The Panzer song from the Battle of Bulge

Das Panzerlied (The Tank song) from the Battle of Bulge
(movie: Battle of the Bulge)

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Автор isukaman (4 месяца)
I like the German song from "Casablanca" better.

Автор Jan Aike (5 месяцев)
It is important to understand that there was HUGE difference between
Hitler's SS and the Wehrmacht. My grandfather told me very clearly that
Wehrmacht soldiers even despised these "arrogant" SS troops because they
thought they were something special. The Wehrmacht fought for Germany, the
SS fought for Hitler.

Автор StudSupreme (4 месяца)
I would bet this song is illegal to sing in Germany today. If memory
serves, many of the wartime songs sung by the Wehrmacht were outlawed after
the war.

Автор JagdActor1 (4 месяца)

Автор Carl Rikard (6 месяцев)
Waffen ss were men of honour the mentally deranged and criminals ran the

Автор Freddy Lejeune (4 месяца)
i was there.

Автор Cannibal713 (7 месяцев)
Rousing song. Makes me want to blitzkreig across France.

Автор Reichspropagandaminister Führer Guzman (3 месяца)
My grandfather served in the LSSAH, 1st SS Panzer Division. He misses the
good old days......so do I!

Автор the82spartans (5 месяцев)
Fuhrer leadership fail.

Ukraine 1941... repeating in 2014.

Автор Sten-Åke Dahl (4 месяца)
The tank battles in ww2 stood between Soviet and Germany. Soviet is the
real country of tanks. The russians love tanks and seem to be born i them.
The western countries couldn´t match the german tanks and the british and
american tank crews became pitiful lambs to be slaughtered.

Автор steven romero (5 месяцев)
Mr Churchill, I will have to respectfully dispute you. Yes crimes were made
on all sides. The SS took it to new heights with such blind devotion and
zeal. Not on combatants, which I can clearly understand. But on a people.
Not adult males of military ages. But women and children. It wasn't enough
to just kill them wholesale. But degraded them as well as humiliate and
make money off thier possession or thier remains. No other military service
has even come close to such atrocity's. Now pushing 75 plus years. You and
others say or equate that the SS was just another service.
I was not there. Many of my reletives were. I grew up of them telling of
the smell from 5 miles away. The first hand wittness account. I will
wittness for those who can no longer. I do challenge you or anyone else to
knock me off this moral high ground.

Автор tom thumb (6 месяцев)
why don't you follow H in death and prove your true loyalty.. Nazi

Автор Robe Lee (8 часов)
I prefer the International

Автор Freddy Lejeune (4 месяца)
In the Battle of the Bulge which I survived as a youth 12 years old, the
SS murdered hundreds of Belgiuan civilians. Sorry but it happened and I saw
the corpses then. The SS soldiers were brutes, and definitely when they
were found guilty as a criminal organization, I saw personally thier
victims; witnerssing the fatal death of the civilians, none who were
jewish,has still been a very painful memory. Sorry, the writer who
glorifies the SSsimply would not understand their criminality since he has
this idea glorified by a marching son. The SS soldiers may have been
regular citizens before they were turned into brutes for the fuhere. The
oath of the SS soldier and their allegiance was not to their country , but
Adolf Hitler ., a fact.

Автор Sten-Åke Dahl (2 месяца)
Fantastic discussions after this video! How can we understand what happened
if we forget the deep fear of Stalin and Soviet? Without Stalin and his
jewish bolsjeviks there had been no naziz. Probably a democratic Germany
and a democratic Russia with a tzarfamily like the british royalties. We
are still afraid of Stalin who killed the Devil and took his place! That
man really damaged the world.

Автор Freddy Lejeune (4 месяца)
The SS were thetroops engaged in the Battle of the Bulge. In fact several
of them were put on trial for their part in murdering American soldiers
who had surrendered ,near Malm'edy. In addition, several SS murdered
Belgian civiliansd who had sought refuge from the battle in their home
basements. The ir bodies were filmed right after they were discovered
assassinated. True, song may be irrelevant, but it led soldiers to kill
civilians and prisoners.

Автор BigDon62 (24 дня)
My Old Man appreciated that some of The British Tanks he serviced during
WWII came up against these fellows.

Автор Kurt Wilkendorff (1 месяц)

Автор Xerxes 450 (2 месяца)
Waffen SS Panzerdivision , the best unit ever in the military history of
20th century

Автор fatpigbatcrusader (2 месяца)
Brave Men on both sides, Allies and Germans! And today we will suffer the
Jews influence of Marxism on all of our Countries, to our detriment because
we wouldn't listen then, Zionist deception, kin against kin!

Автор frommyLp (1 месяц)
funny how english peopels can sing very easy german :D

Автор Bill the sword guy (1 месяц)
Wonder where the band was hiding?

Автор OnlyMusic T (3 месяца)
2:50 , playback

Автор TheSteamtramman (7 месяцев)
Staff officers (red tabs) are a different animal to the fighting men; too
often, especially in Cambodia they gave us aircrew impossible tasks, taking
44 brave men (many ex Waffen SS or Freiwilligen troops of '44/45) to their
death because some stupid general was still fighting in Verdun. But always
there was singing.....

Автор saburu sakai (2 месяца)
So fantastic. One of the greatest scenes from any war movie ever filmed. I
saw it the first week it was out at Ft. Rucker Alabama, theatre was full of
Army guys training for Nam. Thanx for taking me to see that Dad.

Автор Ichigo Gyuunyu (8 месяцев)
Military life is so alien from civilian life. There's this amazing sense of
brotherhood between these men, as well as a contemptuous sense of humor
that would make the Anons of 4chan blush, at least in the US Marines

Автор agis lax (2 месяца)
they fought well... to the last man they deserve respect the german army
not the nazis.

Автор steven romero (5 месяцев)
Carl, These so called men of honor. Are the motherfuckers that massacred
POW's at Malmedy, Cane and other places along thier lines of retreat. They
were hard core Nazi booger eaters sold on the idea that they were doing
right for thier Furrer. They swore an oath, not to a country. But to a
person. And Pox his name. 

Автор Sten-Åke Dahl (2 месяца)
The problem is as usual the WILD DANCE AROUND THE GOLDEN CALF! Jews, or
better, the hebrew descendants, are the best dancers. GOD, or maybe JAHVE
volcanogod, allways punish us for such misbehavior.

Автор Robert Walls (7 месяцев)
Only REAL warriors of combat military units will ever truly understand how
politics makes absolutely zero difference during war. You fight for your
own survival & the man to your right and left. I never thought about
Republican or Democrat agendas during my days in Iraq, but some asshole
stateside with an opinion will think we do. Enjoy your right to post an
opinion, I buried my friends so you can have that ability.

Автор john kosmidis (7 месяцев)
this + Wot/Tiger I = 15 dead enemy tanks

Автор Aldi Musich (6 месяцев)
Hahah English propaganda once again!
Germans tanks in WW2 were superior to that of the rat shit American and
English tanks. But anyway not all Germans were not nazis some where just
average soldiers eg. The Wehrmacht. 

Автор Ernst Becker (1 месяц)
What a bunch of Swinehunden .................

Автор LiberalTears (8 месяцев)
Much respect to all German soldiers in WWII, your cause was valiant. RIP to

Автор Cor Denneman Heilscher (5 месяцев)
A still striking and stunning part of the impressive movie 'The battle of
the Bulge'... Band of brothers, yes indeed !

Автор Randy Neal (8 месяцев)
Germany spread there self to thin. Trying to fight on to many fronts. If
they had invaded England things may have been different. The German high
command had to fight with one hand behind its back and the other hand tied
to their balls. Luckily Hitler wasn't a skillful leader. 

Автор Susanne Cavendish (5 месяцев)
Believe, Fight and Victory, words on the wall behind them. If we didn't
believe, fight and want victory as much as they did, we'd be drinking
schnapps. That's not meant to be funny. We have an enemy just like that,
further east. Just not as sophisticated. What do you believe, what are you
willing to fight for, to the ends of victory?

Автор Rasenkantenschneider (29 дней)
Like Some comments here Saying : singing this Song and many others in
Germany Is illegal. Greetings from Germany 

Автор Robert Weber (7 месяцев)
The Panzer song is alright but think of all the misery during the battle of
the bulge. Young untrained German teenagers were fighting a war which was
already lost but fanatic Nazi officers in command were thinking otherwise!

Автор Rupert Loseby (1 месяц)
Such a demanding tune - Wish we had that here in the UK

Автор Gisela Baird (3 месяца)
reply to stud supreme,,,this is tru,,the germany of today is not what it
was,,,what a shame,,,at least my generation had guts,,,my father also
served in ww2,,,

Автор Colton Kimler (5 месяцев)
they killed pows at malmedy while their cities, like Dresden, were being
terror bombed and women and children incinerated in a firestorm. spare me
your sanctimonious bullshit. millions of german pow's were purposefully
starved to death POST war. the waffen ss were the greatest soldiers ever to
grace the field of battle. i only wish there had been enough of them to
win the war. the world would be a better place now. 

Автор MrCcbcc (5 дней)
what are they saying?

Автор Oliver Phelan (10 дней)
wehrmachct breaking into song like that without an order ?
dont think so

Автор Richard Pratt (3 месяца)
"they are magnificent bastards"..Gen Patton

Автор Horace Ball (28 дней)
The German national soccer team!

Автор Richard Helliwell (5 месяцев)
The SS were fanatical Nazis, agree with the comments below, there was no
honour in murdering millions for a right wing ideology that was so evil.

Автор cliff mann (5 месяцев)
AH'' the good old day's!!!

Автор knubbelkeks69 (7 месяцев)
Good scene from a not really memorable movie.
Though in reality they would have sung the whole song not just repeat the
first verse over and over.

Автор gram smith (1 месяц)
Its a rousing marching song in a movie,end of.If you want to form a rounded
opinion of warfare and death visit it and look at it.Visit
Dachau,Auschwitz,Belsen,Stalingrad,Overloon,Khe Sanh,Kwai death
camp,Cambodia,Vietnam and then see how inaccurate the movies are depicting
warfare.Men are animals,war proves it.If you believe
Jews,Germans,English,Americans,Russians,Japanese were the only
victims/murderers you are sorely mistaken.If I told you there is a novelty
train trip around Kwai death camp and they sell t-shirts saying I visited
Kwai death camp would you believe me ? Am I lying ? Go visit these places
and see how low the filth of all nations can go.The soldiers in Kwai were
kids.Cambodia were babies.Vietnam was US genocide.Go have a look,visit
these places and countries then decide how it all sits with you.

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