Unboxing my new Digital Storm PC today, enjoy! Also a heads up, I wasn't paid to make this video but they did gift me the PC. Just wanted to clarify!
Check out their site here: http://bit.ly/2bXl5d0

My Gaming Channel - http://www.youtube.com/NadeshotPlays

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Автор killing yanks ( назад)
ever see those comments with 1k likes or more and wonder...... why didnt i think of that before and why do i never get that much likes and i say oh ya im not clever like these people.

Автор C0V3R 2M ( назад)
"idk what's inside the pc but look at the estetics" is so sad to hear that

Автор XVampireXPvP ( назад)
sometimes i think why all those good youtubers have so much money we get freaking 900euros per month and we have to pay for the house and food water everything i freaking cry if i watch this with this normal pc really we got no money i want to get money so i can afford a game pc so i can download freaking moregames then minecraft

Автор YT Skills ( назад)

Автор Michael Gross ( назад)
subscribed because of the music in the background.

Автор comptoncity2 ( назад)
Sooo, what ever happen to this pc? Lol

Автор HendrikNeville ( назад)
Bruh if you built this it would of been like 5 grand

Автор Brennen Hrebeniuk ( назад)
This is not worth $7500 more like $4000 at the time of this

Автор Filip Phong ( назад)
yea white dont be racist say its white no racist

Автор Hunnah Bryaunt ( назад)
The real question is if it can play club penguin at 5 fps

Автор The Humungus ( назад)
In five years you can buy a pc like this at a thrift store for $10

Автор Edward kenway ( назад)
Can i run clash of clans?

Автор Stefi Sultana ( назад)
"OMG IS WHITE" you racist!

Автор LFW ( назад)
there is a ssd worth $8000 by itself

Автор DatsDoodoBaby ( назад)
Where's the setup video?

Автор Miccoli Official ( назад)
Big thumbs up, great video, really enjoyed it. Much Love Miccoli

Автор Rekordea YouTube ( назад)
Stop being artistic to people which is poorer than you...

Автор Staplerancor ( назад)
it will not run perfectly ... without a fast wifi

Автор V-NAZI AOTP4LIFE ( назад)
who would buy a prebuilt pc lmao what a retard

Автор daveerni34 ( назад)
hahahha i can build you this heap of shit for 4000 dollar , you paid 3500 dollar too much hahahah funny as fok

Автор Kilos Kicks ( назад)
its bullshit that the box says made in the usa. it really should say assembled in the usa how many part in the pc were actually made in the usa

Автор sSShellShock ( назад)
Why did you spend $7500 on this??? Even now with the 1080 only being $540 you coulda just bought each part and put in together yourself WITH hard tube instead of the flex tube for around $2500 you've gotta be Insain to spend $7500 for something like this

Автор Dylan Trees ( назад)
"oh my god its white." That's what i said when my baby was born.

Автор HalfAssedHero ( назад)
i'll stick to consoles in till I save up for a Amazing set up. I don't want my first time to be mediocre. I want it to special.

Автор Es ( назад)
Im buying this shit nigga I've found the name.

Автор Yelena Andreev ( назад)

Автор DUSSOS K ( назад)
pre-build HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ridicolous

Автор ZeDaKombi ( назад)

Автор landon mckinney ( назад)
I could build that for 2700$.

Автор Dubstepz Editz ( назад)
Bruh just buy me a 500$ PC and i will be happy :(
It hurts me to see all these YouTubers buying these Huge PC's ...
Wish i had the money for one :/

Автор napsterking ( назад)
According to the title of this video, this house cost more than my mom's fully working house...

Автор Movement Productions ( назад)
Is this dumber and DUmbbererer?

Автор Adam Wassell ( назад)
But can it run minecraft?

Автор Will B ( назад)
sweet rig

Автор Randumb Beats ( назад)
"oh my god its white" said jerome, relieved that the child was not his.

Автор Chayseplays ( назад)
Are you joking 7500 dollars

Автор xxxJustGIOxxx ( назад)
i hope u will play sometimes with him...

Автор Jonas Bay ( назад)
i run one 1080 and have no problem with fps in any game with the best graphics i can't imagine what that beast can do

Автор Agris Vojevodskis ( назад)
you idiot you can buy a better pc fo 3000$ WTF

Автор Mart Lammers ( назад)
finaly a pc what minecraft can run with 15 fps

Автор 남박덕순 ( назад)

Автор 남박덕순 ( назад)

Автор edgeman 2100 ( назад)
I don't like sli

Автор Austin May ( назад)
Why didn't they use hard tubing on cooling, would really look better in that tear of a pc

Автор A Dream ( назад)
That's cool and all, but you didn't build it yourself. That's 90% of the whole gig.

Автор logico wallis ( назад)
wow!!! its dammm amazing!!!!

Автор spooky Speaker ( назад)
does anyone have a extra graphics card and processor that someone can sned me please im tired of playing on extremly sliw pc games it sucks...

Автор NextOG ( назад)
Will I be able to open google chrome?

Автор Julian Honore' ( назад)
Zero effort on the packaging design, zero effort on the welcome kit contents and design - and its white. White.

Автор Black Hawk ( назад)
but can you install calculator?

Автор MLNova TV ( назад)
dis computer have like the same volume to u.

Автор Mike Hawk ( назад)
Love the PC (especially that case), but not the $7,500 price tag. I'll stick with my $1,200 build. It may not have the overall resources this thing does but it gets the job done and was within my budget.

Автор Illicit ( назад)
i wanna see the benchmarks you pleb

Автор The Unknown ( назад)
But can it run cyrsis 3 60 fps

Автор Nathan Nuk3 ( назад)
I never seen so many dislike in this channel OMG!!!!!!!

Автор Jewish Beyblades ( назад)
y do u need that??

Автор ThePCMasterace ( назад)
respect for not going with alienware

Автор let Z play ( назад)
the moment you pulled out the PC i taught it was a dishwasher

Автор J2SNIPEzZ ( назад)
y is it soooo big

Автор Joselyn Torres ( назад)
you got the same one as me!!!

Автор Millennium MixTapes ( назад)
But is it backwards compatible though?

Автор Gud win ( назад)
"OMG, its white!" love this comment :D

Автор Madara Uchiha ( назад)
No dual ssd raid card set up well that's just fucking lame then

Автор Provenom100 ( назад)
Fuck me they gave him a 15 grand pc for free and he knows fuck all about even the basics

Автор i_Erebus ( назад)
The real question here is If it'll run Minecraft at medium settings at 15 fps

Автор Eric ( назад)
7500 lol it's pretty useless to buy a pc at this price, when you can build one for less money.

Автор Presicion_Gaming ( назад)
looks good but can i run minesweeper at 5 fps?

Автор nick thegamer352 ( назад)
i wish this could sopport gta san in low setting

Автор Noah Napier ( назад)
DONT BUY FROM SITES LIKE THIS u can sttart with 400 and game or 1k is highest u can go and play anygame max ou

Автор Anti comment warrior ( назад)
Bro this is 2017 and that is still the best build for a pc the specs Titan xs aren't worth the extra

Автор Jirik Smutny Junior ( назад)
Customized aventum 3 Ultimate

Автор Psycho ( назад)
could it run minecraft tho ?....

Автор tacopizza2003 ( назад)
For $7,500 it could at least have an audio interface with decent I/Os. It has no RCA I/Os, no 1/4" I/Os, and no XLR I/Os. Granted it doesn't need to be some $3,000 or $4,000 Avid or Apogee. But they could have at the very least put in something like an Asus Essence STX II (It's a hi-fi quality PCI Express x1 audio interface that's about $250 and has a 1/4" headphone output, a 1/4" mic/line input, and two RCA outputs.)

Автор SaP VenioM ( назад)
Alien ware is almost the same but cheaper

Автор TheGamerGeeza ( назад)
BUT does it run Crysis on Max?

Автор Don Pablacho ( назад)
is a monster

Автор Don Pablacho ( назад)
wtf the price

Автор MXPXDUDE ( назад)
Start building your own PC

Автор TonyCentral ( назад)
Serious Overkill and waste of money.

Автор Mohamed Belguourmaz ( назад)
I'm robbing your ass tonight

Автор Youconix ( назад)
I wonder why he didn't get 2 titan x pascals

Автор Itss melanie ( назад)
How the hay can you afford this?!?

Автор eric martinez ( назад)
You fucking console peasant

Автор Solomon Alexandera ( назад)
Hmm, you are certainly not lacking in modesty are you - Sarcasm heavily implied. I don't know if I am jealous or just the fact even if I could buy this thing, I'd probably be a bit smarter and make something myself - but there we go dumb people seem to get the best things.

Автор Michael Kaczmarczyk ( назад)
well done you spent 7.5 grand on a 4000 dollar pc

Автор Mark Degtyarev ( назад)
More fun building yourself

Автор Axle ( назад)
but still play cs 1.6 or mario

Автор Beth Phoenix ( назад)
why you buy all this when you cat get ps4 for 200$

Автор bryson davis ( назад)
Watch it leak with that custom loop

Автор Kevin Noble ( назад)
of course he didn't pay for this....cmon guys
this build is EXTREMELY overkill....who the hell needs 2 GTX 1080ti's ?

Автор Harmeet Hunjan ( назад)
i loving it

Автор Austin/Ryan AR ( назад)
Wow I got confused at the start

Автор Rohan Miah ( назад)
so wait you got it for free

Автор nacho playmer ( назад)
master race = build your own pc

Автор XxAyee_DanielxX ( назад)
a lot better than my piece of shit thats for sure lol

Автор Kay & Co. ( назад)
wrong category- this video should be in six pack shortcuts

Автор Nathaniel Smith ( назад)
could build that for $5k

Автор shubham kumar ( назад)
congratulations for 2 million subscribers and best of luck for 10 million

Автор EMILS LIFE HACKS ( назад)
Omg It's White

Автор Serhat Sarioglu ( назад)

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