Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. Slick Rick

Music video by Chamillionaire performing Hip Hop Police/Evening News. (C) 2007 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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Длительность: 9:7
Комментарии: 6029

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Автор not the momma ( назад)
And in are leading story paris hang nail lol

Автор Sergio Shmurda ( назад)

Автор Johnson Musa ( назад)

Автор Johnson Musa ( назад)

Автор Lamont Coleman ( назад)
Fuckkk haven't heard this in ages, for some reason I remember this being
really 'gimmicky' and cheesy but tbh it's a pretty solid song, obviously
still has the humour element to it but still cold

Автор Timothy Nguyen ( назад)
7:08 lmao

Автор carlo cabiling ( назад)
it reminds me of Grand theft auto san andreas

Автор Pandas YT ( назад)
Not even apologetic ooooooh get rest cop

Автор ahmed bmx ( назад)
Still one of my favourite song

Автор Fifita Leone ( назад)
the world international businesses Ford case copywriting Australia by Chris
Ford China ...

Автор Ferrari Supremo12 ( назад)
So many years ago and it's still real good

Автор aruna meegaswatta ( назад)

Автор Elian 44 ( назад)
now i know how g eazy came up with i mean it

Автор MAJIK NINJA ( назад)
fuck you

Автор Elian 44 ( назад)
that news guy look scary

Автор X Mod ( назад)
I don't care what eveyone tell.. This song is awsmmm!!!

Автор Sean Lewis ( назад)
Omg then 9 minutes later the song ends

Автор Sean Lewis ( назад)
7 years later i hear it for the first time. Good song.

Автор Wez Brum ( назад)
OK when Chamillionaire paints his face white, its all good and it
emphasizes discrimination against an art form, but when me and my friends
paint our faces black and go round shouting anti-african slurs on the
street, we're being racist. smh double standards.

Автор Владислав Варгузин ( назад)
фак, интересно перевод

Автор Gameplays HUEHUE ( назад)

Автор Pingles ( назад)
white chamilliomair

Автор CLASH COM O IGOR ( назад)
umas das melhores músicas dele

uma of perfect music he

Автор JHockkApk ( назад)
the news person keeps pointing at me :( i dont like it

Автор Willy Slick ( назад)
i blew my speakers still jammin in 2017

Автор João Victor Oliveira Batista ( назад)
Much luv n respect from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro!!!

Автор Tre Baker ( назад)
I wonder what all the other rappers thought while watching this video. 😂😂

Автор Thiago Luís ( назад)
ele morreu ? eu n vejo mais lançamento de música oq aconteceu ?

Автор stuned man ( назад)
This brings soooo many memories...damn, time flies

Автор Alex H ( назад)
I love how Cham is politically correct with the chief police and
investigators being black. Not trying to make a statement, just making some
good music.

Автор Alex H ( назад)
Okay but Cham is white-face, would it be racist if Eminem was in blackface?

Автор Dinero Seifert ( назад)
Who watching in 2016

Автор petrucchio mendzilla ( назад)

Автор Siyabong Mkabela ( назад)
Rap education. bring This guy Mcee Back!

Автор Aftermathx25 ( назад)
You have right to remain stupid boy

Автор Detox1ng ( назад)
chamillionaire is too smart for the industry, the industry doesnt deserve

Автор Say When ( назад)
I just saw Bob Ol Wildy the other day at Sean's house!

Автор santiblacopsIII santiblacopsIII ( назад)
6 years and is 2016 wow

Автор classic jedda7 ( назад)
:) so much drama

Автор Lets Talk About Stuff ( назад)
OMG the Old school Eminem vibe is SO REAL

Автор Vigo Eižvertiņš ( назад)
Latvia its ok

Автор Vigo Eižvertiņš ( назад)

Автор Mr. Pug ( назад)
that song is awesome ! #2016

Автор Katie Cobbs ( назад)
fuck u;;

Автор Serufei 92 ( назад)
I can actually imagine him as an actor 😂

Автор Kalfrozen Gaming ( назад)

Автор Evan Hubler ( назад)
Todd in the Shadows brought me here...

Автор Chering Lama ( назад)
He look like floyd mayweather and 50 cent

Автор Kaique Henrique ( назад)
to denovo aqui

Автор BDB_Ultra ( назад)
1.5 speed sounds good

Автор Liz Figz ( назад)
I love it and first best

Автор arturo coll ( назад)
Better than ridin dirty

Автор Nicholas Lee Bateman ( назад)

Автор levani papidze ( назад)
7:04 missing:"buy some wards wtf"

Автор KILLER CRYSTALS ( назад)
that police looked liked afro man

Автор Cafer Usta ( назад)

Автор General Skunk (The Weirdo) ( назад)
Why isn't this racist?

Автор Nori Ringtail ( назад)
Does it make anyone else laugh that the cop version of Chamillionaire was a
way better rapper?

Автор Andrew Beras ( назад)
the game needs chamillionaire he should come Back. I think a lot of people
was sleeping on him in that time

Автор wengley de souza ( назад)

Автор NRSジン ( назад)

Автор Joshua “Rocketboy1313” Pelfrey ( назад)
They sensor "Gun". What the fuck?

Автор Paul Hubbard ( назад)
how is american people stupid?

Автор Nidhal Jemni ( назад)
isn't this Eminem's song?

Автор dextercon ( назад)
american people are too stupid now to understand this kind of rap music!
they vote Trump loool

Автор Killer 5004 ( назад)

Автор nggAudio ( назад)
Chamillionaire. My favorite rapper because his music isn't trap and he
doesnt cuss or swear every other line.

Автор Fibre Alda ( назад)

Автор John Noelsaint ( назад)
This song is one of the most underrated song of its time. The message was
so there, the rhyme flow was good. Hey tried to warns us

Автор Mario ( назад)
Rappers like Chamillionaire really need to be pushed out more (facts)!

Автор elbenja KING ( назад)
Alguien que hable español 👍😏

Автор Thomas Mattiello ( назад)
Chamillionaire is a highly underrated rapper

Автор Iosif Tataru ( назад)
U one Dumbass Motherfucka

Автор Dhruv Arya ( назад)
still love it..!!

Автор Vesela Gerdjikova ( назад)
:* :* :*

Автор flan3b ( назад)
real rap

Автор kevn kevin ( назад)
listening to this in 2016

Автор Sean ( назад)
When real rap was around

Автор curt wall ( назад)
chamillionaire was such a talented rapper loved his workwhere is he now?

Автор Brandon Cohee ( назад)
3:00 N.W.A hat

Автор Big Brudda ( назад)
Is he arrested?

Автор Gaminguy746 ( назад)
the news guy does way to many hand motions

Автор Kaique Henrique ( назад)
eu aqui denovo

Автор Haaru ( назад)
At the time when i didnt know what Slick Rick looked like, i seriously
tought he was like this white tall skinny brittish dude xD
He has nice skills, even influenced snoop dogg to start making rap music

Автор HIDE Galaxy ( назад)
when rap was good

Автор Lucas OnNet ( назад)
O.M.F. this is wow

Автор EXOTICGAMING 217 ( назад)
Chamillionaie's teeth are brighter than my future

Автор This_Iz Smile ( назад)

Автор Kaique Henrique ( назад)
escuto todo dia

Автор Plush Hero Studios ( назад)
He said bigger

Автор Shady Blogger ( назад)
The eyepatch lmao

Автор veso22 ( назад)
6:23 hahaha

Автор Tony Wright ( назад)
This was always so funny to me.

Автор SUPERNICK785 ( назад)
Chamillionaire is so underrated.

Автор whetherMANE 1993 ( назад)
we used to say then beginning lines in middle school lol, "u just call me a
nigga". ..I'm black by the way

Автор matereymate ( назад)
he was too smart to stay mainstream for too long...........

his riding dirty was a hit on the mainstream mainly because it's a banger
but his other songs get forgotten where he talks about real shit (these two
songs )

Автор Nergev ( назад)

Автор Hdjdjd Cjxjjxhx ( назад)
I just realized he's rapping a conversation that's crazy

Автор Hdjdjd Cjxjjxhx ( назад)
I just realized he's rapping a conversation that's crazy

Автор G-Dog 9000 ( назад)
100% of Chamillionaires music really impresses me. It's unbelievable how
much of a lyrical genius he is.

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