Unboxing my new Digital Storm PC today, enjoy! Also a heads up, I wasn't paid to make this video but they did gift me the PC. Just wanted to clarify!
Check out their site here: http://bit.ly/2bXl5d0

My Gaming Channel - http://www.youtube.com/NadeshotPlays

Find me here!
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/Nadeshot
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/Nadeshot
Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/Nadeshot

My Gear!
Camera - http://amzn.to/2gi3fPL
Camera Lens - http://amzn.to/2gjcjI4
2nd Camera - http://amzn.to/2gi3iLr
Tripod - http://amzn.to/2ghYwxA
Microphone - http://amzn.to/2gjga7Y

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Автор AceNinja X ( назад)
This pc cant even run tetris and google quickdraw xD

Автор Adel Aliouche ( назад)
Omg, it's white

Автор twatbass ( назад)
Is this the new Mac clown circus edition money toilet 5000?

Автор marksgamerchannl ( назад)
-_- nah im done

Автор DuDSoN ! ( назад)
GTA V ultra and 1000000000000000000000000000 fps

Автор Angry Gaming ( назад)
this PC from NASA ??

Автор The Zapper2000 ( назад)
What are those!!!!!!

Автор zevilaga ( назад)
you just paid about double price for an ugly pc... Congrats :)

Автор funny guy ( назад)
where is the screen?

Автор Game World ( назад)
so now you only need 1000000$ monitor.

Автор Lazar Jovanovic ( назад)
I was watching this video,and when i heard the specs,i just looked at my pc
that have fucking ati hd 3100,and wanted to trow it ouf of window

Автор Games Plus ( назад)
Now you can play Witcher 3 and uncharted 4 in same time on one screen on
your pc,with 1440p resolution

Автор the gaming dog ( назад)
congratulations now you are a glorious pc master race

Автор Farmageddon Snyder ( назад)
You can't really show off a pc you just bought and put no time into also,
anybody can buy, but it takes another person to personalize and make it
there own

Автор Farmageddon Snyder ( назад)
Damn they over price the shit out off there products...I know he got for
free but, for most people we have to work and save. You are better off
shopping off newegg and amazon to build your own to get it the cheapest way
possible. i'm doing a build with a 1070 15 7600k and its going to come out
to about 900. Anything over $1,500 on a pc build i kinda just over kill in
my opinion

Автор Tushar Jain ( назад)
high expectations
bet get
nothing expected !!!!

Автор bhanuja sathsara ( назад)
crazy fuckers

Автор shadow19831 ( назад)
what's the point of SLI if it makes some games like witcher 3 stutter as i
saw in some youtube vids , that's why I'm saving up for a single titan x or
AMD if they do the magic with their upcoming cards

Автор Legendary MuRAMasa1337 ( назад)
So lucky you have that thing...I only have a crappy laptop T_T

Автор WoungFoNinja ( назад)
why are you doing these you don't even game anymore?

Автор THE Carlosツ ( назад)

Автор Vladyslav Aloysius ( назад)
with this PC we can crack space station ;)

Автор Infinity PC Sistemas ( назад)
Prefiero armarla, Que ser un napon que solo compra algo preinstalado. Es
Chimbo. Es horrible.

Автор Ahmad Hashim ( назад)
look like you get the Beast!
but for what? no game need this power or even any media edit shit! please
do us a favour do some scientific researches on it to justify the price.

Автор Kevin Rinas ( назад)

Автор omar alkubaisi ( назад)
How many ram in this pc?

Автор nico fernandez ( назад)

Автор D A F U Q ( назад)
that pc is the size of him

Автор Pierre Berthet ( назад)
this PC omg xD

Автор MiGujack3 ( назад)
Obsolete in 3 years.

Автор Awful MC ( назад)
This just tells me I can build a $500 pc and sell it for $1,000 time to get

Автор MadGraph ( назад)
How fucking big is that chassis....

Автор Connor _ ( назад)
he looks like a baby next to the pc.

Автор Herik 1977 ( назад)
lol 40 pounds and almost both are died lifting it... find a job kiddos

Автор Stefano Yoldi ( назад)
"oh my god its white"

Автор Rafael Barrones ( назад)
1 year and have other better psss is always like this xD

Автор hillboy2001 ( назад)
it will be worthless in a few years lol.

Автор N English ( назад)
what the legitimate f*** is the point of this?

Автор Andri Kristianto ( назад)
Extremely amazing!

Автор Netra Basyal ( назад)
we were not PAID but gifted 7500 PC!!!!

Автор Charles Bernier ( назад)
yo i need this and an htc vive

Автор Sudden Revelations ( назад)
Good Lord!! Imagine your first electric bill. 💰

Автор AmStorm ( назад)
is it faster browsing chrome than my 300euro PC ?

Автор Dolan Tramp ( назад)
and my parent has pay $1000/mo for rent.....plz reply or this has to be
deleted as to not reveal confidential information 😐all y'all damn stalkers
and pedos

Автор Koxla Man ( назад)

Автор Jackson Watson ( назад)
Series ensure shower slice which mouse internal suffering.

Автор Devon Crouse ( назад)
it will be old in about 6 months lol

Автор Wolf Kapi ( назад)
Are you idiot you can bulid better computer in this price.

Автор Wolf Kapi ( назад)
Are you idiot you can bulid better computer in this price.

Автор Mike Mendoza ( назад)
I got one just for gaming I haven't even hooked up the other one I gotta
cool glass screen that looks like a table with a wizard named Samantha it
is fucking awesome!! thanks digital storm!!

Автор Lazy Grandma 125 ( назад)
I'm poor not u

Автор Michael Gianni ( назад)
Better to build one for that price

Автор Eduardo Althaus ( назад)
In Brazil we pay $7500 for a Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz single core , 40gb HD
IDE, 128mb DIMM memory and parallel power suply 200watts.

Автор Sara Waterhouse ( назад)
if i had a million dollars i wouldnt buy that id build it ,so much more

Автор Canada in Arabic ( назад)
This is not a PC anymore. IT's a heater tank

Автор tech RocK ( назад)
nice pc..

Автор KiingMystic ( назад)

Автор JoshY ( назад)
Subscribe to me :D

Автор Oganj Perish ( назад)
This would be so cool and normal unboxing if there was one regular male
person instead of two girls with beards :|

Автор Reflex Yt ( назад)
Fucking rich bastard who`s showing how much money you have and making
people really poor.

Автор Reflex Yt ( назад)
You suck a dick pretty much.

Автор Jack Logan ( назад)
All this just to play cod...

Автор Xol The Wanderer ( назад)
I wannnttttt ittttt

Автор Ryan Parhizi ( назад)

Автор chivita6 ( назад)
que puta belleza de pc!!!

Автор Nicholas Steele ( назад)
I'm good with my dell computers lol

Автор Rich Sensale ( назад)
Is it me, or is one of the lower fans kinda flaky with its lighting?

Автор BerkanTG ( назад)
For some Normal Games like CS:GO GTA 5 Low/Meduim ???

PC Specs:
-Cpu Intel Core Duo E8400 3.00Ghz
-Case Sharkoon Low
-GPU Asus GT630 4gddr3
-PSU 350W
-HDD 500GB
-Motherboard : Acer
-Ram 8GB

Автор GoonaTV ( назад)
this is the bare minimum to run Battlefield 1

Автор fcsie ( назад)

Автор kawaii pocky-chan Otaku nyan! ( назад)
$7500 and only two gtx 1080? I was expecting at least a titan x pascal

Автор Master A ( назад)
nice knife over there

Автор Cesar Guzman ( назад)
I have a ibuypower WA550G and it works awesome i can play GTA 5, CS:Go,
minecraft, overwatch and a lot of more games and it is just $435!!!!!!

Автор Abyss1992 ( назад)
I built this on PCpartpicker for $4600 you over payed.

Автор Daniel C. Lee ( назад)
I can see the mark up is huge on this computer...Not worth $7500....

Автор Mr. Wolf ( назад)
pc master race

Автор Thuc Ly ( назад)
Is it just me or does this pc is pretty shitty for its price

Автор John Evans ( назад)
this is so bougia it makes me vomit. Just build your own fucking computer.
Give the extra money to help educate orphans.

Автор Mcdonaldz WoW ( назад)
So the guys these PC's are being gifted to, aren't very technical on the
whole "PC thing"? I'm sorry but this is just annoying.

Автор James Clark ( назад)
congratulations. obscenely top drawer.

Автор Joseph Sabodash ( назад)
Finally a PC that can process my GTA 5 GAME at 180 fps

Автор Swan ZG ( назад)
How many fans does your pic have holy shit

Автор Preston Garvey ( назад)
I could make a PC for that cost with DUAL XEON PROCESSORS, 2 TITAN XPs AND

Автор Alex Czar ( назад)
Jesus christ these guys didnt build it themselves because not everyone has
the time or knowhow to whip this shit up on the fly, i have a digitalstorm
pc and something got fucked up with the motherboard and i have a warantee
so i'm getting it fixed now, if that shit happened to me when i built it
myself i would be dead in the water, point is, although it may be more
money-efficient, its less risk and you don't have to know everything, not
everyone got that kinda time man.

Автор Mixmatch Crafters ( назад)
cool pc dude

Автор Sjrick ( назад)
Thank DS again because i didnt hear you the first fifty times

Автор Ropter Slays ( назад)
nade you should give me that PC since you stopped playing

Автор Mr Ed ( назад)

Автор Blue Storm ( назад)
Holy shit this is fucking terrible, especially for 7.5k.

Автор Kys ( назад)
STAR WARS SPOILER ALERT: ok now that all the nerds are gone, look at all
these virgin's comments about the PC

Автор Xcalibur_Gaming ( назад)
7500$ Pc and the fourth fan in the bottom section, stops working 10 seconds
into first use.

Автор KingmnN - Gaming & LetsPlays! ( назад)
2gtx 1080?????

Автор Elliott V W ( назад)
Console pleb.

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