriously imagine
writing a paper with a pen instead of typing it...

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
I don't think OneNote has a function that does that, but wouldn't that be

Автор Olivier Bitter ( назад)
6:46 "Let met switch back to my stroke eraser 'cause I prefer it" - Dude!
You got some deep voice! Nice demo btw!

Автор simian27 ( назад)
Is it possible to write notes in "one note" in math, and then convert them
to latex? (doesn't have to be perfect, of course, but it seems possible
since it can "read" math and text)

Автор Anh Tuan Nguyen ( назад)
Hi, this video was great. it is exactly the one that i was looking for in
order to learn more about OneNote, Surface Pro and Surface pen capabilities.

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
With OneNote, I don't believe there's a memory limit for your notebooks. I
have many notebooks of 200 MB. I also take lots of handwritten notes in
class using OneNote. Last semester, they exported to pdf files of over 50
MB!! But with OneNote, you can open them every day, edit freely, and move
around between different notebooks without any trouble or memory issues.
The Surface Pro's powerful processor makes everything fast and smooth too.
I hope that answers your questions.

Автор Arthur Lamotte ( назад)
Excellent! I'm tempted to come back to Windows.. If GDrive has unlimited
storage (as Gdoc), its input is amazingly weak. But if you use one of
theses android apps to take notes of quality with a stylus, you will have
to save it as Pdf (or some very heavy formats that can't be edited after
that...). What if you have follow yearly classes and fill in 100p/seminar :
1° wht abt the storage limit ; 2° wht abt the possibility of editing twice
a week ? Is there a way to answer that with W8 or Android?

Автор oldestgamer ( назад)
very nice, just got an RT and want to use One Note for taking notes in
class (calc 2 and mineralogy) what is the math program you used in One Note
and does it work with the RT version? Thanks!

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
I'm that kind of person too, and my answer is a confident "yes, surface pro
is better". The ability to organize/re-organize, zoom in/out, change colors
and pen sizes easily, link notes, copy and paste handwritten notes (which
is great for long, repetitive computations), and... well, you watched the
video!... makes it so much better than paper. There's no way I'm going back
to paper. And the handwriting quality is the same if not better on the Pro,
so there's no advantage at all to paper.

Автор L363ND3RY ( назад)
So I will soon be a freshman in college of engineering. will be doing a lot
of math and physics courses. that being said, is buying a $799 surface pro
really better than taking hand notes? im one of those kids that writes as
much as humanly possible of what the instructor says.

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
I just tried it now, and letter size fits perfectly as a pdf without any
shrinking or division into two pages.

Автор alaykala04 ( назад)
I've heard that the margins are a bit too big when exporting to PDF (if
you're using a letter page size). For example, if you have limited the
OneNote page size to letter, and then tried to print it it would come out
to two pages (or a shrunken version of one page). Have you experienced this?

Автор Cruzan9 ( назад)
Gr8 vid! This review is exactly what I was looking for as I am trying to
decide what tablet to get for note taking. I was in Best Buy today and
learned the Surface Pro is currently on sale ($100 off) so that is an added
plus. Right now it's between the Surface Pro and Yoga 11. I think the specs
on the Yoga might be slightly sub par but not a deal breaker since I'm
mostly note taking and surfing. I may have to test them out side by side
before deciding. Right now Surface Pro has the edge though.

Автор deitymi ( назад)
this vid was excellent thanks! I will be purchasing the pro very soon!

Автор Willie&Sons ( назад)
Awesome video. I used most of these tricks last semester but I also learned
quite a few new ones from your video. I did have one teacher that didn't
allow any electronic devices during lecture. I had to handwrite my notes on
paper but I was still able to scan and add them to onenote. All the text
was searchable too!

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
The surface pro has a full desktop mode, so you can just drag and drop any
traditional pdf file into a OneNote page. You don't need a special program
or app for that. FWIW, I use the desktop version of Acrobat and the Adobe
Acrobat app to view pdf's when I haven't put them into OneNote--but the
pdf's themselves can come from anywhere you want.

Автор fooozii ( назад)
Thanks for your response! I did think it wouldn't be that big a deal since
(like you said) you can easily slide OneNote around. In fact half a
centimeter really isn't that much. I'm getting the Surface Pro for sure
now! ;)

Автор Mark Kemperman ( назад)
Fooozii, it's an issue on most Wacom digitizers and nowhere near extreme as
a 'major defect'. In fact, the Surface Pro has the least drift of any Wacom
digitizer I've used. All-round, it's the best note-taking device I've used,
especially through OneNote. Fadi, an excellent video - like your
presentation style :)

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
That review isn't misleading. The pen does get a bit finicky around the
edges of the screen. This only affects about half a centimeter though, so
I've gotten used to avoiding this (and you can just use your finger to
slide onenote around so that the place you're writing in isn't in this
boundary region). In his video, he goes all the way to the edge, and you
can see for yourself how far he gets before it starts acting up, only at
the very edge. I don't know if that's a "MAJOR" defect.

Автор fooozii ( назад)
Hi there, Since you use OneNote on a daily basis and I'm a student planning
to use OneNote too on the Surface Pro. I thought you'd be the right person
to answer my question. I've seen a review in which the styles has a problem
around the edge of the surface. ''Surface Pro Pen NEGATIVE Review - MAJOR
Defect'' I've seen almost every review and never heard of this problem
before. Have you ever experienced a default such as in this review? Anyway,
thank you! GREAT REVIEW!! (y)

Автор Charlie Williams ( назад)
I was referring to the picture at 13:32 which has a link underneath it.
Thanks for the hint about the keyboard!

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
By picture, do you mean the 2D/3D graphs? Those were made with the
Microsoft Mathematics add-on *in* OneNote. The equations that generated
them were shown, but there's nothing to link to. The highlighted pointer
comes from the recording software BB Express, and it only shows up after
the recording during playback. When you come to enter text in a field, but
you don't have an attached touch or type cover, the on screen keyboard
shows up automatically. Otherwise you must bring it up yourself.

Автор Charlie Williams ( назад)
Thanks Fadi, that's very helpful! Can you tell me: When you inserted a
picture, it had the link to the picture. How did you do that? How did you
make your pointer highlighted? It seemed that the on-screen keyboard
appeared automatically? Cheers!

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
Thanks! When I write, I just do it as I would on paper--so angled, and I do
use the stylus that comes with it. In calibrating, I don't think I did
anything fancy. I think the thickness of the screen causes a slight
discrepancy between where you touch pen to screen and where the writing
shows up. If you focus on the dot on-screen instead of the pen, it should
feel natural in no time. Case: Kensington Soft Carrying Case for for iPad
4/3/2/1 and Nexus 10. The keyboard button is bottom right.

Автор Charlie Williams ( назад)
Great video! I'm a teacher who just got a Surface Pro and have a few
questions: What angle do you write at with the stylus? Are you angled or
more upright? Do you just use the stylus which came with it? How did you
calibrate your pen so well? When you inserted a picture, it had the link to
the picture. How did you do that? How did you make your pointer
highlighted? It seemed that the on-screen keyboard appeared automatically?
How do you do that? Which Kensington case do you use?

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
Thanks! I'm getting about five hours. Keeping WiFi on doesn't seem to make
a very big difference though.

Автор Alex Plate ( назад)
Hey, cool review!! I was wondering what the battery life is when you use it
for lectures with no wifi, but just onenote and stylus use?

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
If you did it exactly like I did, then I'm not sure why those options don't
show up. They usually only fail to show up when a mistake is made. Sorry I
can't be of more help.

Автор freshfelicio ( назад)
when i open the "graph" menu in the mathematics add-in all the options are
disabled (grey). also with "calculate". I dont know why, just installed it
and made a equation exactly like you did.

Автор freshfelicio ( назад)
you can make the menu disappear by clicking on that little arrow or make
the notebook fullscreen with the fullscreen button. when you drag down from
the top then the menu shows up again.

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
I actually think it's a very good size. It seems like it'd be small
compared to pencil and paper, but it's great when you actually get your
hands on it.

Автор Kenzo Loh ( назад)
what level of zoom u use when writing on it?

Автор Kenzo Loh ( назад)
dont you think that the available vertical space is just too little?

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
To be honest, I'm getting only about 5 hours under those exact conditions.

Автор V. Torch Napeñas ( назад)
I forgot to mention...I would be using mostly OneNote.

Автор V. Torch Napeñas ( назад)
I know the Surface Pro is notorious for it's short battery life. However,
If I were to turn off the wifi and set the power options to battery saver,
would I be able to use the Surface Pro for more than 5 hours?

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
This was meant in response to Jeff Hachtel's question.

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
When creating a notebook in onenote, you can have it automatically sync to
skydrive. This means it will always be updated on all devices
automatically, no matter which device you use to edit it. (BTW, the Surface
Pro is both a tablet and a laptop). As for "they work well"...I can't vouch
for other tablets, ultrabooks, etc. For typical tablet, for instance, there
is no digital inking (so handwriting is horrible), the processor is weak
(so things will be slower), and onenote isn't availabe!

Автор Jeff Hachtel ( назад)
Great video. I'm back in school for engineering and was wondering how well
tablets worked for mathematics. Apparently they work well. How would you go
about syncing notes between the tablet and a laptop or desktop so you
always have your notes handy?

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
I hadn't heard about that, but that would be great! Do you have a link to

Автор lightzaberrr ( назад)
Also the pro is coming out w a sheet battery doubling the battery life for
ppl who r not satisfied w the current length

Автор William Lu ( назад)
I'm an engineering grad student and my friend briefly showed me his surface
pro. I've been looking for a review geared for students and this video
covers the things that I would do on a daily basis. This definitely
streamlines the process of note taking. I heard rumors about the next gen
of Surface Pro coming out during June so I'll be waiting till then. Once
again, awesome review. I'm sold!

Автор jim Tate ( назад)
super video. MS Should hire u now. office 365 university is a good deal for
students. thanks for taking the time to make this

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
Thanks! It doesn't come pre-installed. There is a free version (stripped
down, of course) of the metro version in the app store, but the one I'm
using is the standard PC version (which I prefer). You have to buy that
separately (about $50).

Автор Fadi E ( назад)
Yes. The palm recognition works perfectly.

Автор ajamison ( назад)
This is EXTREMELY helpful, thank you. I've been thinking about getting a
Surface Pro for Business School....and this video may have just sold me on
the idea. :)

Автор Steven Tseng ( назад)
Thanks for the excellent review. I think OneNote is probably one of the
most underrated softwares.

Автор Extraqi ( назад)
great review thanks!

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