Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. Slick Rick

Music video by Chamillionaire performing Hip Hop Police/Evening News. (C) 2007 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

Просмотров: 9282034
Длительность: 9:7
Комментарии: 5492

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Автор Lucas Freitas ( назад)

Автор King James ( назад)
I like how nearly all of Chamillionairs Songs are about police

Автор Phoenix Ryz ( назад)
damn Slick Ricks verse was cleeeean


had me rollling


Cham o'reilly

Автор Braiden Sharum ( назад)
Anyone else notice the N.W.A hat on the desk??

Автор Herve Reuter ( назад)
Chamillionaire gibst nicht auf Google play :-(

Автор Chanel Keane (1035 лет назад)
This was a warning in disguise. They are everywhere@!!!!!!!! Hip hop police
are listening! !!!!! Be careful or you'll be history looks like another
unsolved mystery. OMG !!!! I knew about them but omg!!!! 

Автор Athrong aho (323 года назад)
Golden age of Hip hop

Автор bob bobo ( назад)
Dope as fuck.

Автор bob bobo ( назад)
Cham makes one freaky lookin white dude...

Автор Lucid Leaf ( назад)
I remember watching this as a kid on tv. It took me forever to realize the
newscaster was chamillionaire in makeup LMAO

Автор Scythe Of Vyse ( назад)
This is sooooo good

Автор Jerono Odhiambo ( назад)
This guy was the illest.... He even sang about Obama before his time :)

Автор Hafidh Nicolo Manuel ( назад)
I like his rap

Автор Hip HopBoss#1 ( назад)
I don't know why Chamillionaire is being hated or being put on people's top
5 worst rappers lists! He was a great rapper and unlike Ja Rule, he
actually went through the hood and the changes in the environment that was
near it! 

Автор Rob b ( назад)
about what they dont wanna talk in the media?

Автор Cool Kid Lexi ( назад)
okay so white face is definitely terrifying

Автор A vida é bela ser feliz é tudo ( назад)

Автор william griffin ( назад)
Sick track for the favourites. Check it out!!!!!!

Автор Motaz Taamneh ( назад)
at 7:54 cham was going to finger him xD

Автор William Mathews ( назад)
Now you can see you're screwed as the evidence pours in, lmao.....

Автор tobylump ( назад)

Автор mikkel olsen ( назад)
know this feeling way to good
with police special force 14 men arrested me one of the times

Автор Sophie Tucker ( назад)
Este tío es muy grande.

Автор paul binks ( назад)
I slept on this for ages, it's grown on me, beat is sick

Автор Adrian Filter ( назад)

Автор Cool Kid Lexi ( назад)
Lmfao!!! i said BIGGER

Автор Justin Jervis ( назад)

Автор Henry Mitov ( назад)
I haven't listened to Chamillionaire in years. Why did he stop making music

Автор Brain y yuck ( назад)
that cop remind me on sgt. Cross

Автор Souham Sougal ( назад)

Автор cemal acar ( назад)
best creative rapper. I like Eminem but i love you Cham.

Автор mozadek1 ( назад)
Nah man I said BIGGER!

Автор killer15082 ( назад)
This song is amazing. Those of you who think "rap today sucks", you're not
listening to the right rappers or something

Автор Alex B ( назад)
I wish the N word illegal in rap, a lot of dudes would be stuck like chuck

Автор suq madiq ( назад)
You have the right to remain stupid boi!!!

Автор Omar Allam ( назад)
How can this video get only 9 million views... 90 million would've been
better !!!

Автор Mortal Indulgences ( назад)
Ugh, I'd just wish that Lil Wayne and Drake would learn something from this

I'm a metalhead, yet I still love this - It sounds fucking awesome! Plus,
it has a nice message. Instead of just "Nigga, nigga, nigga, fuck you
nigga"... -_- We need more rap like this.

Автор Avara Jordi ( назад)

Автор Fayssal Messirdi ( назад)

Автор Reza JP ( назад)
still relevant to this day!

Автор Shannon Mitchell ( назад)
i love this and all your vids

Автор MusicList ( назад)
606 people couldn't keep running.

Автор mazen 511 ( назад)
Bigger. Wht? U just call me a nigga? Nah man I said bigger LOOOOOOOOOL

Автор Tugce Ctn (1782 года назад)
Real shit died. Got these dumb ass rappers now and got sheeps following
them. RIP real rap music.

Автор mj199516 ( назад)
Dat intro tho! :D

Автор Ras Carter ( назад)
Hey aint you that Chamillionaire Guy? aint he that Chamillionaire Guy??
Am the Flash MAN

Автор grgmys ( назад)
I was here on the night of April 21st.

Автор Brittany Sheard ( назад)
Real song

Автор 吳維章 ( назад)

Автор Messed up ( назад)
50 Cent is GARBAGE! 

Автор Bedirhan kılıç ( назад)
bu pislikleri nasıl dinliyor siz zavallılar sürüsüüüüüüü

Автор GWL ( назад)
Holy crap love how it feels like it separates to two songs

Автор Aerochalklate ( назад)
white teens will be listening to white polka. i bought this on itunes a few
years ago but it somehow got deleted

Автор Aerochalklate ( назад)
slick ricks voice never changed

Автор GenJotsu ( назад)
I now it was necessary for artistic interpretation.. but White-Face doe? I
guess it should be remembered that Racism is suppose to be a neutral word,
without the negative connotation.

Автор Paulius Deveikis ( назад)
00:09 he saod nigga himself wtf..

Автор Andrej Jankovik ( назад)
I think that the word n means nigga

Автор Lucy Khalifa ( назад)
" You have the right to remain stupid boy " 😂😂👏

Автор michael Grimm ( назад)
He's white facing it! I'm so offended!!!! lol

Автор Gabriel Falcao ( назад)

Автор David Boone ( назад)
Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. …:

Автор WatsonKHD ( назад)
Forgotten talent

Автор Jhoseth Galdamez ( назад)
*Wonder what happened to Chamillionaire...*

Автор Ogun Smith ( назад)
*Wonder what happened to Chamillionaire...*

Автор bfavreforprez ( назад)
I have a lot of Playlists, hiphop rap rock pop country and several others.

Автор Suendus Qureshi ( назад)
rap was so good. now it's just shit. 

Автор armando rocha ( назад)

Автор Joshua Ramey ( назад)
People forgot about him because he started talking real shit. Smh.

Автор 1010minutemail ( назад)
Why is "gun" censored?

Автор yemeniscum ( назад)

Автор Abraham _lop ( назад)
Los mexicanos escuchen c kan el perro de la c 

Автор galaxyyarchive ( назад)
good old music. when it was not all about weed, bitches, money and alcohol.

Автор Paul Stanley ( назад)
I wish more rappers were like Chamillionaire. He's actually bringing up
relevant and productive issues and ideas instead of bragging about how much
Versace they have, etc. It also shows that he's intellectual and aware,
understanding that the government has a certain capital agenda, and tries
to mislead and misinform the public, specially the lower class and
minorities (AKA the ones they exploit the most). 

Автор BOSH bOIY ( назад)
Nigga,love the nigga !

Автор KingSaints ( назад)
Omg, classic!

Автор firewalker117 ( назад)
its sad that some people still feel this way now

Автор Onur Özdemir ( назад)
Türk yok mu ya 😕

Автор Ken Havens ( назад)
greatest political rap he's ever made.

Автор Roy Gelvan ( назад)
The news guy looks like a monkey lol!

Автор Ali Khan ( назад)
Wow, the second part of this song is the reality behind media and govts!!!

Автор burak emre ( назад)
Murda murda murda ayy Nerda Nerda Nerdaa ayy :)

Автор AJ Puma7709 ( назад)

Автор dirtyplaya ( назад)
"you just call me a nigga boy?" lmao

Автор Moe Li ( назад)
Grade 6 right here 

Автор Tamer Mohamed ( назад)
Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. Slick Rick:

Автор YOUNG TERRA ( назад)
this song should be heard by all

Автор Naranjoo :D ( назад)
me cago de la risa con ese presentador ajajajajajajajajajajaa
pero chamilonaire es el mejor raperoo 

Автор ReaperzGaming ( назад)
@ 5:32 look at the temp its 132 xD

Автор boris fedesen ( назад)
i like some of USA music

Автор someone udonno (stefanni) ( назад)
You have the right to remain stupid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор J Myrick ( назад)
Shit chamillonaire is fucking awsome bitches

Автор Ataisa Miranda De Sena ( назад)
muito loucaaaaaaaaa pora e nois chamillionaire

Автор Calyy Baee ( назад)
i used to be so scared of this but i dont know why

Автор Big Tim ( назад)
if hopsin rappd this same exact song, it would be the most lyrical shit of
all time. 

Автор Big Tim ( назад)
sounds like hopsin...people were SLEEPING on cham...hes ALWAYS been raw af

Автор Ateneu_Gamer BR ( назад)
chamilionaire user

Автор Motaz Taamneh ( назад)
This dude holy fuck, he is the man, loved the lyrics...

Fuck modern rap..(tyga. kid ink and a lot more )

Автор Distracted Observer ( назад)
I had never heard this song before & I never knew of a rapper that went
socio political on their raps... WOW that's impressive! Too bad this guy
fell off longggg ago.

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