Tight leather jeans, butts and crotch 2

Zip's make a great noise

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 2:04
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Автор robert dearman (2 месяца)
You are so fucking hot. I want you!!!

Автор Umatac Guam (5 месяцев)
Ewwwwww so old and skinny

Автор Jeff Smith (7 месяцев)
Nice video

Автор Tightjeansable (1 год)
What are you so confused about my friend

Автор LeatherBoyJack (3 года)

Автор neo111ferro (2 года)
more ass!!!!!

Автор Dino Slaughter (1 год)
Hot stuff!

Автор Tightjeansable (2 года)
Sorry missed this one as it went into spam, 12" who's a big boy then

Автор 69all4fun1 (2 года)
you dude really got to get them wet and i mean wet....love it

Автор Derik Schneider (3 года)
A man who clearly knows himself well

Автор blacklthrpants2002 (3 года)
Spanking your own hot black leather butt I see. Hhehehehehe.

Автор cyberskin1 (2 года)
amazing body, what make jeans please?

Автор fyrstikkesken (1 год)

Автор horny leatherslave (2 года)
you are so fucking hot. how I wold love dive my face in your leather
crotch, open your zipper with teeth and fill your so beautiful bulge and
the smell of leather on my face

Автор leather227 (2 года)
@misterroo01 definitely!!!! Wud luv sum!!

Автор Andi Booth (3 года)

Автор leather227 (1 год)
Im not confused...u are so fucking hot in those leathers!!!! Contact me!

Автор wkm562 (1 год)
U are gay ?? I WANT TO FK U

Автор gearcollecter (1 год)
I luv your ass in tight leather. I want it. I want you! :P

Автор slaveboyleather93 (3 года)
@Tightjeansable OMG. You got me on my knees. Keep wearing those pants!

Автор eddy pager (1 год)
I could rub one out looking at his crocth

Автор Ti Pit (3 года)
nice big bulhe in tight leather jeans very hot

Автор richardthethird1000 (1 год)
smack that arse

Автор leather227 (2 года)
What a hottie!!! Love to see more man!! U have great potential!!

Автор ToyChest (1 год)
It's a trap! My brain said but nooooo (star wars reference)

Автор Sixforlife (2 года)
are u fuckin gay?!!!

Автор Ti Pit (3 года)

Автор Chappy523 (3 года)
Could I undo the zipper next time? Excellent videos!

Автор demipointes69 (2 года)
Wouaw superbe vidéo !!!

Автор STEVEN REISSNER (3 года)
u can go anywhere walking etc with good fitting leathers like that

Автор TheLeatherstud (1 год)
u must have been so hard in those jeans....super vid....love to touch them

Автор Tightjeansable (3 года)
By all means but you have to be resposible for dealing with the goods!!

Автор angus2mac (3 года)
Looks like a fantastic, well wrapped, gift package. :-) Great vid.

Автор Janua Janssen (1 год)
Boy in very tight jeans, watch my uploads!!!

Автор Derik Schneider (1 год)
Great leather jeans for guys

Автор mtbaldy58 (1 год)
Very, very nice!

Автор cyberskin1 (11 месяцев)
Any chance of a white t-shirt only tucked in... please please please.

Автор QSAR2009 (2 года)

Автор FOREVER 02 (1 год)
Verry hot the Ass I mey Face in this Ass Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Автор Nicolè Jones (1 год)
Im so confused :s

Автор tampadude2011 (2 года)

Автор Michael Johnson (3 года)
Damn the cycle, I need you to ride! F'in HOT!

Автор simontay1984 (1 год)
i really like your high waist leather jeans/pants. do you pull them up to
your navel/belly button?

Автор Tightjeansable (2 года)
why what difference does it make

Автор 143MBwifey (1 год)
. So sexy my knees are knocking

Автор ChuyMPRamirezz (3 года)
jaja llegando el ombre y se empina jaja

Автор James crossfitforchrist (2 года)

Автор Tightjeansable (2 года)
why thank you, I am hapy with my cock and love it

Автор ToyChest (1 год)
Ok I have been tricked

Автор misterroo01 (3 года)
That is one hard cock!

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