Singlehanded sailing voyage from BC to Hawaii

A singlehanded sailing voyage from British Columbia to Hawaii, with a few mishaps along the way. The boat is a Spencer 35 MK II. The voyage was over 2400 nautical miles and took 24 days. The music is SAILOR'S LAMENT by Jason Shaw: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Jason_Shaw/Audionautix_Acoustic/SAILORS_LAMENT____________3-08

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Автор Bradford Rogers (5 месяцев)
Cool story, but jesus, duck the music or beef up the voiceover! #justsayin

Автор Tobots Wholesale (4 месяца)
Would you happen to know any really good books i could get online that
would learn a novice not only only the basics of sailing but on the best
rigging for single handed sailing? One thing i came across on a website
puzzled me, China says to sail in their waters you need to have a licence
of sorts. Does this rule apply in every nations waters? I come from England
and had a shetland 570 which i just put in the water and went. lol Till i
found out petrol prices for a 90cc yam hahaha was xstream. Always wanted a
sailing boat due to a maiden voyage as a young lad on one of the ocean
youth club boats from Cork [ Ireland ] To Scotland. I currently live in
China although i will be moving to the Philippines around this time next
year were i hope to pick up a sailing vessel and start doing island
hopping. This would learn me fast. Any advice would be great. I envy you.
Happy sailing Sir. 

Автор Thomas Harrell (2 месяца)
Cam you tell me what king of boal ect. ect.

Автор coffeefish (5 месяцев)
Nice passage. I am wondering what your meals were like.

Автор VolDep45 (19 дней)
Thanks for sharing. This video actually explained a lot of questions I had
about sailing solo and the equipment you need to safely do so.

Автор IronicallyVague (7 месяцев)
Baling wire is the original duck tape, works great for a lot of emergency

I've even used it inside of my engine when the head bolt holes wore out,
handy stuff

Автор Tzahal Tavor (7 месяцев)
Aries was perhaps the best in its day but......today the Monitor self
steering system is the way to go

Автор graham mewburn (1 год)
Singlehanded sailing voyage from BC to Hawaii

Автор Ricardo Amaro (3 месяца)
nice boat. what is the model? 

Автор Solon woodall (7 месяцев)
Im thinking of sailing to the UK from Fl. I dont know much about sailing if
anyone wants to go and teach me how to sail let me know. have a 45 foot
boat in great shape

Автор DolphinStriker (5 месяцев)
Yes my friend owned it here in Comox. Gary MacLean - I should have bought
it when I had the chance. Great that you got an offshore trip in.

Автор Joey Coleman (1 месяц)
Great adventure! What time of year did you make the journey? Looking to
make the crossing on a 1988 50ft wood sailboat, trying to establish the
very best time to make the journey. Thanks for a great video!

Автор Zoidberg227 (4 месяца)
Looks like quite a journey ... I'd like to do a transocean sail someday,
but I don't think I'd want to do it by myself ...

So what's the night sky like in the middle of the ocean? 

Автор Christian Hatton (6 месяцев)
I have only ever sailed in an archipelago and am use to complete wind
shifts constantly so I have to ask. I'd imagine that offshore the winds are
more constant but with that ares wind vein did you ever wake up to find
that your boat had completely changed course or even reversed?

Автор Deha Sönmezışık (3 месяца)
At first congratilations..
Kısmet is first Turkish offshore sailor Sadun Boro's sailboat name. İs it
releated about it sir? Thanks...

Автор John L. Cwierz (8 месяцев)
I sailed solo from Marathon, on the 12 of April 2013 to Horta, and later on
to Chipiona Spain, It took me all together 63 days of sailing time, solo. I
got to Chipiona on the 20th day of June 2013. What do you think of this.
Regards, John.

Автор DolphinStriker (5 месяцев)
Hi there,

Did you purchase that boat in Comox?

Автор Kevin Henderson (17 дней)
I know absolutely nothing about sailing and may never have the opportunity
to sail but your video was very interesting. What an adventure. Thanks for

Автор Spearomen (2 месяца)
awesome!.. in a few years, i hope going to have a chance to do something
like it.

Автор kevin d (5 месяцев)
A really good manual backup for the Aries is a very strong surgical tubing;
purchased at about any drug store. Cruising LeaLea used it to go from
Hawaii to Port Townsend Washington.

Автор Phillip B (22 дня)
nice video man, i just learned how to sail few days ago and now looking on
buying my first ( cheap to start ) boat. just looking at some videos and
find this inspiring since i too well be sailing alone. thanks

Автор Be Good (3 месяца)
Did you shave yet ?

Автор AvgDude (4 месяца)
Awesome work... Good for you sir. 

Автор Êinfach so (3 месяца)
This Spencer looks very stable...thank's for the film

Автор Skipper Hawk (7 месяцев)
Great video and awesome journey. The water is so incredibly blue. I do
short overnight solo cruises and am always experimenting with self
steering. Fair winds. 

Автор Scott Sanderson (11 дней)
Great video Patrick … thanks for sharing. So, how long did you stay in
Hawaii … or are you still there?
Fair winds and following seas …. best always, S. 

Автор mcave1920 (5 месяцев)
You really have to trust your equipment going at it solo! Congrats!

Автор Per Moen (3 месяца)
Great video,thanks for sharing.

Автор Rob VanNostrand (6 месяцев)
Thanks for sharing and documenting your voyage. I just got a 12 foot
Widgeon, that I play with in the Bay of Fundy. The 50 foot tide swings here
create challenges of their own. Maybe someday I'll get a bigger boat and
try a long trip...

Автор SparksMagoo (5 месяцев)
Would I be too forward to ask how you lost your other hand?

Автор Chuck Dilmore (2 месяца)
Well done, Cap'n - thanks for sharing!

Автор rattusrodney (8 месяцев)
why no video of you entering Hilo harbour? Talking to customs? Sort of
short ending.

Автор Ray Dorman (16 дней)
thats a great life to live .

Автор Alan Smith (29 дней)
Nice video.
Too bad you didn't experiment with sheet-to-tiller methods of self-steering
before you left. That would have made the Aries breakdowns less of a
bother. I also would like to make this trip. Coincidently I also own a
Spencer 35 and previous owners took it to Australia so I know it is a
capable design.

Автор Bill Nolan (2 месяца)
Probably aren't any game wardens out there to hastle you for a fishing
license. I just wish your audio was louder. Cheers

Автор spencer marshall (8 месяцев)
I have been out many times in an Albin Ballad with a tiller pilot that
never had any issues even in high aft quartering seas. The unit was
over-sized for the vessel and was ofthe circulating bearing type actuator
arm. We had it closer to the rudder post as the thing was rated for up to a
60' boat the increased pressure on the ram was no problem. That decreased
the reaction time and as stated, worked quite well in everything our
passages through at it with no problems.

Автор Ant Poo (29 дней)
Thank you, I enjoyed that.

How on earth could anyone dislike?

Автор RedWings-44 (3 месяца)
How much did a boat like that cost you?

Автор iwanttoholdyourbigkn (7 месяцев)
Looked like an absolute fun thing to do. A final shot of you arriving in
Hilo would have been great!! I envy you!!

Автор canopypilot (2 месяца)
Nice video thank u. 

Автор bon vivant (8 месяцев)
What do you mean the electronic autopilot couldn't handle it?

Автор Bikerbob59 (7 месяцев)
Very cool wish I could do something like that before I die.

Автор Mike Stone (1 месяц)
I think every sailor dreams of a crossing like you made. This is the things
dreams are made of. 

Автор Scott Donaldson (3 месяца)
Very nice video mate, I would love to have the guts to do that!

Автор crazy4dariver (7 месяцев)
Too many critics GREAT video!

Автор Billy Bonga (5 месяцев)
Beautiful story! Amazing ocean! 

Автор Danny Bestebreur (24 дня)
''Life on a boat as a windvane''

I'm sorry, came here for some footage of the journey..

Автор Craig Corbell (2 месяца)
Thanks for documenting and posting your voyage!

Автор Mike Barclay (5 месяцев)
Nice video without the usual macho trip.

Автор Simon96Taco (8 месяцев)
Amazing...what an accomplishment!

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