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Автор NoOneLikesGoogleFuckingPlus (6 месяцев)
Good to see being an idiot is nothing new.

Автор Rack44hoonmaster (5 месяцев)
You know a lot of these aren't flight attempts at all, they're just people
doing crazy shit.

Автор NazKerpan (3 месяца)
What these guys lacked is some common sense

Автор Ukko Ylijumala (6 месяцев)
To success one fail at a time.

Автор lampini (3 месяца)
this video proves two things.
1.)parkour was around 50 years ago
2.) human stupidity is not a new occurrence 

Автор Scoot69 The Plague Doktor (2 месяца)
jackass before tv existed

Автор MrHackerGnome (5 месяцев)
Why plaster a logo over old footage that is now part of the public domain?

Автор daniellos333 (10 дней)
3:30 that's fucking rad

Автор CRaptor (2 месяца)
All you needed was an airfoil and thrust.

Автор nck5000 (1 месяц)
fail !

Автор marek biskiniewicz (6 месяцев)

Автор Dahlia Woodall (5 месяцев)
These are the geniuses that laid the foundation for modern day flight.
Funny though they may be. LOL!

Автор david lisa (5 месяцев)
now we complain about the quality of food in an airplane!!

Автор edenbriand (8 месяцев)
Physics guys, physics !

Автор Snazy (6 месяцев)
cant be downloaded... plz help.

Автор Max Frankow (9 месяцев)
Had to start somewhere, I guess. Lol!

Автор Salvatore Amato (6 месяцев)
Thanks to all those crazy motherfunkers .Make this vid go viral :D

Автор JeffersonDinedAlone (6 месяцев)
A little Lost In Space background music,

Автор jarane21 (1 год)
respect to each and every one of them!

Автор michael dunkailo (10 месяцев)
is that lost in space music at 6:00 ?

Автор waxedtaters (1 год)
the "papa was a rollin' stone" intro was a perfect audio fitting for those
incredible scenes

Автор Jon Sharpe (1 год)
This video should be renamed to "First Recorded Fails"

Автор chris murphy (9 месяцев)
1:53 Oh my god. O_O

Автор plozikou . (1 год)
Le premier est vraiment intéressant. En ce qui me concerne, j'aurais fait
un essai en privé avant de me filmer... Hi Hi Hi.

Автор John Lannigan (1 год)
Absolutely classic..:o)

Автор Hertzer Tec (3 месяца)

Автор penny mathumba (1 год)
akhona gura

Автор Aldo Ghisolfi (1 год)
A insanidade inocente é impressionante.

Автор Uri Palatnik (1 год)

*Primeros intentos de volar*

First Flight Attempts

Автор Telesforo Jimeno (1 год)
A compilation of failed invetions

Автор Telesforo Jimeno (1 год)
nowadays the people depicted in these videos are dead people

Автор Heisen Berg (11 месяцев)
0:37 fuck.

Автор Uri Palatnik (1 год)

*Primeros intentos de volar*

First Flight Attempts

Автор OmNomNomNomNom (1 год)
3:37 , what is that all about?

Автор Zvonko Mokricky (1 год)
the best ideas ha ha ha.

Автор edemar deocampo (1 год)
the bird man lol

Автор GladiatorShield (2 года)
8:15 epic win

Автор PlancksTime (4 года)
This is the original fail blog

Автор MikadoOkami (4 года)
4:30 "a crash would meen failure" driving out of the lot meens failure

Автор Arnold Alderite (2 года)
There is a problem of this spoof video. ITs mix with early machines, armor
suits and early artificial intelligence

Автор dvdman18 (5 лет)
CLASSIC America's Funniest Videos :D

Автор ericktb0 (1 год)
1:53 OMG

Автор Vince Klortho (2 года)
Anyone want to underwrite these guys life insurance policies?

Автор pomeroy600287 (4 года)
@d3xDark Yeah, I suppose that's a good point. Also they drew their ideas
from the only things that they knew could fly - birds (which flap wings,

Автор homebuiltindoorplane (2 года)
papa was a rolling stone, sly and the family stone singing it

Автор Julian24151 (5 лет)
Is this real or not?

Автор Mateus Paula (5 лет)
Muito engraçado começo das invençoes...

Автор Marc Loramunoz (3 года)
ils avaient pas peur ni du danger ni du ridicule.

Автор CyclonicTuna023 (5 лет)
this shows that stupidity has been with humans thrueout the years

Автор Flyingwigs (3 года)
the second machine in the video is a real flying aircraft today, it gets
lift by varying the blades angle through each revolution.

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