Assia KItchen - Moroccan Batboot ( bread )

TRibute to all Moroccan women ...
The famous batboot (Moroccan bread) for all Egyptians that have asked me to publish this video.
For Noha, Ola , Eman, Nesreen , Nina , Zeinab, Amira ....
With all my love ♥♥♥

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Khobz dar



Автор Naima lachkar | مطبخ نعيمة لشقر‎ ( назад)
رائعة جدا شكرا لك اختي :) 

Автор Arachne26 ( назад)
We have a very similar traditional bread in Greece!! Great!

Автор Rachel Harding ( назад)
finished cooking them they are delicious. thank you for posting this

Автор Rachel Harding ( назад)
I tried this recipe today, and for 3 cups of flour 2 cups of water it's too
much, I had to add lots of flour. Also 1 tbsp of salt it is too much, I
added 1 tsp. my Batboot is now rising for the 2nd time.

Автор Margarita Velazquez ( назад)
The yeast you used is acitve yeast or rapid rise because i didnt see if you
left it rest to activate. Thanks

Автор ashraf saed ( назад)
U r very good thank you

Автор adam nelson ( назад)
Thank you! our roots and civilization of our ancestors in the blood, my
kids are North American all learn how to tell "I am a Berber North African
" with pride, very important for confidence I've been Arabrized since i
went to school in Casablanca but alhamdoulilah now i found myself Allah
chukran to you i born AMAZIGH AND IM PROUD with all my respect to all human
being! Thank you for your recipe i even gave it to some friends up here in
USA who really miss Batbout de yemma..merci bon chance

Автор djherself ( назад)
Arasnttini nikni "tafellount" I lbatbout :D Ayt Souss :)

Автор djherself ( назад)
Adam, you are absolutely right! Most of the food we eat in Morocco is
actually Amazigh, I, myself, am Amazigh :D I'm proud of my origins. Vive le
tajine, le batbout et la cuisine marocaine! Thank God!

Автор maicol zapata ( назад)
Miren -> goo.gl\JGJY3

Автор Garvey Harris ( назад)
thank you, you gave me some new ideas,

Автор fettah hanane ( назад)
what is the name of those things? I see there just things colored with
different colors

Автор madisonelectronic ( назад)
Habbat al-barakah.

Автор adam nelson ( назад)
Batbout is actually amazigh from the atlas mountain, all food and cooking
in Morocco are amazigh even Moroccan are amazigh,, Arabs are in other
continent calls al jazeera , arabic language exist in north africa because
islam, i ve been travelling the world but never seen in my life an arab
retaurant, Lebanese ? they call their restaurants middle-eastern, why? coz
all food arabs eats are turkish, iranian , shawarma and shisha are trurkish
even this music playing now is kanoun is turkish, 

Автор tinynoggin ( назад)
nice video. nice music nice bread 5 stars

Автор kock melon ( назад)
smitha takhnift khobzz amazighi 

Автор kock melon ( назад)
it's Moroccan berber bread ( takhnift )

Автор Yasser idiraten ( назад)
hada f Tetouan kan semiwah Khobz el ma9la

Автор Fathiya Ahmed ( назад)
nice bread. what is Nigella Satira Seeds in Arabic.thanks for sharing. God
Bless You.

Автор bouchra bouchenni ( назад)
why it's not moroccan you can ad what anything you want thanks Asia i will
try it good idea

Автор brahim004 ( назад)
I tried to make batboot before but it didn't come up good. after watching
your video, I decide to try again . thanks Asia

Автор nourhan ramzy ( назад)
assia are you egyptian? because sometimes i can't find the ingredients you
use, so i was wondering if you could tell me where to buy them from

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