Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. Slick Rick

Music video by Chamillionaire performing Hip Hop Police/Evening News. (C) 2007 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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Автор Niko Williams (4 месяца)
So lyrical so ....true... I cant believe I slept on this song for years...
its sad that when you rap about politics and current issues you disappear
im glad cham didnt rap about money hoes cars and clothes. Hip hop is dead
my friends prosperity rappers killed it

Автор Smallis (5 месяцев)
The tv presentator look like a monkey x)

Автор Johnny Stars (2 дня)
LOL The tv presentator look like C.S.I Miami guy (I don't remember the

Автор RRoyce That (4 месяца)
This man still makes dope music. Y'all gotta check him out. He a
independent rapper now. But he will be back on top you guys wait!

Автор Thom Smith (17 часов)
nwa and all that shit. fair enough. it is good. but lyrically this song is
great. underatted

Автор Trug0d (1 месяц)
I actually didn't know about this side of Chamillionaire... he made a
really bad impression with Ridin', mainly because it was an attempt to
protest racial profiling by cops yet at the same time him and Krayzie were
bragging about the warrants they had in every state in America, and how
they were driving around under the influence of drugs and alchool while
carrying guns. It made no sense and did not help their case at all. But
this was pretty good, especially Evening News. And he stopped collaborating
with his talentless friends from the Houston scene too. Good going.

Автор Lamar Davis (1 день)
"With so much drama in the air we seize" -Snoop Dogg

"With so much drama in the industry" -Chamillionaire

Автор Clifford Eberhardt (1 месяц)
Despite the outdated references Evening News is still relevant today.

Автор Brian Brown (1 месяц)
you can tell how much chamillionaire actually put into his tracks,
allthough independant now he is still going steady! i looked through the
comments and couldnt see any hate. this is what hip hop needs again, not
tyga, young thug and those shitty "rappers"

Автор RumuhAlg (3 месяца)
"shut up and pull them pants up" Amen to that, I hate swag!

Автор Thomasiscrazy (20 дней)
you have the right to remain stupid hahahaha

Автор typeerk (12 дней)
Remix time- get a new track out to the masses; I can't breathe & hands up
don't shoot!

Автор ClickAnimalVideos (2 месяца)
White millionaire looks like a chimp.... 

Автор MissVirginVideos (18 дней)
YOO WTF is the news anchor Cham????

Автор alexandra tigse (16 дней)

Автор ROY RE (16 дней)
ok...can someone explain now why is it ok for him to say "nappy headed
hoe"?....seariously!! :P

Автор Sky Baller (17 дней)
R.I.P Mike Brown 

Автор Alistair Erskine (3 месяца)
Still absolutely amazing after all this time... 

Автор Astilynn C (1 месяц)
To this day a work of art!!! 😩👏💓

Автор Sebas Tian (17 дней)
Put this guy on Comedy Central. 

Автор Roberto MOJICA (2 месяца)
He has been Calking it like NWA.... Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening
News ft. …: http://youtu.be/CGOt8dZRsHk

Автор Rockson Rodrigues (1 месяц)
Brasil nessa caralha 

Автор alan Collins (12 дней)
thats fucking right man

Автор Gatis Lawrence (1 месяц)
one of the very rare hip hop songs by black artist who didnt include the N
word in the song.

Автор XdYolu faileee (29 дней)
End is soooo COOOL.LIKE RAP xd i dont knew XD
GO go GO go.....

Автор Ravangers (1 месяц)
EVENING NEWSSS DAT BEAT anyone know the producer??

Автор Asa Parinussa (2 месяца)
Love the english accent of slick

Автор bob makr (19 дней)
fucking top notch

Автор Op614Roll (26 дней)
Last true talented rapper to blow up...

Автор Piero Bgt (2 месяца)
All of rappers were suspected in 2007 :D 

Автор Emedi Ekpenyong (1 месяц)
Most creative music video I can remember.

Автор dfhayak (5 месяцев)
ok so someone educate me...I get Slick Rick is the guy in the line up with
the patch on his eye.....but who is the cop chasing Chamillionaire in the

Автор Harvey Delapena (2 месяца)
Hip hop is cool don 't mess with that dog!

Автор Smite-yo-good (17 дней)
dam eyebrows... O-)

Автор NukeDaNoobs (1 месяц)

Автор максик !!!!!! (1 месяц)
он похаш из гта 5 френклин

Автор aaditya burmi (5 месяцев)
white house is alway gonna be white but obamoas black!?man thats

Автор Reggie (1 месяц)
Boys just don't know how to understand! Chamillionaire is a artist. 

Автор JonasWanted (1 месяц)
The journalist is Chamillionaire with a masks?

Автор Silentking Luffy (2 месяца)
2014 still love this song 

Автор Kwanelletary TV (2 месяца)
this guy is so creative, a true genius!

Автор Armen Grigoryan (3 месяца)
When idiots ACT Like They Love The Artists But Actually They Just A
Industry Suckaaa Who Don't Know Shittt About an Artist Who HE CLAIMED TO
ALL THE WAY!!! GO Chamill!!! Those New Songs Are Banginnnnnnn Bruhhh!!! 

Автор Kristina Williams (2 месяца)
he sounds like 50 cent.

Автор DerpGamingHD (1 месяц)
Love this song

Автор Ankh Amu Geb Dre Barber (1 месяц)
Very Creative!!

Автор rsracrs19 (1 месяц)
Yo slick is the shit

Автор Jon Swary (2 месяца)
I wonder why this didn't take off? Never heard it in Australia.

Автор Naeem Hasan (1 месяц)
still listening 2014

Автор jdizzilicious (2 месяца)
no wonder hes not in the lime light........never sale out

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