How to download and install Sound Drivers

How to download and install sound drivers
Note: Download link updated!
Warning: Watch and Learn
Sound Drivers download link:
For Windows XP: http://download.cnet.com/Realtek-AC-97-Driver-Windows-98-Me-2000-XP-2003/3000-2120_4-10238712.html
For Windows 7: http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/SOUND-CARD/REALTEK/Realtek-AC-97-Audio-Driver-for-Windows-7.shtml

Please visit my site @ http://kenangelo123detected.co.nr

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Автор BLIXOW ( назад)
really work guy?

Автор Justin Foster ( назад)
i have popups that block my download..... SHIT

Автор Sanjay Kshirsagar ( назад)
very fast process

Автор Karoly Gaming ( назад)
thes is work in windows 8 ?

Автор randy ravivann ( назад)
this does not work on Windows 10

Автор Luka Games ( назад)
i cant see what are you doing you are too fast for my eyes

Автор Martin Maxa ( назад)
thnx man it works thanks for tip . ;)

Автор ganjaman 407 ( назад)
Whoa!!! Slow tha fuck down man!! Did you take too much Adderall before you
made this video or what?

Автор Marzuqi Mustapha ( назад)
Yes SpeedHack Typing

Автор kingqueenjack ( назад)
what a speed of typing

Автор Conor “LIGHTNINGLORD” Carroll ( назад)
you got roblox

Автор andreas00tm13 ( назад)
Any link for windows 8?

Автор AZE_GAMER_XX ( назад)
Speed Hack :D

Автор zain “In Jesus I Trust” card ( назад)
same to me no effect..there is no audio volume

Автор Munal KC ( назад)
thanks for VDO

Автор Munal KC ( назад)

Автор Gamer Gramatik Tube ( назад)
Thank's for this video Bro !! :)

Автор Zenny Jabuen ( назад)

Автор Lucero Leyva ( назад)
Window x64 driver (Rtkvac64.sys) not found! Please help

Автор Konstantin Tanov ( назад)
Not working 

Автор Konstantin Tanov ( назад)
It's fake

Автор Manish Pandey ( назад)
When i was installing ing software my comp autatecally shut dow:-{ please

Автор Manish Pandey ( назад)
Virus!! I gave me virus!!!

Автор Sam Hickman ( назад)
it makes me use a floppy disk

Автор ricardo yassine ( назад)
tnx mey frend 

Автор Jacky Tan ( назад)
not working!!!!!!

Автор Admir Halilovic ( назад)
Dude thank u very much.

Автор Aggresive MF ( назад)
How About "No"

Автор ImANinjaNow ( назад)
no i cant see it i install it and i cant see the volume icon plzz help me 

Автор Melvin Bagayas ( назад)
its trial..? or full..?

Автор DIcky Risman H ( назад)
thank`s.. it`s amazing.... 

Автор D.T.B. Ratnayake ( назад)
Thanks !!!!! It works now !!!! 

Автор N. Altangerel ( назад)
Fuuuck it is now working god damn it. You tricked me 

Автор N. Altangerel ( назад)
If it will work i can give you a HUNDREDS OF LIKE.!!! 

Автор GOUTHAM REJEEV ( назад)
may god bless you

Автор slashdaddy100 ( назад)
thank you it worked 

Автор kenx00x ( назад)
i play roblox :D 

Автор [0TeamZ]Shiro GameZ ( назад)
Thumbs up if you see roblox at 0:29

Автор saiesh borkar ( назад)
my headphone doesnt working for this video

Автор TheIvekE ( назад)
My AVG is block it its VIRUS!

Автор TheIvekE ( назад)
Slow speed!

Автор Fortis Recens ( назад)
e evo rijesio sam problem, odnjeo kod majstora, nesta je na maticnoj usput
pregorilo a i sad mi je stari ukinuo komp tako da...

Автор Nikolce Zitosanski ( назад)
ne znam kako .. bara mi,.. da go restartiram pc i pak ne moze da se install

Автор charlene Pace ( назад)
doesnt work 

Автор charlene Pace ( назад)
why do u all have to go so damn fast!!!! 

Автор Antonio Burić ( назад)
a jbt sta ce ti majstor ma brate ja ti to za badava 

Автор 204dave204 ( назад)
Thanks this worked for me

Автор Michael lim ( назад)
huh ! tnx im also connected 

Автор DeadShot_ Dzini ( назад)

Автор Strelok SIC ( назад)
trazi majstora za to 

Автор Fortis Recens ( назад)
brate, kako se reinstalira windows? 

Автор Strelok SIC ( назад)
brate reisntaliraj windows meni je uspelo

Автор xXBeheadedGamerXx (1026 лет назад)
special forces, soldier front same icon? different game?

Автор xXBeheadedGamerXx (1105 лет назад)

Автор Fehleno ( назад)

Автор Username ( назад)
i did this with the same program, i noob raged , i searched it on youtube
and came to this , i noob raged because i did the egsact same thing ...
untill u said that i had to restart my pc and i was '' AAwwhh , makes sence
* + thx for da help

Автор vkalishnikov ( назад)
what he means is that because we came here it means that we have problems
with our sound drivers

Автор Revazide ( назад)
he didn't even put any sounds in the video... 

Автор Maria Lalaine ( назад)
English2x pa taga pipilipinas lng pla heheheh

Автор cj alexander ( назад)

Автор Niculae Adrian ( назад)
Plz slowdown:)))

Автор kevin lin ( назад)
help me plz when i download it and install this i restarted my computer and
it says i dont have sound card plz help me

Автор Branislav Manevski ( назад)
@LuckyDiceProductions That is what that for what i am talking about 

Автор Smiley Miley ( назад)
thankyouthankyou so much, i'm so stupid i accidentally removed the sound
hardware off my pc so i couldn't use movie maker, now i can thankyou so

Автор Ajay Kumar ( назад)
is it depends on motherboard......... 

Автор Branislav Manevski ( назад)
Thumbs up if you watch this video without sound.

Автор SoupRoot ( назад)
like if ur watching this with no sound 

Автор TerranixOwnzU ( назад)
Wheres the download link for vista??

Автор Jacob Todd ( назад)
It installed PERFECTLY!!

Автор Jacob Todd ( назад)
AWESOME LINK DUDE:). U should provide a link to dowload windows xp pro now?

Автор soraskeyblade43 ( назад)
u play roblox

Автор R ( назад)
fking trojan

Автор R ( назад)

Автор Fira777 ( назад)
The XP download did not work when I installed its stuff on my EMachines
WIndows XP. If safely and legally possible I would recommend uploading
Windows 7 (in one upload) and Windows XP (in another upload) to say like
host - a . net / no spaces I am talking about the softwares themselves. And
even I recommend if such uploads happen show the downloads are safe in a
videos I recommend. Great video also btw (by the way).

Автор D18rulez ( назад)
for XP sp3?

Автор xX5alo0odXx ( назад)
after i restarted my laptop i didnt find the volume icon please help 

Автор sharbel21 ( назад)
when i install the pc restarts on the half of the installition sorry for my
bad english

Автор Motiejus Lisauskas ( назад)

Автор Jim Waters ( назад)
screw you smartass.

Автор danyboy931 ( назад)
FUCK REALTEK AUDIO DRIVER!!! it`s the worst shit ever... so many glitches
and unresolveable probems!!! 

Автор Sajeesh Moorayil ( назад)
hai i am sajeesh. I have problem with my computer sound card.. when i
checked the components and sound device, it was empty.And when i checked
the Problem devices section Realtek High Definition Audio has been
disabled. What i have to do for this problem.. How i can enable it.?

Автор James Mighty ( назад)
good video 

Автор lamsebamse462 ( назад)
it works for me! (windows 7) THANKS! i just rebooted my computer.. and
deleted my sound driver.. -.-' but now its fixed! THANKS! LOVE YOU! <'3 

Автор Basit Khan ( назад)
thats fake it doesnt work on my cmputer 

Автор Basit Khan ( назад)
thats fake it doesnt work on my cmputer

Автор ReBorner ( назад)
thanks so much because i want to listen music you are the best

Автор ‫مس جرح العيون‬‎ ( назад)
thanx so much now i am very very mean very happy thanx 

Автор musaha97 ( назад)
Damn you're fast :)

Автор kenangelo123 ( назад)
@AmirHussein123 yes it will 

Автор Amir Hussein ( назад)
does it work on windows XP 

Автор Amir Hussein ( назад)
does it work on XP 

Автор tayeulecolis ( назад)
I'm having problems with my speakers, they will play but I'm unable to
control de sound from them, I need to control it from the comp itself,
which results into a very low sound outcome. Any tips?

Автор systemofadownoao ( назад)
this vidds har no good cuz help no ingen sound come s out computere of my,
and hlep i need computer sound me.

Автор Y2JHOLIC1 ( назад)
Thnx : )

Автор kenangelo123 ( назад)
@TheCarolStreamKid It is compatible with Windows 7. Hope you will

Автор kenangelo123 ( назад)
@recyclomaster Yes, it is!!

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