Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. Slick Rick

Music video by Chamillionaire performing Hip Hop Police/Evening News. (C) 2007 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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Добавлено: 5 лет
Длительность: 9:07
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Автор Suendus Qureshi (22 дня)
rap was so good. now it's just shit. 

Автор kozzy ngendawanga (2 месяца)
Who's still listens to this in 2015?

Автор Joshua Ramey (26 дней)
People forgot about him because he started talking real shit. Smh.

Автор Niko Williams (8 месяцев)
So lyrical so ....true... I cant believe I slept on this song for years...
its sad that when you rap about politics and current issues you disappear
im glad cham didnt rap about money hoes cars and clothes. Hip hop is dead
my friends prosperity rappers killed it

Автор 12onomicprotv1 (1 месяц)
wait did i hear obama b4 he was even president he was in raps

Автор abc d (3 месяца)
Also Chamillioniare!

Автор Antonio Fifer (2 месяца)
The the TV presentator look like one of the things off of cat in a hat

Автор galaxyyarchive (27 дней)
good old music. when it was not all about weed, bitches, money and alcohol.

Автор Big Tim (1 месяц)
if hopsin rappd this same exact song, it would be the most lyrical shit of
all time. 

Автор Aerochalklate (11 дней)
white teens will be listening to white polka. i bought this on itunes a few
years ago but it somehow got deleted

Автор Paulius Deveikis (12 дней)
00:09 he saod nigga himself wtf..

Автор YOUNG TERRA (1 месяц)
this song should be heard by all

Автор Big Tim (1 месяц)
sounds like hopsin...people were SLEEPING on cham...hes ALWAYS been raw af

Автор Ezequiel Mata (3 месяца)
this song is fo fkn dope!!

Автор KingSaints (1 месяц)
Omg, classic!

Автор Ken Havens (1 месяц)
greatest political rap he's ever made.

Автор Moe Li (1 месяц)
Grade 6 right here 

Автор Motaz Taamneh (1 месяц)
This dude holy fuck, he is the man, loved the lyrics...

Fuck modern rap..(tyga. kid ink and a lot more )

Автор BlackEliteStudio (3 месяца)
What an amazing song ! Miss those old times !

Автор Aerochalklate (11 дней)
slick ricks voice never changed

Автор BOSH bOIY (1 месяц)
Nigga,love the nigga !

Автор Ogun Smith (16 дней)
*Wonder what happened to Chamillionaire...*

Автор Distracted Observer (1 месяц)
I had never heard this song before & I never knew of a rapper that went
socio political on their raps... WOW that's impressive! Too bad this guy
fell off longggg ago.

Автор lute oosten (2 месяца)
cool to see Chamillionaire in white :D

Автор Rain Hallikas (2 месяца)
Chamillionaire should do more news. Fuckin' sick!

Автор GyanjunG Shah (2 месяца)
So I love hip hop ;))

Автор grgmys (3 дня)
I was here on the night of April 21st.

Автор WatsonKHD (15 дней)
Forgotten talent

Автор Lucy Healy (12 дней)
" You have the right to remain stupid boy " 😂😂👏

Автор michael Grimm (13 дней)
He's white facing it! I'm so offended!!!! lol

Автор Andrej Jankovik (12 дней)
I think that the word n means nigga

Автор Thomasiscrazy (4 месяца)
you have the right to remain stupid hahahaha

Автор Gunther Gaming (1 месяц)
You have the right to remain stupid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Hawaiisidecar (2 месяца)
I like this guy because he doesn't take himself too seriously. Plus the
rhymes are good.

Автор GenJotsu (11 дней)
I now it was necessary for artistic interpretation.. but White-Face doe? I
guess it should be remembered that Racism is suppose to be a neutral word,
without the negative connotation.

Автор Akhamesh (5 месяцев)
I actually didn't know about this side of Chamillionaire... he made a
really bad impression with Ridin', mainly because it was an attempt to
protest racial profiling by cops yet at the same time him and Krayzie were
bragging about the warrants they had in every state in America, and how
they were driving around under the influence of drugs and alchool while
carrying guns. It made no sense and did not help their case at all. But
this was pretty good, especially Evening News. And he stopped collaborating
with his talentless friends from the Houston scene too. Good going.

Автор ROY RE (4 месяца)
ok...can someone explain now why is it ok for him to say "nappy headed
hoe"?....seariously!! :P

Автор AJ Puma7709 (1 месяц)

Автор The Nameless Individual (2 месяца)
A 10 minute song.

Автор Ras Carter (1 день)
Hey aint you that Chamillionaire Guy? aint he that Chamillionaire Guy??
Am the Flash MAN

Автор Dr. Ali (3 месяца)
U have the right to remain stupid 😂😂😂😂

Автор Rayk Sevilla (3 месяца)

Автор Alistair Erskine (8 месяцев)
Still absolutely amazing after all this time... 

Автор Paul Stanley (29 дней)
I wish more rappers were like Chamillionaire. He's actually bringing up
relevant and productive issues and ideas instead of bragging about how much
Versace they have, etc. It also shows that he's intellectual and aware,
understanding that the government has a certain capital agenda, and tries
to mislead and misinform the public, specially the lower class and
minorities (AKA the ones they exploit the most). 

Автор Brittany Sheard (4 дня)
Real song

Автор Ravangers (5 месяцев)
EVENING NEWSSS DAT BEAT anyone know the producer??

Автор 吳維章 (5 дней)

Автор J Myrick (1 месяц)
Shit chamillonaire is fucking awsome bitches

Автор David Vidal Alarcon (2 месяца)
long time haven't heard rap with true lyrics...

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