B&W Semi Diesel Model Engine

Starting Four Stroke Semi Diesel Model Engine. Bore-Stroke: 20-36mm. Fuel:
Turpentine. Built by: Find Hansen Denmark.

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Длительность: 4:21
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Автор possum66669 ( назад)
still have more HP then my isuzu pickup lol

Автор Norfi barrantes barrantes ( назад)
si es diesel porque no echa humo

Автор Bret Hartman (1475 лет назад)
Beyond Sweet- FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for Sharing

Автор Richie Mann ( назад)
Absolutely beautiful - what is with our love of small mechanical things?
I'm half German/half French, so maybe I should build an tiny engine that
runs on wine? But what a waste . . .

Автор Paris Kalachnikov ( назад)

Автор steven carter ( назад)
I love seeing all the moving parts.

Автор Esmae Dolman (118 лет назад)

Автор Kuheylan4 ( назад)
where am ı find this machine? (I am from Turkey.)

ı thank you for your interest.

Автор Sohave ( назад)
Fedt at se at der også er Danskere der bygger modelmotorer.

Автор Kyle Tupper ( назад)
everything you build is amazing.even the little oil can is like art.

Автор isola_d_elba2006 ( назад)
Great model, i love it !

Автор Kalle Klæp ( назад)

Автор Ian Craig ( назад)
And I have watched it again and you make me look like a boy scout..Do not
be frightend to show your talent..Actually cubs

Автор Ian Craig ( назад)
I have watched again and again and you are light years better than me---you
have created art and beauty as well as craftmanship as well as using
mechanical knowledge..

Автор Ian Craig ( назад)
You sir are a man after my own heart--except a whole lot better--I am just
starting model work as all my projects previously have been fairly large..
Tell me the fuel is it mineral turps or pine turps...Keep your models
coming its so enjoyable.. 

Автор jonathan torreon ( назад)
Excellent job for engine enthusiast

Автор stan ( назад)
are you a watch maker by any chance ? .. i'm jeweler and engraver also
interested in mechanicks of old days . it cheer my heart to knoe that
people like you exist ... you are genius !!

Автор VEGNA GUN ( назад)
hehe this is so cute love it.

Автор kobajage ( назад)
faster, FASTER!! :)

Автор lekwak87 ( назад)
det er da alt for fedt lavet.. hvor lang tid har det taget og bygge den

Автор Geoff Adam ( назад)
This is great

Автор 4thGloryMonday ( назад)
nice jon man!

Автор Nicolai Blomberg ( назад)
Respekt mand..... Det er fandme fedt :P

Автор Иван Голенковский ( назад)
This product admiration and respect for the author! I really enjoyed
watching this movie. Moreover, this video shows how powerful the human
mind. Thank you so much! Greetings from Russia!

Автор A. J. Tarnas ( назад)
Do you have construction plans for this? Or for one like it? It would be
awesome to copy it. What do you think the power output is?

Автор Baceteker Bateker ( назад)
nice, very nice :) great Job :))

Автор Patrick Michelsen ( назад)
his Danish like me:) :)

Автор joseph brendel ( назад)
it looks like a coke bottle steam engine!! very smooth running, even at low
rpm!! very cool!

Автор catfishstinch ( назад)
problem is, to him im sure its priceless. if i built this money would not
buy it. the only way it would change hands is when i died

Автор flahr1 ( назад)
Why can't I have neighbors like this to learn from? Everyone around here
just sits and smokes pot

Автор Bigtvable ( назад)
I wish i knew anything about motors :(

Автор Merlin Skinner ( назад)
This is marvellous. Even the governor works, which is particularly
impressive as so many don't at this sort of scale.

Автор nick vollebregt ( назад)
a wonderful peace of work! thanks for showing your work

Автор wot noob ( назад)
BRAVO ...big brain my friend realy big brain....it is a peace of art
....you should sell it my friend ...

Автор Bradley Holden ( назад)
Doesn't sound real but it is

Автор 2stroke4me ( назад)
Work of art!

Автор 3DGansta ( назад)
000.3hp but cool nonetheless..

Автор Braden Steward-Campbell ( назад)
practical yet beautiful, great job

Автор Joseph Deerslayer ( назад)
Wow, truly amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail. I would love to
see video of you building one.

[] Universo [ i ]; Autor, ¹Cléber Bortoluzzi;

Автор dewfall56 ( назад)
Hypnotic to watch and listen to. Like a musical instrument. Excellent

Автор ApziApina ( назад)
Gottlieb Goltz.. Get laid

Автор radiostyrd bil ( назад)

Автор thedalailama245 ( назад)
Redline it!! Lol

Автор Brad Kowan ( назад)
Make a little boat to put it in!

Автор misscrabstick ( назад)
Awesome, amazing talented engineering, good work.

Автор 444mrjimmy ( назад)
apshah I'm lost for words with this, its amazing is understatement but just

Автор David Hansen ( назад)
What a gorgeous machine!

Автор toly dukhovny ( назад)
mr. hansen, you've built a beautiful model engine, truly a museum quality!
admiration from california.

Автор g0fvt ( назад)
A beautiful little engine, some amazing intricate detail around the
valvegear, well done!

Автор Tommy Rad ( назад)

Автор Vicente Vidal ( назад)
how much would it cost to buy one

Автор joandar1 ( назад)
The Engine is a credit to you! What I don't understand is why some people
have to leave negative feedback. Cheers from John.

Автор h14winstanleyc ( назад)
you are very skilled and could make a lot of money

Автор Russiaconnect ( назад)
фуфло! Брякающее фуфло

Автор CrazyHHO19 ( назад)
what a fantastic detailed little motor well well i am impressed by
it.thanks for sharing

Автор veleking ( назад)
not to be a bad person bit whats the point? also too low pollution! :)

Автор jtjjbannie ( назад)
What would it take to get one of these in my home?

Автор sunny verma ( назад)
v good

Автор Sheikh Abrahim ( назад)
My father is a diesel engineer and would always praise B&W engines.As a
little boy I remembered how he would tell me about his experiences with
these engines in ships.You are a genius to having built this engine with
such precision and passion and fully functional.Thumbs up to you.Cheers
from Guyana.

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comments, I never count the houers when I build an

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comment

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comments

Автор Ashley Whiting ( назад)
That's truly amazing! How long do thy take to build?

Автор Roger Anderson ( назад)
awsome, put it in a rc car?

Автор Rogier van der Meij ( назад)
very cool!

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comments.

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine commens.

Автор Def Egge ( назад)
Nice work! As previous posters have commented, it is a thing of beauty and
a work of art! Thanks for sharing that with us.

Автор Preusse64 ( назад)
hut ab.

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comments.

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comments.

Автор gamerANON ( назад)
This is art in my eyes, and it makes me thrilled to see such a fine
engineered minature engine like this. I take my hat off for you, sir.

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comments. If you would like to know more about my
model building, please visit The Internet Craftsmanship Museum, where I got
member 2010.

Автор marty frantz ( назад)
Balls 2 the walls as they say :p

Автор fattywagonman ( назад)
Beautiful and unique!!!!

Автор Find Hansen (587 лет назад)
Thank you for your comments, and perhaps I will some day.

Автор 1997cr80r (1503 года назад)
You need to make a 120 volt belt driven generator that can run a light bulb
or to so you can load it down and see how she does!

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comments

Автор John Gedde ( назад)
Absolutely stunning. As a home shop machinist I feel unworthy! Great work.
I'm incredibly impressed by the valvetrain and the workmanship...

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comment

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comment, and the engine can run on regular diesel
fuel, but with a little more smoke.

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comment

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your comment, yes it idles low, but perhaps not that low.

Автор Juan Marrero ( назад)
By semi-diesel, you mean that you have to make the fuel mixture? Or can it
run on regular pump diesel fuel? The model looks great, btw!

Автор a2ba213b ( назад)
awesome work man. just awesome!

Автор Martin Skoda ( назад)
Jeez. That thing idles low. Really low. 75 RPMish?

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Hej Jacob, tak for dine rosende ord om mine motorer

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comments. Often you say that a hot bulb engine and
a semi diesel is the same, but a semi diesel has another injection timing,
right before top dead center at the compression stroke. Please visit the
Internet craftsmanship museum where I got member 2010 for more detail about
the subject.

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
Thank you for your fine comment

Автор DeepFriedFuzzball ( назад)
That is an amazing piece of engineering, thank you so much for sharing it,
am I right in theorising that a semi diesel is identical to a hot bulb
engine?? apologies if not, it's a type of engine I haven't heard of before,
lovely machine and superb video, thankyou :)

Автор dieselfan1858 ( назад)
Very fine engines.

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
@valic000 Thank you for your fine comment. I never count the time it take
to build an engine, but it takes a very long time, especially if it is a
quit new model.

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
@rockhead261 Tak for dine rosende ord om min motor.

Автор valic000 ( назад)
Wish to have him in my collection!...the sound allone is lovely! Moore than
a beauty!! Do you know,how many houers it was to build it? (aprox) Thanks
for share this masterpeace!

Автор rockhead261 ( назад)
Virkelig smuk maskine, kan jeg se den køre hele dagen!

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
@poppopscarvinshop Thank you for your fine comments

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
@poppopscarvinshop Thank you for your fine comments

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
@upski Thank you for your fine comment,

Автор Find Hansen ( назад)
@ant2190 Thank you for your comment,please visit the intenet craftsmanship
for more information about my model building.Igot member there 2010

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