Castlevania Fighter - Mugen Fan Game

Gameplay video of fantastic fightin game made by Serio. Review on http://www.idealsoftblog.it

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Автор Exter 0727 ( назад)
Who is the opponent?

Автор The True Aniflex ( назад)
Whoever made this is a fucking legend!

Автор Andares Deathmask ( назад)
Perfect fighting castlevania fangame

Автор Drakky ( назад)
Jesus dude your one year late, i have been playing this for a year now lol.

Автор CaptainShadowGaming ( назад)
1st go to original site serios castlevania fighter and hes not a creator and wtf seems windows xp is beter than 7 :3

Автор Drakky ( назад)
mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm Toasty 6:20

Автор Drakky ( назад)
I tried Downloading this, 2 times, and it said i need a 16 bit windows insted of 32, can you plz update this for windows 7

Автор desu38 ( назад)
Yoko Fernandez: The most interesting name in the world.

Автор Felix Barbour ( назад)
Not sure if the game is still like this, considering this was posted two years ago, but the damage done by both parties in this fighting game is way unfair. Alucard was doing 50+ damage, at some points 120+, and the bosses were shelling out 30+, at best 80 something. Considering Alucard has some awesome range with his movements, the other characters would have to be redone to compliment his agility. As we can see, Yoko does not lol. Still, I applaud you for making this!

Автор Maverick274 ( назад)
@Ryuhza Idk if you ever found out it 4 months, but the family name Belnades is generally to be known as a misinterpretation of Fernandez from the Japanese developers. Belnades is actually pronounced Bel-Na-Des in Japan. They fixed it in Castlevania 64 for Carrie Fernandez, a descendent from the same family as Yoko.

Автор Data4664 ( назад)
Awesome fan game. I like it very much and awesome work=D

Автор Ryuhza ( назад)
Yoko... FERNANDEZ-?? The fuck-?

Автор Mystery Ezekude ( назад)
Wow...I'm actually very impressed with this MUGEN fan-game. Most MUGEN projects do not have this much effort put into them. I think this is one of the best MUGEN projects yet!

Автор Super Conservative ( назад)
oh and can u make a beat em up version of this

Автор Super Conservative ( назад)
can u use mugen chars in this game?

Автор Cristiano Milesqui ( назад)
muito bom;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Автор Idealsoft Blog.it ( назад)
on your PC.

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