Piper Aerostar

Flying in bad weather, rain and wind.

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Автор happysawfish ( назад)
2:58 awesome little cell dumping out

Автор Kevin Burgess ( назад)
How true, how true....no dorky music, engines well tuned and pulling
strong, and a wonderful day to take a ride in an Aerostar!!! 700 horses
never sounded so good...

Автор Yuri Dambroysk ( назад)
Muito legal esse video!

Автор 94z07 ( назад)
Anyone know of an Aerostar video that demonstrates the nose-wheel-steering?
Does the nose-wheel caster on takeoff/landing? (like a b-29) If the
electric motor is inop can you steer with differential braking or thrust?

Автор mrusa4440 ( назад)
nice landing skipper!!

Автор Helicopter755E ( назад)
Wow that was a great shot of a cell they flew around! Nice!

Автор Roger Smart ( назад)
@fixitupdoc Yes, very fast, but guzzles fuel like you would not believe!

Автор Louis Fernandez ( назад)
The gear doors on the aerostar do whistle a little at let-down since the
approach speeds are a bit higher than your average twin. I love the
Aerostar. Finally got mine last year. No other plane like it.

Автор pdutube ( назад)
Four empty seats? Why didn't you call us?

Автор pdutube ( назад)
@eurofighter47 That's the gear going down right after the props changed

Автор umsic86 ( назад)
sexier than a vlj to me

Автор Dennis Ku ( назад)
Gotta love that turbo spooling sound

Автор JamesTCA ( назад)
Excellent flare.

Автор dbowie2007 ( назад)
but I hear that they give you lots of maintenance problems.. is that true?

Автор corvo9980 (632 года назад)

Автор Salvatore Toto (196 лет назад)
One day, precious Aerostar. One day you will be mine! too. i want these
plane so bad.

Автор Salvatore Toto (316 лет назад)
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmm the sound of the turbos.. i want these plane

Автор purdueman21 ( назад)
This used to be our old airplane! 700FP was great plane, my father did a
great job restoring her with paint, interior, avionics etc. Fun airplane to

Автор Jimmy Justice ( назад)
This particular Aerostar is a 1979 Superstar II variant. Less than 30 of
these were produced and for good reason, as any A&P will tell you. In
short, the Super II project was to produce the fastest of all Aerostars. It
uses the TIO-540-J2BD (Chieftain counter-rotating engines), coupled with a
lower profile inter-cooler intake at the wing root. How do I know this?
Because I held the camera for this video. Imagine how flattered I was at
finding my own video here. Name is Jimmy Justice, by the way.

Автор Waylin Van Halen ( назад)
sweet video

Автор ChibaCity8lues ( назад)
One day, precious Aerostar. One day you will be mine! Thanks for the vid!

Автор Jbo321 ( назад)
looks like a normal day at the office for me

Автор Jbo321 ( назад)
I cant tell, does that have the SuperStar kit on it?

Автор Green0410 ( назад)
Sweet flying!

Автор chevroleahy ( назад)
That was Great, Nice Plane

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