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Автор Alan Carter (1 год)
Absolutely beautiful. Just one question.... why is it so quiet? I've played
with a few miniature diesels before (model airplane engines) and they've
always been extremely noisy. Admittedly they have reved a lot higher than
yours and been air-cooled

Автор Sohave (3 месяца)
Fedt at se at der også er Danskere der bygger modelmotorer.

Автор Kyle Tupper (4 месяца)
everything you build is amazing.even the little oil can is like art.

Автор isola_d_elba2006 (5 месяцев)
Great model, i love it !

Автор jonathan torreon (6 месяцев)
Excellent job for engine enthusiast

Автор John Bravo (7 месяцев)
Nice job done there sir.

Автор Ian Craig (6 месяцев)
And I have watched it again and you make me look like a boy scout..Do not
be frightend to show your talent..Actually cubs

Автор Kalle Klæp (6 месяцев)

Автор Carlos der Hund (7 месяцев)
I want this engine too😩

Автор Doug MacDonald (7 месяцев)
What a nice engine

Автор Fabricio Pagliarini (7 месяцев)

Автор Ian Craig (6 месяцев)
You sir are a man after my own heart--except a whole lot better--I am just
starting model work as all my projects previously have been fairly large..
Tell me the fuel is it mineral turps or pine turps...Keep your models
coming its so enjoyable.. 

Автор a (8 месяцев)
Great engine! Thank you for the video.

Автор Ian Craig (6 месяцев)
I have watched again and again and you are light years better than me---you
have created art and beauty as well as craftmanship as well as using
mechanical knowledge..

Автор mannyfrayallday (1 год)
would this be a sort of hit and miss engine?

Автор ALABAMAHEADHUNTER (10 месяцев)
I build big engines for a living . These little engines just amaze me ,
love the video .

Автор jim short (1 год)
Great craftsmanship. What is the horsepower rating?

Автор felderup (9 месяцев)
the timing lever has given me an idea for a reversing steam engine option.

Автор Aaron Martin (1 год)
That is cool

Автор David G (9 месяцев)
Hook up a belt attached to a small light generator

Автор tony stanton (1 год)
very impressed, extremely well engineered , was a pleasure to watch and
listen , thank you

Автор trdjunkie (1 год)
It's beautiful

Автор aussieaeromodeler (1 год)
Truly beautiful . I call that mechanical art , excellent work

Автор danzel wl (1 год)

Автор rwd Stance (11 месяцев)
soo schön.einfach nur Wahnsinn!!!

Автор jimsbix (1 год)
fascinerende !

Автор Ohio River Pilot (1 год)
Running her Balls out, love the old motor and video

Автор JOSÉ R RIBEIRO Ribeiro (1 год)
B & W Semi Diesel Modelo do motor, muito silencioso, gostei ! mas nos dias
de hoje, precisamos de energia mais limpa, como olho vegetal ou de cozinha

Автор A. J. Tarnas (1 год)
Fixated on so many of things -- questions of science and engineering --
meaningless to society at large, its attention passionately averted. Do
plans for building a tiny diesel engine like this exist? If I asked for
plans to design a 100W woodgas generator, does that exist? Does anyone
care? About finding minimum, robust, reproducible, modular components to
bring modern productivity into an off-grid, cottage-scale context. Can't
start a viable municipal composting business if you don't operate your
trucks on the biogas from anaerobically digested compost? How do you start
any business based on virgin materials? The western world, the whole world,
is saturated in opportunity, waste materials waiting to be utilized, in
which a small percentage of the waste can be used to keep the whole
operation running. Gleaning fields and orchards, scavenging for plastic and
discarded electronics, in every given city and county, every place where
massive wastefulness is concentrated, forgotten cities, disaster zones,
abandoned anything.

Don't understand this. Engineers of the world. How much time has been spent
on coming up with different plastic blow-molded crap? Are you proud of
that? Are you proud that the hundreds of thousands of hours of work devoted
to creating great, lasting engine designs, equipment designs -- these
triumphs are not public knowledge? They aren't reproducible? They are
routinely lost in the waste stream, end up at scrap yards, sold for ten
cents per pound and less? Why is there not an outrageous fuss being made
about the lost ingenuity of the past few centuries? Such lazy satisfaction
with merely getting the machinery into the hands of ... who? For low
prices, high prices, doesn't matter -- but only temporarily, and completely
dependent on your one-off manufacturing assemblage. When it's over, it's
over. No torch to carry. All those years, decades, of work, you engineers
just say to yourself, what? Nothing? No big deal? Move on to the next job?
Preserve nothing in a more substantial, timeless way?

Today I mashed 10 gallons of apples with a friend for making cider. We
quartered the apples, pushed them through an electric juicer, squeezed the
mash by hand in cheesecloth bags, the pasteurized the juice, and added wine
yeast in airlocked containers. Yielded 2.5 gallons of juice that is now
fermenting. Not a bad yield for hand-pressed cider, but a horribly wasteful
process in every other way. Almost 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity used. A
half-hour of natural gas through a stovetop burner on high. Easily 8
human-hours of labor. For 2.5 gallons of juice that hopefully will become
cider -- no guarantees. The spent mash -- into the compost. Not to a pig.
Not into apple sauce. Compost. The calories expended do not equal the
calories gained. The old way that ran on proper human- and animal-powered
equipment was not passed down to us. The new way of just going out to buy
it is not cutting it.

Why is the juicer so loud? (It really wasn't that loud -- compared to a
blender.) Why is any electric home appliance loud? What engineer didn't
bother to optimize the wasteful noise out of all electric motors for all
time? Why is a wooden hand-crank masher so much more efficient (more
shredding, more juice, less time, less power, less noise) than this
insanely modern juicer?

The things closest to my body -- my glasses, toothbrush, shoes, clothes --
none of these are optimized, worthy -- half are hopelessly far from being
home-made, being improvable, open-source. A stranded sailor could never
hope to make a plastic toothbrush without a century of science to work
from. A single toothbrush today is a pitiful one-off contraption --
literally billions produced every year and not one lineage of reproducible
greatness. It isn't worthy of being the height of centuries of science.

Maddening. Intolerable. Bathed in not-caring. Leachate of forgotten value.
Matthias Wandel is the only person I know putting out high-caliber
artifacts of useful craft. But they're mostly bits of woodworking. (Perhaps
Gingery gave it his best shot with the metalworking saga? Others have made
good attempts in woodworking, homebuilding, agriculture. Nothing measures
up though. All inadequate to carry us through the age of amnesia.) Need an
engine-builder with internet addiction. Need Open Source Ecology to hire
decent engineers from Springfield Remanufacturing to codify, liberate huge
slice of industrial knowledge for this present era of loss.

Sense is that technological advancement will not supersede this fixation of
mine. Perhaps the small facts of esoteric science will continue to blow
minds. Maybe we'll get to the singularity and be uploaded. Maybe fuel cells
will be cheap enough to get us past the era of combustion. We'll probably
just continue to accumulate billions of people's worth of badly
manufactured junk and black boxes of ignorance, a collectively dimming
understanding of the solar, biological, mineral achievements. A crisis,
intense gnashing of teeth, idiocracy.

De-escalate the stupidity, reground all modern achievement at this small,
open, free, low-power, reproducible scale.

Автор HAPKAH (1 год)
Your hands are made of gold, mr.Hansen!

Автор vicegrip33 (1 год)
Man that is BEAUTIFUL ! I could lower my blood-pressure just watching this
I would love to build such a thing, I have the skills, allas not the time,
or patience.
So I'll be content to adore yours!

Автор simerlimer209 (1 год)
den er squ da for nice

Автор Find Hansen (2 года)
Thank you for your comment, yes it idles low, but perhaps not that low.

Автор Tjita1 (4 года)
Is it as quiet as it sounds?

Автор A. J. Tarnas (1 год)
Do you have construction plans for this? Or for one like it? It would be
awesome to copy it. What do you think the power output is?

Автор Find Hansen (2 года)
Thank you for your fine comments

Автор Nicolai Blomberg (1 год)
Respekt mand..... Det er fandme fedt :P

Автор Find Hansen (2 года)
Thank you for your fine comments. If you would like to know more about my
model building, please visit The Internet Craftsmanship Museum, where I got
member 2010.

Автор joandar1 (2 года)
The Engine is a credit to you! What I don't understand is why some people
have to leave negative feedback. Cheers from John.

Автор Rogier van der Meij (2 года)
very cool!

Автор misscrabstick (1 год)
Awesome, amazing talented engineering, good work.

Автор rockhead261 (3 года)
Virkelig smuk maskine, kan jeg se den køre hele dagen!

Автор John Gedde (2 года)
Absolutely stunning. As a home shop machinist I feel unworthy! Great work.
I'm incredibly impressed by the valvetrain and the workmanship...

Автор Find Hansen (4 года)
@whorayful Thank you for your fine comments

Автор SolusKrieger (3 года)
@upski its all in how you run it.

Автор 1997cr80r (2 года)
You need to make a 120 volt belt driven generator that can run a light bulb
or to so you can load it down and see how she does!

Автор 444mrjimmy (1 год)
apshah I'm lost for words with this, its amazing is understatement but just

Автор Find Hansen (4 года)
@douro 20 Thank you for your comment. The engine could run on lamp oil or
kerosene, but turpentine has a very god and clean combustion with very
little smoke. I use 1% two stroke oil in the fuel to lubricate the fuel
pump and the injector.

Автор Find Hansen (3 года)
@rockhead261 Tak for dine rosende ord om min motor.

Автор Find Hansen (4 года)
@superfunnyman123 Thank you for your fine comment

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