Malaguena - Montana Skies (cello & guitar)

Montana Skies playing Malaguena (with guitar intro). The main section is looped live with a boss rc-20 pedal. Silver Spring, MD- 2006.

Jonathan Adams (guitar) & Jenn Adams (cello)

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Длительность: 4:49
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Автор flamenkos (8 лет)

Автор juan486 (6 лет)

Автор coolchef64 (6 лет)
I agree, I love the cello. This rendition is nice.

Автор manmanster (7 лет)
this a great chart! great job.

Автор kuchikara (7 лет)
This gave me goose bumps. Fantastic!!!

Автор SpotlightKid83 (8 лет)
they're using some kind of loop station

Автор sarahluvsyou (8 лет)

Автор log1990 (5 лет)
well they are really good but the thing is its hard to move while playing
the cello

Автор m27diamonds (8 лет)
Fantastic! Who are you guys?

Автор Chaz SR (8 лет)
Yes yes yes, great dynamics. Great everything. 5 star

Автор patchouliskye (7 лет)
Your music is so beautiful...I love watching you perform.You 2 have
chemistry.Its amazing!! Peace and love, Marina

Автор yeee941 (7 лет)
Must have dynamics,My guitar teacher is crazy strict about that.Also
techqniue he teaches me fingerstyle guitar

Автор limbos03 (6 лет)
it's very erotic especially when the cello joins in. Well done!

Автор Jackson Delahunt (7 лет)
lol, downer

Автор skyseye (6 лет)
the cello is so incredibly powerful instrument... is as if a hand was
pulling from your insides...

Автор xlinwenx (8 лет)
yeah, the dynamics kick ass. that makes a performance

Автор Sigizmund Gerbeinshtein (7 лет)
where`s cello? i wanted listen!!!! but real good guitar player.he kick ass
by dinamiks?

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