First Flight Attempts

A number of spoofs from the beginning of 20. century mostly about flying. Interesting and funny.

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Автор Robert McDowell ( назад)
That swimming machine looks like it would go good in a BDSM dungeon.

Автор LIGHTOTS ( назад)
I Love HIstory

Автор waxedtaters ( назад)
does anyone have any information on what those railcars at 3:14 are called?

Автор xxedwincorexx ( назад)
What these people were lacking was a purpose. The wright brothers had a
strong purpose. They were not doing it for the fame or money, but to change
the world. That's why these people didn't make it.

Автор Straff ( назад)
9:40 I thought he was flying

Автор Paulina Erni ( назад)
who owns the rights to this video footage?

Автор rob allman ( назад)
Yeah the flying boat... Works. Too bad I can't find the video anywhere

Автор adamgh0 ( назад)
1:06. Shock-a-brah!

Автор Muhammed Emin Kizilkaya ( назад)
Did he try to fly using his legs..?

Автор hendra demax mex ( назад)
you dtopyt

Автор Mr Plainview ( назад)
3:30 that's fucking rad

Автор nck5000 ( назад)
fail !

Автор Scoot69 Insert last name here ( назад)
jackass before tv existed

Автор CRaptor ( назад)
All you needed was an airfoil and thrust.

Автор NazKerpan ( назад)
What these guys lacked is some common sense

Автор Hertzer Tec ( назад)

Автор lampini ( назад)
this video proves two things.
1.)parkour was around 50 years ago
2.) human stupidity is not a new occurrence 

Автор MrHackerGnome ( назад)
Why plaster a logo over old footage that is now part of the public domain?

Автор david lisa ( назад)
now we complain about the quality of food in an airplane!!

Автор Rack44hoonmaster ( назад)
You know a lot of these aren't flight attempts at all, they're just people
doing crazy shit.

Автор Ukko Ylijumala ( назад)
To success one fail at a time.

Автор Snazy ( назад)
cant be downloaded... plz help.

Автор Cris Gasid ( назад)
Nailed it!

Автор Gloria King ( назад)
i know now why my great grandparents i was told rold up with laughter, it
was pure madness, makes me wonder wether technology really does stem fom
madness even though it does pull off some day, but i must say i could not
stop laughing, shame on me.

Автор Mark Baldridge ( назад)
This is like Fails Compilation 1904 edition.

Автор virgilio moncada ( назад)
1:56 Darwin awards 1930's edition!

Автор virgilio moncada ( назад)
Back then we climed buildings to see how high could you get before falling
to your death. Now we do it just to kill ourselfs. Guess we were smarter
back then.

Автор waxedtaters ( назад)
thats a true high chair

Автор IlliniRob1 ( назад)
I think they were called "idiot burritos"

Автор IlliniRob1 ( назад)
I think that would be called "dentist's payday"

Автор ericktb0 ( назад)
1:53 OMG

Автор Leonardo Salles ( назад)
We have this competition, we call it war. It isn't fun though...

Автор Chris Garcia ( назад)
i lol'd as fuck nice grammer there buddy lmao TheSwissAssassinCH

Автор Merlin Dohosan ( назад)
Haha i lol'd as fuck XD

Автор paul boon ( назад)
splendid video and lovely background music i thinks its high time youtube
had a vdieo oscar award this video would be a good contender and what a
girl traveling by wire hanging on by her mouth

Автор ROBLOXsQueenOfficial ( назад)
They look as good as the new planes..

Автор Goobli bloo! ( назад)
3:50 What on earth are those sort of suits called?

Автор Beans1111111111 ( назад)
I think humans should always have fun competitions like this! It brings out
the best and the creativity in everyone!

Автор fred smith ( назад)
00:0 Probably my great grandad.

Автор gogenhain ( назад)
Thanks :D

Автор homebuiltindoorplane ( назад)
papa was a rolling stone, sly and the family stone singing it

Автор gogenhain ( назад)
song name at 1:45?

Автор NyonkourTV ( назад)
every part of this funny lmao

Автор Arnold Alderite ( назад)
There is a problem of this spoof video. ITs mix with early machines, armor
suits and early artificial intelligence

Автор Augustas Juodis ( назад)
0:40 lol fail

Автор Sandro Coletti ( назад)
Change title to "The man and his unworthy adventure"

Автор Cheyanne183 ( назад)
These human powered flying machines are having a hard time getting it up.

Автор FuzzyTacoGaming ( назад)

Автор Ferson101 ( назад)
Hounstly ? their ideas make more sense than flying 50 ton jumbo jet !!

Автор chico trak ( назад)
Maybe because they wanted to film the first day that a man fly in the sky

Автор Vince Klortho ( назад)
Anyone want to underwrite these guys life insurance policies?

Автор BondoFox ( назад)
I was hoping for something a little more serious, but this was really
entertaining! The "Lost in Space" music was a nice touch. If that's a
soundtrack CD, I want one!

Автор Bruger ikke denne kanal længre ! ( назад)
hej hej og velkommen du noob

Автор Bruger ikke denne kanal længre ! ( назад)
det er en noob video

Автор Andrei Meisaros ( назад)

Автор Mamoon Hassan (1619 лет назад)
8.18 thats why planes need proper runway

Автор rihardo123 ( назад)
well be damn those guys are from assasin creed

Автор dkamouflage ( назад)
Many of them, I'm sure, were trying to attract investment capital with
their "concept designs"--or failing that, to make money as a
curiosity/entertainment. Frankly, I don't care WHY they did it this
way--I'm just glad that they did. ^_^ (The ones who escape serious injury,
of course--I'm not so completely crass as to derive amusement from grievous
injury and mortal peril...>_>)

Автор Franca Neto ( назад)
i´m pilot men ...good good movie...much peoples dead for that ..today it´s

3:04 ....fucking cool

Автор KimiScuderiaFerrari ( назад)
The first one is the funniest.

Автор derSchweiz ( назад)
That bird machine at 8:40 .. it's the most creepy thing in this film .

Автор Timothy Dennison ( назад)
Some good ideas in there. With every year comes new materials and design
that might make one of these inventions finally work. The computer aided
design saves a lot of time too,

Автор theedsterxtreme1 ( назад)
1:58 NUT SHOT!!!!!

Автор theedsterxtreme1 ( назад)

Автор GladiatorShield ( назад)
8:15 epic win

Автор MrZlodeus ( назад)
3:25 шагоход ржачный :)

Автор happygolucky93 ( назад)
IF they did so, then we wouldn't know these now. which are of historically
important, in my pov.

Автор rick6393 ( назад)
People are still doing it on You Tube , you can watch people injure them
selves here for years with out seing a repost

Автор MarthaStout0202 ( назад)
It would have matched the title better if all that other stuff wasn't shown
in the first half of this video.

Автор Thirtiesguy ( назад)
Cause it was the equivalent to T.V back then?

Автор khalid ( назад)
1:56 that man got no balls!!

Автор WiredEarp1 ( назад)
Most of them had good basic ideas but the materials weren't up to it. Of
course, some test models and math would have helped a lot as well...

Автор WiredEarp1 ( назад)
OMG that woman @ 1:00 is totally ballsy.

Автор Izzy SoDope ( назад)
if we learn one thing from this it's this film; failure is painful

Автор Tim Wilson ( назад)
0:38 lmaao

Автор MalaTemporaCurrunt ( назад)
7:05 bow-tie and cig are essential

Автор MalaTemporaCurrunt ( назад)
4:40 cop is a hero

Автор MalaTemporaCurrunt ( назад)
1:50 makes me sick

Автор LogicalPerson1000000 ( назад)
Epic Rap Battles of History!

Автор Allan T ( назад)
respect for these early inventors,they had big giant balls to throw
themselfs of cliffs like at 7:56

Автор Vasantrao Manvikar ( назад)
Interesting and funny adventures!

Автор Flyingwigs ( назад)
the second machine in the video is a real flying aircraft today, it gets
lift by varying the blades angle through each revolution.

Автор Olga Levin (1924 года назад)
Histories epic FAILS. :D

Автор Dainiusbrr ( назад)
Because they knew that these are single-use machines.

Автор Brannagan Brouk ( назад)
Parkour for real

Автор KingofNewAnglia ( назад)
0:56 - 1:20 Talk about hanging on by the skin of you teeth...

Автор gwgw16 ( назад)
funny thing is back then they thought flapping wings like a bird was gonna
work and we look at them like wtf? lol but hey it lead us to todays things
i guess

Автор ForsakenMadMan ( назад)
9:13 Holy shit, batman!

Автор DeeGee Kay ( назад)
the 60's BGM kinda ruins it.

Автор quadbravo ( назад)
I'm glad they didn't. It's funnier this way. 7:40 is my fav. What a guy.

Автор Marc Loramunoz ( назад)
ils avaient pas peur ni du danger ni du ridicule.

Автор NewGuy ( назад)
Oh copy right is a bitch.. We worry too much about that instead of just
sharing. that is one of the good reason for having internet, because we can

Автор DaanRoes ( назад)
A new device called... Me: What device? I see a couple of planks...

Автор Crystal Gonzales ( назад)
They still don't, today.

Автор Shinmeiryu ( назад)
You have to understand that motion pictures and mass media was a new
concept back then. They really didn't know what they were getting into.

Автор alamrisa ( назад)
folks were awesome back then

Автор deluxe99man9 ( назад)
if it wasn't for Da Vinci, the flying idea would never been invented, and
if it wasn't for Da Vinci the Tank would never been invented

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