FV432 Car Crush

Crushing cars with an FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), at Cwrt-y-Gollen training camp, Wales, 2005. On the second pass, the vehicle actually pulls some air (all 16 tons of it!). (Visit www.stirlingairsoft.com)

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Автор Hypernl ( назад)
Je voelt je lekkerder in een Peugeot. Maar nu even niet.

Автор DonnyMacG ( назад)
I hope nobody was in the back ! The Torsion bars look fecked after that
jump. it's even riding low on its tracks so probably broke the front
suspension as well. When I did my training on A Pack /Pack/ Tracky in the
70's we used to drift them around 360 in the snow at full speed, my one did
43mph then, later they were restricted to 33mph. I was a good reliable
wagon but they prefered to be used rather than sat in the hangers drying
up. There are over 300 places in them to open beer bottles

Автор Daniel Ross-Murphy ( назад)
Driven one. Great fun. Piece of cake to drive.

Автор MrComputin ( назад)
en el segundo 0:27 esta genial :P

Автор DooM_DuiF ( назад)
@broc33605 Too bad, still a tank.

Автор Rob Broc ( назад)
@robvanmol No it's an Armoured Personel Carrier.

Автор s9srider ( назад)
AIR !!!!

Автор MichaelDanny93 ( назад)
0:29 fail

Автор NERFdoom ( назад)
NOW how the fuck am i gonna get home...!

Автор bowchikawowwow27 ( назад)
Move over Monster Trucks! I just found my new favorite sport!!!

Автор soundslave ( назад)
@castawayds You can get good jobs working in the armed forces. You don't
even need fire a gun for most of them.

Автор mackhopper ( назад)
Nothing like watching a tank catch AIR. That was quite entertaining. Wha t
many don't realize is that the engineering of these smaller tanks has
helped revolutionze lgiht mechanic industrialization. Ergo, instead of
having a big hulking crane go into an area to do a renovation job, or new
landscaping...and tearing up everything in its path, we now have technology
like the lightweight Bobcat that can do a job AND respect its
ssurroundings...all because of the innovation of machinery like this!

Автор mackhopper ( назад)
@castawayds - How self righteously smug of you. The man who loudly exclaims
'open mindedness' is compensating for his own insecurity, realizing he is
just as narrow minded as those he abhors. I think the truly simple minded
are those who lack the intellectual depth to stray away from
generalizations and labelling.

Автор castawayds ( назад)
The kid who thought smashing ant hills was the coolest thing ... never
really grew up. Army is for the simple minded people.

Автор scootfreeordie ( назад)
Stupid import cars!

Автор Gerben Brinks ( назад)
will it drift ??

Автор MrCODforME ( назад)
holy shit he jumped a tank

Автор Joseph Morrissey ( назад)
What's even cooler is it drifts and gets air. and for a low price of 30
million it can be yours

Автор NS ( назад)
Fark, I am not using that carpark.

Автор cesar martinez ( назад)
it jumped

Автор toads4lfe ( назад)
Tank jump WIN

Автор William o'brien ( назад)
you could get any parking space with that puppy.

Автор trackmaniakid27 ( назад)
omg 0:29, the tank jumped

Автор Koito rob ( назад)
Most places hit you with a fine, or at worst, clamp your car. I find this
a little harsh!

Автор FOXX725 ( назад)
But will it blend? That is the question....

Автор Andis Roze ( назад)
@george666burzum Its Audi 80, not 100

Автор Charles Crutchley ( назад)
I want that for my birthday

Автор DooM_DuiF ( назад)
@broc33605 you mean a tank wich is used as a taxi?

Автор fullZERO3600 ( назад)
wonder full

Автор PriestsOfSyrinx ( назад)
Pisses me off to no end when my buddy plays Bad Company 2, sees an IFV
coming towards him and he calls it a tank. I guess its a pretty simple
mistake to call any tracked vehicle a tank but still.

Автор t0rva ( назад)
HA!! check 0:29 surely that's a first... a tank bustin' a bunny-hop over a
car gold.

Автор Rob Broc ( назад)
APC is basicly just a taxi at the end of the day. It's job is to take
infantry to a location and let them do their thing. I know what the 432 can
do as I'm a former driver/comander

Автор elmski1987 ( назад)
armoured battle field taxi? you mean an armoured personnel carrier. we
think that jumps fucked the front drivers side road wheel - it leans
inwards by a few degrees now.

Автор Numanoid Jeff ( назад)
thats one way of getting rid of the euro crap cars

Автор UltimoImperio ( назад)
Poor Peugeot 405.

Автор Rob Broc ( назад)
Stop calling it a tank. It isn't a tank. It was designed as an armoured
battle field taxi (apc).

Автор kevinhy11 ( назад)

Автор dadrete ( назад)
0:30 so funny, a flying tank xD

Автор Transam941 ( назад)
bad ass jump. :D

Автор Sonny Crockett ( назад)
you can stand a CVRT on its nose if you drive very quickly and then brake

Автор Sonny Crockett ( назад)
the battlefield weight is 17.5 tonnes

Автор karcusprankster ( назад)
0:49 it would hurt if you were in that car

Автор lknkprkninflamesbest ( назад)
Thanks for the info

Автор Labyrinth11 ( назад)
The FV432 is like a sort of British equivalent of the M113.

Автор lknkprkninflamesbest ( назад)
Damn, I never expected a tank to catch some air. Is it just me or does it
look like a M113 combined with a Sheriden?

Автор kumijia ( назад)
that jump was awesome

Автор kazimann ( назад)
Poor Peugeot!

Автор Colin McFarlane ( назад)
I used to be an instructor on those 432's and it f@$%ing hurts when you
land after going airborne in it. In fact we were nearly wiped out!!!!!

Автор Steven K ( назад)
that thing got fuckin air born at 0:29

Автор joedredd13215 ( назад)
me to m8 the rolls royce k60 multi fuel engine. Drove them 1975 In Germany

Автор วาสิน สินไชย ( назад)

Автор elmski1987 ( назад)
it weighs in at 15.3 tonnes approximately, but if you only get one track on
the car its obviously not as much :)

Автор Dragon Butt ( назад)
Either your APC is light, or those are some strong cars.

Автор juan galvan ( назад)
hijo de mil puta metete el cañon del tanque de guerra en el medio del ORTO
y despues dispara la concha de tu madre!!!

Автор elmski1987 ( назад)
a couple of mates and i have actually bought that very FV432 today.......
we'll be checking the suspension carefully i think!

Автор pezzza16 ( назад)
it was an APC actualy lol ;)

Автор luuko656 ( назад)
i really love the roaring sound of the alvis FV432

Автор CarsTrucksAndAirplanes ( назад)
I didnt know an APC could do that. I thought you would have to have bigger
tracks but I guess not.

Автор madwaa20 ( назад)
ouch all i gotta say

Автор canadiancatgreen ( назад)
thank you

Автор Labyrinth11 ( назад)
It was part of a driving course, so the first part is a slalom around
tyres. The cars are an Audi, Peugeot and a Mazda.

Автор canadiancatgreen ( назад)
what kind of cars were those? also why did the tank driver need to drive

Автор Britainismine ( назад)
29 secs is the best bit

Автор Sonny Crockett ( назад)
AIRBORNE 432 haha, bet that hurts!

Автор rochethebmxbandit ( назад)
it an APC not a tank mate

Автор thisissic ( назад)

Автор george666burzum ( назад)
Fair enough mate! It least it went to a good use before its untimely death!

Автор Labyrinth11 ( назад)
I know, but that particular Audi was already a write off, taken straight
off the scrap heap. It was destined for the crusher long before we helped

Автор trudeau123 ( назад)
that was a nice vid!thanks for sharing!

Автор george666burzum ( назад)
That was harsh on an Audi 100. Theyre good cars!

Автор jonnyc200 ( назад)
They don't fook about them boys

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