Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. Slick Rick

Music video by Chamillionaire performing Hip Hop Police/Evening News. (C) 2007 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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Длительность: 9:7
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Автор Martin D ( назад)
Evening News and Immortal Technique's Dance With The Devil are in my
opinion the most truthful rap songs out there. There is a reason these
talented artists never made it "BIG".

Автор Declan12 The Dubstep Clan ( назад)
the world keeps turning slow...turning slow

Автор J.s Alotaibe ( назад)
Next year the comments will change to 2017 ? Lol 😂💔

Автор Charlie kivarkis ( назад)
hiphop is shit, but i like this song, lyrics, build up and tension is 10/10

Автор Марс Фохроер ( назад)

Автор Rob103 ( назад)
this hip hop with slick Rick

Автор Medusa Wafflehouse ( назад)
This sounds like a song hopsin would make

Автор hash ( назад)
any one who wonders why chamillionare is done....

Автор Mainer 247 ( назад)
gagster vegas

Автор thewolfe michigan ( назад)
august 2016 ???

Автор Harley Quinn ( назад)
Chamillionaire made a lot of sense with this rhyme.

Автор Michael j ( назад)
yeah iraq

Автор Michael j ( назад)
Yeah iraq my nigga

Автор CresentMoon18 ( назад)
so Uh white face isn't a thing?

Автор ines Noussa ( назад)
like it .. nice one

Автор 2oonAMGtv ( назад)
A Collaboration with slick rick. U gotta respect it

Автор Emre Göz ( назад)
911 dislikes explain everything!

Автор Bs One ( назад)
( Rito - san ) الكاتب BESGOR

Автор xXFLASH_ BangerXx ( назад)
A Genius men!Like Pac!The Lyrics are all true!!!

Автор Jaden Reaves ( назад)
thes is kody I am 10

Автор Rallo Tubbs ( назад)
still havent found pacs killer, still havent found biggies either

Автор ‫יואב מולה‬‎ ( назад)

Автор nosstradamus ( назад)
8:09 scary part damn

Автор Aaron Raheem ( назад)

Автор Angel Perez ( назад)
8:36 that stuff is from the bible

Автор TheDrMommy ( назад)
OMFG what a brilliant video! Love this shit!

Автор Eagle eye ( назад)
Yo! the shit he rap about 10yrs ago is relevant today! no wonder you dont
here about Chamillionaire today because he expose wtf is good. I am
surprised they did not try and take him out for exposing the system.

Автор AssassinKing30 ( назад)

Автор AssassinKing30 ( назад)
fiiiyyyyyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! forgot bout this song and cham

Автор Zohaib Bashir ( назад)
this what the feds said to Bobby shrumda

Автор Mr rock ( назад)
broh ._.

Автор Mr rock ( назад)
go go go go go go go go keep runing homey

Автор Sanjay Roy ( назад)
Buba!! bronx ...hip hop is officially dead!!

Автор GTA 5 Series ( назад)
<3 !

Автор JO JO ( назад)

Автор MEU SITE ( назад)
musica muito show slk

Автор oso909coltonie ( назад)
this is probably why he fell of to much truth

Автор Elizabeth Dennison ( назад)

Автор brian ponseti ( назад)

Автор Issack Darur ( назад)

Автор GIFT KAMANGA ( назад)

Автор Colten Mosley ( назад)
lol chamillion in white face

Автор El Trillo ( назад)
lmao I love dis video

Автор tyreko21 ( назад)
Did anybody notice that he talks about katrina twice?

Автор julio ruiz ( назад)
its 2016 we was warned by him and yet america didn't listen lol keep
listening to the Lil Wayne ,drakes,Nicky's, we was warned we should of
known this was gonna happen

Автор julio ruiz ( назад)
Chamillionaire always knew what he was talking about its just generations
don't want to listen ....police are here to protect n serve the wealthy ..
. did any one get that on the video racism is still alive 2016

Автор Dj Andrei Play 990 Andrey ( назад)
best best 2016 new bass bost

Автор Gabriel Augusto ( назад)
2016 ?

Автор Umar Shahid ( назад)

Автор mohamed farah ( назад)
Amazing how everything that has happened in America so far a song 9 years
ago shows how much of a Rap Genius Chamillionaire is. The quote in this
song that says "To Protect and To Serve The Wealthy" is quite ironic.

Автор Teron Bowman ( назад)
This song was so ahead of it's time. Chamillionaire gets slept on.

Автор Armen Grigoryan ( назад)
when ppl fail to follow their artists and say man what happened to cham..
mofuckaaa what happened to you fuckin radio bitch got stuck with the next
one huh ??

Автор Dj Jodyjoe ( назад)
Looooorrdd I forgot about this song

Автор dalila sampaio ( назад)
amoooooo 💕💝 esse cara é foda 💕

Автор EVAN SCOTT ( назад)
7:03 so tru

Автор EVAN SCOTT ( назад)
aint that that chamillionaire guy

Автор Savannah C-Port News ( назад)
in 2016, this music video still relevant to today's america

Автор kami mohamed ( назад)

Автор Stefan Perry ( назад)
lmfaoo did you just call me a nigger boy

Автор Jade Jackson ( назад)
This gives whole new meaning in 2016

Автор Diogo Periquito ( назад)
he has amazing yrics

Автор Ugur Altin ( назад)
3/07/2016 still listening

Автор Bistto Basil ( назад)

Автор Six Tee Hun ( назад)
GG chamilionaire

Автор Aaron Gosselin ( назад)
oh chamillionaire, why did you move to canada?

Автор Abdulhadi Merza ( назад)
2016\7\1 ؟؟؟؟؟؟

Автор Damian Botello ( назад)
how many of y'all know hopsin

Автор TheFreakinWall ( назад)
"You have the right to remain stupid boy"😂😂😂😂

Автор not the momma ( назад)
And in are leading story paris hang nail lol

Автор Sergio Shmurda ( назад)

Автор Johnson Musa ( назад)

Автор Johnson Musa ( назад)

Автор Lamont Coleman ( назад)
Fuckkk haven't heard this in ages, for some reason I remember this being
really 'gimmicky' and cheesy but tbh it's a pretty solid song, obviously
still has the humour element to it but still cold

Автор Doge “Dogeplayz” Playz ( назад)
7:08 lmao

Автор carlo cabiling ( назад)
it reminds me of Grand theft auto san andreas

Автор Pandas ( назад)
Not even apologetic ooooooh get rest cop

Автор ahmed bmx ( назад)
Still one of my favourite song

Автор Fifita Leone ( назад)
the world international businesses Ford case copywriting Australia by Chris
Ford China ...

Автор Ferrari Supremo12 ( назад)
So many years ago and it's still real good

Автор aruna meegaswatta ( назад)

Автор Elian 44 ( назад)
now i know how g eazy came up with i mean it

Автор MAJIK NINJA ( назад)
fuck you

Автор Elian 44 ( назад)
that news guy look scary

Автор X Mod ( назад)
I don't care what eveyone tell.. This song is awsmmm!!!

Автор Sean Lewis ( назад)
Omg then 9 minutes later the song ends

Автор Sean Lewis ( назад)
7 years later i hear it for the first time. Good song.

Автор Wez Brum ( назад)
OK when Chamillionaire paints his face white, its all good and it
emphasizes discrimination against an art form, but when me and my friends
paint our faces black and go round shouting anti-african slurs on the
street, we're being racist. smh double standards.

Автор Владислав Варгузин ( назад)
фак, интересно перевод

Автор Gameplays HUEHUE ( назад)

Автор Jumperr ( назад)
white chamilliomair

Автор CLASH COM O IGOR ( назад)
umas das melhores músicas dele

uma of perfect music he

Автор JHockkApk ( назад)
the news person keeps pointing at me :( i dont like it

Автор Willy Slick ( назад)
i blew my speakers still jammin in 2017

Автор João Victor Oliveira Batista ( назад)
Much luv n respect from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro!!!

Автор Tre Baker ( назад)
I wonder what all the other rappers thought while watching this video. 😂😂

Автор Thiago Luís ( назад)
ele morreu ? eu n vejo mais lançamento de música oq aconteceu ?

Автор stuned man ( назад)
This brings soooo many memories...damn, time flies

Автор Alex H ( назад)
I love how Cham is politically correct with the chief police and
investigators being black. Not trying to make a statement, just making some
good music.

Автор Alex H ( назад)
Okay but Cham is white-face, would it be racist if Eminem was in blackface?

Автор Dinero Seifert ( назад)
Who watching in 2016

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