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Автор LordZorzot (14 дней)
Did Dwan show his hand at the end? Hard to tell from the quality

Автор MrZola1234 (1 месяц)
I wouldn't call it cheating per say, but a bit of an angle shot to cover
your cards with chips. Inexperienced players sometimes unintentionally
cover their cards, but putting chips over them when you are one of the
first to act in a multi way pot is a bit cheezeball.

Автор Sagi1984 (9 дней)
he did this becose Phil stand up

Автор Game makerurl (1 месяц)
I don't think Phil was cheating, but i do agree with mike on this one.

Автор CribNotes (1 год)
What the fuck is Phil Hellmuth doing mouthing off about the action of the
hand before the flop while there are at least four guys playing it???

Автор Dtyler171 (24 дня)
The closed captions on this video are hilariously bad.

Автор cannon malfunction (4 месяца)
I don't trust them cameras looking at the card. Maybe reveal after the play
but not during. Someone at the table could be in cohoots with the camera

Автор L.E.S. White (1 год)
'I think black people is very smart' ... lol lol lol YouTube is so good ...
even when it is bad hahah

Автор thoraz997 (1 год)
WTF.....Jason Chen Le, you are a disgrace to Asians. 

Автор Diatsu (23 дня)
"Anyway, I think black people is smart." Hah. Just the fact you separate
blacks and whites and say "blacks are smart" or "whites are smart" rather
than "People are smart" proves on some level you're racist.

Автор Andrew Dixon (1 год)
Jason chen le lyingsack of african american pride

Автор podge4shanice (1 год)
explain to me you fucking dummy how the fuck this is cheating there is no
rule in poker stating you cant put chips covering your cards.... a pro
poker player should always know who is in the pot in the first place.. im
an amateur player and can tell whos in the hand who done what In a hand and
who had invested even a single chip to the pot mike got frustrated that he
got outplayed and out flopped simple on the basics that everybody has
higher cards than his pair and might have each others cards like AK VS AQ
VS KQ etc etc therefore turning his 20%chance of catching a set into a
higher percentage you dummy learn poker than try to dismantle it

Автор Dany Badaan (1 год)
Lmao! Never quite heard that one before...Umm ya the guy is a cheat. Not
sure color had much to do with it though lol

Автор elisha brown (1 год)
what the hell is the deal with the closed captions????

Автор Chris Clements (1 год)
Ivey is a con man 100%

Автор Jononutoob (1 год)
Ivey didnt cheat but your cards should always be visible to the at least
the dealer.

Автор Todd Libby (1 год)
Your "look look!" is actually pointing to Patrik Antonius' hand, not Phil
Ivey at the beginning. Hellmuth is a whiney bitch and when Dwan gets a big
hand, he looks like he shits himself and hopes that no one can smell it. He
looks around nervously. Matusow is a bitch, plain and simple. Matusow
SHOULD know who's in the pot, so Ivey isn't cheating, and I agree, cards
should be visible to the dealer.

Автор scbluesman13 (1 год)
There was no cheating in this hand. If you are going to call yourself a
"professional" poker player, you'd better damn well know who's in the pot
with you, and who has folded or not. 

Автор TheLosin (8 месяцев)
please take this video off. not to mention there is a high quality version
loaded, but the close captioning interpreter was wayy off.

Автор bones343 (1 год)
"and once again I want my first born organs you have found only in the
past...mike's been relatively tactical vagina"

CC for the win.

Автор shaun christensen (1 год)
another misleading title to get views. its bull shit. Ivey is not a cheater

Автор Shoots Goodman (1 год)
so much fail in one video

Автор James Hartt (1 год)
Mike needs 2 go do what he does best! lose at cards n some Coke ...

Автор Jeff Isles (1 год)
Title is lame. Ivey is NOT cheating. You are supposed to know who is in
the hand. Mike M is a punk ass bitch.

Автор Benjamin Franklinn (1 год)
retarded video

Автор Brent Holbrook (1 год)
This should be called... listen to mike the mouth bitch like a girl

Автор Greed Davis (1 год)
Four hundred blood

Автор ross vandenberg (1 год)
3:04 Mikes been a relatively tactical vagina

Автор Jorge Preciado (1 год)
He's cheating on your mom with your sister

Автор Lukas Adamsson (1 год)
this uploader is a cheat

Автор himanshu jhanwar (10 месяцев)
ivey is a cheat anyways 

Автор Ross N. C. Vince (1 год)
Jason Chen Le, You are a cunt

Автор meu02136 (1 год)
He wants wholesome controlled hamburgers.

Автор Leggo My Ego (1 год)
Dishonest title to the video. Mike was clearly not playing well because you
should be paying enough attention to know who is in the hand.

Автор MoonrakerSW (1 год)
You went full retard, Never go full retard!

Автор highonbetter (1 год)
I think AJ at a full table is a horrible hand. sorry.what flop are you
comfortable with 10-.Q-K ? or AAJ .thats about it.

Автор Unbe4table (2 года)
that kid got millions because one of the best players in the world. I guess
you never flopped the nuts huh? jealous cunt you are

Автор ghanjadelic (1 год)
Description = R.I.P. english

Автор ozbloke74 (1 год)
6:38 is the best part

Автор Son Goku (2 года)
Actually, i think it's you that derped. Then you derped again trying cover
for your derp. I think i'm going to name you Derp.

Автор since1876 (2 года)
Yeah, the owner of the video can get it but not just anyone.. Also, there
are some packet flooders and stuff but nothing permanent from that alone.
Although, if you get in them what a remote admin tool, which I've made in
the past during my bad days haha, then you can REALLY fuck people up. I
used them to steal Counter-Strike CD keys before Steam took over. Other
than that I didn't do much.

Автор sakhiya bold (2 года)
haha no matter the skin is black or white yellow whatever,that doesn't tell
if they're smart or not.

Автор vcvanillacoke (2 года)
LOL CAPTION @ 3:08 mike's been relatively tactical vagina

Автор sarahgrassi82 (1 год)
jim rome is your source. realy nuf said

Автор ballroomisback (1 год)
this is fraud....or lie or bluff or whatever. never saw the cheat but
wasted my time getting here... fu@kin title. Thx Sh#thead.

Автор John Smith (2 года)
If this isnt officially cheating it should be. Players are supposed to keep
their cards on the table in plain view, people are always trying to angle
shoot with this or hiding their high value chips behind the small ones. Or
sometimes they will hide their cards under their hands and hope to see
people act behind them. While you should know who is in the hand, this is
dirty play plain and simple.

Автор Chris Gonz (1 год)
when did ivey cheat ??? caption where incoherent they did not match up to
what the ppl were saying ... this video sucks !!!

Автор Mattthew Cleary (1 год)
worst video ever.

Автор linda gawthorn (2 года)
Ivy's not that black, The game looked ok to me, but then again I was too
engrossed reading your dialogue at the bottom. interesting.

Автор jimmicreesti (2 года)
more: *: In *basic English *I (am sure) Ivey

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