Dolphins vs. Steelers | Jarvis Landry vs. Antonio Brown | NFL Wild Card Weekend Previews

Tune in for the AFC Wild Card Game on Sunday, January 8 at 1:00 PM ET between the Miami Dolphins & Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Автор Andrew's Tv Show ( назад)
Here we go STEELERS here we go!!!

Автор The Channel ( назад)
Well...Steelers Win. Let's Go

Автор Brevan Keppeler ( назад)
Dolphins are gone Steelers squished the fish

Автор Dorian Reece ( назад)
for all u bitchass dolphins fans steelers won 30 to 12 we had mad sacks on y'all qb

Автор Chinsanity Chins ( назад)
Eitherway, NE has two bye weeks .

Автор c. c. ( назад)
all the dolphins fans.... "we dont need tannehill we have jay train" LMAOOO

Автор Joesph Price ( назад)
The dolphins shouldn't even be in the playoffs...but they are.I think they are not for real team there're gonna be cold in the burg.

Автор Richard Manson ( назад)
"Finds a way to put it in the PAINT", really Bucky? maybe your sports challenged but try to do more research and know your phrases and stop mixing basketball terminology with football. There is NO paint in an end zone and when they color the end zone it is a DIE, not a paint. That is a basketball phrase.

Автор KyS_ CaNaRy ( назад)
Fins up

Автор Danitza Tarwater ( назад)
steelers all the way win lose tide steelers till I died

Автор Mr Logic ( назад)

Автор Aubrey Murphy ( назад)
Good luck steelers fan but I think it's going to be a close game the Dolphins won the last game 30 to 15 GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Me TV ( назад)
Don't bet on the playoffs

Автор NeopantomIme ( назад)

Автор Charlie Perry-Patterson ( назад)
Everyone keeps underestimating Miami

Автор Mitchel Waters ( назад)
With out Ryan tanahill the dolphins are toast

Автор Toby877887 ( назад)
Let go Miami

Автор jeziel ortiz ( назад)

Автор Paid Observer ( назад)
(Sung to the tune of the Pennsylvania Polka) "We're from the town of the great football team, BOOM BOOM BOOM , We love the Pittsburgh Steelers!!"

Автор DoesNotExist305 ( назад)
It will be a close game either way. Go Dolphins!

Автор robert rowe ( назад)
Steelers are going to win

Автор JoeY Beck ( назад)
Look the sound beating by New England without Gronk is just not a good sign for the Fins. Plus the 10 points is a good sign they expect it to happen again. The only way I can see them winning is Ben gets hurt early (not saying he leaves the game because he won't leave the game if he is hurt duhhhh) or the fins somehow at the end of the game have a plus five turnover advantage ( I don't care how they get them created by D or just fluke unbelievable freakish chance they all count). Stay warm my friends!

Автор James Seward ( назад)
Steelers are my pick to win

Автор Eljay Swiling ( назад)
Letz go Steelers

Автор ThreeBears Sandoval ( назад)
he didn't hit hi tower..high tower was hit by his own team mate..duh

Автор Terrell Oliver ( назад)
I'm feeling an upset

Автор steve neil ( назад)
Ben Roethlisberger has thrown 6 interceptions in his last 4 games he played and meanwhile Brady has just thrown just 2 the whole season. If I was the phins I have a better chance in turnover ratio with the steelers than with the patriots 🤔

Автор David Fact ( назад)
As a 1.texan,2.cowboy,3.dolphin fan i hope the steelers lose :)

Автор Bawcoli ( назад)
Dolphins gonna be shitting themselves in the cold... Lol gg

Автор StussyVFX ( назад)
my dolphins gonna win

Автор Cody Williams ( назад)
hey what channel is this game gonna be on

Автор xxDubstepGamerxx ( назад)
Steelers are gonna win

Автор Necro Luster ( назад)
You smell that? I smell dolphin fin soup! James Harrison is cooking and ready to serve!
Here we go Steelers, here we go! *clap clap*

Автор chesty USMC ( назад)
go dolphins

Автор OkayNiceOne ( назад)
Should be an easy break, and breeze for Steelers.

Автор el de la g ( назад)
I hope the dolphins humiliate the Steelers

Автор Sam Thompsom ( назад)

Автор Gizelle Lewis ( назад)
steelers baby all the way

Автор Paul Pilone ( назад)
Dolphins defense needs to alternate between 4/3 and 3/4 schemes, while disguising blitzes. This will confuse the little B, and take away ALL underneath Crap he throws, while limiting baby Bell to minor yards. Make little B beat you over the top. Yes he will get a few, but he will also throw a few picks as well. Drop Suh and Wake into screen coverage on blitzes to eliminate screen passes or quick slants. Keep your Big hands up D- Line.

Ok, offense, use delays, draws etc to take advantage of the Steelers d aggressiveness. Little dump passes for short yards, bang J train right up the gut repeatedly wear out those big boys up front for later on exhaustion. Landry and Parker...don't just run the route...drift, find openings for Moore.

Lastly, Coaches...cover your freckin lips!! People can read lips Rookies!! Go Phinz!

Автор J Finz ( назад)
Dolphins in this game... Jay Ajayi is going to have his way!

Автор Josh Koenigsmann ( назад)
Pittsburgh is going to expect my dolphins to choke because we don't have Ryan, but what they fail to understand is that we haven't been in a playoff game since 08. We will be on fire, we will go all the way, and we WILL win this game! No doubt in my mind. GO FINZ

Автор Jonathon Stone ( назад)
Miami Dolphins 35
Steelers 0

Big Ben Rapistburger hopefully gets his leg broke all the way this time by SUH

Автор Jim Garling ( назад)
steeler are going to go fill hardcore on the dolphins

Автор jayamazing10 ( назад)
Texans fan here dolphins you got this get revenge on new england

Автор World Hayes ( назад)
go fins

Автор Billy Michalowski ( назад)
Steelers 23 Dolphins 17

Автор Drew Pidj ( назад)
everything that everyone thinks they know about this game- stop. 90℅ of people think Pittsburgh is going to win. think back to the 18-0 pats...

Автор Connie B ( назад)
On paper it's Steelers. But the game isn't played on paper or virtual reality or game reality; It's played on the field in whatever weather yo mama nature decides to dish out in southern Pennsylvania. I hope she , yo mama nature ,that is , wasn't one of the ones Trump molested. She might take it out on y'all who put that sick bastard in the White House. Of course Florida dun it too, so either one of you will just get crushed next week anyways. Play on. Entertain me.

Автор abu hassan ( назад)

Автор luz antonio ( назад)

Автор Aisi&Sani Asiasiga ( назад)
My phins will rise... Too bad polamalu ain't there to help u steeler

Автор Terrill tyler ( назад)
In week 6 game preview they said they were gonna blow us out but look what happened we dominated #Finsup Histroy Will repeat itself

Автор Jimmy vet ( назад)
The big 3 for the Steelers did not play during the regular season hints the blow out we seen. Steelers win this one 28 to 17.

Автор Larry The Mighty Eagle ( назад)
Miami Dolphins 30 - 28 Pittsburgh Steelers

Автор JayChocolate Games1 ( назад)

Автор USA- USA ( назад)
Go Fins!!!!

Автор Dane McCray ( назад)
Let's Go Pittsburgh Steelers Beat Miami Dolphins 45to14 and Win The Super Bowl Championship This Year Here We Go

Автор PapaJ ( назад)
Stealers will deep fry the dolphins

Автор Oscar Mendoza ( назад)
dolphins R going to pull off a upset Jay ayaji Jarvis Landry ndaukong suh

Автор Glen Morris ( назад)
running backs don't face off

Автор Glen Morris ( назад)
wide receivers don't face off.

Автор T- LO ( назад)
dolphins and Texans gonna win then the Texans beats the cheifs... again and the dolphins upset the patriots. the AFC championship will be dolphins vs Texans and the Texans will advance to the Superbowl at home!!! watch it happen

Автор Jarrett Lesane ( назад)
That or Roethlisberger is gonna get Injured...again

Автор Jarrett Lesane ( назад)
Im hoping the Steelers win this game but im pretty sure the Dolphins are gonna play hard

Автор Bill Yates ( назад)
Miami is going to surprise everybody once again!  Go Dolphins!

Автор David The Typical Gamer ( назад)
Dolphins 27Steelers 28

Автор Alana Marko ( назад)
with Jay ajayi and Matt Moore yeah dolphins got my bet and the fact that they already injured rothlesburger lol and doubled them on what they scored I think if you wager money on dolphins you'll be a happy camper odds look good and it's football I ain't taking the favourite I say it's gonna be a high scoring affair 2 I'm predicting a 35-31 final

Автор AD. Fly. ( назад)

Автор AD. Fly. ( назад)

Автор add marx ( назад)
Dolphins 34 Pittsburgh 24

Автор Darrion Demase ( назад)
42-24 steelers. ajayi is consistent, Moore won't perform in playoffs, and their d sucks. whereas the steelers have the most clutch qb in the nfl and the only one maybe better is brady, the best rb, and the best wr. we have one of the best lb cores in the game. our only weakness is cockrell.

Автор TBT oHYBRID ( назад)
Dolphins proved they could score vs bills.. Dolphins 34 Steelers 17

Автор Bo Shank ( назад)
Dolphin with win this one.it with be a good win for us...

Автор Jesus Gonzalez ( назад)
dolphins are going to beat the steelers

Автор Miami 13 Dolphins ( назад)

Автор Moe Gormley ( назад)
Go steelers

Автор Jiysa ‹ ( назад)
Black & yellow 🙏

Автор Max Wurst ( назад)
packers giants tickets as low as $103! lol

Автор Spencer Lannigan ( назад)
they dont talk about are D fins up

Автор Daniel Napoles ( назад)
i like both teams but i would go with miami because they havent been in the playoffs in a few years

Автор Tomas4life ( назад)
Imagine if we still had E.Sanders and Martavis Bryant wans't suspended this year.That reciever lineup along with Antonio Brown would be crazy

Автор Dem Canes01 ( назад)
The J 🚂 is heading north 🐬🐬

Автор Kacy's Kastle ( назад)
It will take a miracle from God for Dolphins to win.... 1.Ben R. is healthy this game. 2. Tannehill isn't playing. 3. Dolphins missing both cb's. 4. Starting lb is hurt as well. 5. Playing in frigid cold being a warm weather team. Like I said...Act of God.

Автор Jason Stavros ( назад)
Dolphins gonna win.....again

Автор Willie Dunbar ( назад)
this is game will be close

Автор Lilsonny HighLights ( назад)
Steelers win 34 - 3

Автор Martin Bailey ( назад)
The defense is going to be our biggest problem. I don't know why everyone is talking about quarterbacks and wide-receivers. Think about how we have like 5 people out. Most of those people are from our secondary. We may be able to play well on offense, but I have no clue how we can do anything with those awful linebackers. Even Kiko hasn't been doing anything good recently.

Автор Ryan Shazier #PATCH #50hunnit #NoRunZone ( назад)
Steelers winning no questions asked #NoRunZone. Jay ain't doing it again

Автор Ryan Shazier #PATCH #50hunnit #NoRunZone ( назад)
Steelers winning no questions asked #NoRunZone. Jay ain't doing it again

Автор Enzo Gonzalez-Abreu ( назад)

Автор Jonathan Gonzalez-Paniagua ( назад)
31-30 steelers

Автор Tod T. ( назад)
Steelers all the way

Автор vincent farrentino ( назад)
go STEELERS get that 7th ring

Автор TheTyler701 ( назад)
If Dolphins win the play NE. Rip.

Автор Eddie Arroyo ( назад)
Dolphins Finna win

Автор Markquel Smith ( назад)

Автор BossFlipping4 Bottles ( назад)
Steelers 31 Dolphins 17

Автор Joey Torres ( назад)
We gone see, #Dolphins

Автор The Mageech ( назад)
They always say "You can't beat a great team twice" but who cares. Go Dolphins!!!!!!!! 34-31

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