Singlehanded sailing voyage from BC to Hawaii

A singlehanded sailing voyage from British Columbia to Hawaii, with a few mishaps along the way. The boat is a Spencer 35 MK II. The voyage was over 2400 nautical miles and took 24 days. The music is SAILOR'S LAMENT by Jason Shaw: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Jason_Shaw/Audionautix_Acoustic/SAILORS_LAMENT____________3-08

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Автор Richard Almond ( назад)

Автор James Marshall ( назад)
There was a book published in the late 60s or early 70s titled something
like "Self Steering for Small Sailcraft" - this book explained how to
bring lines back to the tiller and use sail tension or the lack of it to
steer the boat - I tried a few of the suggested combinations and they
worked, just on inland waters but no reason they should not have worked for
a long passage - that is what the author had primarily used them for.

Автор blackl1steddrums ( назад)
I respect that American flag sir! Thank you for your courtesy

Автор blackl1steddrums ( назад)
This gives me great insight to the reality of sailing, thanks for the
non-hollywood youtube video! commended

Автор Sailing Miss Lone Star ( назад)
Great video! We are selling our power boat and switching to sail later next
year. We are currently cruising the Caribbean and I always love catching up
with your channel! https://youtu.be/-QpAMvKhFzU

Автор Xondor Productions ( назад)
Wish I could have seen you arriving in Hawaii. Didn't want the video to
end! :D Wonderful video.

Автор Bob Leask ( назад)
Brings back memories, my first offshore sail also started from Vancouver
Island. I also had self steering problems. I then discovered sheet to
tiller self steering, which was my backup/standby for the remainder of my
circumnavigation. I strongly recommend offshore sailors set their boats up
for it. The one system which will never break (not much to it).

Автор circusboy90210 ( назад)
how is it that supposedly superior electronic technolgy cannot beat
mechanical analog technology??? no offense meant towards your huge
investment sir. ;-)

Автор Kudret Aksoy ( назад)
Kismet means fate or destiny in Turkish. Any chance it had an owner from

Автор Son Jahmal ( назад)
thnx fer sharin

Автор TavernSenses ( назад)
irritating music

Автор B.J. Martin ( назад)
You boat people are hardy and adventurous people. Lucky you. I wish I
learned when a kid.

Автор Stevek552 ( назад)
Wonderful unique video, a year from now I`ll be on the ocean and living
life as a free man, great insight for me, I thank you!

Автор ape street ( назад)
NIce trip...I just watched another and I'm curious about the reefing in low
wind. Is there a reason?

Автор Perfection53 ( назад)
aw you should have put some footage of you ariving in hawai

Автор mulc242 ( назад)
enjoyed this video very much......glad you made it safely

Автор Windlass123 ( назад)
nice going, mate ... good vid, thanks 4 sharing

Автор Nick Pyle ( назад)

Автор Andrew Knobbe ( назад)
What does he mean by "heave to" ?

Автор Steve Shay ( назад)
I hung in there on this video and he includes no video of arriving. What a
waste of time.

Автор Myron Buzzwannanots ( назад)
{#_#} zzzzzz

Автор rick d ( назад)
This makes me want to take JB weld and epoxy with me when I'm out there!
Great to learn from the unfortunate misfortunes of others. Mahalo sir!

Автор pgreenx ( назад)
Just curious how you sleep and if you rely solely on the AIS alerting you
to ships (and what about all the boats without is transmitters)? thanks.
great video!

Автор Mark Julius ( назад)
Good video. Thank you for sharing. I have a few questions if you don't
mind: How much food did you bring for the trip? Did you do any fishing? Can
you explain how that mechanical wind vane works? Did you bring any fresh
fruits and vegetables? Thanks again for the video. Thumbs up. ☺ ⛵

Автор Jon Clark ( назад)
Oops, my bad : ) Confused your video with another!!

Автор Jon Clark ( назад)
To funny : ) Your boat is no Spencer. Its an Ericson. How did that
mistake get made? I'm sure you know your boat right?

Автор Jon Clark ( назад)
Really enjoyed your video and narration! Your boat looks so much like an
Ericson especially with the Ericson logo on your main. Thanks for posting

Автор Claude C ( назад)
Disappointed. :( Title says, "from BC to Hawaii" but when the video starts
you're already 250 miles of the California coast. I live on Vancouver
Island, been to Port Renfrew many times and was looking forward to seeing
familiar sights. along with all the rest of your trip.

Автор Mike Hirko ( назад)
Your video starts on the 4th day off CA...how was the trip down the WA and
OR coast? How far off shore did you sail down the coast?

Автор Fvkin Amazed ( назад)
Singlehanded a 26 Contesa from S.Cali to Papeete. Won't do that again

Автор Ray Rothermel ( назад)
Fascinating video. But the thing that always bothers me about these videos
is the wind sound distortion. Is there a proper fix for that depending on
the kind of video camera you are using?

Автор John Cook ( назад)
With the servo arm gone and the electric auto pilot not functional, use a
couple of blocks to cross the jib sheets to the tiller. Provides self
steering. That's why tillers are good on small boats like yours. Other than
a few mine have all been larger and had wheel steering. Fortunately I'm
pretty crafty and have been able to fix whatever broke. 

Автор Blogen Geezer ( назад)
Met Kevin, tall younger guy, retired govt employee from BC, while he was
weathering, sheltered in Winchester Bay Oregon on way to Hawaii last year.
Wondered how he managed with his solo journey aboard his 34 double ender?
Said if he was enjoying the trip, around the world was a possibility..
Thanks for the vid. May you be blessed with great sailing.

Автор CAPTAINSSBN ( назад)
Great trip been their and done it North Atlantic to Caribbean St Johns
Cruz Bay

Автор stevehislop ( назад)
The Aries systems are the best.Ask Wilfried Erdmann.

Автор Pfsif ( назад)
There's one for the Bucket List.

Автор JCameron Video Productions (315 лет назад)
Very nice, Congratulations.

Автор Daryl S ( назад)
I salute you sir, that would have been the 24 days i never slept story.
Thanks for sharing.

Автор Ian Gill ( назад)
great video Aries are great wind vanes and hold course wind wise which on
long passages is good, the designer apparently said nothing was immune to
damage from the sea but he had tried . ( or something like that )

Автор Vickie Lynne ( назад)
thanks for the virtual sail ...loved it ..too gorgeous for sure

Автор Salvadore Dali Llama ( назад)
Very nice! Reminds one of the Alberg designs. We sail an Alberg 37—also
Canadian built—in the San Juan Islands. Here is our sailing song, with
photo montage of sailboats, including composer MIke's A-37.

Автор quest 34667 ( назад)

Автор Mike Hirko ( назад)
Was the boat insured for the adventure? What company if so? What
conditions on the policy? 

Автор Perf Ent ( назад)
I've watched this video five times over the last year. Love the music, the
sound of your voice, and the way you worked your way through the problem.
It all adds up to a great description of the pace of a voyage. Thank you.

Автор Thomas Nixon ( назад)
Why didn't you try balancing the boat and rigging up some steering with the
sheets. A book by John Letcher is great on sheet-steering systems and
self-made wind vanes. He also designed a great 25-foot, 5500 lb ocean
mini-cruiser. I built one but never made it to sea. This video makes my
heart ache for a missed dream.

Автор JR Servo ( назад)
Nice boat and video. Looking into which windpilot has what to offer.
See link
What is your opinion with your Aries?
You getting to use the windpilot since this voyage?

Автор Yachts for Tots (1930 лет назад)
We're new to the #sailing community and are so thankful for your
contribution to the wealth of nautical knowledge here on #youtube . Its
#awesome to be learning while away from the water, here in the office.
Excited for more!! #newportbeach #yachtsfortots #yachts4tots #501c3 

Автор linhearts ( назад)
I appreciate your camera work. All shots were focused and steady. Many You
tube videos are unpleasant to watch due to excessive camera movement.

Автор Gonz ( назад)
Marvelous work!

Автор kamakiri700 ( назад)
awesome video 

Автор sherpajones ( назад)
Holy blue ocean batman!

Автор Mark Howard ( назад)
WOW, what an adventure for sure!

Автор Merlin Covlin ( назад)
I was looking forward to what you first seen of hawaii and your greeting!

Автор Peter IcYou ( назад)

Автор Jett Rink ( назад)
A trip I took many times in the late 70's early 80's. I worked for a group
that delivered sailboats. They had a side of the business that would
deliver boats to Hawaii from North America. The owners would fly over and
meet their craft and sail around the islands. Most often we would then
return it to anywhere from Juneau to San Diego.

Автор ploneuk ( назад)
Nice video Pat. Thanks for taking the time to make it and share it with me.

Автор Dana Wade ( назад)
As soon as my 34' is finished Hilo has been my planed destination for
years. Did you anchor in the harbor or was there a harbor to tie up to ?
Haven't seen one driving around the area. Otherwise than that you made a
great video. Thanks

Автор joao luiz rudge encarnacao ( назад)
Great video...very explicative..thanks for sharing:))

Автор Shane M. Chavez ( назад)

Автор Scott Pulling ( назад)
Oh haha, right after I asked that the answer was at 2:16

Автор Scott Pulling ( назад)
I know nothing about sailing. So how do you keep from hitting things at
night? Or when you're sleeping?

Автор Tom Hall ( назад)
thanks for sharing.

Автор Paul Sneyd ( назад)
cant hear a word you say . but nice vid

Автор Matthew Donley ( назад)
Liked it, but felt deprived of seeing your arrival!

Автор A Rebel Photographer ( назад)
Thanks for the share. I can't wait to have my own video of sailing the
ocean, all the oceans!

Автор Bogardrippy ( назад)
This was a really nice video. very informative on problems encountered on
voyages sailing great distance. Thank you.

Автор Dave Eddy ( назад)
I thought your video was awesome.... hope you do more

Автор Scott Sanderson ( назад)
Great video Patrick … thanks for sharing. So, how long did you stay in
Hawaii … or are you still there?
Fair winds and following seas …. best always, S. 

Автор Ray Dorman ( назад)
thats a great life to live .

Автор Kevin Henderson ( назад)
I know absolutely nothing about sailing and may never have the opportunity
to sail but your video was very interesting. What an adventure. Thanks for

Автор VolDep45 ( назад)
Thanks for sharing. This video actually explained a lot of questions I had
about sailing solo and the equipment you need to safely do so.

Автор Phillip B ( назад)
nice video man, i just learned how to sail few days ago and now looking on
buying my first ( cheap to start ) boat. just looking at some videos and
find this inspiring since i too well be sailing alone. thanks

Автор Danny Bestebreur ( назад)
''Life on a boat as a windvane''

I'm sorry, came here for some footage of the journey..

Автор uncklebuck1 ( назад)
Awesome vid man:) yippee!!

Автор A. L. Smith ( назад)
Nice video.
Too bad you didn't experiment with sheet-to-tiller methods of self-steering
before you left. That would have made the Aries breakdowns less of a
bother. I also would like to make this trip. Coincidently I also own a
Spencer 35 and previous owners took it to Australia so I know it is a
capable design.

Автор Ant Poo ( назад)
Thank you, I enjoyed that.

How on earth could anyone dislike?

Автор Mike Stone ( назад)
I think every sailor dreams of a crossing like you made. This is the things
dreams are made of. 

Автор SirLobsterman ( назад)
what is the ship warning system?

Автор imajez ( назад)
Well I really enjoyed your video, including the music. Will you be making
another on the return trip ?!

I've just retired after countless decades of work and am fantasising about
buying a boat. I'm in Wallasey, UK near Liverpool, so might be able to make
a rather more modest voyage up the coast to Scotland if I decide to take
the plunge.

Thanks again.


Автор Joey Coleman (52-weeks) ( назад)
Great adventure! What time of year did you make the journey? Looking to
make the crossing on a 1988 50ft wood sailboat, trying to establish the
very best time to make the journey. Thanks for a great video!

Автор canopypilot ( назад)
Nice video thank u. 

Автор Craig Corbell ( назад)
Thanks for documenting and posting your voyage!

Автор Bill Nolan ( назад)
Probably aren't any game wardens out there to hastle you for a fishing
license. I just wish your audio was louder. Cheers

Автор Bill Nolan ( назад)
Can't hear

Автор Chuck Dilmore ( назад)
Well done, Cap'n - thanks for sharing!

Автор Colin Davies ( назад)
I thoroughly enjoyed watching your video

Автор Thomas Harrell ( назад)
Cam you tell me what king of boal ect. ect.

Автор Spearomen ( назад)
awesome!.. in a few years, i hope going to have a chance to do something
like it.

Автор John Arizona ( назад)
Well done brother! 

Автор ssbbb ( назад)
Does she has a relation with Sadun Boro's Kismet?

Автор Be Good ( назад)
and a hair cut.!!

Автор Be Good ( назад)
Did you shave yet ?

Автор Ricardo Amaro ( назад)
nice boat. what is the model? 

Автор Scott Donaldson ( назад)
Very nice video mate, I would love to have the guts to do that!

Автор RedWings-44 ( назад)
How much did a boat like that cost you?

Автор Andy Burnip ( назад)
Hi there, I recently bought an s&s s 34 and it came with an aeries
windvane. I am struggling to set it up properly....do you have any advice
as to how I can get hold of instructions?

Автор whoyoukidding1 ( назад)
Great video Patrick. 

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