The Panzer song from the Battle of Bulge

Das Panzerlied (The Tank song) from the Battle of Bulge
(movie: Battle of the Bulge)

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Автор Sword of Pendragon (1 месяц)
"They are ready to die for you. Can you ask more?"

Автор Barry Allen (1 месяц)
Wonder if they were singing this on the Russian Front when the Red Army's
T34's were blowing the bollocks off Panzers?

Автор Jan Aike (10 месяцев)
It is important to understand that there was HUGE difference between
Hitler's SS and the Wehrmacht. My grandfather told me very clearly that
Wehrmacht soldiers even despised these "arrogant" SS troops because they
thought they were something special. The Wehrmacht fought for Germany, the
SS fought for Hitler.

Автор Reichspropagandaminister Führer Guzman (8 месяцев)
My grandfather served in the LSSAH, 1st SS Panzer Division. He misses the
good old days......so do I!

Автор John short (1 месяц)

Автор Asskicka420 (3 дня)
The German people did what they felt they had to do regardless of politics.
Weather you were for Hitler or not. Yes some Germans were scum and deserved
what they got. But most of Germany was brainwashed and mislead, and lied to
since well for over a decade. Not all Germans were bad. But they did fight
for the heritage of Germany itself especially after how disgraced and
mistreated they were after WW1, just like we would ours. Unfortunately the
Nazis were evil and not everyone realized or knew how bad it really was. I
respect most of the German soldiers for fighting for there Country like I
would mine. Regardless weather what they were fighting for was wrong or
not. But damn the Nazis i tell you.

Автор zenoist2 (2 месяца)
Makes me want to puke.

Автор 13thBear (7 дней)
Hate Nazism, but damn! This is a stirring song! Raises goosebumps!

Автор 56bluegold (7 дней)
I have always liked that Song !

Автор Greyswyndir (1 месяц)
Why is it that I cannot up-vote a comment with no votes? And why can I not
down-vote a comment I disagree with? Thank you, in advance. By the way, I
wish more people would do the whole "Google+" thing so that I could respond
to their comments. The developers did a really bad job with YouTube and
Google+. The interface is really confusing and chaotic.

Автор Liamv4696 (22 дня)
Everyone here needs to watch the "Smith & Jones Nazi generals" video
My god it's so accurate.

Автор Mike Alesi (16 дней)
im asking about war,,,and youre giving me show tunes??? you friggin
sprocket freak boot wearin bitch boys

Автор Pedro Portela (20 дней)
Does someone know the lyrics of this?

Автор Freddy Lejeune (24 дня)
Sadly, the murder of American prisoners by the German soldfiers is a fact
as wellas the Belgian civilians,. No amount of denial will bring the
victims back. I agree with some that the German people will be forever
blemished through their following Hitler to the end. The Holocaust of
GermanJews deported started with theNazi decision to steal their homes and
give them to theGermans who had lost theirs in the Bombing by theAllies
oftheir homes in Hamburg. in l941.

Автор ArfPaws (18 дней)
Magnificent. What a terrible shame these men were against us. A terrible,
terrible shame. Remove the atrocities done by the SS and you're left with
a beautiful warrior spirit held aloft by a proud people.

Автор Xerxes 450 (7 месяцев)
Waffen SS Panzerdivision , the best unit ever in the military history of
20th century

Автор SPAD58 (1 месяц)
Oh those Nazi's were jack offs but their uniforms were great!

Автор Sten-Åke Dahl (1 месяц)
Hitlers fear of jews rose when the jewish bolsjeviks tried to take over
Germany and he began to look at them as a threat. When Stalins massmurders
were known he decided to crush the jews. He was not an anti semit during

Автор David Varela (1 месяц)
sing... LOUDER!...

Автор Freddy Lejeune (20 дней)
Leider Die Deutschen , SS Soldaten , waren Kriegsverbrecher. Die haben
Belgien erschossen, in La Plante . Leider waren Sie die schlechtes des
Deutschen Volk, Die waren schlimmer gangsters als der Papst gesagt hatte.

Автор BillusBallus von Megapolis (1 месяц)
Ok. This one may fail the politically correct... the historically correct
and the germans amongst us may choke a bit on the american accent....

But I love this film and drove my cohorts mad with this as a rongtone for
about a year

The Panzer song from the Battle of Bulge: http://youtu.be/CripLDmoSCg

Автор zenoist2 (1 месяц)
Its lucky Hitler wasn't proud of his Austrian Jewish heritage and went
about exterminating the germans as a race eh?
And did his best to wipe anyone of the remotest German ancestry off the
face of the earth?
Get those Germans in those gas chambers!
You're German?
That means instant death then because you are the scum of the earth because
I , Hitler, say so.
Shot by firing squad and buried in mass graves and later cremated in
massive ovens because its faster.

Автор William Hall (1 месяц)
Hitler wasn't a bad man, after all he did kill Hitler

Автор Maxvolume123 (3 месяца)
All I need now is English subtitles.

Автор BigDon62 (5 месяцев)
My Old Man appreciated that some of The British Tanks he serviced during
WWII came up against these fellows.

Автор Yazzy O'Brien (1 месяц)
what a song

Автор EmperorPangulo (1 месяц)

Автор sarah evans (26 дней)
best tune ever long live the fartherland

Автор isukaman (9 месяцев)
I like the German song from "Casablanca" better.

Автор Adam Brady (1 месяц)
for a minute there, I thought they were the LAPD...

Автор ZINCOVIX8754. (3 месяца)
Robert Shaw.Legend.

Автор Steven Kelly (2 месяца)
Yeah I'm sad I missed killing nazis

Автор Zacq768 (1 месяц)
This is cool, the wermacht and luftwaffe were some badass soldiers. 

Автор Roger Olson (5 месяцев)
the Old man there , with the scar on his face , was wounded in the
Eastern front. 

Автор zenoist2 (1 месяц)
Hitlers grandmother was a jew, plenty enough reason to send him to be
gassed and cremated and join the 6 million or so dead as a mere statistic
that people cannot grasp unless it has some personal story in it.

Автор rigoletto92111 (4 месяца)
Robert Shaw's as a performance was chilling. Was he a cross between Hasso
von Manteuffel and Jochim Piper in the film?

Автор mark carey (2 месяца)
Heil Fegelein!

Автор Carl Rikard (11 месяцев)
Waffen ss were men of honour the mentally deranged and criminals ran the

Автор Jack Betz (2 месяца)
Far to fine to be wasted for the dreams of a mad dog and the fools that
thought they could control him

Автор Silberdachs (1 месяц)
Worst war film ever.

Автор james goy (2 месяца)
dose any one know what the words to the song is in englash.i know it is a
battle song and i all ways new it involved tanks but what is the

Автор Alan A.C. Paredes (20 дней)

Автор VictorLepanto (2 месяца)
The Nazis sure loved to sing. If there had been a European Idol back then,
there would have been no WWII.

Автор Sten-Åke Dahl (3 месяца)
One could believe the tank battles were still raging and the production
going on!

Автор BlueBoy0316 (2 месяца)
Oh it does my heart good to see Nazi character development...

Автор shoottothrill1 (2 месяца)
Love this song even if the film was just daft !

Автор Robert Elliott (2 месяца)
The Panzer song from the Battle of Bulge: http://youtu.be/CripLDmoSCg

Автор German Del (27 дней)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор the82spartans (10 месяцев)
Fuhrer leadership fail.

Ukraine 1941... repeating in 2014.

Автор sgauden02 (1 месяц)
You have to admit, this song is badass.

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