Man Keeps Cheetah As Pet To Hunt Deer

Cheetah Hunts Deer For His Owner In Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian Man keeps this cheetah as a pet in order to hunt deer in Saudi Arabia.
사우디 아라비아에서 자신의 소유자를 들어 치타을 사냥 사슴. 사우디 아라비아 사람은 사우디 아라비아에서 사슴을 사냥하기 위해 애완 동물로이 치타를 보관합니다.
Cheetah Hunts Deer For His Owner In Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Man keeps this cheetah as a pet
Cheetah pet
Cheetah video
funny cheetah
trained cheetah
cheetah training
cat training

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Автор Yousef Al-A'ssaf ( назад)
Why do people find it strange?!
We, Arabs, have been using cheetahs and eagles for more than 2000 years to
hunt. This is a normal thing in here, but only found in the desert.
Now we take care of them as pets.

Автор Youtubax ( назад)
Cheetas are more similar to house cats than big wild cats. If raised and
tamed well they can accept humans as part of their own pack.

Автор toufik saadani ( назад)
يعطيك الصحة كيف روضته بهذه الطريقة يا سبحان الله

Автор ‫كرستلو Cristlo‬‎ ( назад)
Fuck Dear Thief This video was conceived in Saudi Arabia

Автор Fred bloggs ( назад)
They are not Deer. They are antelopes...

Автор Hanuman Mallah ( назад)
chitah also like dog Muslim can eat the deer when animal attacked? chitah
teeth not as cow and goat?? why you're doing fucking job?? it's all haram

Автор guillermo ramos ( назад)
wow a very beautiful animal

Автор Abu Inaam ( назад)

Автор mike tyson ( назад)
God bless em

Автор Abraham Suarez ( назад)
I love arab people.having a pet cheetah sign me up.

Автор Kratos - ( назад)
Hunter Lvl 100000000000000

Автор ‫حمدي الرشيدي‬‎ ( назад)
يالربع الي بالتعليقات وش يقولون هههه

Автор bluebee ( назад)
wow..,cat r best hunters

Автор shaun reilly ( назад)
That cat will hurt or eat or kill you as thay a very wild

Автор MrCitizenwarrior ( назад)
Cats are amazing.

Автор JacksMagicBean ( назад)
How the hell do you train a cheetah to do that?

Автор Usman Zafar ( назад)
The cheetah is very trained as it didn't kill it till his master has came.

Автор juan carlos cabrera (1295 лет назад)
All this over a cheeta that didnt kill the other animal, guys stop this!!!!

Автор Adam David ( назад)
I lived with Arabs for 12 years , they treated me like family. Most
hospitable people I ever met in my life. Arabs are good people that enjoy
primitive ways of life. I will be back one day to live with my Arab freinds
one day soon, where I saw real people with good intentions. Those people
have strong morals and values the West hasn't seen in a hundred years.

Автор LAGDOW ( назад)
but cheetahah is belong rich east Africa not this stupid poor arab desert..
Arab people please dont harm animals i know you already kill and harm
innocent wild dogs.

Автор arbi firmansyah ( назад)
wow thats amazing simbiosis

Автор Ronny Diaz ( назад)
now my question is... why are there cheetahs in the desert?

Автор Angel kabane ( назад)
Now that's fucking kill.. Now I want a cheetah pet =\

Автор minet dbrogs ( назад)
usually we love camels ... but this dude is different

Автор Play Williams ( назад)
Wow,, I never thought I would see a cheetah hop up in the back of the Z-71
you don't see that shit everyday. lol

Автор jaafar Waheed ( назад)
Guys stop being mean to us Arab we didn't do anything to you

Автор UzairTheTuber ( назад)
It's just a small video clip, not a documentary. Stop basing your opinions
on conjecture lol. It's an interesting clip, lets just leave it at that.

Автор ‫طريق الجنه‬‎ (624 года назад)
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم ، اللهم صلي على محمد وعلى ال محمد ، لا
تنسو ذكر الله ، حرام اليكم موتو الغزال

Автор PICTURE this... ( назад)
Arabic cultures have been using animals to hunt animals for thousands of
years before white men even used guns to do the same. this video is of men
using a cheetah instead of a dog to practise an old tradition. Cheetahs
are inherently afraid due to being fragile as far a big game hunting
animals go. they trip their prey at high speeds then cut off it's
breathing by biting the throat closed to suffocate the prey. this is
because they have small weak jaws as compared to lions or leopards. this
tame cat obviously has never learned that...

Автор kennedy072 ( назад)
Westerners bitchin about how arabs abuse these big cats that they didnt
even know that they also treat their cats like a mans best friend

Автор Sudeep Gupta ( назад)
The cheetah in the video doesn't even know how to kill a deer properly.
They learn hunting from their mother.
The video looks much like a sport. The deer is made to run and cheetah is
made to run after him. What was the deer doing in the desert all alone? 

Автор SA1eh a1ameri ( назад)
The man is Arabic 

Автор TheScaletIbisNW ( назад)
this is wrong, yet... incredible... If you were to domesticate a wild
animal (not that I encourage it.) This is how they should live.. Hunting
and living as close to wild as possible.

Автор steve opawa ( назад)
i mean personally this is just wrong you dont let a cheetah chase it down
over and over poor gazelle i wanna see the cheetah kill every single 1 of
those Arab cunt now that would be an awesome video

Автор Vinzenzo Veliki ( назад)

Автор Abdou (Løřđ Âbđøű) ( назад)
Hahaha, only in the middle east.

Автор ‫أبو عبدالله‬‎ ( назад)
سعود المخيال

Автор Cody Monsoon ( назад)
that's so awesome. that deer had such a head start.

Автор Daniel West ( назад)
Fuck out of here

Автор johnny Alanzi ( назад)
I am living in saudiarabia
Those men are doing this just for fun the
Stop hunting stop it stop it
I feel sad for the poor animal

Автор rencrow ( назад)
You know you're a real man when you can fucking tame a wild predatory

Btw how the hell did he train it not to kill the gazelle? That's what I
want to know.

Автор Electrickskate ( назад)
Back in Saudi Arabia falcons are also commonly used

Автор IMxYOURxDADDY ( назад)
at least this cheetah is healthy and enjoying itself and not rotting away
in a tiny zoo for the amusment of other people

Автор Erik Andersson ( назад)
Interesting. Kinda like falconing... with a huge fucking cat. lol

Автор eddie lugg ( назад)
What a fake they release the deer then let the cheetah run it down notice
how the cheetah didn't rip its throat out and show me were there are deer
in that shithole you can't even see a blade of grass out there,wake up 

Автор Ahmad Morgan ( назад)
That's awesome . Great hunter 

Автор Duck Watch ( назад)

Автор Sion Mars ( назад)
they are cheap here in the Arabic areas 

Автор Zed Flanders ( назад)
Fast food !

Автор xdir ( назад)
WTF is wrong with people!!! why torture the poor deer, the stress of being
chased then going into shock awaiting imminent death by the cat only to be
picked up and forced to run again must be terrifying.

Автор Arabian horses ( назад)
this is in saudi arabia
arabs are the king of hunt 

Автор MOHD SHERIEF ( назад)

Автор MOHD SHERIEF ( назад)
I love...................

Автор Abdulelah Muhammed ( назад)
سعودي هههههههههه

Автор ⓃårütØ ⒶšśēⓁś ( назад)
Checkout my channel for some awesome and crazy videos

Автор Tfmusicmaker ( назад)
I like it. That's awesome. I think people should be more outraged at
shrinking habitats in south America and Africa than one man who has a
cheetah as a pet which is obvious a mutual benefit to each other. Animals
were created for us that is my belief and opinion. However we must take
care of them if we use them. Which clearly this guy well keeps his cat. If
you have a pet of any kind and dislike this then you are a hypocrite
because they all came from the wild. Great video . =)

Автор flags80747 ( назад)
Just want to point out that the cheetah took down a gazelle. There are no
"deer" in that part of the world.

Автор Daglar Kizi ( назад)
De cheetah maakt de hert niet dood, zodat zijn baasje het hert halal kan

Автор . ( назад)
this is so cute btw T_T i WANT A PET CHEETAH..

Автор Mohammed Alafif ( назад)
I'm from sadia arabia

Автор Matt Top ( назад)
Man, what level of a Ranger is he? Must be level 50 or some shit

Автор anton26g ( назад)
I agree with Rhomark Taylor.

Автор Beston Ab ( назад)
Cheetah is a man's best friend. Not a dog.

Автор ali akbar zardari ( назад)

Автор Sanduzy141 ( назад)
If this guy was American then it'd be okay then right? You would all
comment " Wow such a unique way of hunting" .." I'm sure he really loves
his Cheetah! Gosh he's so lucky!" But since this man is an Arab the comment
are negative and rude and even discriminating. It's his Cheetah, if he
wants to use it for hunting then he has all the right to. Personally I
think it's freaking awesome! 

Автор kw511kw (637 лет назад)
Most of arab use cheta to hunt and my brother is one of them 

Автор Flanker X ( назад)
Saudi Arabia still performs public beheading of gays and lesbians

Автор Rhomark Taylor ( назад)
First of all, that's an impala. Second of all, what the hell is it doing in
the middle of the desert? What you guys fail to realize is, he probably
bought the impala, set it loose, then he let his cheetah on it. I
personally don't respect any hunt that doesn't take the proper ritual. For
those who take lives, that can be the fine line that defines who's a
murderer and who's a hunter. This is not "bad ass." This is bad, and he's
an ass.

Автор Chris Kouyoumjan ( назад)
All I can say. Man's best friend. Eat your heart out. 

Автор Marco Vega ( назад)
Niceee I love cheetah s

Автор Marco Vega ( назад)
Niceee I love cheetah s

Автор Youssef Totti ( назад)
This is so nice. teaching the cheetah not to kill it so he can slaughter it
halal en feed the poor

Автор ShyToDaChiCity1 ( назад)
that is so bad ass

Автор Madison Misenar ( назад)
That's mean

Автор Untamed Euphoria ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that's a gazelle not a deer......?

Автор Izzoroth ( назад)
oh wow! That's incredible! And the Cheetah didn't even kill it.

Автор jsas2013 ( назад)
This arab man could do something not anyone else Could do,
he train the cheetah to Hunting without killing,
This video makes a lot of stupid racists angry,and put stupid comments ..
I think they should leave envy, and learn something useful from Arabs

Автор Gheith Yankogypt ( назад)
Why dont you guys shut the fuck up and enjoy the video... !!!

Автор kickassnigga ( назад)
yes, deerfuckingterrorist is his acc in instagram

Автор HellGamer ( назад)
One day that cheetah cheated and had his owner's dick :D

Автор eyad233 ( назад)
hhhhhhhhhhh fuck u 

Автор ahmed alshamsi ( назад)
it cost 10,000 $ :) 

Автор Garrett M ( назад)
that arab man is FUCKING GENIOUS!

Автор Brandon Mueller ( назад)
I can't tell, it's all desert, LITERALLY

Автор freshprincefunky ( назад)
another typical american idiot ...

Автор Zeyad A. ( назад)
it's a riyal ;) i got oil under my house, BITCH!

Автор Fadds ( назад)
Yes, of course. I would probably put it to better use than hunting with
cheetahs in Saudi Arabia.

Автор Zeyad A. ( назад)
i got a billion in my pocket, want it?

Автор Fadds ( назад)
No, thanks.

Автор phantomalex123 ( назад)
What's his Instagram account like so3hunter or something? Please tell me

Автор Zeyad A. ( назад)
he's arab, and khaleeji

Автор Zeyad A. ( назад)

Автор kickassnigga ( назад)
cheetah is a muslim, waiting for his owner to say the halal ...

Автор Sandy Hooker ( назад)
lol, I'm not saying that for the animals sake, I'm saying it for your own.
I don't give a shit about animals, but wild animals are unpredictable and
can seriously hurt someone.

Автор Alex Lopez ( назад)
Atleast they are putting their natural instincts to use, rather than being
laid dormant in a zoo all day. Oh and the ancient Egyptians actually kept
them as pets and for hunting, similar to how we use dogs.

Автор Fadds ( назад)
F rich asshole arabs

Автор Sandy Hooker ( назад)
They are wild animals, and should not be kept as pets. 

Автор g singh ( назад)

Автор BMW YASEEN ( назад)
Deers in saudi arabia start to dies due to heat they hunt it to keep it in
a place like the zoo for food and make new deers.sry 4 my english

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