Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of RUM! The Pirate Song Covered by Two Monkeys

I went to Dollar Tree and bought a CD called "Drew's Famous Pirates" and this track was on that CD and I loved it the first time I heard it.

check out my blog:

The Song is called:
The Pirate Sony
by Two Monkeys (it might be a cover)

I worked on this video all night long and I just finished it at 6am. whew~~


Thanks for watching!

This video was created from scratch.
I used Art Rage to draw and Sony Vegas to Animate and Edit.

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Автор Slash Gorod ( назад)

Автор RanPro - Randers Produktionsskole ( назад)
sygt g

Автор Kwasi A-Prempeh ( назад)
yo ho ho and a bottle of cum

Автор Ravi Aren ( назад)
d4nny featuring IceJJFish

Автор Kwasi A-Prempeh ( назад)
this is some nice ship

Автор Kwasi A-Prempeh ( назад)

Автор Yp Janssen ( назад)
The glitch on 1:23 he believe he can fly xD

Автор Arthur Heusdens ( назад)
legend bro

Автор Arthur Heusdens ( назад)

Автор Arthur Heusdens ( назад)
seriously man

Автор Arthur Heusdens ( назад)
epic shit man

Автор Arthur Heusdens ( назад)
yay best video evr

Автор diamond flash99 ( назад)
yo ho ho and a mottle of rum

Автор Robert Young ( назад)
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of RUM! The Pirate Song …

Автор dunbustin ( назад)
when they say, "we don't have a bitter because we're too darn cold" at 0:55
it must be the origin of David Bowie's line, "the bitter comes out better
on a stolen guitar"

Автор MrStoneycool69 ( назад)
This is great to listen to when having a rum and coke.....

Автор Gabriel Thorpe ( назад)
The actual version of this song which isn't, y'know... shit, is actually
really good. Those badasses of you who skipped school after hearing this
song would probably rob a liquor store after hearing the proper version.

Автор Gabriel Thorpe ( назад)
This song is so wrong.. everyone knows that Pirates' bedtimes were strictly

Автор YusMega ( назад)

Автор Squid marshmellow ( назад)

Автор CyberPunk ( назад)

Автор irishfever1 ( назад)
Me too!

Автор tinageary4 ( назад)
I leant this in school

Автор Julia GTX ( назад)

Автор duff darkorbit ( назад)
cool yes

Автор Atrivex AJ ( назад)
i don't mean to be rude but i hate this song so boring

Автор Tiziana Melica ( назад)
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of RUM! The Pirate Song Covered by Two Monkeys

Автор Peter Speckmayer ( назад)
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of RUM! The Pirate Song Covered by Two Monkeys

Автор Occupy The Polls ( назад)
It would appear that the Russian authorities and their lobbyists regard the Pirate Party as enough of a threat to take the trouble to delay its registration as long as possible. The Russian Pirates are waiting for the decision to arrive by mail and then will be taking the matter to the courts. -- http://piratetimes.net/the-pirate-party-of-russia-refused-registration/

#PPru  +Pirate Times 

Автор CyberPunk ( назад)
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of RUM! The Pirate Song Covered by Two Monkeys

Автор Der Lo ( назад)
I mean, "Dead Man's Chest" is the song title. See history of the song at

Автор Der Lo ( назад)
The closest I find to the tune I had in mind. "Dead Man's Chest"

Автор Mikhail Morozov ( назад)
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!

Автор Yusuf Polat ( назад)

Автор PussyKiller7 ( назад)
I Love This Song .

Автор mike rigis ( назад)

Автор MissyKarielTTT ( назад)
15 men people!! not no 15! pardon my incorrect language. i black u no

Автор Zack Britton (1018 лет назад)
i like it it was 15 men

Автор kaotik1981 ( назад)

Автор MrSallyBally ( назад)
FUCK YOU EOP@!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@222

Автор Andrew Fomin ( назад)
Пятнадцать человек на сундук мертвеца,
Йо-хо-хо, и бутылка рому!
Пей, и дьявол тебя доведет до конца.
Йо-хо-хо, и бутылка рому!

Автор Daniel Ireland (773 года назад)
16 men on a dead mans chest? am i mishearing this cuz i think its ment to
be 15 :s

Автор Dig Dug ( назад)
Love the song-we sang it on the end of our video :))) Digg&Dugg is a female
comedy duo created by us-Milly and Tacy.We're two creative,crazy and hyper
girls with lots of spare time and craving for fun... :P We have made a
video in the pirate style so it would mean a lot to us if you'd watch it
and tell us your opinion :D

Автор KattelBela82 ( назад)
das lied da kommen erinnerungen hoch (rofl) (drunk)

Автор Pharap ( назад)
fail, it's 15 men on a dead man's chest, not 16 men

Автор Ted Faris ( назад)
Might be a cover? Lmao.....it's at least 300 years old... But I love this
version too. Great video

Автор Banned From Equestria ( назад)
Yo ho ho and a bottle of WIN!

Автор Cosmin Ignat ( назад)
makes me wanna drink..get wasted..i listened to it 2 weeks ago and the next
day i skipped school for 3 hours and bought some rum shots with a friend

Автор aannoouukkkb ( назад)
wij hebben dit lide voor engels op school en voor ons toneelstuk op
schoool. (: het is leuk hooooro!

Автор aannoouukkkb ( назад)
wij hebben dit lide voor engels op school en voor ons toneelstuk op
schoool. (: het is leuk hooooro!

Автор Kolya Holtkamp ( назад)
9 mensen hebben geen oren

Автор waayoow ( назад)

Автор Max van den Heuvel ( назад)
How stupid are u?!!!

Автор Max van den Heuvel ( назад)
Hohoho dont look your eyes gonaa die!!!!

Автор Max van den Heuvel ( назад)
do somthing better than film pirates and a sound track.

Автор ireqone ( назад)
This Song sucks my d!ck FK IT KROPY UR RULEZ

Автор kropy112 ( назад)
68 ppl dont kno what music is xD

Автор TheMachoMovies ( назад)
sorry i mean english

Автор TheMachoMovies ( назад)
whe use this for engish on school... aaaarrrgggg

Автор Soraman11 ( назад)
This is epic.

Автор kozmon0t ( назад)
I've never yet heard of a pirate called Brownbeard... me and my brown beard
got dibs on that name

Автор tumenor ( назад)
I like this vid, now i cant stop listining to it =P

Автор Sosa_Loe ( назад)
um... its 15 ppl on dead mans chest not 16...

Автор TheDim360 ( назад)

Автор Speedsky ( назад)
@ElBribri Why not?

Автор ElBribri ( назад)
@Speedsky And then get raped at the end day....

Автор Speedsky ( назад)
I wish, scientists would develop a time machine, just to travel back to
these times and party with them, sail with them the seas.

Автор BluePaintedChair ( назад)

Автор BluePaintedChair ( назад)
@prowlerforce thanks!

Автор skifarterufa ( назад)
It seems " the battle of rome" °_°

Автор 1992jamo ( назад)
0:58 sounds like bum not rum...just saying :)

Автор LPrulezhard ( назад)
i love it!! keep makin more songs and vids :D

Автор LPrulezhard ( назад)
good song matey yo ho ho and a bottle o rum! :D

Автор BluePaintedChair ( назад)

Автор Tristan ( назад)
i did the same! :P

Автор southFLAheat305 ( назад)
lol :P cool i guess

Автор TawineDR ( назад)
^^ nice is this a real song?

Автор Cassandre Presume ( назад)
Somehow I started singing along, and I didn't want to lol. Good vid!

Автор BluePaintedChair ( назад)
Thanks, I made a fs vid yesterday, but i didn't think it was good enough.
So its not up.

Автор Breaksafe ( назад)
You done with fssb vids? I havent seen one in a while. This was good tho

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