Is the war on Christmas finally over?

First Baptist Church pastor Robert Jeffress and Pastor Darrell Scott sound off on the left's agenda to censor Christmas.

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Автор LowBudgetJeff ( назад)
Pastor Jeffress is freaking awesome.

Автор Roberto Viana ( назад)
This is the Muslims. They want us to tolerate their religion but they don't
want to tolerate any other religion. They are bigots, plain and simple.
These bigots need to go back to their own countries where they will find
themselves worse off. I say good residence and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Автор Good Living91 ( назад)
There is no war on Christmas there never was the truth is Christmas is an
insult to Christianity it's a pagan holiday were the Greeks sacrifice their
children to the god Saturn hey but you know no one talks about that truth
so Merry Christmas the war is won

Автор Clint Westwood ( назад)
Merry Christmas to all muslim pigs, libtards and democraps! Have a
wonderful 2017, especially from January 20...

Автор A O Smith ( назад)
this will be my 40th Christmas here in England and today was the first time
in my life someone was offended made a fuss when i wished then merry
Christmas. i couldn't believe my eyes.

Автор columbarican01 ( назад)
God Bless America

Автор Ryan Laflamme ( назад)
Lol why do we have cultists on the news? This nation is secular by the way.

Автор EFK93 ( назад)
War on Christmas? Are you fucking kidding me

Автор BellinghamsterTrail ( назад)
Liberals want to toss out the constitution and all of our rights. They know
that it limits all the BS they want to do like dissolve our sovereignty and
allow a foreign body to tax, regulate and punish Americans from overseas.
The one world government police state is the Liberal Utopia they have been
dreaming of for years. But its really a nightmare.

Автор Joyce Sewald ( назад)
Please look at our dollar bill....''in god we trust''. Merry Christmas
everyone & God Bless our Nation!

Автор Refkin ( назад)
In Colonial America, the Puritans of New England disapproved of Christmas,
and celebration was outlawed in Boston from 1659 to 1681. The ban by the
Pilgrims was revoked by English governor Edmund Andros, however it was not
until the mid-19th century that celebrating Christmas became fashionable in
the Boston region... not a holiday for Jesus, the bible teaches us to not
learn these pagan ways.. please learn the truth Jeremiah 10:1-5

Автор Shibumi ( назад)
Leftists will protect Muslim expression, but suppress Christian
expression... anyone else see a problem with this??

Автор linck7up ( назад)
christmas is a pagan holiday and satan is just to sell toys. there is no
war get over ur self

Автор Joe Pere ( назад)
Merry Christmas

Автор koenhouse ( назад)
this clearly shows the leftists are intolerant bigots.

Автор Agnostic Atheist ( назад)
Awww, I thought this was going to be General Billy O'Really waging his
fictional "War on Christmas" again this year, instead, it is lousy Sgt.
Lou ...

Автор Danielle G ( назад)
For the first time in 8years, I feel like I can enjoy Christmas this year
and also I can again think of the history of this nation without sadness.
Seeing Obummer in the white house was a disaster & disgrace.....that we as
a nation have fallen so far.

Автор Mikro Plasm ( назад)
Come on this is easy, Satan would refuse a blessing who else?

Автор Herman Andrews ( назад)
My guess is the Native Americans and the peoples who preceded them were not

Автор Gilbert R Flores ( назад)

Автор Gilbert R Flores ( назад)

Автор Got It fo' cheap ( назад)
extremists are doing everything they can to destroy other religions

Автор John Howard ( назад)
I like Pastor Scott. I hope he plays a role in the Trump admin.

Автор trent jenkins ( назад)
i dont believe in gods but all this happy holidays crap sheets me , merry

Автор Bigfilmhat ( назад)
The War on Xmas never existed in the first place. In fact Xmas is now built
up for an entire month in advance. Xmas is now encroaching on
Thanksgiving's time.

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