Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. Slick Rick

Music video by Chamillionaire performing Hip Hop Police/Evening News. (C) 2007 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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Длительность: 9:7
Комментарии: 5752

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Автор godizill@ ( назад)
Alguém do Brasil por aqui?👀👀👀

Автор Dillon Rochovitz ( назад)
no it did

Автор Dillon Rochovitz ( назад)
no it did not

Автор Dillon Rochovitz ( назад)
no it did not

Автор Mariève Deschênes ( назад)
I love your music😃

Автор Teodor Krasev ( назад)
fack the police

Автор cool minecraft gamers ( назад)
bob o wildy does the same thing

Автор Mentor Berisha ( назад)
love this song

Автор All done (397 лет назад)
My favourite of all times. This is hip hop.

Автор Edward ( назад)
better than the shit that is playing today

Автор Altamish Haniff ( назад)
LOL I didn't know the evening news part of this song until just now :O

Автор cindynickol (511 год назад)

Автор Stamps Lone nose ( назад)
I love u songs!!

Автор SamuraiVader ( назад)
"White teenagers are listening to hardcore polka" what?

Автор SamuraiVader ( назад)
I forgot how music sounded wow. Hello from 2016.

Автор Kuzey_Yildiz ( назад)
The News Man Looks Like A MOnkey ...

Автор Austin Spear ( назад)
fuck the cops

Автор Ruben Harutunyan ( назад)
man after 500years everything from our days will be classical)))

Автор Suri francis Calma ( назад)
Um.. Bob o wildly-3 Chammilionare-93 Bob o wildly wins?!

Автор Jeff Gringh Smith ( назад)

Автор Donovan Pena ( назад)
this is NOT REAL

Автор Tequila Mockingbird ( назад)
Somebody tell me why "Gun" is fucking censored

Автор Gauthier Torres ( назад)
Ho shit

Автор Abhi Singh ( назад)
man this be underrated

Автор Ibrahim Nawaz ( назад)
more songs

Автор Zay SlayHer ( назад)
Most underrated song of all time

Автор volleyballgirl 64976 ( назад)
that news person looks so creepy😮

Автор volleyballgirl 64976 ( назад)
that news person looks so creepy😮

Автор Lefty Remiti ( назад)
représente la france

Автор Welton W ( назад)
The Katrina destroyed mid of New Jersey and the war of iraq killed
thousands of north-americans soldiers. Jorge Bush is a sucker than think
than this is a game. Today with Obama in the control of USA the things
change, but yet still we see the war, only this time against terrorism.
Nice song Chamillionaire, i like much of your work since of album "The
Sound Of Revenge" and i have almost all the mixtapes!

Автор Ann Poole ( назад)
Why is slick rick in here

Автор Kemal Oyunda ( назад)
mother fucker

Автор Pevdikpay Tr ( назад)
Eminem forever

Автор T Ng ( назад)
6:37 is the most epic scene. Mobil, Pfizer, Exxon, even Mc DOnald's.... Oh
look, even the Illuminati... Shiet we must love that danger shit

Автор Jamie Jones ( назад)
No shit

Автор SilverioAwesome Awesome ( назад)

Автор Lisa Braziel ( назад)
yea for sure just like 2pac

Автор Logan Taylor ( назад)
I like it!!!

Автор Logan Taylor ( назад)
damm I like it!!!

Автор Logan Taylor ( назад)
damm I like it

Автор Logan Taylor ( назад)
damm I like it

Автор Gambit2483 ( назад)
One of the best music videos and contributions to hip hop/rap EVER. so
slept on.

Автор warren peacock ( назад)
Crap this guy just died in the industry. he was a breath of fresh air

Автор Grime 404 ( назад)
Slick ricks south London accent tho

Автор vineet aggarwal ( назад)
Chamillionaire always keep it reel

Автор GaBrIeL MySzKa 666 ( назад)

Автор GaBrIeL MySzKa 666 ( назад)
bon son dsa mere

Автор Aranxza Chavez ( назад)
2K16 still fresh

Автор Harry Higgins ( назад)
I like all of your videos

Автор Aizal Micheal ( назад)
guys this guy sounds like 50 cent am i rong.

Автор Szoganv98 ( назад)
fires tommorow watchout

Автор Sphi Hawkes ( назад)
this is kinda good

Автор Joshua Kovzan ( назад)
Apparently eminent used the n word

Автор Jaka Cop (790 лет назад)
Police arest you cuz you look SWAG and say nigga. :P

Автор manuel men ( назад)
Damn he is on fire !!!!!!! Love it

Автор Arian Kian ( назад)

Автор Julius Jano ( назад)
perfect song hip hop police :-)

Автор Peyton Hagler ( назад)
slick mothafuckin rick

Автор Akar Gaming gt ( назад)
Ei oo

Автор Roberto Carlos ( назад)
go go the see rolin

Автор Noory 07 ( назад)

Автор Gerta Ryfinska ( назад)
Top 10 Song Makers:1 Chamillionaire2 50 Cent3 Akon4 Eminem5 Jibbs6 Rick
Ross7 Kanye West8 Soulja Boy Tell""em9 Lil Wayne10
°0° Snoop Doge: Wasted

Автор Tie Scoggins ( назад)
no I said bigger

Автор deadnator ( назад)
i wwish he back he was good now the rap is shit really

Автор Ellis36076 3607684 ( назад)

Автор Ssij Pento Cwelu ( назад)
Who watched in 2015y ?

Автор Fahad Mohammed ( назад)

Автор Sixson Tom ( назад)

Автор Thomas johansen ( назад)
soon 10 mil

Автор Roger Moore ( назад)
thsi is the first time I am seeing this video and I was very surprised by
the high degree on focus on adult concerns. I never knew Chamillionaire did
such good hiphop. I hope he focuses on adult concerns more often since
apparently hiphop is all about children's concerns

Автор adam daniels ( назад)
your ded big yo

Автор adam daniels ( назад)
yo yo yo fuck you bigs

Автор Jay P ( назад)
Slick rick tho

Автор tude618 (1065 лет назад)
Chamillinare was dope what happen to him u never hear any Houston rappers
anymore, mainstream rap must dont like real rap music they like that gay
Atl music 

Автор Gaming4You (122 года назад)
Probably one of the best hiphop/rap songs around there the lyrics and flow
is great, and the video looks pretty good also!

Автор Chris James Capri ( назад)
cham sounds a lil like 50 sometimes

Автор Rudie Mc (1760 лет назад)
He's a lyricsist and now a days people don't care about lyrix, all they
want is something catchy that they can dance 2, big up chamiillionaire and
all the real rappers out there. Keep sending a message

Автор hamza daa ( назад)
what a masterpiece this song kicks tons amount of asses

Автор Nathanael Regner ( назад)
Still waiting for the day that Rap becomes the new Classical music.

Автор Thomas johansen ( назад)
¨dont call them nigger, but homo`s i leagel (PS in norway)

Автор Vit Flavius ( назад)
like a boss

Автор jayz the gamer ( назад)
lets be honest he said BIGGER so even so

Автор Owais Amjid ( назад)
nice song but the white dude is ugly as fuck

Автор TheRealKingOrochi ( назад)
Tommy Lee Jones 100 lbs lighter... lmfaoooo

Автор Hanbing Xue ( назад)
why my friend told me that this is a not good song for its lyrics?anyone
plz give me some reason..

Автор Иван Георгиев ( назад)
This video deserves way more views in my opinion.

Автор Adrian Gallego Lorenzo ( назад)
fuck the Police

Автор Jay Higgins ( назад)
Straight out of YouTube is dead

Автор relax Qablawi ( назад)
wat the fuck is this

Автор Ryland Boehmer ( назад)
He sounds like 2pac

Автор ASHISH AGARWAL ( назад)
The news guy was looking like a ape,,lol

Автор Tom Gasak ( назад)
yeah good song though so🎤🎤

Автор black knight ( назад)
man the cop is mean

Автор poeboy ( назад)
fuck YouTube and there fucking ads

Автор Persian Casper ( назад)
722 dislikes? what

Автор Zalina Magomedova ( назад)

Автор askadetra ( назад)
this song is amazing to me because it´s a great example for hip hop´s
influence on electro music, also known as electro funk. the chords and the
rhythm very well remind me of ´´future tone´´ by elecktroids (which is
electro funk). check it out :)

Автор Fongang Rawlings ( назад)
I still listen to dis about twice a day

Автор MichaelIkomi ( назад)
Lmao he was mocking Don Imus hahaha "nappy headed hoe" XD

Автор Dawn M. Day ( назад)
Perfect Landing!

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