Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of RUM! The Pirate Song Covered by Two Monkeys

I went to Dollar Tree and bought a CD called "Drew's Famous Pirates" and this track was on that CD and I loved it the first time I heard it.

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The Song is called:
The Pirate Sony
by Two Monkeys (it might be a cover)

I worked on this video all night long and I just finished it at 6am. whew~~


Thanks for watching!

This video was created from scratch.
I used Art Rage to draw and Sony Vegas to Animate and Edit.

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Автор DJC BEAST ( назад)
this is played in Bridlington golf course thats why I was searching for it

Автор Slash Gorod ( назад)

Автор RanPro - Randers Produktionsskole ( назад)
sygt g

Автор Kwasi A-Prempeh ( назад)
yo ho ho and a bottle of cum

Автор Ravi Aren ( назад)
d4nny featuring IceJJFish

Автор Kwasi A-Prempeh ( назад)
this is some nice ship

Автор Kwasi A-Prempeh ( назад)

Автор Yp Janssen ( назад)
The glitch on 1:23 he believe he can fly xD

Автор Arthur Heusdens ( назад)
legend bro

Автор Arthur Heusdens ( назад)

Автор Arthur Heusdens ( назад)
seriously man

Автор Arthur Heusdens ( назад)
epic shit man

Автор Arthur Heusdens ( назад)
yay best video evr

Автор diamond flash99 ( назад)
yo ho ho and a mottle of rum

Автор dunbustin ( назад)
when they say, "we don't have a bitter because we're too darn cold" at 0:55
it must be the origin of David Bowie's line, "the bitter comes out better
on a stolen guitar"

Автор MrStoneycool69 ( назад)
This is great to listen to when having a rum and coke.....

Автор Gabriel Thorpe ( назад)
The actual version of this song which isn't, y'know... shit, is actually
really good. Those badasses of you who skipped school after hearing this
song would probably rob a liquor store after hearing the proper version.

Автор Gabriel Thorpe ( назад)
This song is so wrong.. everyone knows that Pirates' bedtimes were strictly

Автор YusMega ( назад)

Автор Simply Squid ( назад)

Автор Julia GTX ( назад)

Автор duff darkorbit ( назад)
cool yes

Автор YoDoZad AJ ( назад)
i don't mean to be rude but i hate this song so boring

Автор Der Lo ( назад)
I mean, "Dead Man's Chest" is the song title. See history of the song at

Автор Der Lo ( назад)
The closest I find to the tune I had in mind. "Dead Man's Chest" 

Автор Yusuf Polat ( назад)

Автор PussyKiller7 ( назад)
I Love This Song . 

Автор mike rigis ( назад)

Автор MissyKarielTTT ( назад)
15 men people!! not no 15! pardon my incorrect language. i black u no

Автор Zack Britton (1018 лет назад)
i like it it was 15 men

Автор kaotik1981 ( назад)

Автор Daniel Ireland (773 года назад)
16 men on a dead mans chest? am i mishearing this cuz i think its ment to
be 15 :s

Автор Dig Dug ( назад)
Love the song-we sang it on the end of our video :))) Digg&Dugg is a female
comedy duo created by us-Milly and Tacy.We're two creative,crazy and hyper
girls with lots of spare time and craving for fun... :P We have made a
video in the pirate style so it would mean a lot to us if you'd watch it
and tell us your opinion :D 

Автор KattelBela82 ( назад)
das lied da kommen erinnerungen hoch (rofl) (drunk)

Автор Pharap ( назад)
fail, it's 15 men on a dead man's chest, not 16 men 

Автор Ted Faris ( назад)
Might be a cover? Lmao.....it's at least 300 years old... But I love this
version too. Great video

Автор Banned From Equestria ( назад)
Yo ho ho and a bottle of WIN!

Автор Cosmin Ignat ( назад)
makes me wanna drink..get wasted..i listened to it 2 weeks ago and the next
day i skipped school for 3 hours and bought some rum shots with a friend 

Автор Kolya Holtkamp ( назад)
9 mensen hebben geen oren

Автор Max van den Heuvel ( назад)
How stupid are u?!!! 

Автор Max van den Heuvel ( назад)
Hohoho dont look your eyes gonaa die!!!!

Автор Max van den Heuvel ( назад)
do somthing better than film pirates and a sound track. 

Автор Soraman11 ( назад)
This is epic.

Автор Sosa_Loe ( назад)
um... its 15 ppl on dead mans chest not 16...

Автор TheDim360 ( назад)

Автор Speedsky ( назад)
@ElBribri Why not?

Автор ElBribri ( назад)
@Speedsky And then get raped at the end day....

Автор Speedsky ( назад)
I wish, scientists would develop a time machine, just to travel back to
these times and party with them, sail with them the seas.

Автор BluePaintedChair ( назад)

Автор BluePaintedChair ( назад)
@prowlerforce thanks!

Автор skifarterufa ( назад)
It seems " the battle of rome" °_°

Автор 1992jamo ( назад)
0:58 sounds like bum not rum...just saying :)

Автор PeterBE (Badboy) ( назад)
i love it!! keep makin more songs and vids :D

Автор PeterBE (Badboy) ( назад)
good song matey yo ho ho and a bottle o rum! :D

Автор BluePaintedChair ( назад)

Автор Tristan ( назад)
i did the same! :P

Автор TawineDR ( назад)
^^ nice is this a real song?

Автор Cassandre Presume ( назад)
Somehow I started singing along, and I didn't want to lol. Good vid!

Автор BluePaintedChair ( назад)
Thanks, I made a fs vid yesterday, but i didn't think it was good enough.
So its not up.

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