Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. Slick Rick

Music video by Chamillionaire performing Hip Hop Police/Evening News. (C) 2007 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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Добавлено: 5 лет
Длительность: 9:07
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مؤتمر صحفي للجبهة الوسطية لإطلاق مشروع قومي لمواجهة التطرف والإرهاب تحت عنوان من أجل مصر.
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Автор Alistair Erskine (6 дней)
Still absolutely amazing after all this time... 

Автор Niko Williams (13 дней)
So lyrical so ....true... I cant believe I slept on this song for years...
its sad that when you rap about politics and current issues you disappear
im glad cham didnt rap about money hoes cars and clothes. Hip hop is dead
my friends prosperity rappers killed it

Автор Smallis (2 месяца)
The tv presentator look like a monkey x)

Автор RoyceThat g (23 дня)
This man still makes dope music. Y'all gotta check him out. He a
independent rapper now. But he will be back on top you guys wait!

Автор dfhayak (1 месяц)
ok so someone educate me...I get Slick Rick is the guy in the line up with
the patch on his eye.....but who is the cop chasing Chamillionaire in the

Автор Jenny Arango (2 месяца)
i remember watching this on -on demand

Автор RumuhAlg (14 часов)
"shut up and pull them pants up" Amen to that, I hate swag!

Автор Chris Reed (21 час)

Автор Melanie Kosorog (2 дня)
I have this stuck in my head :D

Автор Michael Conner (3 дня)
Wow...how did I miss this?....this is good stuff...and realer than real...

Автор Dre'ana Walker (4 дня)
I can rap the whole song and im a girl.

Автор Ernfrid Svensson (5 дней)
Did they seriously just censor "gun"?

Автор Rolesh Lewis (6 дней)

Автор valera kotubej (6 дней)
Ennek a zenének mágikus ereje van!!! 1 lol meccsen ahol 1 turetunk volt ami
az utolsó inhát védte, úgy hogy a nexus turret sem volt meg, be kapcsolta
ezt a zenét, aztán meg nyertünk 2 teamfightot, és meg nyertük a gamet!!!!

Автор E Kant (9 дней)
fuck the pooolice...

Автор games of wars tois (16 дней)
fuck the police Eys

Автор Joshua Owens (16 дней)
I love it!!!!!!!

Автор Laura Smith (16 дней)
Its chamillionaire with a mustash and glasses

Автор a hnahich (17 дней)
Chamillionaire need to goto politics:)

Автор Kristopher Champie (18 дней)
HAHAHAHA TOP SHELF!!! on the 111th Floor Hell Yeah!!!!

Автор Dr. Stylla (19 дней)
7:07 LOL :D :D :D

Автор Ben Fisher (22 дня)
Much Love

Автор XxXxthey c me trollingXxXx (24 дня)
Did you just call me a nigga boy? Lol best part

Автор Chilly Penguin (25 дней)
Hip Hop songs were so creative back in the day

Автор עדן דמרי (27 дней)
NICE SONG !!!!!! 

Автор Michelle M. (4 месяца)
I'd like to see what +Alexandru Trucu thinks of this.

Автор AYEYO LILDIZZY (5 месяцев)
Old School

Автор TheKarraHD (1 месяц)

Автор Samer SAM (1 месяц)
So much politic 

Автор Benedict Baka (1 месяц)
I love this song sooooooooo much

Автор Thetrollingzeth (4 месяца)
Gun is a bad word at 2009

Автор UltimateGamingLegacy (1 месяц)
This song had meaning... I'm surprised

Автор Takee Polka (1 месяц)
real hip hop

Автор Nolan Plouffe (1 месяц)
Brilliant song and video!

Автор ThePhatWabbit (1 месяц)
boy you have the right to remain stupid


Автор Daniel Nushart (1 месяц)
thats slick rick..

Автор Chad Clark (1 месяц)
I don't like. The. Po po

Автор aaditya burmi (1 месяц)
white house is alway gonna be white but obamoas black!?man thats

Автор Jesus Ramirez (1 месяц)
Back then when hip hop was really good, love this song

Автор natalie shinobi (5 месяцев)
chammilionaire has some kind of wicked tendency of transforming himself
into a white person...hes either racist or he just likes looking white

Автор todd marcius (1 месяц)
shoulda went ot walmart

Автор ANDRZEJ TUSK (1 месяц)
fuck the police that right

Автор matthew hindle (1 месяц)
In the line up why were the accused all black racism

Автор Dylan Campbell (1 месяц)
No this one is gonna be bigger. Boy did you just call me a N*gger? Nah man
you trippin' I said BIGGER.. O:

Автор maxthebest546 (1 месяц)
Wow! Great for you!!

Автор Sonia Arvizu (1 месяц)
i love his songs.

Автор Denzel Henry (1 месяц)
i like when the rap

Автор TheloniousKeys781 (1 месяц)
Too few people here discussing the message. Too much hate, judgment,
irrelevant shit.. damn

Автор Louis Philippe (1 год)
Obama doesn't want to become another kennedy. especially in thee devided
states today, racial discrimination is worst than a long time ago!

Автор gillieMAR (11 месяцев)

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