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Автор yournamehere23435 (5 лет)
is 'Mein Leben' and means 'My Life'

Автор MISANTHROPE00 (6 лет)
you where 1 yeard old when this game came out, LOL how retarded can someone

Автор warrioroftime94 (6 лет)
Tot ist mein leben!

Автор legolover123321 (6 лет)

Автор yoe91 (6 лет)
AWESOME awesome game. Thanks for posting buddy ! Really means a lot to me !
Plus, I never got to play that good !!...

Автор xDoommaster1994 (6 лет)
Since some people don't know what the Death Knight says, here is what he
says: Tot Ist Main Leben - Death Is My Life Alles Ist Verloren - All Is Lost

Автор Madsovic999 (5 лет)
yes in episode 2 are lots of mutants, it's the ep. with the mad doctor

Автор Pieterjan .vl (2 года)
I would love to have the big box game for this :)

Автор uraniumdeath (6 лет)
My two fave games are from 1992. Dune II and Star Control II. I believe
that their graphics are still awesome. Some people don't know what REAL
gaming is, when making games was about telling a story and a true passion,
and not about money. Nowadays, every kiddies movie is made into a crappy
game within two weeks, and people foolishy buy it. Gaming's peak was the
mid 90s, and from then on, it went downhill due to money being a sole
focus. Just my random thoughts.

Автор Jonah Drake (3 года)
What is the difference between this and Wolfenstein 3D?

Автор MSTVD (5 лет)
nice job man

Автор brokeanddrive (4 года)
@kulutres What's wrong with that? Caring how long ago a post was seems
pointlessly arbitrary to me.

Автор tankermottind (6 лет)
Again, you're completely missing the point. But, anyway, if you want a game
that looks better than the original Wolfenstein, Sonic 2 looks better and
ran on hardware greatly inferior to a high-end PC from 1992. And don't
forget Wing Commander II and Ultima Underworld (which had a more
sophisticated 3D renderer than Wolfenstein's) as well.

Автор Slo0pa (6 лет)
man i wish i could play this game ive played heaps and heaps of fps games
that crappy storylines so im hoping that some company will get their wits
about them and start thinking of a proper storyline. thats my thoughts

Автор asstreme2 (6 лет)
Nothing wrong with being nostalgic, but you sound like old people when you
say "In my time we had this.. Kids nowadays that".

Автор uraniumdeath (6 лет)
Totengraeber was released in 1999... To compare a game from 1992 to 1999 is
absolutely ludicrous! You're saying that "Wolfenstein's art wasn't really
that great', but what else was better AT THE TIME in 1992?! So to this day,
there will never be any WOW factor with Totengraeber, because at the time,
it looked crappo. We had Wolfenstein for seven years by then. When Wolf3D
came out, it was a case of "WOW" because there was nothing like it at that
time, ever.

Автор ihateuutube (3 года)
dang you're old i hope i never get that old

Автор BBPatterson12 (4 года)

Автор Cindy Henry (3 года)
I hate those rockets so much

Автор Cindy Henry (3 года)
Death meet real death

Автор Mortally (6 лет)
I'd like to know which games kulutres believes are "real" games. This
should be worth a couple of laughs.

Автор The Ugly Barnacle (5 лет)
The Death Knight is an epic boss. It's hard to find someone like him in a
modern FPS game..

Автор arclese1 (7 лет)
Holy hell, talk about nostalgia... Thank you for these videos. 5/5!!

Автор deadfall07 (7 лет)
DEATH IS MY LIFE! thats the translated version of what the death knight

Автор Teo Ferro (4 года)
@OldSkoolgamerz They probably don't make FPS games like this anymore...

Автор johnlewisbrooks (5 лет)
Actually it's possible to kill the boss right at the first door. I have
actually done it. Problem is that you absolutely MUST have full bullets and
health because if you don't, even if the boss dies the mutants have such a
good chance of getting you immediately after. I don't recommend that
approach. Kill the SS guard and RUN LIKE HELL to the door!

Автор Werbetraeger (6 лет)
In the original game there was a bonus lvl with so much enimies that they
started to dissepear and pop out of nowhere again xD

Автор warrioroftime94 (6 лет)
Death is my life!

Автор Trilinear (6 лет)
To DarkForces99: His death phrase is "Alles ist verloren" (All is lost)

Автор Lonnie Booth (6 лет)
Whats up? You jelous because you werent there to experience decent computer
games for the first time? Nothing wrong with being nostalgic mate.

Автор kulutres (4 года)
@brokeanddrive Because a person can drastically change within a YEAR or
two. I did. Maybe you should care because people are constantly learning

Автор Truechuser (2 года)
Duke 3D doesn't fits in a floppy, it has about 30mb, you must be mistaking
with the previous Duke Nukems.

Автор IGrubyI (6 лет)
omg ur nice in this game :D

Автор Timitimitei (6 лет)
Dead is my life :said Death Knight!

Автор RobStoj69 (7 лет)
iz this the one u did the speed run on

Автор Ludwig von Koopa (3 года)
Mainly just the new levels, the fact that the game isn't divided into
episodes, and the new bosses.

Автор phas3r (7 лет)
yeah thats the trick my dad used when i was 6.. after countless tries we
managed to beat it on death incarnate level!

Автор absofuckinglotly (5 лет)
is this the final level?

Автор CommanderLightning (6 лет)
HOLY SH[Bleep]!!!

Автор ChronoZero (6 лет)
you ain't considering, though, the fact that back in 1992 there was no
reference of how a game like this should look like (or way less reference
at least). They were pretty much starting from scratch. So, even if they
had the same resources for Totengraeber, the fact that it was in 1999 makes
a difference, as design in games has evolved a lot since the creation of
the original game, so they had more/better ideas of how to use their
limited technology and take the most out of it.

Автор Murri16 (3 года)
this has doom lay out? haha

Автор Robert Barnes (7 лет)
Woooo kill them Nazis

Автор Robloxian182 (4 года)
@Chatpage yep ^_^ (i played some FPS games when i was five, even duke nukem

Автор Liikea Stone (2 года)
Juegazo! u.u

Автор Destrillion (6 лет)
i love the sound of the chaingun, i love it

Автор Cindy Henry (3 года)
I hate those rockets

Автор DOSRetroGamer (6 лет)
i didn't know the game engine was capable of that many enemies at once..

Автор DerZenith (2 года)
Actually the advice given above is not accurate. You are NOT doomed if you
stay in the room. Open the right door without alerting the boss, and only
one SS will see you. Retreat back and hug the right side of the narrow
alley behind the ammo.. Kill off all the guards that enter and grab the
ammo as needed. Once all the guards are dead, try to run out of that small
room. This is how I do it ALL the time, and I don't/can't use sprinting -
on a mobile phone.

Автор fewds13 (4 года)
That picture of Hitler at the end is like " NOOOOO, MY SPEAR! YOU ASSHOLE!"

Автор MGMan37 (5 лет)
@Gamerdude4496 Um...it IS?

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