Create a Lemon Battery

This video shows how to make a lemon battery that lights an LED (Light-emitting Diode).

Don't take it too seriously: it was a joke.

"Slow Burn" by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com
Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

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Автор srikar cracker ( назад)
it is not working tried up to 10 times

Автор AjeetTheBeast2 _ ( назад)
read description : "/

Автор Ezequiel Alegre ( назад)
cera cierto

Автор LeekusJavon ( назад)


could you give me some feedback on my last video

Автор valle quintanilla ( назад)
hoooo que maldito

Автор Premjit Singh ( назад)

Автор jurgenew ( назад)
Thank you for teaching "critical thinking". People would not have tried
this if they knew a little about electrochemistry and how a battery works.
Here is how you can light up an LED:
Take two metals in the table of "Standard Electrode Potentials"
and put them into an acidic solution.
The difference between both Standard Electrode Potentials will be the
resulting voltage on the lemon battery.
Copper and Zinc are two metals readily available for making a battery.
The values for Copper (Cu) [+0.34V] and a Zinc (Zn) [-0.76V] result in 1.1V.
Read about LEDs here:
Red LEDs need about 2.5V and green, blue and white ones need about 3.5V to
light up. You will need three or four lemon Copper-Zinc batteries in series
to generate enough voltage to drive one LED.

Автор Aziz Jamali FFBL ( назад)

Автор Bri Gon ( назад)
mine dont works

Автор Reid Moule ( назад)
Why waste so many peoples time????

Автор Mmnaik 476 ( назад)
hi supper

Автор Antyzer Gaming ( назад)
nice troll mate

Автор Teresa Fidalgo ( назад)
i want to kill you hahahaha

Автор Dwiparna Datta ( назад)
Getting really amazed how they faked it out...bloody time wasting

Автор Aswin Bhusal ( назад)
OW friend you really mistake it it is not correct

Автор Julie Pearce ( назад)
one is a lime not a green lemon

Автор good boy ( назад)
you get 1v but it drops so it doesn't light up LED. i tried it with a lot
of lemons already. the only way is that you need copper and zinc or
magnesium even graphite so they work the best but just like that i don't
think it works .

Автор good boy ( назад)
it works with 4 but very little light

Автор Josiah Leon ( назад)

Автор I left YouTube. (Simon) ( назад)
"Please do not rate and do not subscribe."
You must be undergoing a severe case of depression.

Автор Leti Delarosa ( назад)

Автор FussyPlays Gaming and More! ( назад)
WTF this is so bullshit* I wasted money just to try it like it's no ducking

Автор Arren Lim ( назад)
I was flicking doing this for my project but you stupid idiot

Автор Tanya Luong ( назад)
I signed up for a science fair doing the experience and bought the LED.
Then, I read the description. WOW!

Автор Imtiaz Mastoi ( назад)
ok can u upload video to chrge a lptp with ur asshole

Автор Viroj Chill life ( назад)
Before you use it you have to get high.

Автор Chloe Ne ( назад)
Dude this doesn't even work

Автор Kashmere Gross ( назад)
What light did you use? And what kind. Of light

Автор Jaded Diamond (406 лет назад)
Dude u totally crushed me..I was ready to try this w my kid! Booo

Автор Aisha Ismail ( назад)
The fact that you said it was a joke in the show more description isn't
funny its just not that's probably why u have so much dislikes and i'm
probably not the only one who got a bad mark on their project for doing

Автор Fatima ( назад)
u peice of crap I did this for my science project last minute and i got a
62%, could have said it was a joke in the video dumbass

Автор Camden Hill ( назад)
f%#k you faker

Автор Dutch Prepper ( назад)
Fake... You need copper and zinc to get a potential difference from a
lemon. You can't just sick a LED in...

Автор Tirex Gamer ( назад)

Автор Dominika Pawłowska ( назад)
omg! i did it and it worked *-*

Автор Ricado Pedraza ( назад)
vc fala ojible no ingles

Автор Advertise Play ( назад)
הא! שרה גיפס! הנה לך חשמל מלימונים!

Автор Ladislav Sobotka ( назад)
Doesnt work! see comments below

Автор Lemon Bleach ( назад)
Turn on Subtitles lol he got rekt.

Автор Lemon Bleach ( назад)
This guy sounds like a Russian Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Автор Kayla McCauley ( назад)
you need 4 lemons wires that can attach to one another, 4 zink nails and
copper (penny). what you do is put the copper and zink into each lemon and
then put the LED light in the middle. then it would work. this video is
complete bs

Автор Abian Arshil Azad ( назад)
it does not work

Автор Carlos Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор Philip Jones ( назад)
Alex I hope you realise you are going straight to hell for this. Even the
Pope is pissed after ordering half a ton of green lemons and keeping the
entire Council or Cardinals up half the night trying to get it to work.
Cant even use the LEDs for Christmas lights because they dissolved.

He looks a nice guy but he really doesn't have a sense of humour.

Автор Philip Jones ( назад)
Actually this works exactly the same with cucumber, apple, banana,
pineapple, potato, garden peas and soap.

Автор Yelani Cruz Silva ( назад)
no me sirvio

Автор irene swiga ( назад)
they are right,

it is a fake

Автор Martin Jarquin ( назад)
it was fake!!!!

Автор Mintu Rajbongshi ( назад)
Fake..video..its a dream

Автор BassStromFreak ( назад)
Its Fake. This Guy used a EMP Generator.

Автор madcatclaws ( назад)
this does work! just try it if you have doubts! there is scientific
explaination how it works! get only small green lemon and a small L.E.D.
you can also charge cell phone with it :) but whatever you do...just don't
read the video description. this will ruin the whole experiment! you have
to totally believe this will work or it wont. it takes 100% faith!

Автор S.L. Para-Tube ( назад)
Read the description. Author states it's a joke.


Автор Military Men ( назад)
I know its fake but how did you make the LEDs tern ln?

Автор Steven Kang ( назад)
photoshop or the LED is modified

Автор 3hornthrasher ( назад)
My green lemon!!! :( I guess it taught some to check the description
before you pursue the experiment...

Автор Tina Powell ( назад)
this absolutely does NOT work!

Автор mark smith ( назад)

Автор Alamin Arafat ( назад)
Dude you are amazing

Автор Sohrab Ahmed ( назад)
it dint work

Автор Marin Powell ( назад)
is a green lemon a lime?

Автор HVinduction ( назад)

Автор Suraj Naik ( назад)
i understood it when i read plz donot subscribe and donot rate .

Автор eye of delusion .T ( назад)
go plug your laptop charger up your ass

Автор eye of delusion .T ( назад)
PS a the power does not come from the lemon so bulshit it to do this the
anode needs to be zing and the cathode needs to be copper so bulshit.

Автор eye of delusion .T ( назад)
do not use this in the apoclapis

Автор Sreerag R (1995 лет назад)

Автор Autistic Nemo ( назад)
gay fag

Автор Pihoo Soni ( назад)
fake video

Автор Lovely MzJ ( назад)
This didn't work, any ideas as to why?

Автор Prita Mishra ( назад)

Автор Prita Mishra ( назад)
Its good for children

Автор iiEpikz c: ( назад)
That simple?

Автор jokin josh ( назад)

Автор Sunil Balaraj Nalawade ( назад)

Автор Rommel Reyes ( назад)
lemon is more expensive than double A battery

Автор damien lucier (240 лет назад)
fuckers know how to check the description before they start rounding up
there lemons..

Автор jay patel ( назад)

Автор Chaithra C ( назад)

Автор Diane Yaghoobian ( назад)
Okay, so I was gullible at first, now realize there was a battery buried in
the lemon/lime to plug into but he may have been right about it lasting a
long time. I looked up estimated length of time for the LED (a blinker) to
work with the battery and estimates were about 10 hours. My "lime"
LED/battery is still going after 24 hours and it was a very old battery,
unused but lying around for years.

Автор Nicholas Martinez ( назад)
FAKE! We did the same thing and it did not work! FAKE!

Автор jiří Satelitakxy (591 год назад)
:) :) :( energetická krize nehrozí.. Jen mít hodně takových blbů.....

Автор Chloeisadork ( назад)
WTF, how do you light it up by just putting it in?

Автор Cretium ( назад)
No difference in voltage, thus fake.

Автор varun sharma ( назад)
Next time show a video in which you charge a laptop by plugging it into
your nose.

Автор King Z ( назад)
LOL Osso

Автор Roberta Ruiz (844 года назад)
did this for a school project and failed D:

Автор dark lighting ( назад)

Автор TheStranger255 ( назад)
Lol. Nice one. Thanks for sharing.

thats fake! hate the video

Автор wejdan ( назад)

Автор Osso Gameplays Random! ( назад)
fuck you faggot

Автор Rengar ( назад)
You can use your lemon battery as a night light. Or a simple Fleshlight (
͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор 267Alessio ( назад)
Ahahahah "now surprise your friends"...i think they'll surprise me in the
end lol

Автор TheUnknown ( назад)
fake..you put bettery in it

Автор sachin ingale ( назад)

Автор TheStoffeLoffe ( назад)
Umh.. The lime is NOT providing any electricity, it's just acting as an
electrolyte helping distributing ions between the cathode and the anode.
What actually is generating the electricity is the redox reaction between
the metals in the LED-diode's "legs".

Автор S POOJA (695 лет назад)
it is a supper idea

Автор amrit kushwah ( назад)

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