Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. Slick Rick

Music video by Chamillionaire performing Hip Hop Police/Evening News. (C) 2007 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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Автор GH3KKO GARDENER ( назад)
Love to see a white guy black up for a music video now..

Автор sas yout ( назад)
Looooooooooool chamillionaire is all of them some nutty professor shit

Автор Caden Sipple ( назад)
Keep Running!

Автор TheUltimateGamer ( назад)
eminema house wtf lol

Автор Shadow L'érison ( назад)

Автор Unu Turc ( назад)

Автор Kızıl Elma ( назад)
With so much drama in the industry
Hip Hop Police are listening
Be careful or you'll be history
Looks like another unsolved mystery
It's murder, murder, murder
Ah it's murder, murder, murder
Yeah it's murder, murder, murder
Somebody tell em it's murder
Murder was the case and they blamed me

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire:]
Officer I didn't do it, you can't blame me for this
Could you please loosen up the handcuffs on my wrists?
You can call me what you wanna but mayne I ain't a snitch
No cooperation is exactly what you would get
'til I talk to my lawyer, you get no reply
You've obviously been watching too much CSI
I'm not a crash dummy so don't even try
To talk your dirty trash to me, no BFI
If you are not guilty of anything, then why did you run?
Cause you the police and plus I saw you cocking your gun
And the chamber wasn't empty, it was obviously one
If you think I'm believing that one, your obviously dumb
Huh? I know that you heard the sirens, you dived in
To the vehicle you was driving and riding
Instead you shouldn't be whining about abiding
By the law, nah it's obvious that you're lying

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire:]
Stop lying to me boy, it'd be best you confess
I can smell the BS on the scent of your breath
Saw the meth while I was inspecting your deck
Saw that you was riding dirty when I looked at the rest
Who is this guy Busta? Who is this guy Snoop?
Who is his other friend who's wearing the sky blue?
Look at this pic here, he standing beside you
Tell me his name now, I heard he was piru
Confiscated the CD's at one of your homes
For evidence ever since we heard some of your songs
What about this Pimp guy, he was on one of your songs
I could've sworn he said he had a pocket full of stones
Am I wrong? Hell yeah, I don't know who that is
I don't know no Pimp C, all I know is I'm rich
And I'm a bond like James, bet I be out here quick
Man You ain't getting out of here, you must think that your slick
In the car we confiscated The Chronic and The Clipse
Diary that you had and all your Blueprints
On the Death Row booklet, we found your two prints
Your thumb and your index, the judge will love this)

[Chorus 2:]
With so much drama in the industry
Hip Hop Police are listening
Be careful or you'll be history
Looks like another unsolved mystery
It's murder (It's a bloody murder)
Ah it's murder (It's a bloody murder)
Yeah it's murder (It's a bloody murder)
Somebody tell 'em it's murder
Murder was the case and they blamed me

[Verse 3 - Chamillionaire/Slick Rick:]
And you can see your screwed as the evidence pours in
The witness to the crime was at 3 in the morning
Gave us a description so we picked up your boy and
You'll get a lighter sentence if you put the crime on him
A big celebrity, a case we long for
You a pirate, Why you got that eye patch on for?
Funny Putting people in a hurse what I heard for
Where were you the night of April 21st son?
Home, I think that you got your facts wrong, gats on you
Chamillionaire, Rob shot Couple cats on Melview
What? We gonna have to jail you too
In the line-up, don't speak until we tell you to
This the person who jimmied your lock, sir?
Well he's dark, Kinda looked like him, I'm not sure
Fail into nail cause a cell it's another?
Leave, I see an unmarked tail in the glover?
Hit the Bodega, not no more game
This chick used to be nice, acting all strange
Like she was gonna get it, pathetic
I sell in court now they all apologetic

[Chorus 1]

Автор TeamQoz Fan ( назад)
fuck me 9years old Jheezzz

Автор CreepsMcPasta Farkan ( назад)
whos the news guy

Автор TheTinyDiamond 15 ( назад)
i heard bigger not nigga

Автор muhammad comando ( назад)
فى الدقيقة ١٥. ٧ الواد مش مديله فرصه يتكلم هى بالهيصه ياد ولا أيه

Автор sami sa ( назад)
امشي روووووووووووح

Автор paschalo100 ( назад)
Rip Harambe, murder was the case

Автор muhammad comando ( назад)
that's good

Автор ViTooRHaring ( назад)
I still hate censored rap!

Автор DragonHell7 ( назад)
Esque sigue estando igual de guapa

Автор Joseph Cunningham ( назад)
Such a positive message. Crazy how his career went and that shows how
filthy mainstream is

Автор zachos2 ( назад)
We need a real new Cham album, come on bro come wreck the industry again.

Автор Sifat Rabby ( назад)
Random Black Guy: man you are bigger!
Me: Did you just call me a Nigga?
R.B.G: Yeah i did. What ya gonna do?
Me: Nothing man. I always wanted some black guy to call me nigga.
Achievement complete.

Автор Nova Massacre ( назад)
Is it me or he looks like 50 cent

Автор Paul Nelson ( назад)
I'm gonna do a black face with me on msnbc, that's cool right

Автор Janaina Pecanha ( назад)
Música bonita

Автор Jeffrey Wilbert ( назад)
I love this song it's a classic. You know what boy you have the right to
remain stupid.

Автор Leonardo Gilberto ( назад)
Me possibilitou quebrar uma enorme barreira.

Автор videogamebomer ( назад)
Never been the biggest fan of rap but this song kicks ass.

Автор Megan Schellekens ( назад)
Police take everything too serious, and make fun of you, while you are
serious.. thats the whole message in this track.
And when you be polite, they judge you and make fun of you... calling you a
backstabber and have to pay extra... some police admitt they are wrong some
most not. Its also that you have to pay money to get away, they break the
rules not we. They dont believe the truth prefering lies to make fun of you

Автор TehmonkeYSnIpz gaming ( назад)
the cop sayed chamillionaire like CHAmillionaire its pronounced
camillionare lol and why is gun censored?

Автор TheKing0fHalo ( назад)
I still remember when my friend showed me this video, back in our freshman
year in high school lol. Good times.

Автор Sean Dafny ( назад)
Lol Jay Z on a island somewhere haha Hov

Автор Sean Dafny ( назад)
Shout out to Chris Brown

Автор Ioannis ( назад)
most underrated rapper ever.. must come back with a bass boosted rap song

Автор Rivo Robinson ( назад)
He said this song was gonna be bigger but wasn't.

Автор FussyCoot4 Pro ( назад)

Автор Owen Dacres ( назад)
One of the best rap songs ever

Автор 321123dvs ( назад)
This started the #BlackLivesMatter movement. He deserves justice.

Автор kimbo h-doy ( назад)
a greait song

Автор Declan12 The Dubstep Clan ( назад)
the world keeps turning slow...turning slow

Автор J.s Alotaibe ( назад)
Next year the comments will change to 2017 ? Lol 😂💔

Автор Charlie kivarkis ( назад)
hiphop is shit, but i like this song, lyrics, build up and tension is 10/10

Автор Марс Фохроер ( назад)

Автор Rob103 ( назад)
this hip hop with slick Rick

Автор Medusa Wafflehouse ( назад)
This sounds like a song hopsin would make

Автор hash ( назад)
any one who wonders why chamillionare is done....

Автор Mainer 247 ( назад)
gagster vegas

Автор thewolfe michigan ( назад)
august 2016 ???

Автор Harley Quinn ( назад)
Chamillionaire made a lot of sense with this rhyme.

Автор Michael j ( назад)
yeah iraq

Автор Michael j ( назад)
Yeah iraq my nigga

Автор CresentMoon18 ( назад)
so Uh white face isn't a thing?

Автор ines Noussa ( назад)
like it .. nice one

Автор 2oonAMGtv ( назад)
A Collaboration with slick rick. U gotta respect it

Автор Emre Göz ( назад)
911 dislikes explain everything!

Автор Bs One ( назад)
( Rito - san ) الكاتب BESGOR

Автор xXFLASH_ BangerXx ( назад)
A Genius men!Like Pac!The Lyrics are all true!!!

Автор Jaden Reaves ( назад)
thes is kody I am 10

Автор Rallo Tubbs ( назад)
still havent found pacs killer, still havent found biggies either

Автор ‫יואב מולה‬‎ ( назад)

Автор François de La Rochefoucauld ( назад)
8:09 scary part damn

Автор Aaron Raheem ( назад)

Автор Angel Perez ( назад)
8:36 that stuff is from the bible

Автор TheDrMommy ( назад)
OMFG what a brilliant video! Love this shit!

Автор Eagle eye ( назад)
Yo! the shit he rap about 10yrs ago is relevant today! no wonder you dont
here about Chamillionaire today because he expose wtf is good. I am
surprised they did not try and take him out for exposing the system.

Автор ASSASSIN ( назад)

Автор ASSASSIN ( назад)
fiiiyyyyyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! forgot bout this song and cham

Автор Zohaib Bashir ( назад)
this what the feds said to Bobby shrumda

Автор Mr rock ( назад)
broh ._.

Автор Mr rock ( назад)
go go go go go go go go keep runing homey

Автор Sanjay Roy ( назад)
Buba!! bronx ...hip hop is officially dead!!

Автор GTA 5 Series ( назад)
<3 !

Автор JO JO ( назад)

Автор MEU SITE ( назад)
musica muito show slk

Автор oso909coltonie ( назад)
this is probably why he fell of to much truth

Автор Elizabeth Dennison ( назад)

Автор brian ponseti ( назад)

Автор Issack Darur ( назад)

Автор GIFT KAMANGA ( назад)

Автор Colten Mosley ( назад)
lol chamillion in white face

Автор El Trillo ( назад)
lmao I love dis video

Автор tyreko21 ( назад)
Did anybody notice that he talks about katrina twice?

Автор julio ruiz ( назад)
its 2016 we was warned by him and yet america didn't listen lol keep
listening to the Lil Wayne ,drakes,Nicky's, we was warned we should of
known this was gonna happen

Автор julio ruiz ( назад)
Chamillionaire always knew what he was talking about its just generations
don't want to listen ....police are here to protect n serve the wealthy ..
. did any one get that on the video racism is still alive 2016

Автор Dj Andrei Play 990 Andrey ( назад)
best best 2016 new bass bost

Автор Gabriel Augusto ( назад)
2016 ?

Автор Umar Shahid ( назад)

Автор mohamed farah ( назад)
Amazing how everything that has happened in America so far a song 9 years
ago shows how much of a Rap Genius Chamillionaire is. The quote in this
song that says "To Protect and To Serve The Wealthy" is quite ironic.

Автор Teron Bowman ( назад)
This song was so ahead of it's time. Chamillionaire gets slept on.

Автор Armen Grigoryan ( назад)
when ppl fail to follow their artists and say man what happened to cham..
mofuckaaa what happened to you fuckin radio bitch got stuck with the next
one huh ??

Автор Dj Jodyjoe ( назад)
Looooorrdd I forgot about this song

Автор dalila sampaio ( назад)
amoooooo 💕💝 esse cara é foda 💕

Автор EVAN SCOTT ( назад)
7:03 so tru

Автор EVAN SCOTT ( назад)
aint that that chamillionaire guy

Автор Savannah C-Port News ( назад)
in 2016, this music video still relevant to today's america

Автор kami mohamed ( назад)

Автор Stefan Perry ( назад)
lmfaoo did you just call me a nigger boy

Автор Jade Jackson ( назад)
This gives whole new meaning in 2016

Автор Diogo Periquito ( назад)
he has amazing yrics

Автор Ugur Altin ( назад)
3/07/2016 still listening

Автор Bistto Basil ( назад)

Автор Six Tee Hun ( назад)
GG chamilionaire

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