The Panzer song from the Battle of Bulge

Das Panzerlied (The Tank song) from the Battle of Bulge
(movie: Battle of the Bulge)

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Автор Sten-Åke Dahl (4 месяца)
Fantastic discussions after this video! How can we understand what happened
if we forget the deep fear of Stalin and Soviet? Without Stalin and his
jewish bolsjeviks there had been no naziz. Probably a democratic Germany
and a democratic Russia with a tzarfamily like the british royalties. We
are still afraid of Stalin who killed the Devil and took his place! That
man really damaged the world.

Автор Reichspropagandaminister Führer Guzman (5 месяцев)
My grandfather served in the LSSAH, 1st SS Panzer Division. He misses the
good old days......so do I!

Автор StudSupreme (5 месяцев)
I would bet this song is illegal to sing in Germany today. If memory
serves, many of the wartime songs sung by the Wehrmacht were outlawed after
the war.

Автор Mark Novak (16 дней)
Makes a bloke wish he had a Panther G sitting in the garage.

Автор Frank Ackerman (2 месяца)
My great cousin Willy Burke (I called him uncle Willy), was a member of the
1st Panzer Division, Regiment 1, Company B of the German Wehrmacht. The 1st
Panzer Division was the origin of all the other panzer divisions including
the SS divisions. It was originally a training and testing division which
fought on multiple fronts. It's symbol was a single oak leaf. My uncle
fought in France, Greece and the Russian Front where he was captured on the
outskirts of Berlin. He didn't fight for Hitler or NAZISM, he fought for
his homeland, Germany. He was the radio man and machine gunner in a
Panzerkampfwagen IV H and a Hetzer tank destroyer (Panzerzertörer). He
spent several years in a Russian prisoner of war camp just outside of
Stalingrad, or what was left of Stalingrad. They would often sing this song
among others at the 1st Panzer Division reunions. It was extremely
interesting to hear some of his stories about the war.

Автор ZINCOVIX8754. (1 день)
Robert Shaw.Legend.

Автор Freddy Lejeune (6 месяцев)
In the Battle of the Bulge which I survived as a youth 12 years old, the
SS murdered hundreds of Belgiuan civilians. Sorry but it happened and I saw
the corpses then. The SS soldiers were brutes, and definitely when they
were found guilty as a criminal organization, I saw personally thier
victims; witnerssing the fatal death of the civilians, none who were
jewish,has still been a very painful memory. Sorry, the writer who
glorifies the SSsimply would not understand their criminality since he has
this idea glorified by a marching son. The SS soldiers may have been
regular citizens before they were turned into brutes for the fuhere. The
oath of the SS soldier and their allegiance was not to their country , but
Adolf Hitler ., a fact.

Автор Dan Post (1 месяц)
Wasn't the German Tank commander actually a Russian Actor

Автор Jan Aike (6 месяцев)
It is important to understand that there was HUGE difference between
Hitler's SS and the Wehrmacht. My grandfather told me very clearly that
Wehrmacht soldiers even despised these "arrogant" SS troops because they
thought they were something special. The Wehrmacht fought for Germany, the
SS fought for Hitler.

Автор Sten-Åke Dahl (7 часов)
One could believe the tank battles were still raging and the production
going on!

Автор Robe Lee (1 месяц)
I prefer the International

Автор Sten-Åke Dahl (6 месяцев)
The tank battles in ww2 stood between Soviet and Germany. Soviet is the
real country of tanks. The russians love tanks and seem to be born i them.
The western countries couldn´t match the german tanks and the british and
american tank crews became pitiful lambs to be slaughtered.

Автор Rasenkantenschneider (2 месяца)
Like Some comments here Saying : singing this Song and many others in
Germany Is illegal. Greetings from Germany 

Автор JagdActor1 (5 месяцев)

Автор David Weaver (2 месяца)
What is the English translation

Автор TheLoyalOfficer (1 день)
Bad ass, but depleted mofos!

Автор BigDon62 (2 месяца)
My Old Man appreciated that some of The British Tanks he serviced during
WWII came up against these fellows.

Автор Claude legio (4 дня)

Автор Freddy Lejeune (6 месяцев)
i was there.

Автор isukaman (6 месяцев)
I like the German song from "Casablanca" better.

Автор Carl Rikard (8 месяцев)
Waffen ss were men of honour the mentally deranged and criminals ran the

Автор Penny Marisse (9 дней)
That is a lovely song, for a young group of army buddies, to share the
friendship, & develop a group goal. But every nationality has the same
idea, but in a different language. The Russians called it a comrade. It is
better to just be friends, & forget about all this war shit.

Автор lyle holland (19 дней)
Makes me proud of my German heritage as an American. Love this.

Автор Johnny bizaro (18 дней)
Very good movie. I appreciate the song. Though not based on reality but
captured the ideology of the time. 

Автор rigoletto92111 (1 месяц)
Robert Shaw's as a performance was chilling. Was he a cross between Hasso
von Manteuffel and Jochim Piper in the film?

Автор the82spartans (6 месяцев)
Fuhrer leadership fail.

Ukraine 1941... repeating in 2014.

Автор retsdon (11 дней)
And they got fucked up at Kursk and Caen. Good.

Автор Sebastian Bugar (12 дней)
Panzerlied! Rommel´s favourite song! My favourite song!

Автор tastyhorses (16 дней)
I just read where das panzerlied was written for this movie. it couldn't
have been rommels favorite.

Автор Kurt Wilkendorff (3 месяца)

Автор Abdlz Alhatheen (21 день)
Glory nazi 

Автор Horace Ball (1 месяц)
My great grandfather made a fortune in World War 2 making K knives. His
name was Abe Cohen.

Автор Bill the sword guy (3 месяца)
Wonder where the band was hiding?

Автор steven romero (6 месяцев)
Mr Churchill, I will have to respectfully dispute you. Yes crimes were made
on all sides. The SS took it to new heights with such blind devotion and
zeal. Not on combatants, which I can clearly understand. But on a people.
Not adult males of military ages. But women and children. It wasn't enough
to just kill them wholesale. But degraded them as well as humiliate and
make money off thier possession or thier remains. No other military service
has even come close to such atrocity's. Now pushing 75 plus years. You and
others say or equate that the SS was just another service.
I was not there. Many of my reletives were. I grew up of them telling of
the smell from 5 miles away. The first hand wittness account. I will
wittness for those who can no longer. I do challenge you or anyone else to
knock me off this moral high ground.

Автор frommyLp (3 месяца)
funny how english peopels can sing very easy german :D

Автор Zip Zenac (29 дней)
Commander: 'Jews, too many Jews....
General: Ze first cheating vill turn zem into good land stealers.
Commander: In ze old days I lived among zem and could teach zem good. Zess
are strangers...from the old USSR...fleeing Putin...Jews. Too many Jews.
General: Zey have never tasted work.
Commander: Do zey know what is expected of zem?
General: Zey are ready to lie and cheat for you. Can you ask more?

Автор fatpigbatcrusader (3 месяца)
Brave Men on both sides, Allies and Germans! And today we will suffer the
Jews influence of Marxism on all of our Countries, to our detriment because
we wouldn't listen then, Zionist deception, kin against kin!

Автор Christian Hansen (1 месяц)

Автор agis lax (3 месяца)
they fought well... to the last man they deserve respect the german army
not the nazis.

Автор groch2900 (1 месяц)
jakieś pruskie pierdoły,
choć melodia zacna

Автор 1happimac (1 месяц)
i think even a jewish guy would feel patriotic listening to this song...

Автор Roger Olson (1 месяц)
the Old man there , with the scar on his face , was wounded in the
Eastern front. 

Автор Arthur Walker (1 месяц)
its not about the past to blame brave men and women , the young of today
must not make the mistakes our fathers made, we still feel guilt for,we
served in our time, and respect these brave soldiers, who fought for
freedom, and the belief they were right,and they were,look at the state of
europe to day, god bless the dead.

Автор JIM2oob (1 месяц)
Robert Shaw was fantastic in this film ... esp. in his final tank charge w.
Panzer song finale. Also great in 'From Russia With Love', 'The Sting',
'Jaws'. 'Black Sunday' .. whatever film he was in. Accomplished writer too.

Автор littlelindman (1 год)
For the Love of Odin Shut up, We did this with the help of others...
SoWhoop the wooh!

Автор paul HOOPER (1 год)
rip robert shaw

Автор SKYDORMER (10 месяцев)

Автор Woozler554 (11 месяцев)
The Nazis were the Nazis. The German Army was the German Army. There is a
big difference.

Автор jose maximiliano gomez cantu (1 год)
a soldier, is just one more tool

Автор WPSent (1 год)
This is a song about tanks and their crews enduring the elements. Not "Herr
Derr Nazis!"

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