How to download and install Sound Drivers

How to download and install sound drivers
Note: Download link updated!
Warning: Watch and Learn
Sound Drivers download link:
For Windows XP: http://download.cnet.com/Realtek-AC-97-Driver-Windows-98-Me-2000-XP-2003/3000-2120_4-10238712.html
For Windows 7: http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/SOUND-CARD/REALTEK/Realtek-AC-97-Audio-Driver-for-Windows-7.shtml

Please visit my site @ http://kenangelo123detected.co.nr

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Автор randy ravivann ( назад)
this does not work on Windows 10

Автор MR. SLIME ( назад)
i cant see what are you doing you are too fast for my eyes

Автор Strawberry Gamer ( назад)
Bad Comyter :P

Автор Martin Maxa ( назад)
thnx man it works thanks for tip . ;)

Автор ganjaman 407 ( назад)
Whoa!!! Slow tha fuck down man!! Did you take too much Adderall before you
made this video or what?

Автор Munal KC ( назад)
thanks for VDO

Автор Munal KC ( назад)

Автор TrappingWithEdgar ( назад)
i downloaded the software but there's no audio device for volume control

Автор Gamer Gramatik Tube ( назад)
Thank's for this video Bro !! :)

Автор Zenny Jabuen ( назад)

Автор Lucero Leyva ( назад)
Window x64 driver (Rtkvac64.sys) not found! Please help

Автор Aleksandar22ful ( назад)

Автор Konstantin Tanov ( назад)
Not working

Автор Konstantin Tanov ( назад)
It's fake

Автор Manish Pandey ( назад)
When i was installing ing software my comp autatecally shut dow:-{ please

Автор Manish Pandey ( назад)
Virus!! I gave me virus!!!

Автор Sam Hickman ( назад)
it makes me use a floppy disk

Автор ricardo yassine ( назад)
tnx mey frend

Автор Jacky Tan ( назад)
not working!!!!!!

Автор TheKingGamer9760 ( назад)
wtf is wrong with your english? and this worked for my laptop

Автор Admir Halilovic ( назад)
Dude thank u very much.

Автор energy ( назад)
are this driver for all sound card

Автор Mansourovic ( назад)
How About "No"

Автор ImANinjaNow ( назад)
no i cant see it i install it and i cant see the volume icon plzz help me

Автор Melvin Bagayas ( назад)
its trial..? or full..?

Автор DIcky Risman H ( назад)
thank`s.. it`s amazing....

Автор D.T.B. Ratnayake ( назад)
Thanks !!!!! It works now !!!!

Автор Aagii Altangerel ( назад)
Fuuuck it is now working god damn it. You tricked me

Автор Aagii Altangerel ( назад)
If it will work i can give you a HUNDREDS OF LIKE.!!!

Автор GOUTHAM REJEEV ( назад)
may god bless you

Автор slashdaddy100 ( назад)
thank you it worked

Автор kenxX00Xx ( назад)
i play roblox :D

Автор grim punisher ( назад)
Thumbs up if you see roblox at 0:29

Автор saiesh borkar ( назад)
my headphone doesnt working for this video

Автор TheIvekE ( назад)
My AVG is block it its VIRUS!

Автор TheIvekE ( назад)
Slow speed!

Автор Fortis Recens ( назад)
e evo rijesio sam problem, odnjeo kod majstora, nesta je na maticnoj usput
pregorilo a i sad mi je stari ukinuo komp tako da...

Автор Nikolce Zitosanski ( назад)
ne znam kako .. bara mi,.. da go restartiram pc i pak ne moze da se install

Автор ring4tone ( назад)
kakav ba virus nema nista!

Автор charlene Pace ( назад)
doesnt work

Автор charlene Pace ( назад)
why do u all have to go so damn fast!!!!

Автор Antonio Burić ( назад)
a jbt sta ce ti majstor ma brate ja ti to za badava

Автор 204dave204 ( назад)
Thanks this worked for me

Автор Michael lim ( назад)
huh ! tnx im also connected

Автор DeadShot_ Dzini ( назад)

Автор Strelok SIC ( назад)
trazi majstora za to

Автор Fortis Recens ( назад)
brate, kako se reinstalira windows?

Автор Strelok SIC ( назад)
brate reisntaliraj windows meni je uspelo

Автор xXBeheadedGamerXx (1025 лет назад)
special forces, soldier front same icon? different game?

Автор xXBeheadedGamerXx (1104 года назад)

Автор Nico Fehlen ( назад)

Автор haydenkiller ( назад)
i downloaded and restarted the computer but the volume thing is not thier

Автор Username ( назад)
i did this with the same program, i noob raged , i searched it on youtube
and came to this , i noob raged because i did the egsact same thing ...
untill u said that i had to restart my pc and i was '' AAwwhh , makes sence
* + thx for da help

Автор vkalishnikov ( назад)
what he means is that because we came here it means that we have problems
with our sound drivers

Автор Theon Greyjoy ( назад)
he didn't even put any sounds in the video...

Автор Maria Lalaine ( назад)
English2x pa taga pipilipinas lng pla heheheh

Автор cj alexander ( назад)

Автор Niculae Adrian ( назад)
Plz slowdown:)))

Автор kevin lin ( назад)
help me plz when i download it and install this i restarted my computer and
it says i dont have sound card plz help me

Автор Daus5095 ( назад)
thanks guy!

Автор suzuki85racer ( назад)
i hope with video doesnt take sound

Автор Branislav Manevski ( назад)
@LuckyDiceProductions That is what that for what i am talking about

Автор LuckyDiceProductions ( назад)
@KillAzzish i thinks thats why he didnt put any music on it

Автор Smiley Miley ( назад)
thankyouthankyou so much, i'm so stupid i accidentally removed the sound
hardware off my pc so i couldn't use movie maker, now i can thankyou so

Автор Ajay Kumar ( назад)
is it depends on motherboard.........

Автор Branislav Manevski ( назад)
Thumbs up if you watch this video without sound.

Автор SoupRoot ( назад)
like if ur watching this with no sound

Автор TerranixOwnzU ( назад)
Wheres the download link for vista??

Автор Softball27Love ( назад)
@MrRiley8732 i have that problem too! isnt it frustrating!?

Автор Jacob Todd ( назад)
It installed PERFECTLY!!

Автор Jacob Todd ( назад)
AWESOME LINK DUDE:). U should provide a link to dowload windows xp pro now?

Автор soraskeyblade43 ( назад)
u play roblox

Автор R ( назад)
fking trojan

Автор R ( назад)

Автор TheRembo888 ( назад)
doesnt work for me :( i install it but nothing... i have windows xp

Автор Fira777 ( назад)
The XP download did not work when I installed its stuff on my EMachines
WIndows XP. If safely and legally possible I would recommend uploading
Windows 7 (in one upload) and Windows XP (in another upload) to say like
host - a . net / no spaces I am talking about the softwares themselves. And
even I recommend if such uploads happen show the downloads are safe in a
videos I recommend. Great video also btw (by the way).

Автор D18rulez ( назад)
for XP sp3?

Автор xX5alo0odXx ( назад)
after i restarted my laptop i didnt find the volume icon please help

Автор sharbel21 ( назад)
when i install the pc restarts on the half of the installition sorry for my
bad english

Автор brandonisverybored ( назад)
1 dislike is for the mac user that can't install Realtek :D

Автор sonicX147 ( назад)
it doesnt work, do u have to use a cd or something.

Автор Motiejus Lisauskas ( назад)

Автор LightOverSoul1 ( назад)
thanks for teaching and i hope i will learn more from u... from Overdrive

Автор disneychannel611 ( назад)
you are a filipino you have an iconof special force

Автор MrCreeper150 ( назад)
Thumbs up if you knew that he speeded up the video :DDDDD

Автор Ponchozworld ( назад)
It's not working for me but since you were using a vista, I was thinking of
using the XP link and I tried the windows 7 one but I can't even download
that one. thx though

Автор Jim Waters ( назад)
screw you smartass.

Автор danyboy931 ( назад)
FUCK REALTEK AUDIO DRIVER!!! it`s the worst shit ever... so many glitches
and unresolveable probems!!!

Автор Sajeesh Moorayil ( назад)
hai i am sajeesh. I have problem with my computer sound card.. when i
checked the components and sound device, it was empty.And when i checked
the Problem devices section Realtek High Definition Audio has been
disabled. What i have to do for this problem.. How i can enable it.?

Автор James Mighty ( назад)
good video

Автор muhammadabdullah37 ( назад)
yeah man its working thanks well done dood

Автор lamsebamse462 ( назад)
it works for me! (windows 7) THANKS! i just rebooted my computer.. and
deleted my sound driver.. -.-' but now its fixed! THANKS! LOVE YOU! <'3

Автор Basit Khan ( назад)
thats fake it doesnt work on my cmputer

Автор Basit Khan ( назад)
thats fake it doesnt work on my cmputer

Автор wwefanjames02 ( назад)
@TheMegaMarowak I bought a new sound card now and my sound is good...thanks
for the reply.

Автор ReBorner ( назад)
thanks so much because i want to listen music you are the best

Автор مس جرح العيون ( назад)
thanx so much now i am very very mean very happy thanx

Автор wwefanjames02 ( назад)
I have Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 on a Dell Dimension 8300
.....again please help, I did a clean reinstall of Windows but now my Sound
in Device Manager shows a "?" what should I do?

Автор wwefanjames02 ( назад)
it says while trying to install that it is because it "has not passed
"Windows Logo" testing to verify it's compatibility with Windows XP."
Continuing the installation of this software may impair or destabilize the
correct operation of your system either immediately or in the future.
Microsoft strongly recommends that you stop the installation now and
contact the hardware vendor for software that has passed Windows Logo
testing. What should I do? Should I continue or not? Please help?!

Автор Godswordt ( назад)
the link dont work for me it says the file was not found

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