#1,... Mississippi River Barge Towboats

I hope that you will enjoy this "Into Wisconsin's Outdoors" series! This is the 1st video in my production series!

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Автор Hubert Harned ( назад)
love that song as the towboat exits the lock. What is tge name of the song.

Автор Paul Carbo ( назад)

Автор CARL Barre ( назад)
turbos screaming

Автор JetMechMA ( назад)
That boat is a screamer. How can the crew stand it? Seems like an odd
choice of power for a river tow boat.

Автор JetMechMA ( назад)
So it's not unpleasant travelling down the canal. That's good to hear. Have
you read any of my comments about the Lockport lock? I wanted to visit
there and called the district office and everything and they said it was ok
as long as the Lock master approved. Lockmaster said NO. I wonder why he is
so opposed to visitors? We used to ride our bikes down there as kids.

Автор BilgeDweller ( назад)
Take it from somebody who works "the shit ditch", it isn't like that any
more. We did three trips to South Chicago last time I was on and I spotted
an osprey nest in a high line just above Sag Junction and a 110 lb beaver
near Worth, and kingfishers everywhere. The original purpose of the
Sanitary & Ship Canal and the Cal-Sag Channel was to divert Chicago's
industrial and sewage wastes down the Illinois River instead of out into
lake Michigan (Chicago's drinking water source.) No more!

Автор MrBigezee69 ( назад)
John Tesh???? 

Автор Ethan Gill ( назад)
when im out duck hunting we see like 5 to 10 barges a day and we are in
pool 9 i think

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
@tmatte1981 Wow! 10 years is a long time on the water! She's one of the
nicer looking boats that's for sure! If you're on the Randall next year,
Possibly in the spring. Could you give me a heads-up PM if possible if &
when she'll be along the Wisconsin area? If it'd be on a weekend, I'd like
to follow you folks for a couple of days from the shoreline & get footage
from all angles imaginable for another video! You guys on the big river are
a great bunch of folks! 

Автор matt evans ( назад)
I love the randall its not the most comfortable boat to ride but in my 10+
years on the river that's the boat I've spent most of my career. I'm one of
the mates on it now and we are making some drastic improvements to the old
girl, nice video

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
@vickivon007 Hello Vicki! That's neat to hear of your husbands job! How
does he like working on the boat? I'm hoping to catch the Ardyce again
someday & get better footage of her! This was my 1st video that I've made,
This video was taken on Nov. 22nd 2008 at the Genoa WI. Locks on the
Mississippi River! The people on these vessels are realy nice folks! Seems
like everytime I watch one of them, There's always someone on then shouting
out a joke or just saying hello etc. I'm glad you like this!

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
@tmatte1981 Sheeze! Sorry for the late reply! LOL! Back in Nov. 22nd 2008,
We caught her at the Geno Wi. Locking through! What a sweet looking boat!
I'm hoping to catch her again someday! How do you like working on her?

Автор MegaMouseSEC ( назад)
these are the real workhorses of the USA. I work on teh lower mississippi
river and it amazes me just how much tonnage goes through New Orleans every

Автор tyler torres ( назад)
i love the power these boats have

Автор matt evans ( назад)
Wow I'm sitting in the galley of the ardyce randall right now. Just came
across this video.

Автор JetMechMA ( назад)
@phildeez1984: BTW towboaters call the sanitary canal the "shit ditch" !
lol JM: LOL, I didn't know you had that nick-name for it but I did learn
about it online. I thought it was more cleaned up in modern times but I
read some "Great Loop" blogs and they said, no, it's still got
unmentionables floating in it. But thanks for the info. Aircraft mechanics
are all over the spectrum....$17 dollars an hour at the anti-union
chop-shops to $31 where I'm at to $45 at UPS, FedEx, Southwest.

Автор JetMechMA ( назад)
@phildeez1984: captains make between 400-500 a day deckhands between
130-230 a day and engineers make around 300 a day cooks are about the same
as deckhands JM: How's job security working on the boats? For instance, the
airline I work for stole our pensions and slashed our wages. Now I'm DOA at
retirement. I grew up near the Chicago sanitary and ship canal. I always
wondered what it would be like working on the boats. I always imagined it
paid well.

Автор zack stouffe ( назад)
@IntoWisOutdoors im tryna get on with artco now

Автор PaulSAUK ( назад)
Thanks it's a shame that the UK can't go back to push tows now our rivers
and canals are given to pleasure craft and our roads are chock a block with

Автор ceddyced31 ( назад)
I remember those days working on the DENNIS C. BOTTORFF (Ingram barge). its
definitely a total change of lifestyle and if u never been on the river or
had any knowledge about it, whew!! A eye opener. one of the best feelings
is Crew change time lol!!!!!!!

Автор andyz28 ( назад)
@ringy17 Depends on the company as someone else said. Most are 28 on/28
off. Some do 30/15 or 28/14. I've known guys to stay on for 6 months
straight before. If you're a homebody, towboating isn't for you. I don't
know how these guys do this job. I would lose my mind.

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
Thank you! How did you like working on a towboat? That's one job that I'd
truely like to try out someday! That's a rough life & a tough job that you
folks have!

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
Thank You Jason! I've often wondered about that as well! What do they do?
Send you back home on a bus or something like that when you're a long ways
from home? How many days off do you get after a shift tour? You guys make
everything look so easy, But I know better! That's a tough job that you
folks have! Some day I'm hoping to ride along for a week on one of the tow
boats on a trip along Wisconsin! I'm in awe everytime I see the boats on
the ole Mighty Miss!

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
Wow! Thanks for the info Andy! You bet I'll ask away when I have any
questions about all of this! I know what you mean by the best part is the
ole engines whining away! It was awesome standing there & feeling the
rumble vibrations go right thru your body! When ever I'm on the ole
Miss,...I get a real feeling of being home! The crews on the boats as well
as the lock & dams are a great bunch of people to chat & interact with! I
wish everyone could be as kind as these folks!

Автор andyz28 ( назад)
5:20 is the best part when he hammers the throttle. Listen to that beast
whine! P.S. - I work for Hennepin Boat Store and I supply these guys with
food and anything else they need. If you have any questions, feel free to
message me!

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
Hey thanks much for your knowledge on this Phil! I have on one instance saw
them use a skiff to throw something to another crew member on one of the
barges,...But other than that, I've never seen these used before. I'm glad
that you had stopped by to share your knowledge with us so we can learn
more on this! Thank You for your kind words!

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
You betcha!

Автор firefighter1811 ( назад)
ya but it looks like a fun job to have though.

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
Yeah, It is indeed a very busy lifestyle with alot of dedication that go's
with it!

Автор firefighter1811 ( назад)
I should of guessed that they don't cover coal. lol

Автор firefighter1811 ( назад)
very interesting I would of never guessed that they stay on the boats that
long. I thought they only done that in the oceans.

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
I believe that they were hauling grain! Corn, beans etc. Usually the coal
barges don't get covered.

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
They use the boats for just about anything from assisting in tying barges
together if they broke apart etc. as well as going to shore etc! From what
I was told by several crew members, They can be on the boats for up to 3
weeks or more at a time! The crews make this job look so easy,But it's a
very rough job & lifestyle! They're a great bunch of people! I'm hoping
someday that I'd be able to take a week or two trip on one of these. Train
traffic is heavy So it was an easy catch! 2 trains in 1hr.

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
Most of the Capt & their crews are a great bunch of people to talk & joke
around with! There's usually someone kidding around on every Towboat & at
the locks! That's why I love visiting on the Mississippi River! So much
fun! Prior to being at the locks, I spoke with one of the crew members on
the Andrew Cannava, They had to dock the Tow & wait for another northbound
Towboat with empty coal barges to get through lock & dam #9 to the south!
They parked their boat along the shoreline!

Автор IntoWisOutdoors ( назад)
Nope! I didn't know any of these people! I use to know one of the guys
working at the locks, But I havn't seen him in quite a while! The folks
working on the Big River are usually always kind to talk to! As a matter of
fact, Before I started shooting footage My Father & I chatted with the
lockmaster for about 15 min. until he had to get back to his duties!

Автор firefighter1811 ( назад)
great video ken what was the 2 boats on the deck of the tug used for they
cant be life boats they are to big for that? the BBQ on the boat was funny
but I guess they gotta eat to. the timing on the train was great! was that
coal they were hauling in the bardge? keep up the great work.

Автор ZoeToots (1160 лет назад)
Do you know everybody? : ) The train people (so cool) The tug boat guy who
is going to warmer weather! I want to hop on the back and go for a ride!
That train rolling by was perfect timing!!! Beautiful video...

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