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Автор sydney raya ( назад)

Автор Karin PotterGeldien ( назад)
the worst

Автор Gustavo S. ( назад)
I'm in 2016

Автор Hassan Tasneem ( назад)
i am in 2016

Автор James Brown ( назад)
at cluckin bell when he said i dont like my life right now i laughed so

Автор Louis Breen ( назад)
I'm in 2016

Автор DUMONT 5966 ( назад)
I'm in 2016

Автор Martha or Cyrus Wingate ( назад)

Автор Cory L ( назад)

Автор Jordan Mendez (Toothlessturtletubby) ( назад)
water is a mix of Marijuana laced with PCP rolled into a blunt

Автор WEREWOLF 23 ( назад)
Use Cheat Codes Speirz For Gods Sake!!

Автор Desertrain765432 (Olaf) ( назад)
Water is pcp which is horse tranquilizer

Автор Mekhi Gilbert ( назад)
It's the edge 0f the world here in 2160 

Автор Jayden Meehan ( назад)
Like if your watching in 2015

Автор 2kspeedy.com ( назад)
Hey speirs give me a shout out dude just do it

Автор Elvia Valles ( назад)
Sweet own it the gang who are enemies with sf and gaff killed her

Автор Elvia Valles ( назад)
For cv mission you need a lowrider for drag racing he is near the airport

Автор Elvia Valles ( назад)
You do not need to get on the bridge there is a road in 2 miles that end
next to the bridge go over the sidewalk and there you are

Автор When she says shes pregnant ( назад)
rightnow im watching this on june 2 and todays my birthday

Автор Eric Widger ( назад)
you said im gonna die im gonna die, dont stop shooting me haha

Автор Keagan Cook ( назад)

Автор Keagan Cook ( назад)

Автор trell henderson ( назад)
Water is PCP or wet

Автор Kyle Sawyer ( назад)
Go grove street og s

Автор Kyle Sawyer ( назад)
Water is crack

Автор Rios carrera ( назад)
r.i.p paul walker

Автор Lucas Miltenburg ( назад)
Dude I have a tip: Download gta 5

Автор Wolf ( назад)
water is PCP its a liquid drug 

Автор hatt3n12 ( назад)

Автор The Metal Fix ( назад)
The Ballas are the Saints of the GTA universe. The Saints = Purple The
Ballas = Purple Coincedince?

Автор OK,Im,Cool ( назад)
skip intro 00:20

Автор GCF Production's ( назад)
hey im bipolar so shut your fuckin bullshit piss mouth the fuck up

Автор RKS88 ( назад)
Embalming fluid is slang for PCP. It would be extremely dangerous to smoke
actual embalming fluid. :D

Автор Bio Aaron ( назад)
Ryder is just like my older brother... :|

Автор olliver car ( назад)
mazda rx7 not a nissan skyline 

Автор Dem6g6rg6n1 ( назад)
wet/water could mean pcp. Or a joint/cigarette dipped in embalming fluid.
Shit'll kill you, fa real do' dawg

Автор A Malevolent ( назад)
13:40 The pictures you take go in the folder GTASA makes at installation in
your documents called 'GTASA User files', it has 2 folders in it, 1 is
where he puts the pictures. You also asked in a previous video while
watching the radio stations: the other folder is for you to put shortcuts
in it for the audio files you want GTA to play... it works perfectly, even
puts the ads between your songs...

Автор Bobby Ho (Bob) ( назад)
Hm, Just explaining it just if you dont know :)

Автор Anime “BlackWolf” Dean ( назад)
HAHAHAHAHAHAH you don't get the joke =_=

Автор Bobby Ho (Bob) ( назад)
Bro search google.... It says The definition of OG is Original Gangster or
Old Git Online Gangster wont sound nice in the game but Original Gangster
sounds better. The gangster would make original raps and stuff but online
just wont sound nice =.=

Автор Manav Grover ( назад)
@nkiluxj true that dude and dude! check this game is really damn addictive
>>> y.ahoo.it\eUcFZ

Автор Chez TheDon ( назад)
water is PCP isnt it 

Автор Charlie Briggs ( назад)
Water-Freebase Cocaine

Автор Anime “BlackWolf” Dean ( назад)
Nope you don't get it at all

Автор Bobby Ho (Bob) ( назад)
Im pretty sure I get it, I searched google twice and it said Original
Gangster. The definition of OG is "Original Gangster" or "Old Git" 

Автор Anime “BlackWolf” Dean ( назад)
You just don't get it do you?!

Автор Bobby Ho (Bob) ( назад)
Search OG on google =.=" It says Original Gangster :l

Автор Anime “BlackWolf” Dean ( назад)
No it's online gangster

Автор Bobby Ho (Bob) ( назад)
OG = Original Gangster =.="

Автор jms15 ( назад)
haha epic fail lol

Автор OnlyEMG ( назад)
Speirs asked in the video "hows the heat for you guys?" 

Автор Anime “BlackWolf” Dean ( назад)
OG =online gangsters 

Автор pistol pete ( назад)
get wid da program whiteboy

Автор Bobby Ho (Bob) ( назад)
Its hesoyam not hesitant =.=

Автор Joao Victor ( назад)
@imwcsir yeah thats what everyones been saying and dude! if your bored
check this good time waster! --> y.ahoo.it\iHlBe

Автор chase mitchell ( назад)
water - Blunts; methamphetamine; PCP; a mixture of marijuana and other
substances within a cigar; Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) 

Автор JayJay ( назад)
If you want money type in this hesitant u get health ,money,an fixes ur car

Автор JayJay ( назад)
If you want a lot of money type in this cheat --->>>>>HESOYAM you get
health ad money I ithink it's 2k$

Автор Thomas Coolberg ( назад)
Who the fuck cares? NOBODY!

Автор privateNukem ( назад)
Photos goes to your GTA USER FILES folder that's located in Documents.

Автор Toure Douglas II ( назад)

Автор XxTHUGZfOrLIFEXx ( назад)
Po nanny

Автор shazard edwards ( назад)
go to the gym GO TO THE GYMMM

Автор Richard B ( назад)
Fork lifts are easy to drive in real lol

Автор Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath ( назад)
hey Cody...my bad and I apologize if I offended you bro..i was just excited
about the game and all and from playing San Andreas so looking forward to
GTA-5 . Hopefully we can chat and with respect and be friends on net here .
I am black as well and I too don't condone the slang of the N word to
anyone . 

Автор cody gore ( назад)
still is im black i take it as racist

Автор Xavier Thomas ( назад)
yea its usally around 100 down there

Автор hatt3n12 ( назад)
texas+summer=lava hot 

Автор Taehyungtrash xxx ( назад)
I don't have 4 season in sg

Автор Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath ( назад)
are you like stupid...you trying to justify between the two terms as if its
a formal thing ? learn to spell dumbass first of all and NEGRO is not
racist...do some history mmkayy ? besides I was referencing the GAME not at
you or anyone directly

Автор kevin jost ( назад)
love that song so much

Автор StolidDread ( назад)
Ultimate upside down napalm nuke FACE-FUCKING-PALM

Автор Insaneplus Jay ( назад)
He says it ruins now go away

why dosn't use a cheats 

Автор cody gore ( назад)
lego he means lego hes in CA so...sorry is sory im guessing lago means our

Автор cody gore ( назад)
you fucking racist also its nigga not nigro

Автор cody gore ( назад)
shine,aqwa(its a drug) thats all i can think of

Автор cody gore ( назад)
oh uh the heat here yae 107! if you think its hot there wait till you get
to AZ high is 113 and if were lucky 97 or 89

Автор Adrian Torres ( назад)
Picks go in gallery mysry over

Автор cobee lemon ( назад)
Water is sherm. Pcp

Автор Lauri Rahkonen ( назад)
Its weed not crack

Автор Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath ( назад)

Автор pokerjoker627 ( назад)

Автор pokerjoker627 ( назад)

Автор pokerjoker627 ( назад)
don't throw the crates retard

Автор angel gonzalez ( назад)
water - Blunts; methamphetamine; PCP; a mixture of marijuana and other
substances within a cigar; Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB)

Автор BizarreIoveTriangle ( назад)
It's not a cheat, to make all the taxis have nos you have to complete the
taxi missions. It's not very hard to do.

Автор RuneRaptor ( назад)
yo idk y but i find ur lil smirk laughs fucking sick and funny af:) nice
vids keep it up broo 

Автор Sour Games ( назад)
do gta Vince city 

Автор denzal689 ( назад)
To do CV's mission, you have to have a lowrider, but it doesn't have to
have hydraulics. And when you take pictures on the camera, the pictures
actually save on your computer in Documents > GTA San Andreas User Files >

Автор alexcool460 ( назад)
because it means you've fucked ** s all the time Americans are chatting in
English, so that you do not understand them **.

Автор Reyna Hernandez ( назад)
do another hitman patrol

Автор Ryan Kray ( назад)
I love it

Автор Makis Rivera ( назад)
water is pcp

Автор Jay Lewis ( назад)
u can drive a train

Автор Dexition ( назад)
ok so Speirs, if you want NOS get a lowrider then mod it in the mod garage
the wrench one? then look put NOs then it's your time to shine!!

Автор Dexition ( назад)

Автор aCiiDKiD ( назад)
What's the name of the intro song?

Автор Armand Bland ( назад)
similar to crack but not hard in the form of a rock... its cooked to a

Автор Armand Bland ( назад)
Water is dope

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