dx6i settings for blade sr

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Am a Newbe on this one anyone seeing this could tell me how to tame it down?


Автор DeucesWild (6 месяцев)
Thanks for the helpful tips, all but one worked and that was the awash mix
at-35, that one reversed collective pitch so I ha to go positive 55 to
correct it. 

Автор Shannon Grim (11 месяцев)
what is the rest of your settings for stunt and Hold ?

Автор kneebroke .Jimmy-2-Boats (4 года)
setting up the Gyro...do you do anything to the Gyro itself(adjust the rate
screw) what about the other setting on the Gyro( sliding switches) on the
side? I tried your setting and my SR wants to spin a little

Автор gohideroy (4 года)
Could you also post the URL where you found those settings? Thank you

Автор kevinrenna (4 года)
you have to plug in the yellow wire to to 2nd last port on the right and
try a setting of 64.5% on your dx6i gyro setting top number low number keep
below 50 mine is 25 after you plug wire rebind and try it out

Автор Mikael Rickmark (4 года)
It's all blurry. Can't see anything.

Автор Rex H (2 года)
Tried these settings exactly as you say and they do not work. Heli will
spool up but will not lift off.

Автор Steve Roberts (4 года)
Where is that yellow wire you speak of? Do you have to remove the plate
covering the 5in1 unit to see it?

Автор birdman bl (4 года)
Hi . Just saw clip. Did you set yours up with position 1 as your normal
setting. Usually 0 is normala dn 1 is idle up.

Автор peterf900 (3 года)
thanks for all the help my blade sr flies awsome now!

Автор avalanchewholesaleco (4 года)
I did EXACTLY like you said and I increased my flying skills 100% !!! Thank
you very much. Great tutorial, however, the video is completely out of
focus which made listening very critical. Great work and Thanks-Again.

Автор gyroplanefdk (4 года)
Focus the camera please..

Автор Captan6pack (3 года)
@digoclocks I didnt come up with it, I saw it on a few forms and tried it.
It fixed the tail wag and i have never replaced a motor since. I think it
is the "end all tail motor problem" for the SR. Here is a step by step: 1:
flip the tail 180 2: Reverse the polatiry of the black and red wire 3: flip
the rear pror so the shiney side fa es rightide faces right 4: Plug the
yellow wire into the reciever (now you can control gyro gain with the upper
right knob)

Автор digoclocks (3 года)
@Captan6pack i wass thinking of selling my Sr but now i want to try with
wath you suggest. I'll do it tomorrow. It's late where i live (Belgium) I'm
not quit familiar with the gyro etc. Never touched it, so is it realy
neccesary? thanks

Автор MyMaires (3 года)
A quick question please. Are these settings tame or agressive? Just got my
DX6I and I m a noob Thanks, Mike

Автор CDRAGGINN (4 года)

Автор Captan6pack (3 года)
@digoclocks Take your tail and flip it 180 degrees, reverse the polarity on
the tail motor. The rear prop now blows air over the motor, cooling it and
completely fixing the tail motor problem, im on my 85th flight with the
tail flipped.

Автор carlocivicsi (4 года)
redo video its all blurry man.

Автор TheBatchy08 (3 года)
i tried these settings i like the handling but its a little hard to land
wants to drift up and suggestions on changing the pitch a little as i am a
noob ? thanks if ya can help !

Автор digoclocks (3 года)
@Captan6pack That's a very original idea you came up with. Altough i really
don't like the sr very much but i could try that. So, after i fliped the
tail so that the motor is on the other side of the boom, i change the red
to the black wire and vice versa, right? What do i do with that little
yellow thing? Thanks

Автор birdman bl (3 года)
Hi kevin. I have my normal mode in the 0 position. I seeyou have your
normal in number 1 position on switch. So do I need to REVERSE my 66% and
50% settings on gyro compared to yours? Is the setting 66% for the idle up
mode and 50% on normal. Or is that 0 and 1 setting at far left on gyro page
something else?. Thanks

Автор NeXt559 (4 года)
@gyroplanefdk X2 is it posible for you to link the page where you got this

Автор Lenny7118 (3 года)
Thanks for the settings ! Im new and it would help if you can focus the
camera and redo the video to show the settings.

Автор Captan6pack (3 года)
@digoclocks When making adjustments to the gyro thru the right knob, make
sure it is at the 10 oclock position when you trim. Once its trimmed out
trun the knob to the 1:30 oclock position....you should have the tail
locked in nicely

Автор roberto dacamara (4 года)

Автор Moioiland (4 года)
I would be interested in seeing what your guru's settings for stunt mode
are as well. Thanks

Автор brianwomack2 (4 года)
please redo this so I can see the screen. thanks

Автор iZilly (3 года)
i wish the video quality was better... i need some help setting my blade SR
up... bought it broken from a crash and rebuild it... could you tell me
what the length on the 3 pushrods are? I can´t control it at the moment!
it´s all over the place.. so something is wrong.. :( i replaced everything
on the Main axel so everything is straight.. PLEASE HELP ME

Автор scott m (3 года)
Everything seem to work fine but it won't go in idle up mode

Автор birdman bl (2 года)
Really cool. Im still after a year and a half referring others to this set
up list. Nice job.

Автор Michael S (1 год)
60% is not rate mode it's heading hold.

Автор birdman bl (4 года)
Hi . Just saw clip. Did you set yours up with position 1 as your normal
setting. Usually 0 is normala dn 1 is idle up. Also sir, what about the
settings for idle up the other mode?

Автор MrAcuracl (3 года)
This video was very helpful...The setup is great i really like it. Thank
you for your time to post.

Автор roberto dacamara (4 года)

Автор Captan6pack (3 года)
@digoclocks ya, neccesary for sure, You wont go thru tail motors anymore or
have tail wag. Fixes the problem completely. You can adjust the whole gyro
thru the knob.

Автор digoclocks (3 года)
nothing woks for me. I start to hate this Heli. Did exact like in this
video and she doesn't fly at all. Aileron left and the heli climbs. aileron
right and she descends. What's wrong??? And to make things even more bad
the tail rotor has gone again. I've changed it only 2 days ago. This Sr is
no fun for a newbee. I prefer my 400. If anyone could help me out that
would be much appreciatetd. thanks.

Автор Michael S (1 год)
these settings are for stunt/professional use. I wouldn't use them for a

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