Lightning OTF Double Action Knife Kit Instructions


Out of the Front - Double Action
Full Auto Knife

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Автор kx250v6stang ( назад)
what torn size bit does it take

Автор Tobias Thuesen ( назад)
Just got mine and it was super easy to assemble. I'm surprised at the
quality, considering the low price. 

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
Yeah, not a problem, email me.

Автор enjoiorange ( назад)
would it be possible to order a kit with the red handle

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
@minerman007 You have to pry it out, a flat chisel is best with a hammer.

Автор Matt Denham ( назад)
how do you get the pin out to remove the blade 

Автор tony g ( назад)

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
I don't have any on those sorry.

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
This model is the one made in Taiwan and I only carry the one from Taiwan
at this time.

Автор 3RiversMI ( назад)
Is yours a Taiwan or China model? Any way to reduce the blade wiggle? It is
mostly front to back. Thanks for the great customer service on my knife and

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
That knife is alright, alot of my friends use this knife day to day, it
takes abuse and works well.

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
Yeah it is cheap, the original Microtech Scarab is $500 or so big
difference. The Taiwan version is a decent knife but no where in the league
as high grade items.

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
The model made in Taiwan is good the model from China has bladeplay. So buy
the one from Taiwan.

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
They are sold either way, just depends what you want.

Автор KileyRamiro ( назад)
wen u buy the knife does it cum assembled or do u have to do it urself...
or can u buy the kit and the knife

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
I told you it sits in between the handle sides and the chasis is the part
that the trigger tab connects to and the chasis is where the extertion
spring assembly fits on with the larger tab on the back so it can catch the
blade from the bottom to deploy it. The chasis slides to push the stop
locks to allow it to open and close. The entire system is under tension in
both position and the stop pins are what locks it. If it goes off track
then you pull the blade to reset it. BUY IT and see

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
No the chasis sits above the blade in a grove of the bottom handle just
like in the video.

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
Did you watch the video? Sounds like you didn't. The bottom tab on the
spring when attached to the chasis pushes against the blade, the chasis
moves and then moves the locks so the knife can open. Then reversed to
close, there is alot of things going on. You sound like you have no idea
and didn't watch this video. Your reference to a spring with contact to the
blade is for a single action model and not a double action one like the

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
They don't. They are fixed to the aluminum chasis which the button tab
slides back and forth. Watch the video.

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
What? The bigger tab on the spring goes to the bottom of the aluminum
chasis can only be installed when the blade is not locked into position. It
can not be locked in the closed position or the open position when putting
it together. Once assembled then you pull the blade into place. If you can
not move the button then you tightened the screws way to tight.

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
Ofcourse, just like any knife, oil is your best friend. It will safe the
knife from the elements and will ensure smooth operation of the channel and
on the extertion coil as well, spraying into the knife while close is the
best maintenance.

Автор NickPech ( назад)
wat needs to be done to maintain a lightning? any cleaning or oiling or
anything like that?

Автор darren lei (1059 лет назад)
i wish theyd give the knife a better handle

Автор Evan Brazille ( назад)
Thanks, I just bought the boker magnum conversion kit.

Автор RoadsideImports LLC ( назад)
Not a problem, you can check out the instructions for the Thrasher model as
well, same design just a dual edge blade, JB>

Автор Evan Brazille ( назад)
very helpful thanks.

Автор AdamXXXPl0x ( назад)
I think any video showing how to assemble knife deserves alot of credit.
Shows everybody something. Good video JB.

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