Catch phil ivey's cheating

im so shame on phil ivey.. he's so tricky.
he was trying to hide his card in order to see the other players' action. now i know why he can be the best player in the world!!!
Anyway, i think black people is very smart!!!

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Автор Kurtis Kapahala ( назад)
Mike Matusow is 100% correct in this

Автор SunPower Guru (1111 год назад)
The subtitles are a riot. LOL

Автор MrDrew MC ( назад)
there should be rules against wearing any face and head covering..I know it
would make this harder to watch but the best players don't have anything to
hide. Hellmuth claims he is the best player yet he's the biggest whiner and
one of the most prolific at employing gamesmanship..chattering and hiding
his face etc. I have seen too many comments by guys (Mike) not in the hand
ruin other players chances by making claims like this.

Автор wogacelli ( назад)
Mike has a point though, Phil is wrong it's not about knowing who's in the
pot, if you lose concentration or forget who's in during a hand that's your
own fault but the fact is you have to be able to see a player's cards if
he's in a hand, if Ivey was covering his cards with his chips purposely
that's angle shooting and that's just not on for pros like these guys. I
would expect better from Ivey tbh....

Автор 张也许 ( назад)
fcking moron, "cheating"?!

Автор sean19922k7 ( назад)
looked at the title of the video, then immediately look at the ratings and
realise he wouldn't be cheating.

It is in the rules you have to keep your cards on the table and visible to
other players and the dealer. I know 100% that is in the European rules and
I am pretty certain it would be in the american rules too. Although when I
am playing or dealing I know how many players are in each hand and I
usually know which players they are.

Автор Simon Dover ( назад)
Looks like these 'pro's' forgot the first lesson. 'Pay attention, dumbass'.
I have only ever seen these kinds of arguments amongst newbies.

Автор swiftyswifster2 ( назад)
where was the cheating...

Автор 66justariot ( назад)
And hellmuth is marking cards and using sunglasses to read them?You are
Yes I know it's done but Phil Hellmuth? Not a snowballs chance in hell. 

Автор 66justariot ( назад)
Cheating, how dumb a title. 

Автор Mel S ( назад)
If you watch whole video you will see phil hellmuth keep standing up, that
prompted phil ivey to put 2 cards into 1 then put his hand over it,
hellmuth is wearing sun glasses, ivey wondering why he standing up like
that, plus wearing sun glasses, can have special sun glasses that can see
marks on your cards, then hellmuth after the flop stands up again, he
folds, but still doesnt want to give free information if he is cheating, so
thats why instead he decided to cover all cards in chips so stop this event
if it were true, so thats what i think happened

Автор tyler annear ( назад)
I think the cheating reference was at the last part of the video Phil
reaches for the cards and quickly peeked at a card and turn it back
over.... Not the fact that he had cards behind chips.... Watch close.

Автор Charles Mills ( назад)

Автор nails6365 ( назад)
who the hell translated this ???????

Автор Johnny Unitas ( назад)
This was such an Ivey league moment.

Автор Sagi1984 ( назад)
he did this becose Phil stand up

Автор LordZorzot ( назад)
Did Dwan show his hand at the end? Hard to tell from the quality

Автор Diatsu ( назад)
"Anyway, I think black people is smart." Hah. Just the fact you separate
blacks and whites and say "blacks are smart" or "whites are smart" rather
than "People are smart" proves on some level you're racist.

Автор Dtyler171 ( назад)
The closed captions on this video are hilariously bad.

Автор MrZola1234 ( назад)
I wouldn't call it cheating per say, but a bit of an angle shot to cover
your cards with chips. Inexperienced players sometimes unintentionally
cover their cards, but putting chips over them when you are one of the
first to act in a multi way pot is a bit cheezeball.

Автор Game makerurl ( назад)
I don't think Phil was cheating, but i do agree with mike on this one.

Автор writer wake ( назад)
whoever post the boring video, he is a dumb

Автор Casey Garner ( назад)

Автор David Ryanson ( назад)
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Автор Don Baxley ( назад)
Maybe pros forget that all players have 2 cards unless they have folded!

Автор Ken Saclo ( назад)
Haha, who is the goofball titling this Phil Ivey cheating. If a player has
positioned himself where cards are being obstructed, it is a reasonable
request to have it changed so that they are easily visible. That's about
it. Someone needs to learn how to speak english and what the word cheat
means. Besides at that level you better be asking exactly what is going on
and know who is in the pot.

Автор tommy kelly ( назад)
worlds best subtitles

Автор Philandros ( назад)
Isn't there rules against hiding your cards? Just as there's rules against
hiding big chips? Perhaps Matusow was being a little loud with his
complaints, but still.. I don't like Phil's general attitude.

Автор John Smith ( назад)
That description would make my old english teacher cry.

Автор DarkDennis1961 ( назад)
I cant understand why people bring such distractions to the table.

Автор DarkDennis1961 ( назад)
Madasow is a crying whiner.

Автор jorge palacios ( назад)
how is he cheating?

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Автор highonbetter ( назад)
I think AJ at a full table is a horrible hand. sorry.what flop are you
comfortable with 10-.Q-K ? or AAJ .thats about it.

Автор maccas stag ( назад)

Автор theunpricedpizza ( назад)
Turn on captions lol

Автор Jonathan ivgi ( назад)
Juanda had trips

Автор kulanada ( назад)
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Автор Aussie Dreamer ( назад)
The quality of the video is so fcking bad,but I think it was interesting
that Phil had his cards behind a wall of chips,very sneaky.I have noticed
some players will do anything to gain any advantage.At times I have felt I
had to stand up to really see peoples chips and/or cards.That is why I
don't listen to music,order drinks or speak to people at the table.Any
distractions can cause you not to focus 100%.

Автор Baldó Buczi ( назад)
"...rate already dick rutan and trust on the ticked i had on my income
complaints of." dem drunk captions!

Автор can0mark ( назад)
It quite deceptive play by Ivey though. The way he responds does kinda show
he knows he's at fault.

Автор atomicbomba ( назад)
Freaking horrible subs. Also, I don't see any cheating. Just Matusow not
paying attention.

Автор Zone07 ( назад)
skip this crappy quality of video and go to 4:14 to see what the "cheating"

Автор Marissa Rago ( назад)
subtitles match up much?

Автор jmpmcd ( назад)
but he has broke the rules knowingly......thats cheating dude.

Автор StereoChimps ( назад)
wiw yiu git gots to call phil ivey a cheater just because of that, waste of
time bro

Автор Steven Cron ( назад)
I think the devil is contacting us.

Автор joecugo ( назад)
You're wrong black people arent very smart.

Автор youchewb ( назад)
240p, we meet again!!!!!

Автор JamieMillwall ( назад)
David didn't want a desert created?? fair play to him

Автор Christoff87 ( назад)
WTF is going?! I can't see anything if the footage has been recorded and
uploaded with a potato!!

Автор Swedish Joey ( назад)
2:50 with captions on WHAT!?!?!

Автор carlos dias ( назад)
phil ivey's cheating ???????????? HOOOOO ok .... change the glasses, by the
way skywalker want is sword back .......ups never mind is your dislike bar
.... my bad .....

Автор Ratpack RC-Drifters ( назад)
They put up market bears.

Автор Ratpack RC-Drifters ( назад)
They put up market bears.

Автор lkh ( назад)
hong kong camped out here

Автор YouJussGotCurbed ( назад)
i look at the rating of the video and know theres no point watching it

Автор jeevan m reddy ( назад)
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Автор ILIKESTORIES ( назад)
rate already dick rutan

Автор tallsmile28 ( назад)
Closed captioning brought to you by the Hellen Keller school of the Deaf!!!

Автор mrprestoneable ( назад)
"Mike's been relatively tactical vagina" hahahaha

Автор MetatronsPubes ( назад)
top lel

Автор sarahgrassi82 ( назад)
jim rome is your source. realy nuf said

Автор sarahgrassi82 ( назад)
they dont have to place there cards in clear sight. just cant remove from
table felt unless folding. this isnt cheating. he just played his game.

Автор balazamon ( назад)
omg the CC is funny

Автор Scott Mcguire ( назад)
But I had tweeps

Автор ExactDose ( назад)
Hes a pro use to high stakes gambling, everybody should know whos in the
pot at that level lol..

Автор Shane Lambert ( назад)
It's crap like that that makes me a fan of ONLINE poker. At least the rules
are enforced for the most part.

Автор Still Blazin ( назад)
3:04 Mikes been relatively tactical vagina

Автор ozbloke74 ( назад)
6:38 is the best part

Автор ballroomisback ( назад)
this is fraud....or lie or bluff or whatever. never saw the cheat but
wasted my time getting here... fu@kin title. Thx Sh#thead.

Автор Malcolm Dale ( назад)
I didn't see any cheating.

Автор RonnyUniverse ( назад)
I can't stand phil Ivey. He's so freaking arrogant with an ego the size of
Tiger Woods. Running around in his own private jet. That would be cool but
he treats his subordinates like shyt. He's a big gambler too and I could
see him losing 4 or 5 million in a couple hours playing craps. I remember
listening to Jim Rome around 10 years ago & he said Tiger Woods never tips
anyone. He's the cheapest SOB to all the hotel staff wherever he stays & I
imagine Phil's likely like that too. No love lost!

Автор Nam N ( назад)

Автор Huina Muina ( назад)
What? Ivey cheats cuz he...isn't looking at his cards before it is his
turn? ..what..whe..why..wha..wow..what...What??? What on Earth is the world
coming to? For real...there is internet connection in mental institutions
for patients to use?

Автор settawut leenavong ( назад)
*came here* *saw dislikes* *still watch to see uploader's retardness*

Автор ghanjadelic ( назад)
Description = R.I.P. english

Автор Mattthew Cleary ( назад)
worst video ever.

Автор Chris Gonz ( назад)
when did ivey cheat ??? caption where incoherent they did not match up to
what the ppl were saying ... this video sucks !!!

Автор Deadganon ( назад)
I dont get why matasow needs to go back to prison? Cuz he cant pay
attention to the action on the table? Your comment is almost as dumb as the
uploader's description

Автор cc carr ( назад)
Ur retarded for posting this... U don't have a clue

Автор epistolaria ( назад)
He was 'rabbit hunting' - seeing what would have come next on the turn
and/or river.

Автор Kevin2049 ( назад)
phil ivey wasn't cheating.....you clearly know nothing about poker

Автор paulo cachao ( назад)
im also curious about that!

Автор vcvanillacoke ( назад)
LOL CAPTION @ 3:08 mike's been relatively tactical vagina

Автор vcvanillacoke ( назад)
Thank you, you just made my day 200% better!

Автор HooFHearteD77 ( назад)
Who won the Cowboys/Eagles game?

Автор hoObzeen ( назад)
and once again i want my firstborn organs, you have found only in the past.
patrick, i think i was, mike's been relatively tactical vagina and denoted
case before it gets a lot.

Автор Explosive Candy ( назад)
Dude, just read the description of this video. This guy is unbelievable dumb

Автор Bigbriansc ( назад)
Typical Tom Dwan crap...so friggin lucky its unreal.

Автор andreduntadavis ( назад)
why did phil ivey flip over cards at the end around 616

Автор fujin mage ( назад)
i guss the uploader is a fish, that cant even keep track of who is in the

Автор marknesium ( назад)
mike at least rolex!!!

Автор KalXeLL ( назад)
Juanda: I had trips! ..

Автор geooeh ( назад)
i dont get it.....cheating????

Автор clayvision ( назад)
i just lost it when he said "i think black people is very smart!!!"

Автор Filard25 ( назад)
Matasow needs to go back to prison. If the officials saw nothing wrong with
it then Ivey didn't do anything wrong.

Автор Ronnie ( назад)

Автор ghostnemre ( назад)
Right, you're* clearly not that smart either, since your English* actually

Автор OriginalNex ( назад)

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